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Sigma Male: 20 Personality Traits to Identify Him

Sigma Male: 20 Personality Traits to Identify Him

Updated on Jul 19, 2022 | Published on Mar 17, 2020

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Sigma Male : 20 Personality Traits to Identify Him

In the socio-sexual hierarchy, men are often majorly classified as being either alpha or beta. The alpha males are those who dominate in society because they are the best of everything! They have the charm if not the looks, money and leadership ability.

In short, they are the most appealing to the ladies. Beta males, on the other hand, are submissive, reserved and quite commonplace. While there’s also a different kind called the Sigma male who does not fit in this regular classification.

Sigma Male Infographic

Sigma Male: 20 Personality Traits to Identify Him
Sigma Male: 20 Personality Traits to Identify Him

Who is a Sigma Male?

A sigma male is a man who is a lone wolf. He isn’t worried about alpha males nor is he interested to become one! They don’t crave attention like the alphas although they get a lot without even trying.

He has leadership abilities just like an alpha but he doesn’t place orders to others because he likes doing things on his own.

A sigma male has an inborn charisma only that he decides not to flaunt it. Women are naturally drawn to the sigma because of their capacity and self-sufficient abilities.

He is not awkward in social situations only that he is not interested in societal norms and expectations. Sigma is a unique personality type and he knows that!

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Sigma Male Traits

1. Sigma male is born to rebel

Sigma male are born to rebel
Sigma male are born to rebel

The Sigma almost always follows their gut! They will not follow instructions from others and love doing things in their own way. Because of that, they often break rules. It’s not that they do it on purpose.

But their way of thinking and doing things is completely different from others. As a result, they are often friend-less. Not that they worry about that! On the contrary, they prefer being alone.

2. Sigma male gets a lot of attention without even trying

Sigma males are never attention seekers. Rather they try to stay away from the limelight! But their personality and attitude naturally attract others particularly the women. 

3. They have a unique way of doing things

A Sigma will always do things in a different way! One of the traits of Sigma is to be able to always give that unique touch on the things they do. And they never do what others are doing.

It’s because of their inborn rebellious streak! For instance, when most people like to post on social media to show off their stuff, the Sigma male might steer away from the virtual world to enjoy the actual one!

4. Sigma male knows what they want

These men are absolutely sure about what they want out of life. In fact, they are confident about what to get from each of their relationships. They are confident, determined and self-centered.

5. They like to live in the moment

Life is unpredictable and quite short. Sigma is aware of this bitter philosophy of life. This is why they like to enjoy each and every moment. They do not like to discuss the past or repent on previous chapters of life.

6. They are hard to get

Although these men have an impressive personality and a gentlemanly approach they are not easily available for others. The Sigma knows the value of his time and he is extremely choosy about the association he keeps. 

7. Sigma male have the capability to become the alpha

Sigma male have the capability to become the alpha
Sigma male have the capability to become the alpha

All Sigma males have the ability to rule and dominate men and women! Also, these men have charisma and leadership quality just like Alpha males. They too have an impressive personality and can effortlessly attract the ladies. A Sigma can easily become an Alpha but he chooses not to be one!

8. They are not introvert but loves to have their own space

These men have such a pleasant personality that they are always desired by others. They can blend with others when required and they possess good social skills. They receive a lot of invitations because of this.

Although they are far from being shy, they prefer to spend time alone. They love their own company! These men are quite comfortable going to places alone and doing things as they want.

9. Sigma male have a style of their own

A Sigma is fashionable but he doesn’t follow the fashion trends. Although he likes experimenting with clothes, the sigma males don outfits that he is comfortable in. He has a style of his own.

10. They have no expectations from others

Sigma males know how to do things alone. These men are self-sufficient and they have taken full responsibility for their own life. That’s why they never expect things from others.

They are flexible and can adapt to different life conditions. The Sigma male knows that it is his life and therefore, he has to take full charge!

11. They don’t have close friends

These men have few friends and friendship isn’t everything for him! As much as his friends might be fond of him, a Sigma male doesn’t make close friendships. He will not discuss his plans or ask for advice from others.

Besides that, he might cut-off even an old friend if he feels the person is bothering him or distracting him from his goals.

12. Sigma male doesn’t look for long-lasting relationships

Sigma male doesn’t look for long-lasting relationships
Sigma male doesn’t look for long-lasting relationships

A Sigma is not interested to settle down and therefore, he is never searching for a life-partner! His romantic relationships are never permanent! Actually, he looks for girls who would enjoy the moment just like him.

A Sigma is a type whom the girls give their best sex. They do not cheat on women because they make their intentions clear at the start of the relationship that they would not commit, ever!

13. They are the flexible lot

Sigma males are not rigid like Alpha or Beta males. They can adjust with people and situations easily. The Sigmas do not hesitate to step out of their comfort zones.

They can adapt in diverse conditions and gel with new groups of people. This makes them hugely successful in their jobs or careers. 

14. Sigma male is always himself 

While most people maintain an image in front of others, Sigma males are always genuinely themselves. They will not pretend to impress anyone. Sigmas do not have any other persona than the one they are in reality. 

15. They can lead without being unbearable 

Alpha males are inborn leaders but they are often intolerable. Their subordinates are not happy with them. But Sigma males can lead others without being overbearing. This is the reason why they are loved by their subordinates.

