So, you wanna know how to identify you are a type E person… did someone say you’re an E-type… or did you guess it?

Oh well, no worries because this article is a personality test in disguise just for you to find your answers. Whether you’re a type E person or not, you’ll find the reality once you answer the questions.

If you’re ready to get your answer, dive into it…

How to identify you are a type E?

Type E personality came into being after Alex Georgio, a health coach, found some core similarities in opinions and ideas in some people. You might be curious about these common aspects among these people as you wish to know about your personality type.

Well, instead of wondering how those people were, answer these simple questions to find your answer faster…

1. Do you like to play with fire rather than lead a stable life?

2. Do you not feel afraid of taking extreme actions?

3. Does following the conventional choices not appeal to you?

4. Do you believe that maintaining distance from risks is a waste?

5. If someone preaches you to follow the conventional methods, do you protest against them?

6. When you start working on something or undertake new tasks, do you hardly have any plans or goals in mind?

7. Do you start most of your tasks because of an unnatural and intense passion for them?

8. When time passes and the task doesn’t take shape, do you slowly lose the passion?

9. When you lose interest in something, do you abandon the plan as quickly as you undertook it?

10. Do you always pick and drop projects on a whim?

11. Once you lose interest in the last project, do you skip to something else as fast?

12. Whenever you’re put in a group of people with similar qualifications, do you have the best creativity among everyone else?

13. Are you always ready with creative ideas when the situation demands?

14. Do some people dislike your creativity because it’s too unique for them?

15. Sometimes, do others ask you to keep your creativity to yourself?

16. Do you have an immense desire to make the best out of every situation in life?

17. Do you want to help your loved ones and the people around you to prosper and progress along with you?

18. If your partner demands you to stop chasing a dream, are you never ready to compromise?

19. Do you never pay attention to others’ opinions once you make up your mind?

20. Do you often lose track of your tasks and need to be guided?

21. Do others often check in and keep track of the progress of your task?

22. Do you sometimes fail to understand your own pros and cons and need a mentor to guide you?

23. Are you extremely enthusiastic about things?

24. Do you treat tasks of all scales, importance, and difficulties with equal dedication?

25. Are your ideas usually the most unique ones from others?

26. To succeed in life, are you ready to take any measures and go to great lengths?

27. Do you always find a way out of trouble because of your creative ideas?

28. Do you believe in living life on your own terms?

29. Do you try to create opportunities for others and push them towards progress?

30. Are you infatuated with speedy tasks?

31. Because you hurry in most tasks, do you often make mistakes?

32. When you get passionate about something, do you forget to consider the positives and negatives of the decision?

33. When you passionately wish to achieve your goals, do you fail to understand whether the goals are for the better or worse?

34. Do people lose interest in you when they spend a lot of time with you due to your highly energetic personality?

35. Do some people find your whims difficult to deal with?

36. Has anyone ever given up on you because of your risk-taking nature?

37. Does your family feel somewhat insecure due to your risk-loving attitude?

38. Does your boss and coworkers always try to keep a watch on your actions?

39. Do you try to broaden others’ visions when they oppose you?

40. Do you consciously or unconsciously gather creative information from your surroundings all the time?

41. Do you believe you have the bigger picture in mind when you decide something?

42. Do you successfully make original ideas even when you take inspiration from others?

43. Can you tolerate extremes of everything?

44. Does your unwillingness to compromise meddle with your personal relationships?

45. Are you prone to using your creativity in the wrong area of your life?

46. When you don’t have a proper outlet to express your creative energy, do you express it in unsuitable areas and get told off?

47. Does your workplace refrain you from tasks that don’t need creativity?

48. Did you ever pick a task in your professional life only to pass it on to others when you lost the passion?

49. Do you feel a desire to improve this world for others?

50. Do you want to be challenged in life? Without challenges, do you feel bored and seek risks all the time?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You guessed it right… you’re a type E individual. You love to live on the edge, are packed with crazy creativity, want to make the world a better place, can go to great lengths when you’re passionate, are a bit fickle-minded, and need guidance from time to time.

If you answered “No” to 25 questions

You’re not a type E person. Keep seeking your personality type and you’ll soon find your answers.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you find you’re an E-type, remember this isn’t the end. Learn about your strengths and weaknesses, the pros and cons of being an E-type, ways to improve yourself, and trouble others less.

You must figure out how to boost your positive attributes and dim the negatives. And you’ll definitely feel proud of yourself. Learn to clearly communicate with others so others can recognize you better.

On the other hand, if you’re not a type E, it’s time to you must explore other types of personalities. 

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