Type H personality is just another personality like type A and type B, just that it shows some specific traits of its own. Do you want to know what the traits are? If yes, you’ve chosen the right place.

People love learning about different kinds of personalities and take personality tests hoping to uncover what type of personality they possess.

It is always better to understand one’s own nature first before stepping into the outside world and interacting with different types of personalities.

One who has learned deeply about their own personality will not have much difficulty in understanding people around them. This will result in better bonding and fewer emotional disputes. Great? Isn’t it?

However, like Type A and Type B, Type H is very less talked about or even heard about. So, let’s first find out whether or not it really exists.

H Type Personality Infographic

H Type Personality Meaning & Traits
H Type Personality Meaning & Traits

Does Type H personality exist?

Most people are familiar with the Type A of personality but have you heard about the Type H of personality?

There have been numerous inspections and researches on whether people have different personalities or not. Though experts have long believed that personality types are mythical, nothing can be generalized. 

Personality exists along a continuum, a study on “Nature Human Behaviour” suggests that there are four personality types, collectively known as ‘The Four Tendencies’. They are – average, reserved, role-model, and self-centered.

People fall into one of the four types based on how they rank on the big five personality traits: frankness, acceptance, extraversion, neuroticism, and contentiousness.

Studying and understanding the rankings on each of the traits can be useful and predict things about people, such as their risk of mental illness, getting depression, psychotic behavior, or likelihood of divorcing.

However, scholars have discovered another type of personality which is Type H. The H has been interpreted in two ways: a set of psychologists suggests Healing and another set implies Humility and Honesty. 

You can learn more on the behavior patterns of each of these H personality types right here. But if you want to dig deeper, then keep reading…

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What is Type H Personality?

H Type Personality or Healing personality is very less heard or talked about but possesses some really great traits like self-assessment, assertiveness, courage, etc.

Type H personality can be referred to as ‘Healing’ individuals. However, another research concluded that the H factor in a personality reflects honesty and humility characteristic traits. 

H type people really uphold their honest character. Deceiving or breaking someone’s trust is not acceptable for them. 

Type H personalities are also called healing types because they simply wish for the well-being of others as well as themselves and surround themselves with a positive environment.

They are the least aggressive, have a good sense of humor, and are brave at heart.

While there are two different illustrations of the H type of personality, first figure out the Healing type of personality stated below.

H Type Personality Traits

Now that you know that H personality type does exist, let’s see some significant observations that have been compiled about “healing” type of personality after conducting a detailed study on various patients including the ones suffering from cancer: 

1. They are assertive and not aggressive

They can feel and express everything, but the expressions are sublime and not extreme.

These people clearly know how to set healthy boundaries between themselves and the outside world. This is why they are never aggressive in arguments and yet keep their opinions with utmost determination.

2. They don’t play victim to destiny

They do not play victim to the disease. Neither are they waiting to be saved by someone and nor do they put the blame of their ill health upon others.

Further, they don’t seek pampering all the time, unlike other patients. They just want to be treated as normal beings, expecting others to understand their feelings like every other human being.

3. They long to hear positive news

They do not accept any unpleasant medical opinion as an ultimatum and expand their medical treatment for the physical disease to the maximum.

H-types don’t lose hope and always seek more impactful treatments for their suffering.

They keep their doors open for all possible outcomes and remedies. This is actually a very constructive trait and can help the patient in a speedy recovery.

4. They do self-assessment

These people take full responsibility for their recovery and take charge of their health. They are willing to inspect the cause of the disease and all the aspects to work on.

They also try to research all kinds of treatments that ensure healing.

These patients understand that the disease is an outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle, uncontrolled levels of stress and that they can fix themselves by working on these toxic patterns. It is all about self-knowledge and self-analysis.

5. They are flexible and balanced

They accept that there is some issue with their current living style and it’s not working for their body anymore.

The disease indicates that they’ve derailed from the right path of living a healthy life and need to find the trackback to the correct path. This is one of the best factors among all.

Once the patients have understood that there is something wrong with their lifestyles, it won’t take them much time to fix their health routine again.

That was all about the Healing type of personality, but there is still another research of the H type of personality left. Guess what? It is the H factor.

Another Study: The H Factor of a Personality

According to another study, the H factor in a personality is referred to as Honesty and Humility

Scholars of personality psychology Lee and Ashton studied the big five personality factors in their Ph.D. in the year 1997 at the University of Western Ontario. The big five personalities basically illustrate human personality consisting of five overarching personality groups of traits.

