Wondering how to identify you are a type A person? Don’t have enough time to go through the traits? Think that the traits are too confusing and concise?

No worries! You’ve already reached the perfect place to find your answers. This think-piece will help you find your answers in the simplest way ever with an elaborate list of questions… so that there’s no space for doubts.

So, if you’re ready, just dig in already…

How to identify you are a type a?

Cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman first developed the theory of type A and type B personalities based on certain observations, i.e., they’d go to great extents to achieve their goals. They also found that they’re prone to heart diseases.

Well, in the current world, people mainly distinguish type A personality traits with perfectionism and intolerance towards failure. People often think they’re workaholic machines.

However, that much alone isn’t enough to judge a personality type. So, take this test and find the truth…

1. Do you eat faster than others? Do you finish your food way before others?

2. Do you get highly competitive at the drop of a hat? Do you have an urge to even win arcade games?

3. When you lose in both serious situations like professional or academic life and in friendly competitions, do you feel equally disappointed? Do you even stop talking and criticize yourself equally in both situations?

4. Do you feel impatient when you have to wait (time urgency)? Do you always feel you’re losing time and that you could’ve used it for better use like work or studies? And do you feel this way when you wait in queues, wait for your commute, or get stuck in traffic?

5. Do you have a hard time trusting others? Do you feel others can’t do what you can?

6. Do you hurry most of the time in your life? Is it the same even if you’re actually on time?

7. Do you often grind your teeth in sleep and when awake? Or do you have the habit of pursing your lips or clicking your tongue?

8. Do you sweat a lot around your forehead, upper lip, or nose bridge when you’re stressed?

9. Do you have trouble focusing on people when they talk but you make sure they get your point?

10. Do you check your mail while sorting your papers?

11. Do you talk on the phone while eating?

12. Do you cut off others in the middle of their sentences?

13. Do you prioritize your work more than your relationships?

14. Will you gladly work overtime on a date night?

15. Would you like to sit back at home and work on your laptop rather than attend a social event?

16. Do you have a high-stress job? Or do you often get demanding and stressful jobs?

17. Can you balance high-stress situations well?

18. Does your doctor often recommend you to reduce stress levels to deal with certain ailments?

19. Do you often talk faster than others? Sometimes, do people have a hard time coping with your words?

20. Would you say that you walk faster than others? Do your walking companions often ask you to slow down?

21. Do you have any heart disease or issues like high blood pressure?

22. Would you say you’re stress-prone? Does almost every situation get you stressed?

23. Do you often imagine the worst might happen?

24. Do you believe that there’s no comeback from failure?

25. If someone fails, do you give them a piece of your mind? Do you criticize them a lot for failing your expectations?

26. Do you think you have a good eye to understand others’ strengths and weaknesses?

27. Are you goal-oriented? When you work on something, do you only have your goals and achievements in mind? Do you not care to enjoy the work?

28. Do you feel more comfortable working independently than in groups?

29. When you work in groups, do you naturally take the lead often and assign others their tasks?

30. Do you often check the risk-to-reward ratio before taking risks? Do you take risks only for a favorable risk-to-reward ratio?

31. Do you have little to no sensitivity towards others’ emotions? Do you easily get angered and when you’re angry you can hardly care about others?

32. Do you get disappointed when a family member fails in anything? Do you always expect them to get the best?

33. Do you have zero tolerance for mistakes? Do you often lose faith in others when they let you down once?

34. Do you get bored with monotonous work? Do you often seek challenges in your academic or professional life for excitement?

35. Do you always want everything perfect and get annoyed if things aren’t the way you want them?

36. When you plan an outing, do you make sure that everything is reserved so that you don’t face any abrupt situations? Do you hate keeping things for later?

37. Do you have trouble with your sleep routine? Do your daytime worries keep you up at night?

38. Suppose you have pending work at the end of the weekend and it’s alright to continue the work next week. Do you feel an intense urge to complete all the work you decided to finish? Do you feel uncomfortable not fulfilling the day’s planned tasks?

39. Does your family often complain that you don’t give them time? Do you get annoyed when they behave like that? Do you still not want to give them more time even after this?

40. Do you feel misunderstood when your family complains about you not giving them enough time?

Do you generally work harder because you want to support them and give them a quality life?

41. Do you hardly set time for relaxation? Do you feel relaxing is also another task?

42. When you’re given a task or responsibility, do you go to any extent to make it work? For instance, if the task has a tight deadline, do you meet these expectations whereas nobody else can?

43. Does your loved ones call you emotionless? Do you feel emotions are an unnecessary part of life?

44. Do you dislike long-drawn explanations? Do you ask others to summarize their explanations? Or, do you tend to skip detailed write-ups and focus more on the summary?

45. Do you dislike the idea of looking soft or being vulnerable?

46. Do you dread explaining the same thing twice? Even if you explained something twice, do you feel annoyed and impatient?

47. Do you focus more on the moment instead of possibilities? Do you feel thinking about the possibilities is a waste of time and everyone must work right now to make things work?

48. Does your sense of self-worth depend on what you achieved in life? Do you judge others by similar standards?

49. Do you often disregard others’ needs and desires in all areas of life and prioritize yourself?

50. Do you often turn down self-care and only want to over-achieve?

If you answered “Yes” to more than half of the questions:

You have Type A personality traits. You’re in love with your work but hardly understand emotional conversations. You’re always short on time and impatient. Incompetence is your number one enemy. You feel that the world is about to end when you can’t keep promises in your professional life. You’re stressed almost all the time. And somehow all stressful jobs are given to you.

If you answered “Yes” to half or less than half of the questions:

You’re definitely not a type A person. However, people often think that type A and type B people have opposite traits. So, just because you aren’t type A, don’t assume you’re a type B person. Don’t assume anything about your personality!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

After you took all the trouble of taking the test, did you find you have a type A personality? If yes, that’s great… all the hard work of staying until the very end through so many questions paid off!

However, finding your personality type is not the end… Now it’s time to know about your strengths, weaknesses, perks, drawbacks, things you like and hate, and how you can improve yourself.

If you learn all that about yourself, you can elevate the quality of your and your loved ones’ life with ease. And don’t let others judge you based on the flaws of your personality type. Take pride in yourself and strive to be better.

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