So, you’re wondering how to identify you are a type H person? Whoa there… Do you know that there are two kinds of type H personalities? Is your mind blown now?

You probably feel pretty confused about what you wanna know about. Well, two different pieces of research based on different aspects of life studied people. In one, people with serious health concerns like cancer were the subject. Here the H stands for healers. The other is a reference to the HEXACO model where H stands for honesty-humility.

And if you’re curious about either of the two, you have reached the perfect place! This think-piece will help you find if you are either of the H-types.

C’mon, let’s find the reality here…

How to Identify You Are a Type H (healing)?

If you want to know whether you are a type H (healing kind), your perceptions will be more relevant if you’re currently physically or mentally sick.

Whoa! Don’t try to intentionally fall sick for that… It’s just that people relate to some facts about life better when they’re sick and vulnerable. But even if you ignore the sick part, human beings are always vulnerable to something or the other.

So, just take this short quiz and find out…

1. Can people hardly provoke you into a fight? Do you hardly get into a fight with others?

2. Are you accepting of differences in opinions with others?

3. When you are in a pinch, are you against complaining? Do you hate blaming others for your misfortune?

4. Do you believe in tending to your troubles all by yourself?

5. Are you always hopeful of miracles in your health or life?

6. Do you often want to research deep into things to understand what hurts your health or life?

7. Are you open to changing your lifestyle and habits for your betterment and not complaining about the change?

8. Do you feel glad when you find that your reactions are responsible for a problem? Do you immediately try to fix your habits then?

9. Do you accept the negatives and still focus on the positives?

10. Are you eager to forgive yourself and others? Do you feel grudges and regrets are baseless?

11. Do you try your best to not let your fears overwhelm you?

12. Do you wish to heal your inner child?

13. Are you interested in being more mature in every step of life so that nobody can hurt you?

14. Are you kind to everyone around you irrespective of your history with that person?

15. Are you kind towards yourself when you make mistakes?

16. Do you avoid seeking help even if you need to?

17. Do you suppress your negative emotions even when they overflow?

18. When someone insists you do something against your will and you stick to your word, do you hardly ever lose your temper?

19. Do people around you often act persistent even after you turn them down?

20. Are you optimistic about life even when everything is wrong?

21. When someone hurts you, do you give them another chance to prove themselves?

22. Are you always aware of the dark side of life but refrain from talking or expressing it?

23. When you are sick, do you often check online about possible causes and try to self-diagnose yourself?

24. Do you always seek ways to heal your physical, mental, and emotional wounds?

25. Do you hate it when people treat you like a fragile object when you are sick?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 13 questions

You are undoubtedly a healing H personality type. You’re optimistic even through the worst times. You try hard to overcome your troubles and not get overwhelmed. You don’t treat others rudely even if they provoke you. Instead, you’re always kind towards others. You believe in miracles and don’t mind changing yourself for a better life. When in trouble, you help yourself and never complain, blame others, or seek others’ help.

If you answered “No” to at least 13 questions

You’re definitely not the healing type H personality. However, you might be the other H-type, so take this next quiz here…

How to Identify You Are a Type H (honesty-humility of HEXACO)?

Another type of H personality was based on the honesty and humility of Lee and Ashton’s HEXACO Model. According to them, a person with high levels of the H factor in their personality is an ethical and genuine person… whereas a person with low levels of the H factor is an unethical person and has a high level of being a criminal.

So, let’s find out what applies to you here…

1. Do you believe ethics and morals are the most important part of life?

2. Will you judge someone just because their morals don’t match yours?

3. Will you force your near and dear ones to follow your morals because yours are higher and better?

4. Will you walk out on a person that has low morals and ethics in a heartbeat?

5. Do you believe you’re trustworthy and faithful? Will you do everything you’re entrusted to and be straightforward if you can’t?

6. Are you always honest even if the situation turns against you?

7. Even after gaining all the fame, glory, status, and fortune in the world, will you still be humble?

8. Are you compassionate towards struggling people?

9. Do you think that money isn’t a huge factor in a happy life?

10. If someone credits a million dollars to your bank account, will you return it to them even before they ask you?

11. Will you stay loyal to your partner even if a richer or more attractive person pursues you?

12. Will you never think about selling your employer’s trade secret for money?

13. If you’re dissatisfied with your employer, will you instead state that honestly, negotiate, and leave if things don’t work?

14. Do you always keep others’ secrets safe?

15. After knowing something confidential, suppose others ask you about it. Do you genuinely feel disinterested in sharing them?

16. Suppose your loved one committed a crime. You don’t have anyone other than them in the entire world. Will you still expose them to authorities?

17. Do you believe that everyone must be kind to others?

18. When people don’t respect service workers or don’t tip them properly, do you feel enraged?

19. Do people often show their vulnerabilities to you?

20. Do you feel strong empathy for poor living beings?

21. Do you hardly feel motivated to achieve more in life because you have enough luxury?

22. While everyone else works in school or college to secure better marks and get enrolled in a better college or get a good job, do you feel that being mediocre is enough?

23. Do you never try to upgrade your life?

24. Have you ever considered living a minimalist life?

25. Does your family complain about your lack of effort in school or work?

If you answered “Yes” to at least 13 questions

You’re definitely a type H (honest and humble) person. You have strict morals and judge others if they don’t have any morals or ethics. You live by the motto: honesty is the best policy. Even if someone disappointed you, you won’t hurt them with any unethical means. You don’t feel attracted to fortune and riches which help you avoid the sins of life. You believe in living a basic life and having only what you need.

If you answered “No” to at least 13 questions

The H factor in your personality is low, so you can say you aren’t a true type H as per the HEXACO model. On the other hand, according to this model, you are more prone to criminal activities.

But, nothing is certain… you may or may not be an immoral person. Even if you have a criminal mindset but haven’t worked on it, you can even change the course of your life.

It’s better to keep this result hidden from others even if you trust them a lot. Otherwise, you might face serious trouble in your social, personal, or even professional life.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Whether you are type H healing or honest personality type, knowledge alone won’t make a difference in your life. It’s high time you understand the pros and cons of your personality type. Learn to sharpen your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Until you do those, don’t take a break!

However, if you’re neither a type H healing nor a type H honesty-humility, don’t jump to conclusions. Yes unfortunately, a low type H refers to a criminal mind, but that’s not always the truth. The less you think about that, the better. Instead, take other personality tests and find out your true fit!

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