So, you are curious about how to identify a beta female? Did someone say you are one? Or, do you think that you know a beta woman?

Well, there’s no official test, but I won’t disappoint you. The quiz in this think-piece will lead you to your answer. It’s based on all the latest research about the beta female, so you’ll definitely reach your answer.

C’mon, let’s get started!

How to Identify a Beta Female?

On one hand, the beta female prefers to spend time with herself and her loved ones. On the other hand, the beta female doesn’t mind getting attention while preaching high morals.

She is also intuitive, a deep thinker, and an observer. There are many more interesting traits about this personality. So, take this test to find out the truth!

1. When you stand beside an alpha female, do you feel like a side character? Do you feel that an alpha female’s outgoing nature often overshadows your charisma? Do you get ignored because everyone is busy noticing her?

2. Do you sometimes feel jealous of how alpha females steal the show? Do you feel hurt that nobody notices you? Despite the pain, do you not want to change the situation? Do you soon get over these negative emotions?

3. Are you extremely serious about your studies and work? Are you career-oriented and hardworking? Do you want to perform your best at work? Do you desire to patiently give all the effort necessary to succeed in life?

4. Do you want to earn a living to be independent? Is it partly because you don’t want to beg for money from your spouse or partner? Even if you face setbacks at work, do you want to play fair and progress without anyone’s backing?

5. In your group do you give the wisest advice? Is your advice useful because you observe others’ situations silently? Is it because you are not very outgoing? Do you have a better idea about people’s troubles than they share?

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6. Do your friends often assume that you have the soul of a great-grandmother? Do they cherish you because of your intuitive suggestions? Do they often return to you for advice repeatedly after the first time?

7. Do you feel comfortable when you follow others’ lead? Do you have good leadership qualities yet don’t want to lead? Is it because you don’t want trouble to lead with others? Do you feel leading is stressful and chaotic?

8. Do you believe that you are not as charismatic as an alpha leader? Do you feel that you can’t lead a team all by yourself? Do you feel it’s alright to not thrive for leadership? Do people often judge you for not being a leader?

9. Do you avoid conflicts and confrontations as much as possible? When a fight breaks out, do you try to resolve matters yourself? Do you always jump in to calm others and work with clear communication? Are you usually quiet but can state your mind during these situations?

10. During conflict resolution, do you never give extra perks to your close ones? Do you only support the truth and never try to cover for their mistakes? Do you not mind stating the truth even if it hurts your loved ones?

11. Are you extremely caring towards your friends and family members? Do they often say that you remind them of their mother? Or, do they say that you’ll be a great mother someday?

12. Do you nurse your sibling during their fever when parents aren’t around? Do you let your best friend vent out after a breakup? After their hangover, do you always get them medicine? Do you always remind your housemate to take their lunch before they go to work?

13. If your friend shares their secrets with you, do you plan to take them to your grave? Even if you ever fight, do you never think of revealing the secrets to getting back at them? If your friend gets a crush on someone, do you not want to date them even if they propose to you?

14. In romantic relationships, do you only have eyes on your partner? Do you never seek a better partner once you commit to one person? In your eyes, is your partner the only suitable person for you? Do you not get attracted to other potential partners despite their more money and better looks?

15. Can you feel others’ emotions vividly? Even if they don’t share much, are you sensitive to their energy and mood? Can you read others’ moods and emotions even when they don’t share a lot with you? Are you empathic and emotionally intelligent?

16. Do you never force anyone to explain their circumstances when they seem low? Instead, do you read their emotions and deal with them accordingly? Does your intuition help you avoid offending them about sensitive issues?

17. Do you hate socializing with new people? Do you find no point in connecting with new people?  However, when necessary, do you still attend events without any complaints? When you attend, do you avoid socializing as much as possible?

18. Instead, do you like spending time with your loved ones? Are you more prone to attending an event with only your close friends? If your friends aren’t available, do you spend time reading books, watching movies, and playing video games?

19. Are you knowledgeable about most things? However, do people often assume that you don’t even before they allow you to prove yourself? Do they often treat you like you don’t exist and go up to an alpha female?

20. Do you know both the fun and nerdy things? Do you know about both science fiction and romance novels? Do you also know about the trendy things on social media and about the coolest places to hang out?

21. Does your heart go to the people that faced a rough time in life? Do you hate that society doesn’t give equal opportunities to everyone and that it all depends on financial and social standing? Do you often feel low about how so many kids can’t have a square meal while you enjoy whatever you want?

22. Do you try to do your part in the world to make it better? Or, do you plan to do that when you’re more capable? Do you plan to volunteer in soup kitchens and pet shelters? Are you interested in charity and donations? Are you interested in making people happy with your slightest bit?

23. Do you hate to get attention? Do you like to be on your own and avoid getting noticed? Is it because people often assume something bad about you? Are you so tired that you don’t want positive attention either?

24. If you ever get an award, certificate, bonus, or promotion, do you want to be congratulated personally? Would you rather tell your manager to keep it to themselves and not let the word spread? Even if you work hard behind the scenes, do you want no part of the fame? When you don’t get on the stage do people say that you didn’t deserve it?

25. In romantic relationships, do you prefer the traditional approach? Do you want your suitor to court you like in the old days? Do you want them to initiate contact first? Do you want them to seek your contact information? Do you want them to ask you on a date and plan on their own?

26. If your suitor doesn’t initiate things, will you not take charge? Even if you have feelings for them, will you wait until they change their ways? If they ask you to suggest an eatery, will you tell them? However, do you still want them to make decisions by themselves?

