So, you want to know how to identify a delta male? Think someone around you is one? Or do you suspect yourself as one?

Well, identifying a delta man is not that easy because EVERY average man MIGHT be one. You are probably too anxious, so this article is here with the perfect quiz to reach your answers.

C’mon let’s get down to it!

How to Identify a Delta Male?

A delta male is known to be introverted and average. But you might also assume a sigma or beta male as average because they don’t talk much.

Obviously, that’s not a good enough trait to spot a delta male. So, if you believe you or someone else is one, shoot your answers to this test here!

1. Do you like to spend quiet time away from others more? Even if you spend time with loved ones, do you need space for yourself?

2. Do you only have a few friends? Do you feel satisfied with a small inner circle?

3. Do people often assume that you’re shy? In social events, do you take refuge in a less bustling corner?

4. Do you never share your opinions with others? Is it because you’re afraid of having different opinions? Do you want to avoid conflicts this way?

5. Do you have a lot of thoughts, ideas, and opinions in your mind? Do you keep it suppressed and people feel that you don’t have much to say?

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6. Will you call yourself “cautious”? Do you prefer to not share your personal life with others? Do you wait for the other person to prove their loyalty?

7. Do you hate it when people don’t respect your boundaries and try to pry into your life? Do you keep parts of your life hidden even from your lover?

8. Do you not want to take responsibility for a team? Even if you’re selected as a leader, do you try to turn it down by any means?

9. Do you think that leadership is unnecessary trouble? Do you only want to do what you’re told and not tell others what to do? Do you believe you don’t have leadership skills?

10. Do you doubt your capabilities and feel insecure? Do you often give up even before you try something? Do you think that even if you try you won’t be able to make a difference?

11. Are you aware of your confidence issues? Do you believe you’re an average guy? Have you ever been referred to as the Average Joe? Do you still not do anything despite knowing about it?

12. Do you often highlight your flaws in your mind? Do you compare yourself with the people around you and put yourself down? Because of this, do you feel you don’t deserve a bright future?

13. Do you consider yourself a hopeless romantic? Do you believe in sudden and small surprises and unconditionally loving your partner?

14. Do you have traditional ideas of dating? Do you dislike modern dating practices? Do you wish to dedicate your heart to your partner only and never look elsewhere?

15. Will you surprise your partner with breakfast in bed, an afternoon on the beach, and a kiss during sunset instead of a candlelight dinner at a 5-star restaurant or a cruise ride?

16. Do you try to make your partner feel loved and cherished whenever you have time once you’re done with working and taking your space?

17. Do you want your romantic interests to take charge of your relationship? Do you not know how to bring excitement to your romantic life? Are you not spontaneous at all?

18. If you’re married, do you want your spouse to take care of all the household responsibilities? Even if your spouse asks you to handle some duties, do you still not want to do it?

19. Are you happy with the bare minimum in all areas of your life? Do you not want more than basic compulsory education? Are you happy with whatever job you can have with your degree?

20. Would you never consider higher studies to get better job opportunities? Would you not even try working more to get a promotion?

21. Do you like to stay within your comfort zone in your academic and professional life?  If you don’t get paid a lot, do you only complain but never try to change the situation?

22. Are you too lazy to improve your financial situation or lifestyle? Do you not even consider interesting hobbies for the same?

23. Have you ever considered getting drinks or drugs to relieve the troubles of your life? If yes, do you feel it helps you feel confident? Do you think it boosts your confidence or helps with better creativity?

24. Do you hold resentment until you can get revenge on others? Do you keep your resentful feelings hidden until you can make them pay? Do you act friendly with your offender to lower their guard?

25. Do you not mind even if the revenge takes years to complete? Do you, instead, like to serve your revenge cold? Does the utter shock of taking revenge when they least expect it please you?

26. Whenever you fight someone, do you pretend to be the victim whenever things get nasty? Even if you’re at fault, do you make everyone feel that you’re the poor one?

