So, someone told you’re an F-type and now you’re wondering how to identify you are a type F person? Or, did you guess you’re an F-type from the mentioned traits? Thinking whether you can ever find out whether those claims are true or not?

Well, you’re at the perfect place to get your answers… because this think-piece is here with a simple and elaborate quiz. And don’t worry… it’s free of charge!

So, don’t wait any longer and find out the truth…

How to identify you are a type F?

F-types are known to be the feelers. They depend a lot on their emotions at every step of their life. However, knowing that isn’t enough to identify your personality type… because there’s a lot to understand and consider in different areas of their life.

So, take this quiz to find your answers…

1. Do you prioritize your emotions more than rational, logical, or practical thoughts? Especially when you have decisions to make, do you still follow your emotions?

2. When someone hurts you, do you often wonder what you did wrong? Do you feel that others hurt you because you somehow hurt them?

3. Do you feel it’s wrong to make logical and practical decisions all the time because that’s no different than being a robot or machine?

4. Do you feel that human beings are made with emotions and emotional intelligence because they must always use their emotions during decisions?

5. Do others often say that you’re illogical and you feel that your logic is unique and they don’t understand?

6. Do you mostly stick to the choices when you feel it’s the right thing to do and step away from decisions that don’t feel right?

7. Do you often follow your heart and teach younger ones to let feelings and the heart decide their course of action?

8. Do people often call you pure-hearted? Do you wish the best for everyone whether you know them or not?

9. Do your morals stop you from wishing ill on others? Do you refrain from wishing bad for anyone even if they hurt you in the worst way?

10. When people around you talk badly about others, do you never change your perception of the gossiped person unless you get a glimpse of yourself?

11. Do you feel that the world is already too cruel to everyone, so you must try to go easy on others as much as possible?

12. Do you never expect anything from others? Do you believe that the thought alone matters the most?

13. Would you be ecstatic if your lover made you dinner at home or got you takeout on your anniversary?

14. If your parents can’t afford the school bag of your favorite color and get you an affordable one, would you be satisfied?

15. Do you feel happy when you see everyone else around you happy and peaceful?

16. Do you expect nothing but your loved ones’ support through hard times or when nothing goes your way?  

17. Are you always worried about the well-being of the people around you more than yourself?

18. When someone is in a pinch, do you jump in to help them without wasting a moment? Does your heart bleed whenever anyone is hurt?

19. When you get news of someone in trouble but they’re out of your reach, you don’t know them at all, and have no way to support them. Do you pray for them every day because that’s the least you can do?

20. When someone hurts you, do you feel it’s wrong to judge them and take time to find a deeper meaning behind their actions?

21. Do most people trust you blindly? Do they have this immense faith in you without knowing much about you? Do they say there’s something that makes them believe in you?

22. When your rowdy group of friends went out, did they always get permission from their parents when they got to know that you’ll also be there?

23. Do you always try to protect others’ extreme faith in you because you understand that it’s fragile and can’t be won a second time?

24. When you’re given a responsibility, do you try to do it with all your love, care, and passion despite the type or difficulty of the task?

25. Do you never try to complete a job just because you must, that’s in your job description, or you don’t have a choice?

26. Would you hurt yourself rather than hurting anyone else? Do you feel that nobody deserves the pain and you’re fine with enduring a bit for others?

27. Do you hardly ever think of hurting others unless you’re in a situation where either of two people might get hurt?

28. Are you always caring towards others’ emotions and ready to do anything to make a loved one happy?

29. When you help others, do you expect almost nothing from them in return? Are you ready to help others ASAP even if it means inconveniencing yourself? When helping others do you not mind that it might hurt you in the end?

30. Are you fine with sacrificing your peace and happiness for others’ sake? Even if you’re busy, are you ready to help others in some way or another?

31. When you see a loved one’s life turning upside down, do you always want to return the peace of their life in any possible way?

32. Are you on the verge of tears when someone talks to you in a loud voice? Do people often call you a crybaby, immature, or ask you to grow up?

33. Do you often feel emotionally exhausted, spent, or a void within you? Does almost nobody return the similar feeling you give them?

34. Do people often deceive you or take advantage of you? Do people around you lie to get your help and act lazy?

35. Did you ever make emotional decisions in your professional life and regret them?

36. Did you emotionally reason with your wrongdoer only to have them feel that they’re entitled or treat you the same again?

37. Do you get emotionally invested in people even before you know their true intentions of hanging out with you?

38. Do you consider yourself a people pleaser?

39. Do you worry about others’ opinions about you?

40. Do you go along with others’ decisions because you don’t want to make them sad and hear that you ruined their mood?

41. Is your emotional health and satisfaction always low?

42. Do you often get the shorter side of the stick in all areas of your life?

43. Do you often get manipulated by people?

44. Do you try to protect others’ feelings and end up hurting yourself?

45. Do people often take you for granted?

46. Do you get deprived of the respect and love you deserve?

47. Does everyone eventually forget how to value you?

48. Since you don’t demand anything from others, do people often ignore you to prioritize someone else?

49. Even after being mistreated, do you hesitate to speak out because you don’t want to hurt others?

50. Do you let karma take care of your evildoers and not take any steps at all?

If you answered “Yes” to more than half of the questions:

You have a type F personality. You depend on your emotions and heart more than logical, practical, and rational thinking. You prioritize emotional health and satisfaction but when you can only choose between your and someone else’s emotional satisfaction you sacrifice yourself.

You’re sensitive to the slightest good and bad treatment but you also deprive yourself of quality treatment. You’re a trustworthy person and never try to deceive others.

But if you answered “No” to at least half of the questions:

You’re not a type F person. But don’t lose hope, and check other personality tests to find out. 

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you found you’re a type F individual, you really have a strong hunch… that’s great news, after all, you depend on your feelings and your feelings are so spot on!

However, knowing your personality isn’t the end of your quest. Next, know about your strengths, weaknesses, ways to deal with your flaws, and so on.

On the other hand, if you’re not a type F person, take your time to understand yourself. Don’t hurry and think about yourself with an open mind. 

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