Do you want to know how to identify an alpha female? Since you’re a great leader, do you wanna know if it’s because you’re an alpha woman? Or, is it about someone else?

Well, if it’s you, you’re probably eager to improve yourself even more. And if it’s someone else, you better learn to deal with them better.

Either way, it’s important to know the answer and this think-piece will help you do exactly that!

So, let’s get started…

How to Identify an Alpha Female?

Alpha females are social butterflies”, “alpha females in relationship are dominating”, or “alpha females don’t like to follow”

If you try to compare your traits with such phrases, it’ll take a long time to figure out your answer. So, take this short test and reach the results!

1. Do you have a clear vision of your goals and have almost everything planned about how to reach that goal? For instance, if you’re a student, do you know which job you want? Or, if you’re employed, are you aware of which position you want in the future?

2. Are you resilient about your dreams? If you set your eyes on one goal, do you stick to it until the end? Even if you feel discouraged, do you try to hold on?

3. If your loved ones feel disappointed after your failure and ask you to give up, do you not agree with them? Do you not care even if it upsets them and keeps moving forward?

4. Do people often say that you are so self-centered that you make every moment about yourself? Even if you never did anything like that, does such a rumor always circulate?

5. When someone else has something important to share, can you keep quiet and let them speak? Do you never try to outshine others or steal their thunder?

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6. Since you let others speak when they need to, did you learn a new virtue? For instance, are you a better listener than you were at some point?

7. Do you love all sorts of adventures whether it’s the fun or leisurely kind or the serious kind? Do you never wish to stay confined within your comfort zone?

8. When you face risks, do you feel excited instead of feeling worried? Do you think that risks are great opportunities to grow in life? Are you prone to take more risks in academics or work?

9. Do you know about a lot of stuff, so whenever anyone says anything wrong, do you often correct them? During all discussions, do you always have something to share?

10. Do you only want the best for people while correcting them yet they get offended? Are you often confused about why people don’t understand your concerns and think the worst?

11. Are your beliefs and principles way different from the rest? Do you stand out a lot for being different and get a lot of bad clout for it?

12. Even when people ask you to change your ways, opinions, principles, or beliefs, do you never do that? Are you sure enough to stick to things even if you have no support at all?

13. When you have to share an unpopular opinion that nobody else might agree with, do you not hesitate at all? Do you just state your mind and never overthink it?

14. When you share your mind, do you not care if others feel offended, disrespected, or attacked? Do you just want to be heard so long you never hurt anyone intentionally? Do you not even sugar-coat your words?

15. Are you the most confident one among your peers? Do you show confident body language like looking others in the eye, giving firm handshakes, holding your chin high, and having a good body posture?

16. Do you have a leadership role in almost all of your circles? If you’re not yet one, do you try hard enough so everyone accepts you as their leader?

17. Do you have unique leadership skills like leading the team from within? Do you not put yourself above the entire gang and try to be one of the team members? Is it so that you can understand others’ troubles and lead by example?

18. Do you consider yourself extremely competitive and feel excited about challenges? Unless you prove your power and authority as the best, do you never back off from a challenge?

19. Instead of feeling anxious, does your performance become exceptional when you feel challenged? Do you feel more motivated while facing challenges with respect to other times?

20. Are you ready to do anything to make your dreams come true? Are you focused, dedicated, and disciplined and ignore all distractions? Do you always push yourself to succeed?

21. Do you have an intimidating aura and does everyone think twice before approaching you? Does everyone stop talking and make heads turn when you walk into the room?

22. Do people that don’t know you feel jealous and only dream of overpowering you? But your loved ones feel happy to be close to you as you’re reliable and powerful?

23. Do you always get the center of attention whether you want it or not? Do the limelight and gossip always follow you? No matter what you do, does it become a statement?

24. Since you get the spotlight even when you don’t want it, do you just accept it and want more of it? Do you spill your achievements to others in social situations even if others feel jealous?

25. As a leader, are you extremely bossy because you are more intelligent than others? Do you keep a close eye on what your team members do and guide them through every step?

