So, you want to know how to deal with type F personalities because you suspect there’s an F-type around you. Well, it’s recommended to take the type F personality test together like a game to make sure!

But if you trust your hunches, that also works. And guess what? You reached the right place to get your answers… this think-piece will help you deal with the F-type around you pretty smoothly.

C’mon, don’t delay and head in…

How to Deal with Type F Personalities?

Most people don’t even think about dealing with F-types because they’re only there to give others all the satisfaction and demand nothing in return. They’re present like a god fairy that needs nothing in return. However, they’re human beings and have feelings too!

That’s why you are an awesome person to have figured out that they need special attention. So, let’s find out how to treat them better here…

1. Understand their capabilities and shortcomings

The strengths and weaknesses of people with type F personality traits are quite closely connected. When a positive trait is in them in excess, it becomes a negative one.

For instance, they use their feelings in their life more than rationality. It’s great when they apply this to their family members, close friends, and lover… but it becomes troublesome when it’s used in more serious situations.

They’re sensitive and feel happy from the least amount of affection… but they also let others think they can get away by returning almost nothing to their kindness. They also easily get hurt by the smallest things.

Figure out their strengths and weaknesses and try to fine-tune them. Moderate their weaknesses and add a few fixes here and there, it might become a strength. On the other hand, teach them to control their strengths by not doing anything in excess.

2. Don’t let them get over involved in others’ life

Type F individuals are also infamous for their tendency to run to troubled people’s side all the time. Even if they must compromise with their own life and put themselves in a tight situation, they’ll do it.

They’re always on high alert about others’ emotions. So, anytime someone feels a little low, they notice it instantly. They might even seek others before they ask for help.

Be it in their professional or personal life, they’re intimately involved with everyone. While they reach out to so many people, they hurt themselves. They show others that they’re always available and raise their expectations of them.

Help them not get too involved in people’s lives unless it’s their job or the other person is desperate for help. Remind them that the more they get too involved, the more others expect more. This only troubles their emotional health even more.

3. Remind them to set healthy boundaries

Type F people are always ready to support others but hardly ever want anything in return. Even if they’re asked, they might refuse you with a wide smile and gratefulness for your thoughts.

Eventually, people expect them to continue being that way and exploit them. They might often coerce them to take more share of household chores or office responsibilities without any kind of acknowledgment or repayment.

Convince them that this is wrong and that they must stand up for themselves. They can’t let others take advantage of their pure intentions. Help them set some healthy boundaries and if you see them struggling with those, show them how to maintain them.

Don’t expect them to understand and learn this overnight because they’re extremely people-centric, and it takes time to get over habits. Keep an eye on them to correct them whenever they get manipulated into violating their boundaries.

4. Tell them others’ opinions, don’t define them

They often get hurt by outsiders’ opinions and thoughts. They want everyone to think positively about them, so they try hard to please others. However, this only poses them as a pushover to others.

When others judge them, they assume that they hurt them in some way which led to that situation, and criticize themselves. They hold themselves responsible for the situation.

So, whenever someone acts rudely to them, snap them out of their negative self-talk. Stop them from ruminating over the situation and accept it how it is. Tell them the real reason if you know it and reduce the emotional and mental damage they might inflict on themselves.

They might not talk to you about their feelings if you stop them actively. So, keep them distracted with other interesting work (if you’re coworkers), or go out and treat yourselves to delicious food.

5. Save them from misjudgment

F-types make sure that they can keep their side of the deal and not hurt anyone. They can’t even imagine cheating or betraying others in their wildest dreams. They always try to help others with their entire power and influence.

However, others often get used to getting help from them. So, when they can’t help others due to their circumstances, they often get criticized.

Selfish people think that they deserve elite treatment from them and when they can’t, they hurt them with mean words. They often manipulate them into doing the favors forcibly.

If an F-type around you gets wrongfully accused or coerced into anything, save them from the situation. Tell others that the F-type doesn’t owe them anything and also make the F-type understand this. They must also stand up for themselves whenever they get wrongfully judged or emotionally blackmailed into doing anything.

6. Avoid hampering their peaceful life

As you notice, happiness, peace, joy, harmony, and emotional satisfaction are everything a type F person desire. They value these emotional aspects the most in their life… even more than riches and fortune.

So, try to not hamper these aspects in their life intentionally. Mistakes happen… and if you mistakenly disturbed their emotional health, then don’t delay from apologizing for your actions.

Don’t do anything that they might ask you not to. They usually don’t demand much, so if they ask you to avoid doing something, it’s probably for their emotional health. So, try to accept their small demands.

On the other hand, if anybody else obstructs their peace intentionally and unnecessarily, remind them that they don’t deserve it and must not tolerate it either. Encourage them to fight for themselves and their peace. Tell them it’s not wrong to protect themselves.

7. Remind them they’re valuable

Often F-types value others so much that they sell themselves short. They forget that they’re a precious person too. They don’t expect much from others and show that they’re happy with the least or nothing at all. Further, they insist on feelings like love, affection, and good wishes alone.

So, people often take them for granted after getting their help. They feel it’s alright to get help from them and not pay back. Some even think that if a type F person seeks them to help in return, that’s selfish.

This kind of behavior impacts their self-worth a lot. They start believing that they’re wrong to expect anything or that they don’t deserve anything at all.

To help them out of this mindset, motivate them, and remind them of their self-worth. Use positive and inspirational words to get over these feelings.

Tell them how their presence matters to your organization, or convey they’re precious to your life if you’re a loved one. Ask them to prioritize themselves and that it’s okay if they can’t always meet others’ expectations.