Sigmas prefer to lead by example rather than establishing their superiority. And they communicate their intentions excellently. At the end of the day, Sigmas will get what they need to accomplish.

16. Sigma males are great listeners

They are great at maintaining courtesy with people. Sigma males do not speak if they are not asked. They value silence and listen patiently. Sigmas would not interrupt you if you talk with them.

17. They are self-aware

Sigma males are not insecure like the Beta males. They use their self-awareness to understand their strengths and weaknesses. The Sigma male is always open to updating himself. His self-awareness helps him to get better.

18. Sigma males do not judge others

One of the best qualities of Sigma males is they rarely find faults in people. They accept people as they are. The Sigmas are usually empathetic in nature. This quality makes them great leaders. People feel comfortable around them.

19. They are straightforward 

Sigma males do not sugarcoat things. They would tell you exactly what they feel. You can rely on his opinion because he is impartial and honest.

20. They create their future 

Alphas do well in a challenging environment while Betas thrive in a low-stress environment. Sigma males can succeed in any environment. They control their destiny. Sigmas believe they are responsible for their actions and outcomes.

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Sigma male zodiac signs 

The zodiac signs, Scorpio and Capricorn have close enough characters to depict the Sigma males. 

Scorpios – Self-confident but unusual.  Have belief in their capabilities. Do not like to follow the rules.

Capricorns – Self-confident, loves their own company. Self-aware, kind and helpful in nature. 

It’s not necessarily that Scorpios and Capricorns would be a Sigma. But somewhat they have similar traits for sure!

Famous Sigma Males

Keanu Reeves, Clint Eastwood and Orson Welles can be considered as the 3 best examples of Sigma males!

7 Famous Sigma Males

How Does Sigma Male Differ from an Alpha Male?

1. While the alpha males use tactics and strategies to stay on the top and dominate others, the Sigma stays in his own space doing things he loves and chasing his own insane dreams!

2. The alpha feels the pressure, the sigma does not! The Sigma isn’t in competition with anyone but himself. He has nothing to prove to the world. Most importantly, he has no desire to rule, he just wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. The Sigma male is dancing to the beats of life!

3. The Alpha knew from a young age to get the best women he has to be the best. Therefore, he had worked tirelessly and achieved a lot to go to the top of the ladder. Still, he cannot sit back and relax. He has to use his resources, people, etc. to attract the hottest of the women.

The Sigma, on the other hand, has a great career and a good deal of cash but he does not use it to keep men under him or attract women with it. He has no intention of lasting relationships that’s why he would not try to impress the ladies with his money or status. 

4. The Alpha has subordinate men who will work for him and lure the attractive women towards him. While the Sigma, being a lone wolf, has no one to bring him the best girl! He has to do the work himself. On one side, it could be his advantage, on the other side, it is his big challenge. He is a free bird can fly to a different city and spend time with the hottest girls in the town! 

5. The Alpha builds an empire to prove that he is the King, he has one or more luxurious houses and extravagant lifestyle. The Sigma, on the other hand, lives a nomadic lifestyle. He can live his life with one or two travel bags! He loves his independence.

This is why the Sigma does not prefer typical work life. He does not build an empire because he would have to stay in one place and look after it. Neither does he want a routine job under a demanding boss! Because he is a boss on his own.

Therefore, he would like to do independent venture or freelance work that will not tie him to a place or town. He prefers to move around the globe!

Nomadic Lifestyle – The Preferred Lifestyle of the Sigma Male

• The Sigma males have a characteristic nomadic lifestyle. As he never settles at any one place so he never has an interest in buying properties.

• He even disregards the rental ones as he is nothing like the majority. He will rather prefer to have a motorhome that is mobile and hassle-free!

• Also, he doesn’t buy unnecessary things that are difficult to carry or takes a lot of space! You might be surprised but Sigma can pack all his belongings in one or two bags at the most!

• Stability isn’t for him because he has to move.

• Most importantly, he chooses a career that gives him financial independence but doesn’t hinder his nomadic lifestyle. Therefore, he will pursue a career that allows him to travel, explore and enjoy! He isn’t going to sit in an office cubicle and take orders from a boss!

• The Sigma loves to go out to new locations where nobody knows him. So, he would not have to perform formalities. In the morning he would wander around the city streets and in the evening he would go to clubs and pubs to get his girl for the night.

Benefits of the Nomadic Lifestyle:

• He has no attachment. Therefore, he does not have to take responsibility for other people.

• Besides that, as he isn’t staying in a particular place he would not have to explain his lifestyle to others.

• The nomadic lifestyle and his unique ways are often attractive to women.

• A Sigma has a minimalist approach towards life. Therefore, he doesn’t waste money on stuff or people.

• The Sigma wanders around places gathering experiences and enjoying life as it comes.

Sigma Male Test

So, after reading till here are you wondering where you belong in the socio-sexual hierarchy? Only a few men could be Sigma while there are other traits as well! Take this quiz to confirm whether you are Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Sigma or the Omega male.

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Closing Thoughts

Men often have been characterized as the Alpha, Beta or Omega. In society we see the Alpha males ruling over the others.  He is the supreme leader while others have to obey his orders. But there is another type of man, a rare kind who has the capacity to challenge the Alpha.

They are called the Sigma males who live life in their own conditions. Neither they want to dominate others nor are they willing to take any orders! The Sigma male is a rare breed who loves dancing to the beat of their own drum!

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