It is during the span of their research and study about different personality types that they discovered a sixth personality type with a different set of personality traits; this was the H type personality. The dominant factors were honesty and humility.

This led to the formation of a new model in the field of personality studies.

The HEXACO model is an acronym for the names of the six personality factors, namely: Honesty or Humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience.

With that in mind, keep reading to know some common characteristics of the H-factor type of personality:

1. You can trust them

As you have been assuming, the people with higher levels of H are sincere and people with lower levels can never be trustworthy.

A low H personality will most probably trouble others and the society that they live in.

2. Not all Lower H type of personalities emerge as criminals

It is difficult to recognize a low H personality just by looking at their faces. You should have complete knowledge about this type of personality to be able to recognize them.

Not all low H personalities are going to come out as criminals, however, nobody can deny the fact that some low H personalities happen to emerge as criminals too.

Well, nothing here is a generalized fact, a low H personality can also turn out to be faithful to his loved ones, friends, and family members.

3. Higher level of H means higher morality

The type H personality also possesses truthfulness, faithfulness, compassion, and humility.

This type of personality is related to the moral ethics of a person. You can measure the morality of a person by measuring the level of ‘H’.

4. They are non-materialistic

The sixth factor has definitely added separate criteria for studying virtues and values in a personality. It can describe an individual’s response towards materialistic as well as non-materialistic values of life.

This can help in tracking down criminal tendencies in people.

People with a higher H level have a negligible inclination towards materialistic possessions such as money power and position. They are not greedy.

Whereas people with lower H values end up being greedy and materialistic in their choices.

5. They get offended quite a lot

Individuals with high type H factors get offended even by being around people of low morals. They look down on people with low H values and even perceive them as criminals. They have high expectations from everyone.

But that’s not all and you can learn about the personality traits of both H-types in detail here

Now that you know there are two kinds of H-types, you might be curious about which of them is better. Well, instead of comparing, let’s figure out their strengths here…

Type H Personality Strengths 

People look up to both of the H-types because of their amazing traits. So, you probably expect them to have a long list of strengths. C’mon, let’s find out if that’s true…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. They won’t hurt another soul

Even if someone else hurts them, people with this type H personality can never utter a word of spite. They are strong enough to not let their negative emotions overflow and affect others. Rather, they will stay passive even if anyone tries to provoke them.

2. They also won’t allow anyone to hurt them

These H-type folks have a strong boundary around them. They don’t let random people or their opinions affect them either. They don’t care if someone has different beliefs and mocks their choices. Even if the other person is someone close, they don’t get agitated.

3. They believe in rare chances

Even during the worst, H-type individuals never give up. They always have an inkling of hope that things will get better. The originally researched H-people had serious ailments like cancer. They always had faith in the future, science, and the universe which helped them stay mentally healthy. 

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. They are trustworthy

Individuals with high levels of H-factor can be trusted a lot. They always ensure that they don’t break your trust knowingly or unknowingly. They won’t ever try to take advantage of anyone.

Even if something is beyond their capabilities, they won’t pretend to know everything as it’ll threaten others’ trust in them. 

5. They have high morals

Folks with high H factor in their personality have great ethics and morals. They don’t believe in lying or deceiving others. Instead, like the personality type says, they are honest and humble. They are down to earth and treat others without any discrimination based on power, money, status, or intelligence.

However, like any other human being, these people aren’t completely perfect. So, let’s check their shortcomings here…

Type H Personality Weaknesses 

Though this might be hard to believe, both these personalities face quite an amount of issues because of their traits. So, familiarize yourself with these here…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Their stubbornness don’t let them show their weakness

They often believe that they don’t need anyone else as they hate playing the “fragile victim”. However, it’s okay to complain and seek help. They don’t understand that they might hurt themselves this way physically and emotionally due to their suppressed emotions.

2. Even if others are at fault, they don’t blame

If someone hurts them in any way, the type H person won’t hold the other person accountable. They are way too forgiving for their own good. Their offenders get away easily and may even try to hurt them all over because they know that the H-type will forgive them anyway. 

3. Their compassion is often misinterpreted

Type H people can’t help but be kind to everyone. Of course, needy people bless them with their hearts for kindness. However, there are more greedy people in this world. So, whenever they show a little bit of compassion, they are bound to attract all sorts of mean and opportunistic people.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. They are way too sensitive

Type Hs believe that everyone must have high morals. They have no empathy for people with poor morals even if they were just a victim of circumstances. They look down on anyone that has a low H factor and don’t give them any opportunity to prove their innocence. 