26. Are your team members always anxious about making you angry if they don’t follow your ways? Do they complain about how you force them to accept your perfectionism?

27. Are you emotionally and mentally independent even in your romantic relationships? If you want to buy anything or treat yourself, do you do it by yourself instead of expecting anything from your partner?

28. Do you never feel the need to rely on anyone emotionally? So, even if your partner can’t fulfill this, do you never seek anyone outside your relationship for it? If that ever happens, would you rather break up first?

29. Do you wear pants in the relationship, i.e., do you make most decisions in your relationship whether it’s about finances or relationship milestones? Do you even choose the date venues and ideas?

30. If your partner has some opinions about a decision, do you listen to them? Are you aware that you’re more reliable than your partner? Do you want to date submissive men because of your dominant nature?

31. If your partner doesn’t share any views, do you still urge them to put forth their ideas? Do you never want to take advantage of their silence? But do you still have the last say in things, especially in purchases and investments?

32. Do you like to monopolize everything about your partner like their time, effort, and affection?  Do you get jealous when a potential partner hangs out around them?

33. If your partner doesn’t agree to your demands, do you not even request them to change? Do you walk out of the relationship and protect your dignity?

34. If your partner is toxic, would you not let your emotions or attachment make you stick to them? Do you not care about becoming single because you never relied on your partner?

35. Do you have a high EQ? For instance, when you deal with others, are you aware of how your emotions might impact others and treat them wisely?

36. Are you always eager about learning something new whether it’s from courses, online resources, library, fieldwork, or life experiences?

37. Are you mentally, emotionally, and physically stronger than your female peers? Do you fall sick less and are mentally strong even after the worst situation?

38. Do people around you always seek you during their worst times? Even if you’re exhausted, do you still help them out because you feel fulfilled from that?

39. With your high EQ, do you also bring social ease to a group of friends or act as social lubricators and business mediators? Do you introduce people and smooth over business disagreements?

40. Do you have good communication skills? Do you use it to help others work out their fights maturely?

41. Do people feel confident from your support and encouragement? Do they feel inspired to be more like you?

42. Even though you’re driven and ambitious about work, do you never neglect any part of your life? Do you pay equal attention to your personal, professional, and social life?

43. Do you never feel scared of changes and instead embrace them? Even if the change is unfavorable, do you fight with no regret or grudge?

44. Do you love your close ones a lot? However, do people believe that you’re not a good lover because you’re obsessed with power? Is this because you don’t show your soft side to everyone?

45. Do you never claim that you know everything? Even if people try to shame you for your shortcomings, do you never feel ashamed and only seek forth to learn more? 

46. In your team, if nobody listens to you, do you never try to control others? Instead, do you leave them to choose for themselves or remove them from your team if it hurts your performance?

47. Are you interested in a masculine career line? Do you never feel intimidated by competing with men? Do you only expect your competitors to respect you and your skills and not belittle you for gender?

48. Do you only ever inspire other women and never overshadow any female? Do you never try to remind other women about your social status?

49. Have you faced a lot of opinions about yourself from others? Have the perceptions only ever changed from one negative to another over the years?

50. Do you never let opinions discourage you and always head towards progress? Do you never compromise because of people’s opinions and do what you like?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

Congratulations! Your guess was right because you’re an alpha female personality!

Like the alpha females, you’re a leader material with great listening skills, communication skills, dedication, drive, emotional intelligence, and compassion for others.

You love your close ones but you aren’t dependent or clingy. Instead, you push everyone to chase their dreams like you. You’re ambitious but also care for your personal life and have a happening social life.

She takes charge even in her relationship and moves on from her relationship if her partner is toxic or unfaithful. She’s territorial about her partner

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You’re not an alpha female, but don’t be disappointed and seek quizzes for other personality types to get the answer!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re an alpha female, research your shortcomings and work on yourself. Don’t stop just after knowing your personality type.

On the other hand, if you know an alpha female, learn to deal with her and maintain an amicable connection even if you’re not close.

But if you’re not one and want to be like her, start embracing her good qualities from now on to make your dreams come true!

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