So you wish to know how to deal with type G personalities after meeting one? Have some trouble minding a type G student? Or does a type G coworker not understand your working style?

Of course, it gets tough if you can’t understand each other’s points of view and thoughts… because coordinating becomes really tough. But not anymore! Because this think-piece will let you work on this issue.

C’mon, let’s get to work here…

How to Deal with Type G Personalities?

Type G people have strong intuition and great creativity… and they are pretty popular based on those. However, only the people in their surroundings know that dealing with them can be somewhat difficult due to their introversion.

Sometimes their faith in their intuition and indifference to opinions can also make them difficult to deal with. So, if you want an easy way out, here you go…

1. Figure out how close you are

Before you learn to deal with your type G acquaintance, figure out who you are to them. Since they are extremely introverted, they might not pay attention to you if you are distant from them. Due to introversion, they often avoid people they are not close to.

Even if they want to befriend you, they can’t because they are uncomfortable. So, when was the last time you guys shared a word? Do you talk often? If yes, what do you usually chat about?

If you sense that you guys are genuinely close and share a bond… not just close because you are deskmates or are related… then you don’t need to worry about approaching them.

However, if you are not as close, don’t know them well, and are simple acquaintances that share a word or two, first close this distance.

Wondering how to do that? Let’s take the help here…

2. Take small and subtle steps to be close

Since people with G personality types are introverted and aware of their surroundings, it’s not right to attack them too strongly. So, avoid being the loud extrovert around them… don’t invite them to crazy parties and extroverted activities with lots of people around.

Instead, take your time to know them better. Strike up a conversation once in a while and understand their interests. Then spend a few more days knowing their interests better and sharing some of your low-key and soothing hobbies. This will show them that you aren’t that different from them.

Next, invite them to try a new coffee shop or the library if you’re classmates. If you’re coworkers, head to your favorite lunch places together. Or, if that’s still too forward, have lunch in the cafeteria and approach them with a cup of coffee once in a while. You’ll certainly get closer to them and become a trustworthy person.

3. Don’t misunderstand their aversion to socializing

However, even after trying your best, they might not respond to you as eagerly as you imagine. This completely depends on the level of their introversion.

So, even after you try your best to approach them timidly and not overwhelm them, they might not accept your goodwill. Instead, they might push you away even more because nobody else cares about them and everyone misunderstands them.

That’s why even if it’s easy to get offended, don’t. They will eventually get accustomed to your support and friendliness, so there’s no reason to give up yet.

Of course, if they repetitively turn down your attempts and you feel uncomfortable seeking them any longer, you can give up on the previous attempts. Instead, you can treat them even more casually to show that you don’t mind giving them space… follow this especially if you are coworkers.

4. Appreciate their mindfulness

Other than trying to befriend them, there are more ways to deal with a type G person. One of the best ways is to show them their worth. A type G person’s greatest strength is their mindful action in any situation.

They make sure that they don’t offend anyone even if they are unaware of the situation. They always notice the vibe of the room or people around them and judge the situation. Then they act according to everyone’s welfare.

A type G person knows exactly how to make others happy… but do you know how they will feel cherished?

Well, in this situation, a thank you is the least thing they deserve. If their mindful action and intuitive decision saved you from trouble or made your day, they deserve public recognition. Tell everyone around you about how grateful you are to them and return the kindness with another kind gesture.

5. Don’t expect them to succeed all the time

When a type G person gets appreciated for their knowledge and intuition, they feel better about themselves. However, sometimes… Not all people with G personality types connect their worth with their success and the appreciation they receive.

They feel low when nobody notices their noble and intellectual action. They second-guess their actions and then push harder to be noticed. They are not good with making small talk and receiving random compliments… so, the compliments on their intelligence make them feel the best.

However, don’t just praise them for their successful endeavors related to their decision-making. Otherwise, they’ll feel that that’s the only thing good about them. They might obsess over being a perfectionist and harm themselves in a roundabout way.

So, whenever you find a reason, praise them. This way, they won’t consider themselves good for only one strength and understand their other values too.

6. Remind yourself that you are both mortals

Type G people are perfectionists and you might expect nothing but the best from them. A person with type G personality traits is well-read, intuitive, and precise, and they are no less than a genius. So, it’s natural to expect them to never go wrong in their path.

However, this might make them struggle to meet your expectations… just to be acknowledged and recognized. Again, if you obsess over their success, they might feel that they can make you happy by only being right. On the other hand, if they ever commit mistakes, they might feel an irrational fear.

So, never think or act like they are only worthy because of their capabilities. If you have a type G child, don’t reward them only when they perform well in competitions. Shower them love even when you have no reason and just appreciate their presence.

The same goes whether it’s a coworker, employee, student, friend, or lover.

7. Don’t brush away their creativity

If you spent a long time with the Type G person around you, you know that sometimes their creativity can truly go over the top. When a type G loved one feels a recipe is too complex, they add their own twist to make it simpler… but you like it the old-school way.

On the other hand, a type G child might say that a mathematics formula is too roundabout and follow a formula that they would eventually learn in later grades. You know they are intelligent, but the school won’t accept advanced methods so fast.

You just don’t know how to explain that certain things are better off when following traditional methods. So, you tell them to forget about the other method and listen to you without questions.

However, that just stunts the growth of a type G fellow. So, next time tell them that their creativity is great but that isn’t what you want.