5. They are hard to motivate

Type H people, due to high morals, aren’t greedy. So, you can’t motivate them with materialistic gains. So, this is a huge issue as you can’t make them work harder at school, work, or personal life as they don’t particularly desire anything. 

But people with low H factors may betray you for the slightest gains. 

There are many more interesting strengths and weaknesses of type Hs, so don’t forget to grab all the details. 

Now, let’s figure out what may startle or turn off a type Hs here…

Type H Personality Fears & Dislikes

Though type H (healing) are forgiving and type H(honesty-humility) have exceeding morals, they aren’t beyond normal human beings. They, too, have things that can put them off and make them uncomfortable. So, if you want to befriend either of them, beware of these…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Losing their calm to provocations

Type H people have strong boundaries so nobody can disturb their peace of mind. They don’t mind if anyone agrees with them or not. They don’t let others provoke them because they don’t like to feel when their emotions go beyond their control or hurt others with their violent actions.

2. Asking for help 

They also dislike asking for help or playing the poor victim role. Instead, they feel comfortable when they can take care of themselves. They don’t like to depend on others, complain about anything, blame anything, or expect others to rescue them. Instead, they like to be self-dependent.

3. Giving into fears

Type Hs try their best so they don’t get overwhelmed by any negative possibility. They know that if they let the fear get to them, they won’t be able to get over it. 

So, they hate to overthink about a situation unless they are prepared to find a solution. They don’t even entertain such discussions if others bring it up.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Materialism

High type H people are not interested in anything superficial. They dislike any kind of action or challenge that only offers some materialistic joy in return. 

It’s not that they dislike money or objects, but they just can’t feel attracted to anything unnecessary. They aren’t ready to go above and beyond for materialistic things.

5. Individuals with poor morals

High type H individuals are also pretty judgemental of people of low H factor. They can’t stand people if they don’t have similar morals and values. 

They also hate low H individuals because they have a higher inclination of becoming criminals. They just can’t stand associating with prospective criminals.

If you want to be even more careful, then don’t forget to explore all the type H fears and dislikes

But if the type H around you has a sour mood, then here are a few motivators to help them feel better…

Type H Personality Motivators

If your type H acquaintance is feeling low and you want to cheer them up or you just want to make sure they always feel motivated, then here are a few things to keep in mind…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Being in charge of issues

When a problem arises in type H’s life, they check if they are somehow responsible for that. They feel excited if that’s the case because they can change their actions to correct the situation. They feel hopeful and try harder to work on themselves to improve the situation.

2. Boundaries

H-types feel more comfortable with strong boundaries as it helps them avoid hurting others or themselves. With good boundaries, they can accept different choices and opinions. It saves them from being hurt in any way and prevents any emotional meltdown which might offend others.

3. Self-independence

They also feel more motivated and confident when they can take care of themselves single-handedly. They dislike the idea of depending on others or complaining about life. 

It’s not that they hate getting help but they feel more charged up when they show their true powers instead of being treated like a porcelain doll.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. High morals

High type H people have great morals and they feel excited to grow closer to people with similar values. They feel that everyone must be as honest and humble. However, they hardly find people of similar beliefs, so when they do, they feel great because the world still has “worthy people”.

5. Being trusted

Since H-types have extremely high values, they feel great when they get recognized for their good traits. They don’t feel proud as they are always humble, but they feel rewarded if people trust them which fires them up to stay loyal even more.

Of course, these are not the only things that motivate type H personalities. You can find more details in this article

Now, are you curious about how these personalities behave in their relationships? If yes, then keep scrolling through…

Type H Personality Relationships

If you are close to a type H person or want to grow closer to them, you might also be curious about how much their habits get controlled by their personalities. So, let’s explore that a bit here…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. They won’t hurt you intentionally

Even if you have different opinions and needs, they won’t get agitated enough to spout hurtful words. Instead they will only share their opinions and accept you as you are. They never disrespect others’ opinions even if they feel that’s wrong or mean.

2. They won’t let you hurt them emotionally

Just as they won’t hurt your emotions, they also won’t let anyone else hurt theirs. They know that twisted people want to see them sobbing but they don’t let anything get to them. So, no matter how much you offend them or make personal attacks, they won’t respond favorably. 

