So, you wanna find out how to deal with type E personalities after knowing there’s one right around you?

Welp, you reached the perfect place online to figure out this puzzle. Whether you have an E-type buddy, coworker, family, or lover, you’ll know exactly how to tackle them perfectly in all areas of your life.

This think-piece will share all-inclusive tips about dealing with them, so get down with it already!

How to deal with type E personalities?

Many might think that E-types are too proud of their creativity and courage to take risks… others might complain about their energetic attitude and keep their distance from them.

However, these sweet compassionate people aren’t that hard to deal with once you know them a bit closer.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to invest too much energy into understanding them… because everything about them is decoded here to deal with them perfectly…

1. Understand their strong and weak points

People with type E personality traits have both strengths and weaknesses. Society habitually highlights people’s flaws and hardly commends anyone for their good parts.

So, keep in mind that having a type E personality has its own pros and cons. Your personality is the same… you’re not perfect either.

That’s why learn about all the different ways they can support you whether you know them in your personal or professional life. Moreover, be aware of their weaknesses so you can be prepared to handle any mishaps beforehand. This will help you balance your connection and deal with them better.

2. Tell them to communicate

E-types have lots of ideas and plans but they’re not always well-prepared… which means they don’t always think about the detailed effects of the plans and ideas in the long haul. This might get them into deep trouble later on.

So, when someone tells them that their idea isn’t worth a try or will fail, they become super defensive of their ideas and try to work on it by themselves. They feel a sudden urge to prove themselves. However, all of this can be solved if they’re open to honest communication.

Urge them to communicate their ideas and thoughts openly and you must also give them detailed feedback to help them.

3. Never trigger the rebel in them

When a type E person’s ideas or thoughts are denied or disrespected, they rebel against it. They become willful and want to do that even more. They want to do things that they’re denied more.

Since refusal gives you the opposite effect, stop triggering their situation. Instead, they might even protest against others to get their ideas accepted and appreciated.

So, try to avoid any sort of disrespect towards them to keep them from going downhill.

4. Appreciate their compassion and strengths

Type E people love to support others’ welfare. A type E businessman might support the growth of local small businesses. A type E tutor might help with the education of the poor ones.

All type E people are compassionate and kind. They want others to grow and prosper along with them. They’re also great problem solvers when they put their creativity to work.

So, praise such positive traits of a type E person. They’ll feel motivated and supported. They’ll feel that you understand them. Next time you say an idea isn’t good enough or risk isn’t worth taking, they’ll understand you mean the best for them and won’t turn away.

5. Set your limits and boundaries

However, the ways a type E follows to succeed in life aren’t always foolproof. They might not always be sure about their plans… they might not even research how to execute a plan or the setbacks they might face later on.

For this reason, you might not want to follow their plan of community welfare. You might want to take your time to understand their plans and research on your own. Or, your definitions of welfare might not match theirs.

So, if they force you into following their plans, build strong boundaries. Tell them that you will get back to them once you’re ready but not to force you into anything.

6. Accept their free-spirited nature to a certain extent

Type E people love to live on the edge and don’t like to follow conventional plans. Increased risks are an obvious result of this attitude. Your first take on this situation is probably NO and NEVER.

You deny most plans of a person with a type E personality trait. But that’s so wrong… this will only push them away from you. This might even work as a willfulness trigger, so avoid it at all costs.

Instead, be a bit more flexible with them. Agree to the little bits that aren’t as risky… and this will keep them calm.

7. Don’t ruminate over their dependency

Type E folks need someone to keep them in check in the big plans. No, they’re not babies… just saying if someone assumed that. But they’re not the best at decision-making.

They might chase the wrong dreams and get excessively passionate about bad habits. They might refuse to even realize that they’re on the wrong path even though it’s clear as daylight.

Understand, getting riled up won’t help. If you fire this kind of a type E employee, you might lose a gem. If you break up with a long-term type E lover because you gotta guide them, it’ll break you from within. So, avoid pondering too much on the negatives.

8. Take space to focus on their good side

Sometimes, you won’t be able to snap out of the bad thoughts about an E-type person. But, that’ll only worsen your relationship with a type E individual. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time of the day with an E-type, you might have a tough time getting over their flaws.

That’s when you need some time away from them. Remember their good sides and the times they helped others. Reminisce about how their creativity got you out of trouble.

Take time and once your mind is clear, you can appreciate them more.

9. Instead, think of rational ways to tackle them

Of course, you have your reasons to be mad. But overthinking the situation won’t help. It only hazes your thought process with added negativity. So, once you take the break and snap back to your senses… and accept that the E-type around you isn’t bad… they just need some help, that’s it!

This is when you must try to understand what’s the core issue, how you can deal with it, and how you might help them understand your point of view.

10. Understand what might motivate them

Again, they won’t be willing to change their views easily, so play a simple trick. Find out what might make them into being more open to listening to you. It might be open communication, appreciation, constructive criticism, affirmative sentences, or anything else that doesn’t trigger their willfulness.