8. Be specific about your creative needs

When it comes to creativity, you might face another situation with a G-type. Perhaps you want them to use their creative energy… but they produce more than they must. The ideas are so out of the box that you feel uncertain about using them or whether they will produce the same effects as you need.

If this issue persists with your type G acquaintance, try explaining the extent of creativity you need from them. Be nice and understanding instead of saying “Rejected and Redo!” Explain why it doesn’t fit your standards and show them samples of the previous task if it’s an academic or professional field.

They will catch onto your expectations sooner if they have reference material. Otherwise, they will waste their time on trial and error and feel demoralized when their ideas get rejected repeatedly.

When they start studying the reference material, they might ask you a lot about your expectations because they want to be perfect in it… this will definitely be tiresome, but bear with it for the best results.

9. Express yourself first and then ask them

Another issue of type G people is that they don’t express their feelings openly because they are introverted. They don’t wish to be too demanding or too talkative and make others uncomfortable for themselves. They overthink the possibilities if they are too straightforward.

For instance, a type G child might keep quiet even if they are hurt or uncomfortable… a type G person might not say a word even if they get bullied. They might be in dire need of help but they just can’t bear to disturb others.

So, keep an eye on them and their interactions if you spend a lot of time with them. If you’re a  coworker, classmate, or friend, you can notice their environment and shift in mood to any other person or situation.

If you don’t spend long hours together, then be as raw about your emotions as you can. Don’t vent to them, but share stories of certain times when communicating saved you. Then tell them if they have anything in mind or that you’ll support them if they need you.

10. Don’t push your opinions but criticize constructively

Type G people are known to ignore others’ opinions. They are self-reliant and self-confident, so they ignore others that only complain.

Suppose you tell them “This is not a good idea… don’t do this”… they won’t pay attention to it. Instead, they will think that you’re an illwisher or that you’re mocking them.

So, if you ever want to warn them about anything, explain more. For instance, mention what part of their plan has shortcomings and why you believe it won’t work out.

Moreover, warn them only if you have a better plan and share the idea too. Otherwise, they will literally be disappointed in finding faults in them while you don’t have a better idea.

Even after you share every detail, don’t force them to follow your idea. They are their own person, so let them follow their intuition if they want.

11. Never burden their inner mind

Type G people depend on their intuition and intellect to decide most things. They can absorb so many details of the external world only because they have a calm and stable inner mind.

So, their success depends on how much they can control their emotional and mental state. That’s why they also don’t allow anyone or anything to stir up these aspects of their life. If you know them only in your professional life, you don’t need to worry so long you don’t get involved in some way.

However, if they are loved ones, you can’t always guarantee that you won’t stir up emotional situations. You might even get annoyed when a type G loved one avoids your emotional conversations.

The only way out of this is clear and honest communication about your needs and compromise. Tell them that you need them to listen to you and promise that you won’t burden them with such thoughts during any critical life situation.

12. Keep your common space tidy with minimum items

G-type individuals are extremely particular about their surroundings. So, if it’s a G-type coworker or classmate and you share your desk with them or a roommate or someone you share your space with, be more aware of your belongings and where you put them.

Type G individuals can’t focus in a space with too many things all over the space. Overabundance and untidiness distract them from their intuitive thoughts. This truly becomes a major obstacle in their life… so, figure out a way to work on that.

Of course, don’t follow minimalism if you don’t trust it. Instead, try to keep your space organized at all times. This will trigger them less and they will find lesser faults with you.

But if you like to vamp your space with small details, then make sure it doesn’t invade their territory and is only restricted to your own space.

13. Don’t impose any complications but discuss calmly

Type G folks also dislike it when people pour out their life complications on them. Suppose you call them after a breakup to share a drink, they will make some last-minute plan to turn you down.

On the other hand, if you discuss a complicated plan with a type G person, they’ll refuse to join any such meeting. Instead, they’ll insist that they can find an easier plan for you.

At any cost, they don’t want to be a part of anything complex because they can’t afford to congest their mind with more than it already is.

So, don’t forcibly put them to listen to you whining… because they can’t help you solve the complications. Instead, invite them, enjoy your moment together, and then start talking.

If it’s a coworker, if they propose a better idea, consider that. If the idea isn’t suitable, share the feedback. Tell them to just be present in the brainstorming session, they might come up with some ideas… but don’t demand them to work in your way.

14. Don’t encourage their curiosity excessively

A type G person is extremely curious which is why they are so intelligent. However, they might lose control over their desire to know more. They might get obsessed about the wrong subjects, lose a ton of resources on that, ignore a healthy lifestyle, or try something wrong out of curiosity.

So, don’t always encourage their curiosity… unless you know it’s the right path. If you know it’s not something good, break it to them calmly and tell them why they must change anything or move on from it.

15. Ask them to get a regular checkup

From 2015 medically reviewed research, it’s known that people with higher intelligence like that of a type G person, are prone to ADHD, autoimmune diseases, autism, affective disorders, sensory processing sensitivity, and even allergies.

However, no direct link between G-type personality traits and these diseases is yet established. Still, convince them to take regular physical and mental health checkups to avoid getting in trouble suddenly. Convince them to take medical advice, diagnosis or treatment if there’s any issue.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Though type G people can be difficult to deal with, you can work on it if you stay dedicated to the mentioned process.

However, remember that how fast they respond to you depends on the extent of their introversion. But don’t worry because it will eventually work out, so don’t give up before that moment!

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