Are you curious about how to identify an alpha male? Wondering if you or someone close is an alpha male? Did someone tell you that your nature resembles an alpha leader?

Well, good job at finding this think-piece because here you can get the answer to your questions. It’ll be completely clear whether you’re a true alpha male or if people assumed wrong.

So, let’s get started!

How to Identify an Alpha Male?

Alpha men are popular for being stubborn, strong, and motivated. In Vox Day’s socio-hierarchy, the alpha males are natural leaders. However, that doesn’t imply that alpha men are best at everything.

If you can’t wait any longer to find out if you’re an alpha male, dive right into it!

1. Are you physically and/or mentally strong?

2. Do you have good leadership qualities and believe you are a natural leader?  Can you delegate tasks better than others?  Do you understand others’ strengths and weaknesses and consider those during task delegation?

3. Are you passionate about winning in life? Whenever you work on something, do you always try to win? Is it always all or nothing for you?

4. When you can’t win, do you not think twice before giving things another shot? Are you equally serious about serious and fun things?

5. Do your peers say that your goals are way different than theirs? Does your mentor ever say that you aim way too high and may not fulfill them?

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6. Are you determined to reach your goals despite what hardships you face? Do you not fear failures or mistakes at all?

7. Do you feel passionate about competition? Whenever you have a scope to prove your capabilities, do you always dive in without a second thought?

8. In competitions, when you win, do you often make fun of the other person’s loss? Even if that person is close to you, do you feel so elated by your victory that you rub it on their face?

9. On the other hand, if you lose, do you feel extreme even if it’s a friendly board game? Do you take it personally when you lose and want to take some sort of revenge for the shame you feel?

10. Do people often complain about how toxic you become about competition? Do they not include you when they compete in things or make excuses to hide their games from you?

11. Even if nobody supports you, do you always have your own back? Can you make life without others’ help or choose to make it through without asking for help?

12. Do people often tell you that you are their inspiration? If you are famous in your circle, do people look up to you and tell you that they want to be like you?

13. Do you attract most of the women around you? Do men around you blame you for hogging all the women to yourself?

14. Do your suitors usually desire you for your success, authority, money, or other superficial things? Do you mostly get gold-diggers around you?

15. Are you extremely confident about your skills? Do you believe you can make it through any troublesome phase all on your own and never doubt yourself?

16. When anyone else doubts you or opposes your ideas, do you get offended? Do you act arrogantly and try to put them in their place and hate being challenged?

17. Do you feel that life will be easier without some rules? Do you think that human beings apply rules to others’ lives just to make them tougher?

18. Do you often break rules or ignore them because without them you will reach your goals easily? Do you avoid explaining yourself immediately for your actions and want the result of your actions to speak for you?

19. Even if people pass mean remarks or push their opinions on you, do you never pay attention to them? Do you ignore judgmental people and never let them hurt your ego?

20. Are you extremely smart when it comes to your studies or work? Are you often ahead of your syllabus from the school and your peers? Or, if you’re a professional, are you more skilled than others?

21. Are you equally knowledgeable about fun things like the nightlife, crazy activities, or different vacation spots?

22. Are you extremely optimistic in every situation? Even after a failure do you believe that everything will eventually work out?

23. Do you feel your optimism helps others stay motivated? Do you especially not let the stress show so others can focus and continue with their duties?

24. Are you always focused on protecting your loved ones or pack members? Do you always silently keep an eye on others so nobody can take advantage of them?

25. Do you only ever let your protective instincts show when you confirm the threat? Before that do you keep it low so nobody feels offended? Once you confirm things, do you try to deal with the threat by yourself?

26. Do you love to take risks and live life on the edge? Do you never refuse challenges as they have hidden opportunities and let you prove your worth?

27. Are you often called reckless because of your risk-taking nature? Do everyone around you worry a lot because they hate how you take risks?

28. Do you only take calculated risks with a favorable risk-to-reward ratio? Do you depend on your good foresight to figure out a beneficial risk and work on it without discussing it with others?

29. Do you hate the idea of passively watching life happen? Instead, do you believe in taking control of your life and feeling every moment vividly?

30. Do you not like to wait for opportunities and try to grab them by yourself? Do you never wait for others to help you to reach your goals?

31. Do your loved ones and team members at school or work depend on you? Do you take your role seriously and try your best to guide them properly?

32. Do you try to do your best whenever anyone seeks your help? Do you feel restless unless you successfully solve others’ problems?

33. Did you have a clear aim for your future before others? Did you know what career you’ll choose even when you were in middle school? Or, did you know what you would do in the future to retire early or how much you’ll save by your retirement?

34. Are you a perfectionist in your own life? Do you always aim to have the perfect life whether it’s your school result, a love life, or progress in your job? Do you want nothing but the best in life?

35. Do you expect others to be equally good at everything like you? If they are not, do you want them to change their game and catch up sooner? Otherwise, do you look down on them?

36. Do you know that you are not perfect even if you are better than others? Do you know about your shortcomings even before others tell you? Do you never assume to be the best?

37. Do you always try to improve yourself and take care of your shortcomings? Do you often learn new skills and never feel tired of being a better version of yourself?

38. Once you set your mind on something, can you not let go of it? Even if it’s something wrong or people request you to change your decision, do you not give it any thought?

39. Do you not forgive your traitors? Is it time over when someone hurts you and does not give them another opportunity even if they beg for it?

40. Are you extremely dominant and controlling? Does your pack often get annoyed because you always tell them what to do and don’t let them try things independently?

41. Are you dominant mainly because you are worried about other welfare? Is it always because you want to show others how to be better and never settle for less?

42. Can you work calmly, even in stressful situations? Can you make tough decisions even during the worst situations, even in high levels of stress? Rather, do you feel challenged and motivated by the pressure?

43. Do you never boast about yourself to get others’ validation? Are you confident about yourself and share stories about your achievements only if others are curious or you want to motivate them?

44. Do you have a strong sense of humor and can use it to deal with backhanded comments and humiliation?

45. Do you never hesitate to refuse others’ requests if you have higher levels of responsibility? Do you never try to be nice guys? Do you never sacrifice yourself for others’ needs, even if you care for them?

46. When you have to give feedback about someone, do you never try to beat around the bush and get straight to the point? Whether the feedback is positive or negative, do you always say it directly and never exaggerate?

47. Do you have a high EQ compared to others? Can you control your emotions to avoid hurting others? Can you deal with emotional situations and never let your emotions go out of control?

48. Do you always keep yourself groomed and follow a hygienic lifestyle? Do you also follow a physically and mentally healthy routine and focus on your body language?

49. Are your communication skills so good that everyone feels entertained in your presence?

50. Do you never apologize for your mistakes? Even if your actions hurt others, do you never apologize whether your risks work out or not?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You are undoubtedly an alpha male!

You are born to be a leader and can’t follow others. You are strong mentally or physically and have great willpower. You never settle for less and always thrive for the best.

You are sociable and often grab the spotlight. However, it’s never to get others’ acceptance. You love to entertain others. You are pretty strict and protective of your loved ones. However, if someone betrays you, you don’t give them any chance, even if they are your closest person.

You also get a lot of attention from the opposite gender. You are successful because you are aware of your shortcomings and work on yourself.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You aren’t an alpha male but don’t be disheartened. Take other personality quizzes and figure things out!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you are an alpha male, knowing your personality isn’t the end. You must also know about the pros and cons of your personality and ways to improve yourself.

If the alpha male is someone else, take note of how to deal with them or how they behave in their personal and professional life.

However, if you’re not an alpha male, go through other personality types to find yours!

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