Wondering how to identify you are a type B person? Are you confused even after reading the enlisted traits? Or, do you want to be even more certain?

Well, that’s great… because this think-piece has a long list of questions to find the truth! You reached the perfect place to ensure whether you’re truly a type B individual.

So, let’s not waste any time and find the reality…

How To Identify You Are A Type B?

To understand whether you truly have Type B behavior patterns, you must observe how you react in certain situations in your personal, professional, and social life.

The way you react to stress, how much you prioritize your work, and other areas of your life… All of these define your personality type.

So, if you suspect yourself as a Type B, shoot your answers here…

1. Are you usually easy-going?

2. Do you like to enjoy the path to success more than success itself?

3. While gaming, do you like to immerse in the fun and experience more than winning?

4. During meals, do you always or mostly try to feel the flavor and be grateful for the meal rather than eating fast and forgetting it?

5. Once you’re done with your work for the day, do you

like to relax by yourself or loved ones and forget everything about work?

6. Do you usually deal with only one task at once?

7. If lots of tasks pile up, do you take care of them at once at the last moment?

8. Do you feel you have a lot of time to do things and take it easy initially?

9. Can you prevent yourself from getting stressed in most situations?

10. When you work on a project, do you focus on quality and uniqueness more than the deadlines?

11. Do you feel more comfortable and driven in group tasks and activities than solo ones?

12. Are you motivated to perform better when others recognize your efforts?

13. Do you like to catch everyone’s attention?

14. Do you always seek others’ acceptance?

15. Do you always take care of your appearance and expect others to notice you?

16. Are you always seeking certificates, plaques, and awards?

17. Do you stress the least about time management?

18. In your day-to-day life, do you have a carefree approach?

19. Do you dislike being called unsuccessful? Do you think that the definition of success is different for everyone?

20. Do you believe in others’ capability despite their failure?

21. Are you unable to express yourself even when you’re dissatisfied?

22. Do you get emotional whenever you get hurt? Do you still try to suppress your feelings?

23. Do you sometimes avoid giving others a piece of your mind because you’re afraid they’ll get hurt?

24. Do you fear public humiliation and criticism?

25. Do you hate it when someone else steals your limelight?

26. Do you like to enjoy your time with everyone else over spending peaceful time alone?

27. Do you indulge in unrealistic ideas sometimes?

28. Do you love it when you can outdo your peers?

29. Do you lose track of time while imagining your creative ideas and even stay up the entire night?

30. Do you get offended when people don’t include you in group activities?

31. Do you manage stress levels better than your peers?

32. To you, is physical and mental health more precious than work and school?

33. Are you a people pleaser? Do you have a strong urge to help others even if it inconveniences you?

34. Do you have good convincing skills?

35. Are you most confident in your plans despite people being negative?

36. Do you dislike being pressured into anything?

37. Do you usually plan your approach in life, studies, or work in your mind instead of writing it down?

38. Do you spend a lot of time finding unique plans?

39. Do you always treat others calmly and patiently?

40. Do you have a short attention span?

41. Do you frequently get bored?

42. Do you indulge your random whims and impulses?

43. Are you good at handling difficult people?

44. Do you hear a lot of comments regarding “not doing enough”?

45. Are you open-minded towards new systems and approaches to solving things and dislike the monotonous way of doing everything?

46. Do you procrastinate a lot?

47. Do you believe in smart work more than hard work?

48. Do time constraints never affect the pace of your work?

49. Sometimes, do you get so friendly at the workplace that you might blur lines of authority and your subordinates might take advantage of you?

50. Do you believe in growing with your entire team instead of acting like a self-proclaimed leader?

If you answered “Yes” at least half of the questions or more, you have type B behavior patterns (TBBP).

In short: Being a B-type, you’re friendly, understanding, mild-mannered, and kind. You’re everyone’s motivator and best buddy. They can approach you regarding anything because they know you won’t judge them at all. You believe in growing with everyone else.

This type of personality doesn’t allow you to take the stress. But this might lead you to troublesome situations like piled-up work and multitasking at the last moment. You can get too immersed in creative and imaginative tasks and forget about sleeping or eating.

You also believe in enjoying every moment of life instead of hurrying to finish small tasks.

If you answered “Yes” less than 25 times, don’t assume you’re a Type A… you might have any other personality type.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If your suspicions are correct, i.e., you’re a Type B person, congratulations!

Even if this bitter world calls you lazy and unmotivated, someone out there knows your true worth. You do things a bit differently… but that’s all!

Like any other personality type, you have your own strengths and weaknesses. However, there will always be people that’ll highlight your shortcomings more.

Never focus on them. Instead, try to understand and cherish yourself… if anything, be a better person to impress yourself. And lastly, love yourself… The Type B Behavior Patterns only focus on certain average traits.

Don’t forget that you’re not just a personality type… you’re an individual and stereotypes can’t define you. If needed, you can break all stereotypes any day, so be confident!

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