Though some E-types might have common motivators, everyone isn’t the same. So, don’t assume and check whether anything unique works for them.

Once you find that out, use it to help them work harder into improving their views and decisions.

11. Make them feel understood

When a type E talks or explains themselves, don’t brush it off. Listen to them, don’t interrupt them, keep away any sort of distraction, and show them that you respect their viewpoints.

When they talk about their dreams, even if the plan is a bit sketchy, don’t cut them off and shove reality in their face. Listen to what they gotta say and understand what they need to hear.

Maintain eye contact, nod your head to show you’re following them, and make them feel heard. After this, if you point out some loopholes in their plans, they’ll be more than willing to accept that.

12. Learn to relax yourself

Most people say that it’s difficult to deal with type E people. They always say that their negative traits increase the levels of stress of others.

If you’re the same, then you must take your time and not allow the type E acquaintance to excite you. Whether it’s during a conversation or any other thing that fires you up, take your time to calm yourself. Try breathing exercises, meditate, count backward, or go for a walk to calm yourself.

Don’t let anything agitate you because your physical and mental health is your first priority. You’ll also save yourself from an awkward situation if you learn to calm yourself.

13. Support them in the right kind of risks

If you find that your type E buddy has a genuinely good idea, let them know. Usually, E-types’ ideas get shot down most of the time. They might develop a fear of rejection or lose confidence in themselves due to constant mean feedback.

So, whenever they’re on the right track and you feel that the risk is worth it, give them a good push. This will help them regain their confidence. Even if you’re not their full-time mentor, they’ll get the basic support they always wanted from you.

14. Show how to compromise together

When someone refrains from an E-type from working on their plans, they become extremely hyper. They protest and rebel against that and aren’t in the least mood for compromise. They probably think that they’re being looked down on and must change that for good.

However, show them that you only want the best for you both. Tell them that you both will compromise on your ends so that neither of you completely loses or wins. This will make them more open to listening to you.  

15. Don’t let them make impulse decisions

E-types have a love for speed and quick results. No, they don’t feel an unnatural sense of urgency like people with A-type personalities. Rather, they do it because they like to finish their job and tasks first.

If you have a type E student, child, or employee, tell them that you dislike tasks done hastily. Tell them that you believe that hasty tasks have lots of errors and it drops the overall quality.

If they still insist, give them one chance. Then if they can’t show you a quality task, persistently ask them to get rid of hurrying as it’ll get them nowhere in life.

16. Make them understand that you don’t have similar energy

However, if you have a type E parent, professor, teacher, friend, sibling, or lover, you can’t sound bossy as mentioned in the last step. For these people, you gotta express yourself a bit more.

Tell them that you don’t have the same amount of energy as them. That you like to take things slow and aren’t as hyperexcited as them. Express that you might burn yourself out if you continue at their pace.

Don’t forget to remind them that it’s not an ultimatum but just how you feel… and that you’d be more than happy if they understood and prioritized your comfort.

17. Point out each other’s mistakes and grow together

A type E person is used to others finding faults in them. They feel that nobody gets them and that they’re always the wrong ones. To reduce this bitter feeling, play fair with them.

If you’re friends, lovers, family, or coworkers, remind them that they have the right to point out your faults too. Remind them that it’ll help you both grow, develop, and succeed in life.

This will motivate them more than ever because they’re in love with group progress.

18. Be gentle when correcting a type E employee

If you’re a boss or supervisor to an E-type employee, be compassionate. They need guidance but don’t be brutal as it’ll kill their zeal to improve their performance.

They’re fickle-minded and need a little support and minding when they go off track. They’re not stupid, to say the least… so, while you guide them, don’t disrespect them.

Though they don’t get demoralized, they might take it the wrong way and resist your guidance.

19. Give them a reality check whenever required

If you treat a type E subordinate, family member, friend, or lover nicely, yet they’re a bit too stubborn for respectful and gentle nudges, you have the full right to shed the softness.

When they’re not ready to follow your guidance nicely or do something that might harm you, others, or an entire business, speak up. Tell them about the worst situations they might create because of their stubbornness, risk-taking, and out-of-the-box creativity.

Remind them that they can’t force their ideas everywhere and that adjusting is of utmost importance.

20. Put them to good use, ALWAYS

Whenever you come across a situation that doesn’t get solved with simple methods, summon the type E buddy around you. They’re great for stubborn issues that don’t get fixed in simple ways.

Type E personalities are made for this… their creativity can be so unique and jaw-dropping that you might never know that you needed their talent. So, keep them included in group tasks. Mind how they fair in their task and keep in touch with them.

They might feel unheard and unseen if you push them away from tasks that don’t need creativity. Moreover, you may never know when you need their talent. So, always include them in all areas of life.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

E-types might seem too overwhelming and hyper excited at the first meeting. They might seem a handful to manage and usually, people avoid them for that. But they have their own talents to share in both their personal and professional life.

So, don’t assume the worst about them. Instead, just get down to know them and you might actually surprise yourself!

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