27. If you get rejected by a love interest for your genuine flaws, do you blame the woman for being materialistic? Do you feel most women around you are gold diggers and don’t see the value in you?

28. Are you a nerd? Do you like to study complex subjects, know about technical things, or play video games? Do you skip social activities for these?

29. Do you avoid any group activity for your geeky interest? Do people treat you like an outcast and avoid inviting you anywhere because you always turn them down?

30. Do you not even try to be a little likable? Do you never work on your social skills or try to work in groups?

31. Unless your loved one hurts you, are you an extremely kind, compassionate, loving, caring, and understanding person? Can you go out of your way for your inner circle?

32. Are you an empathic person deep within but nobody knows it? Can you not stand your loved ones’ pain at all?

33. Do you become a totally different person if your close ones hurt you? Do you take revenge even if the offender is your parent or partner?

34. Are you angry because you’re not an alpha male? Do you hate your position in the socio-hierarchy? Do you often act passive-aggressively because you can’t express this anger?

35. Do people often feel you’re moody and unpredictable because of your frustration about your social hierarchy?

36. Do you take care of your duties and complete them within a set time? Do you refuse to work more than asked? Do you not care what others think about leaving them ASAP after you’re done?

37. Are you proud of your job and the skills you bring to your professional platform? Do you do your best in your job to have job security instead of being promoted?

38. Do you lose faith and motivation to work with the same zeal when your organization doesn’t decide the best for your welfare?

39. Unlike others, do you not believe in worshiping alpha males? Do you respect them only if they take care of their duties? Do you demand them to be replaced when they enjoy the benefits of their position but don’t work?

40. Do you want the hierarchy to respect you for your skills? Do you want the other male personality types to understand that the hierarchy is unstable without the delta men?

41. Are you only popular among delta, gamma, or omega women? Do most women desire sigma males or alpha males? Do you still get women only because there aren’t enough alpha, beta, or sigma men out there?

42. When you’re at work, do you only focus on work and nothing else? After work, do you ignore all calls or updates from your workplace? Do you only focus on resting during your leisure time?

43. Were you an alpha male in the past? Did things change after a bad experience? Did your self-confidence diminish after that?

44. Can you be assertive without being rude? Are you usually shy and introverted?

45. Are you emotionally intelligent? Are you aware of your and others’ emotions and thoughts? Do you never knowingly hurt others’ feelings? Do you use your emotional intelligence to avoid offending others?

46. Are most of your hobbies lazy? Do you avoid exerting yourself physically and mentally when you take time off? Do you usually play video games, listen to music, or watch TV? Do you avoid excessive activities like traveling, sightseeing, or partying?

47. Unlike sigma males, do you follow the trends blindly for enjoyment? Do you usually invest time in overrated and easy activities?

48. Do you get tired faster than others? Do your loved ones complain about you being a homebody? Is it because of your poorly balanced life or your physically demanding job?

49. Do you feel insecure about new romantic relationships? Is it because you don’t have much to attract women? Are you financially weaker or average and aren’t sporty?

50. Do you often seek your crush as friends or do they refuse you straight off? Even if you get a high-value woman, does she eventually leave you because she wants better financial security?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

That was a grand guess… because you are a delta male.

You’re introverted but have a loud mind. You feel compassionate towards your loved one, but you don’t forgive anyone if they offend you. You don’t blindly obey authoritative people. You like to hide your opinions to avoid conflicts. You’re a hard worker, but you don’t want to progress. You’re a romantic lover and want your partner to take charge.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You’re not a delta male. But that’s okay, try out the other personality quizzes to find yours!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a delta male, knowing your personality type isn’t the end of it. Instead, learn about the pros and cons of being one. Learn how to improve yourself… you probably don’t want to, but it won’t hurt to know, right?

If your acquaintance is a delta male, know about his strengths and weaknesses and ways to deal with him.

But if you’re not a delta male, it’s sad that your time got wasted. But try out other quizzes, and you’ll definitely find the answers!

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