27. Do you call yourself a hopeless romantic? Do you believe in romance like that of fairy tales and novels? Do you want a knight in shining armor to sweep you off your feet? Do you want someone to feel drawn toward your intelligence and beauty? Do you want them to lay their eyes on you and not on the alpha female around you?

28. In relationships, do you not want any expensive surprises? Is it because you’re capable enough to take care of your needs? Would you feel more touched if your partner spends quality time with you? Do you want them to pamper you with massages instead of taking you to a massage parlor? Do you wish for handwritten notes and flowers from the garden as gifts instead?

29. Are you not into casual relationships? Can you handle it but don’t want to enter one? Would you have no problems if people around you had one? However, do you never feel the need to be included in such relationships? Even if people tried to convince you into it, would you not?

30. Do you want complete commitment in your relationship? Is loyalty, exclusivity, and respect for your demands more important to you? The moment your partner wants to open the relationship, will you break up? If you don’t get a partner that can’t commit and date exclusively, would you not date at all?

31. If your loved one makes a big mess somewhere, will you help them sort things out? Do you pledge your loyalty to always stand by them even if it’s something immoral? However, once everything is sorted, will you explain to them that they are wrong? Will you try your best to get them off this path?

32. Are you in tune with your spiritual side? Will you never steer off your beliefs? Even if everyone has poor morals and they influence you into it, will you not accept that? Will you even fight with your friends to help them lead a moral life? Do you not mind even if it attracts attention?

33. Are you confident in yourself even if nobody validates you? Do you hardly feel insecure? Even if you do, do you easily pull yourself out of it? Do you never try to gain others’ sympathy when you feel low?

34. When people ignore you, do you secretly like it because you get privacy? Without others’ attention on you, can you focus better on your work? Even if people look down on you, do you feel content knowing your true value?

35. When someone does anything wrong, whether by mistake or intentionally, do you always follow the gentle approach? Do you give others as many chances as they need? Do you try to bear with them to teach them things?

36. Do you always sugarcoat your words before criticizing others? Do you not want to lower their spirits? Is it because you don’t want to see them sad? Do you believe that the aggressive approach makes people rebel instead of progress?

37. Do you think deeply before you make major decisions? Do you never let your emotions take the better of you? Unlike most women do you think logically and ignore your emotions during crucial moments? Do you depend more on your instincts during decisions?

38. If you fight in your romantic relationship, do you not unnecessarily drag the fight? At work when people make mistakes, do you never play the blame game? Do you rather focus on the problem at hand instead of getting angry?

39. When you make decisions, do you never rush? Do you take a long time to think clearly? Do you analyze all the possibilities of your choices and figure out the probable troubles you might face? Do you never take risks without understanding them?

40. Will you accept a promotion only if you feel comfortable with the new responsibilities? Do you think about having a baby only if you feel you and your partner are ready? Will you never succumb to pressure from others to make a decision?

41. Do you have a lot of creative energy? When nobody can find a solution to a problem, do they seek you? Do you propose something over the top, and things work out? Are you known as the ultimate problem solver or something alike in your personal and professional life?

42. Are you pretty artistic in multiple fields? Do you often take inspiration from your surroundings? Are you good at both school projects and interior décor? Do you often make artistic things but never promote them because you are reserved?

43. Do you have a great fashion sense? Do you know about the latest trends in clothes? Are you the most fashionable in the group? Are you popular for your spectacular taste in outfits?

44. When you are broke, do you avoid buying new outfits or accessories even though you like them? Do you use your creativity to mix and match old outfits to create something great? Do you mix your creativity and intelligence during tough times?

45. Do new clothes, cute accessories, and shiny jewelry boost your self-esteem? When you have enough money on you, do you often shop way too much? Especially, when you feel low, do you go out of control even more? Do you sometimes max your cards or exhaust your account?

46. Does your impulsive shopping lead to major troubles? Do you happen to have too many clothes to fit in the wardrobe? Do your housemates feel annoyed by the number of times the doorbell rings for your package? If you live with your partner, do they often lose their mind over your shopping?

47. Are you way too sensitive to handle criticism and rejection? When someone uses a slightly louder or stricter voice, do your emotions often overflow? Do you not even try to suppress your emotions?

48. After criticism, do you push yourself down with self-blame? Do you rapidly lose self-confidence from this? Do you not want to trouble anyone? Does the criticism keep you up at night? Do you even feel less focused on work or life because of it? Do you have a hard time getting over it?

49. Do people around you often feel frustrated with your emotional outbursts after criticism? Do they feel uncomfortable with your reactions? Do they even say that this won’t work in your professional life or that you’ll have a hard time at work?

50. Do you want to help everyone eagerly whether you know them or not when they’re in trouble?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You definitely have a beta female personality!

Some of your personality traits include sensitivity to world sufferings and criticism, compassion towards loved ones, logical thinking, intelligence, sharp intuition, and unique creativity.

The traits of a beta female make you introverted, a great friend, a great mediator, and peacekeeper, and a hopeless romantic!

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

It’s normal to guess the wrong personality types. So, don’t be disheartened and take other personality tests to figure out yours.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a beta female, learn about the pros and cons of your personality. Research and know ways to improve yourself!

If someone else around you is a beta female, learn about their strong and weak suits. Don’t forget to figure out ways to treat them well.

But if you want to be a beta woman, learn her strengths and try to embrace them. Your dreams will definitely come true!

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