So the question “how to identify you are a type G” is stuck in your mind. Is it because someone told you that you’re truly gifted? Or, is it just a personal speculation after matching with some of the traits?

Well, if that’s the case, your search is over… this think-piece is actually a quiz to find your answers. Yeah, it’s time for the big reveal… and guess what? The test is completely free… now isn’t that a charming deal!

C’mon, let’s find the truth here… because you probably can’t wait any longer!

How to Identify You Are a Type G?

Some say the “G” in type G personality stands for geeks while others say it means gifted. But whichever it is, all G-types are amazing! And who doesn’t want to be one of these impressive people?

In fact, most people not only desire but work hard to to be one of them… but hey… being a geek doesn’t make anyone gifted. And not everyone considered gifted falls under this personality. You must consider a lot more aspects before you can know for sure. So, c’mon, keep shooting your answers here…

1. Do you get excited about new things and try to dig deeper to learn more?

2. Do you know more about things than others in the same age bracket or same job position?

3. Do you often get compliments for learning things faster? Do your mentors look forward to teaching you more?

4. When you learn new things, do you like to connect them with the practical world instead of just grasping the skills by memorizing them?

5. Do you often get the compliment that you’re intellectual or know lots of interesting things? Or, do people ask you “How do you know all that?” or something similar?

6. Do you feel drained when you socialize and often prefer to skip social events?

7. When you focus on important tasks like finding original and creative ideas, do you shut yourself in?

8. When you decide something, do you completely ignore others’ opinions and work on your own ideas?

9. Do your creative ideas stand out from the rest a lot? Do others seek you whenever they’re out of ideas and originality?

10. Are you psychologically calm? Are your inner voice or internal thoughts under your command and don’t trouble you much?

11. Can you always or mostly sense what’s going around your immediate situation? Are you specifically good at being sensible about others’ needs and moods?

12. Are you a perfectionist? Do you try to do your best in every field of life and become flawless in your responsibilities?

13. Do you get complimented about your intuition or gut instincts a lot?

14. Do you hate complex situations, and is it to the point that you try to avoid them by hook or by crook?

15. Do you also despise complicated methods? Is the hatred so strong that you wish to find a simpler alternative to the original method?

16. Do you believe that there’s no point in giving complicated things a chance? Is it because you feel that you can’t spare space for complications in your brain?

17. Do complicated things overwhelm you, and you feel it won’t work out well in the end?

18. Whenever you’re allowed to, do you not rest until you find simpler alternatives to the complex ones?

19. Do you have immense faith in your intuitive deductions? Even when others oppose you, do you still stay confident in your choices despite everything?

20. Do you always go on your own way and dislike pleasing others just to calm them or change their opinions?

21. Suppose you enter a room and notice that the people inside are in a bad mood. In this situation, do you prefer leaving them alone instead of pushing them to spill the beans?

22. Are you called a geek for your interests? Do you also feel you’re one?

23. Do you have trouble being friends with others? Do you struggle to express yourself, and you’re often a mystery to others?

24. Do you struggle to share your thoughts so much that you try to work on your own and don’t share your plans with your coworkers?

25. Even when you want to make friends, do you struggle to strike up a regular conversation? Do you often take more time to make friends?

26. Do you often put yourself in a disadvantageous position because you can’t express your desires?

27. Usually, do you know about others’ needs and desires but nobody else knows about yours?

28. Did people ever misunderstand you because you didn’t express yourself properly and they assumed things on their own?

29. When you have a misunderstanding with anyone, do you often let it be? Do you think clearing things is too draining?

30. Do people often feel offended that you don’t add anything to the conversation and give up thinking you’re bored but you’re actually not?

31. If someone asks you to meet up because they want to share their life complications, do you choose to avoid them even more?

32. Is your mental and emotional health much more important to you than anything else?

33. Sometimes, do you have your best creative ideas rejected? Did they tell you that your ideas are good but don’t fit their needs?

34. Do you sometimes forget to lead a healthy and hygienic life due to your curiosity? For instance, did you spend an entire day indoors, ate fast food, and didn’t exercise, shower, or sleep?

35. Have you ever thought that you wasted your time after binging on many informational videos? Did you ever regret being curious?

36. Are you so confident in your ideas that, sometimes, you even ignore your supervisor’s or client’s demands?

37. Do you solely rely on yourself for almost everything in your life? Do you believe there’s no need to depend on others because you’re more confident in your capabilities?

38. Did anyone ever call you arrogant or stubborn for your confidence and tendency to not listen to others’ ideas?

39. Do you like a minimalistic and simple lifestyle better whether it’s at home or office?

40. Do you feel distracted if there are a lot of things around you? Do you feel that more things around you obstruct you from intuitive thinking?

41. Do you like to keep your space tidy at all times?

42. Do you believe in having multifunctional products instead of having a designated product for each function?

43. Do you avoid getting objects that only serve the purpose of beautifying your space?

44. Do you dislike figuring out space for all of your different products and try to buy as little as possible?

45. Do you expect people around you to keep their space tidy? Do you get frustrated otherwise?

46. Do you want your files and books sorted out in a particular way? Or else, do you feel distracted and can’t focus on work?

47. Can you predict the future of a situation pretty well most of the time?

48. Are you often reluctant to change the way you work and want to continue your own way?

49. Whenever you learn something new, do you feel curious most of the time?  Are there hardly any topics you dislike?

50. Do you have a knack for art?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You guessed it right! You have a gifted personality or are a type G person. You’re sensible of your surroundings, creative, artistic, introverted, and curious. You like minimalistic life, and simplicity is precious to you. You believe in having emotional freedom. You geek out about new things and are enthusiastic about learning new things.

You’re also prone to shutting yourself in, avoiding anything complicated, being self-indulgent, prioritizing your ideas over others, and getting others offended.

If you answered “No” to 25 questions

Your guess was wrong. It seems you’re not a type G person. But don’t lose hope. Explore some other personality types, and you will certainly get the answer!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a G-type, congratulations on finding your personality type… but this isn’t the time to rest. Shocked? Though gifted, your personality traits make you prone to quite a few autoimmune diseases. So, consider knowing those in detail and get yourself checked.

Other than that, your traits also bring you socializing distress and many other issues. So, find out the pros and cons of being a G-type and find a way to deal with your situation.

And remember to trust in yourself throughout the process, and you’ll improve your life to new heights!

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