8. Don’t let them get attached to people too fast

F-types also get emotionally attached to other people extremely quickly. This makes them more vulnerable to sharing their weaknesses and creating openings to get manipulated and taken advantage of. Opportunists know just how to hit the emotional notes and get their work done by them.

So, if you’re a loved one of a type F person, tell them that they harm themselves this way and must avoid connecting with everyone they meet. Whether it’s a family member or a friend, they must take time to understand them.

Of course, they can’t control this attachment… but they can be clear about their own emotions, be aware of the negative possibilities, and protect themselves as required.

Even if they invest their emotions too fast, tell them to avoid denying the truth. Once they accept that they’re emotionally attached, they must also accept that the other person has a free pass to hurt them. Awareness will slowly help them get over it.

9. Teach them to judge reasonably

F-personality people often judge situations or people based on their emotions. If they get a good feeling from something, they support it. If their emotions don’t support a project or person, they walk away from it.

Explain that this approach is great in personal life… but when more serious matters come into the light, this won’t work. They can’t just follow their heart in their professional or academic life. Otherwise, they’ll be responsible for the following troubles.

Whenever they’re in a dilemma and must decide something ASAP, notice what they choose. If you think their choice is incorrect, share your perception regarding it. If they still wish to stick to their choice, let them be. Don’t force them to change their decision and let them understand their situation by themselves.

10. Help them understand everyone isn’t a good person

A type F person blindly trusts everyone. They believe that all the people around them are genuine and mean no harm. They believe them at the drop of a hat and accept them like family members. However, everyone isn’t a well-wisher or doesn’t have good intentions. Some people only pretend to be trustworthy and helpless to take advantage of others.

A type F person might get betrayed big time due to this trait. They might lose faith in humanity or think that they were a fool to trust others. They might get scarred too deeply to ever trust anyone.

So, before something bad happens, help them figure out that everyone around them isn’t a friend… even if they act like one! Others might have ulterior motives, and they need to be prepared to face the worst. Remind them to never expect others to be good people.

11. But don’t say that everyone is bad

Though there’s a huge chunk of evil people in this world, everyone isn’t bad. Don’t tell a type F person to stop believing in others, or else it’ll hurt their beliefs. 

Believing that people are good and having faith in the smallest bit of goodness in everyone is ingrained in type F people. They can’t suddenly change their beliefs or ethics. So, don’t force them into thinking the total reverse too fast. Make sure you never use phrases as everyone means you harm or you’re easy to fool for your personality.

This isn’t the way to deal with F-types properly. Instead of doing them any good, you’ll only hurt them further and push them away from you. Take care of your language when you warn them or help them in any scenario.

12. Teach them self-love

Due to their selfless giving and sacrificing nature, F-types slowly forget about taking care of themselves. They forget to love themselves entirely because their mind is always busy caring for others.

Every day, they worry about others from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep. In their hectic schedule, they hardly get time for themselves. Moreover, they eventually start losing confidence when opportunists make them feel that they don’t deserve anything in return for their favors.

So, inspire your type F acquaintance to invest some time in themselves. Help them follow a healthy diet, exercise routine, and skincare, and encourage them to indulge in activities they like.

If you’re someone in their personal life, take them out to exciting or calming activities. If you’re a lover, treat them to romantic dinners and go on vacations from time to time.  You can also enroll in the gym together.

If you’re their supervisor, get them tickets to a relaxing activity like a spa or sauna.

13. Don’t let them get overwhelmed by others’ demands

Since a type F person always gives unconditionally all the time, others think that’s normal. Some assume that they have extra time or resources to invest in them, while others believe they treat everyone similarly, so it’s okay to ask more from them.

When they receive more requests for help, they can’t sit still or refuse them. They don’t have what it takes to refuse even if they feel overwhelmed by it. They try their utmost to help everyone as much as possible.

However, deep inside, this overwhelming feeling harms their emotional stability and health. So, remind them it’s alright to not meet everyone’s expectations. Everything isn’t possible for one person. Unless it’s their immediate loved ones, they’re not bound to help everyone else.

14. When they’re sad, support them

Sometimes a type F person doesn’t need help. They probably know what the issue is and what they must do to deal with it. They know that they have a lot to improve… but change and improvement aren’t a day’s story.

No good thing happens overnight… meanwhile they’ll suffer and struggle to change their mindset to protect themselves. During these phases, support them by staying beside them.

If you already advised them a lot, don’t overdo it. Instead, spend the time together peacefully and let them know that you’re there to listen to their worries.

Don’t always talk and suggest things… they might feel that you look down on them or that you don’t believe they’re already working on things. They might assume that you don’t trust their word… and that hurts a type F immensely.

15. Be grateful

A type F person is always busy prioritizing others over themselves. Probably, you also got benefits from them. So, thank them for everything they did for you.

Explain how people usually treat others and how different they are. This might sound like comparing them with others… but it will help them know they’re a great person.

They’ll also feel great about the good deeds they do all around the world. F-types often get ignored once people take advantage of them. This hurts their self-confidence and dignity and they even question their beliefs.

So, help them realize their effort didn’t go to waste and that you’ll pass on this love to others and to them. Your gratitude can prevent them from diving into the deep pit of depression.

Moreover, even if they insist on not returning any kindness, don’t listen to them. Instead, show them that you also have the same space for them in your heart.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Honestly speaking, F-types don’t need a lot of effort to be dealt with. Rather, they’re happy with the least effort.

If you’re a boss and have a type F employee, you don’t need to do a lot to make them understand anything. If you have a type F boss, you’re one lucky fellow. Plus they’re an absolute sweetheart in their personal life.

So, cherish these people as they deserve, take it easy, and deal with them smoothly!

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