So, how to identify you are a type D person? Did someone tell you that you’re too negative about everything? Did anyone assume you’re a D-type?

If you want to make sure whether you truly have Type D personality traits, you’re at the right place! This think-piece brings you an elaborate list of free questions to find out the truth.

Enough of creating suspense… and let’s get down to it!

How to identify you are a type D?

According to most people, the “D” of type D personality stands for distressed. But that’s not enough to define a personality type. In fact, there are so many more things to consider when assessing your personality. D personality doesn’t just mean being pessimistic or introverted.

So, instead of assuming, just answer away and find the truth!

1. When others have different opinions from you, do you usually let others have their way? Do you almost always compromise?

2. Do you usually give in to others’ demands out of fear of conflicts?

3. Do you always hide from social interactions (social inhibition)? Do you think it’s due to your fear of rejection and judgment?

4. During emotional distress do you feel that nobody is trustable? Do you feel negative emotions like you can’t depend on anyone during these moments?

5. When you feel intense emotions, do you often suppress your emotions and actively hide them from others?

6. Will you say you’re an easy target for opportunists? Do you realize way later that someone used you and didn’t just ask for a favor?

7. Do you often experience high levels of negative affectivity, i.e., feel depressed, anxious, sad, frustrated, worried, irritated, and any other negative feelings?

8. Do you obsess over the negative possibilities of your decisions even before anything happens? Do you always think about what might go wrong and never about what might go well and do you start planning for it right away?

9. Do you think you have depression and anxiety? Or have you ever been diagnosed with it?

10. When someone says something bad about you, do you have difficulties standing up for yourself?

11. When you make important decisions in your life, do you always have second-guesses? Do you feel that it’s better to take someone else’s help with it instead of doing it by yourself?

12. When you go to social events, do you at times ignore what’s happening around you and immerse yourself in your internal thoughts?

13. Do you often take sick leaves and miss school or work more than your peers? Or, do you often want to skip school or work and just want to shut yourself in?

14. Do you believe your school or work is overwhelming and want to give up? Do you think you’re not meant for it and feel overwhelmed when others cope just fine?

15. Do you think of a new day as “another day to struggle” and not “another day to shine and challenge the world”?

16. Whenever something bad happens, do you want to or actually break down and cry instead of calming yourself and finding a solution?

17. Do you feel your studies or job are the major reason behind your sadness? Do you feel stunned by the motivation of the people around you?

18. When your team leader or professor assigns group tasks, do you just want to bail out? Do you not want to interact with others at all and do yours alone?

19. When you’re assigned a task in school, do you start predicting that you’ll get an F- even before you start working on it?

20. Do you feel that your worries will only put your loved ones in a bad mood and avoid telling them your feelings?

21. When nobody picks up your call or replies to your texts when you’re lonely, do you feel that nobody loves you and you’re all alone in this world?

22. Do you make to-do lists or journal your tasks for the entire day so you don’t face any troubles? Do you feel anxious if you don’t write down your tasks?

23. Do you obsessively organize your wardrobe, kitchen, or even your bathroom cabinet regularly because you fear you might misplace something and not find it during a crucial time?

24. When you feel something will not work out in the future, do you already have a reason assumed in your mind? Do you already know which part of it might cause the problem?

25. When you introduce yourself to new people, do you feel self-conscious? Do you think that you must hide some parts about yourself or make something up?

26. Do you never initiate a conversation? Do you feel that you might say something weird and they’ll laugh at you?

27. Suppose you can’t find your way out to a particular place. Do you avoid asking anyone for directions because you don’t want to be judged?

28. If a stranger came up and talked to you, in your mind do you think “what does he/she want from me?” instead of “do they need help?”?

29. Do people often call you introverted or that you’re even worse than an introvert?

30. Suppose your supervisor delegates a task to you. Do you always feel that they chose the wrong person and that they could’ve chosen someone more suitable for it?

31. When you want to express your negative emotions to someone, do you feel that nobody around you can handle your emotions, so you back off?

32. Do you take challenges only if they’re low risk?

33. Do you feel comfortable with a job that has the same routine and doesn’t have any surprise factors?

34. Do you feel more willing to do things that make you feel secure or that don’t threaten your stability?

35. Do you feel positive about your day only if something good happens or someone surprises you in a good way? Otherwise, do you feel negative about your days daily?

36. Do you feel overwhelmed and smothered in a chaotic work environment?

37. Suppose your job demands you to stay punctual and work fast. Would you want to give up on your job right there if you were financially secure?

38. Do you feel good about social work?

39. Suppose, someone asks you to join an outing. You reject the invitation. If they persistently ask you, would you hate it?

40. Do you feel anxious when you sit in a messy space and think about the worst possible situation at the moment?

41. If there’s an abrupt change in your routine, do you think that the day is bound to go bad?

42. Suppose you change your school, workplace, or neighborhood, would you take a long time to adapt to the changes?

43. If you wanted to go out with your friends to the mall (if you’re underage)/on a vacation (if you’re an adult) and asked permission from your parents. Do you think you’d never be able to convince them?

44. Say, you were supposed to meet your friends at 10 am sharp. But they were stuck in traffic and reached around 20 minutes late. Would you feel they don’t care about you?

45. Do you internally compare yourself with others and highlight your flaws? Do you often forget that you have both strengths and weaknesses?

46. Do you hardly know about what you’re good at but you can tell everything bad about you?

47. Would you get emotional and sad if your partner disconnected your call when they were busy?

48. Say, you order a pizza on your day off and they deliver you the wrong pizza. You call them up to say they got your order wrong. Do you often fail to convince them that they’re wrong?

49. Do you sometimes question the reason behind your existence and feel this world can do without you?

50. Do you often feel that you enrolled yourself in the wrong stream of studies or got the wrong job?

If you answered “yes” to more than half of the questions:

You’re a type D person. You’re extremely distressed and negative about your life. You highlight your bad parts often. You feel anxious that others will judge you and you avoid social situations. And, you don’t feel comfortable telling people about yourself… because you feel everything or most of the things about you aren’t great.

If you answered “no” to at least half of the questions:

You don’t have type D personality traits. Try taking other personality tests to find your true personality type.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you have type D personality traits, well, that’s concerning because type D individuals are extremely prone to physical health problems like coronary artery diseases and heart attacks and mental health concerns like high distress, anxiety, and depression.

You’re probably thinking that everything is the worst in your life… well, that’s not true. You must seek a mental health expert ASAP if your feelings stop you from enjoying life.

But don’t completely depend on your therapist. Do some research on the pros and cons of having this personality trait. Don’t assume the worst and it’ll slowly get better.

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