3. They won’t push their responsibilities on you

Since they prefer to be self-dependent, they won’t ever burden you with their responsibilities. Instead, they will always take care of their part of chores and duties. 

You won’t need to remind them to do anything. But it might be troublesome if they take everything on themselves because they’ll take too long to finish it all.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. You can’t help but love them

Since they have outstanding morals like kindness, loyalty, and non-materialism, you can trust them with your life. They won’t ever let you down which makes you love them all the more. 

Whether you tell them a secret, ask for help, or make mistakes, they always make sure that they won’t hurt you.

5. But they can be harsh if your morals aren’t perfect

H-types are judgmental about people with low H-factors and can come off pretty mean towards them. If your morals are different because you faced too many hardships and changed for the worse, they still won’t understand you. Instead, they’ll rather blame you for not trying to change.

You’re probably hooked on the various details about the relationships of type H. Well, there’s more about it along with the comparison with other personality types right here, so don’t miss it!

However, if you’re curious about their work life, let’s keep going…

Type H Personality at Work

If you are planning to bring any of the type H employees on board, it’s better to know about how they usually behave and perform professionally. So, peek into a few important facts here…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. They won’t mistreat coworkers or subordinates

This type H personality doesn’t believe in using their power to rule over others. They respect coworkers and subordinates and their boundaries. 

They don’t forcibly change others’ opinions but state their mind and let others decide. So long it’s not impossible, they give certain freedom to everyone to learn and grow.

2. They won’t let anyone bully them

Often, out of jealousy, coworkers or supervisors may bully you and impact your performance. However, type H individuals only perceive them as minor inconveniences and continue working. 

They don’t get angered or provoked into unnecessary fights. However, their lack of response only allows their bullies to run amok freely. 

3. They don’t mind if you try to correct their mistakes 

If you point out a type H employee’s mistakes, they won’t feel insulted at all. Instead, they become motivated to correct their mistakes and feel glad that the task can still be fixed if they only have to work on themselves. They are relieved by the fact that the situation isn’t out of control.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. They’ll be your loyal employees

Type H (honesty-humility) employees will never play with your trust. Even if they get involved with crucial details of your business and a rival company offers them a better package to leak that, they won’t betray you. They know where their loyalties lie and their heart won’t waver for anything.

5. But they might not get along with everyone

In the organization or their team, if there is any employee with poor morals, they won’t accept them easily. Or, if there’s someone with a low H-factor personality, they won’t even try to find if they have poor morals and assume that they are bad. H-types can’t get along with them at all.

There are a lot of other things you need to know about these personality types in their professional environment, so don’t miss this article!

Now, if you’re curious how these H personalities are different or similar to others, let’s keep reading…

Type H vs Type E Personality

On one hand, the H (healing) type is popular for being understanding and calm and the H (honesty-humility) is known for high morals. But the E-types are infamous for their impulsive decisions. So, let’s find if Hs and Es have anything common at all…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Both are stubborn 

Type H people are stubborn about their choices. Even if others look down on their beliefs, they don’t change their mind even if the other person persists. Similarly, E-types are equally stubborn when they have a goal in mind. Even if it will only lead to ruins, they won’t change their mind.

2. Hs are subtle while Es are overwhelming 

H-types communicate gently to avoid startling others. They never show aggression even if they are inconvenienced. So, people hardly take their subtle aura seriously. 

But type Es have an overwhelming vibe due to their fast pace, high expectations, hurrying, and hasty decisions. 

3. In the face of opinions, Hs are calm but Es rebel

When anyone throws their opinions on a type H, they can deal with the situation calmly. They don’t mind if the other person doesn’t agree with them. However, E-types hate to face opposing opinions and they protest against it.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Both get offended easily

This H-type gets offended by the presence of people with low H factors (because that indicates the possibility of someone turning into a criminal) and immoral people. They just can’t accept such people exist. 

But Es get offended when people don’t let them work on their hasty decisions or take risks. 

5. People rely on H-types unlike E-types

H-types are loyal and have zero materialistic desires. They try their best so they make no mistakes that may harm others. So, everyone trusts them a lot. But E-types aren’t trusted because they take impulsive risks even without thinking if others might be affected.

If you wish to know more on the comparison between these personalities, definitely check this article.

Now, let’s move on to the next comparison…

Type H vs Type F Personality

Type Fs are popular for being the emotional type. They pave their way in every walk of their life with their emotions. So, let’s find out how they are different from the Hs…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Both have zero expectations from others

Type H people don’t expect anything from others. Rather, they feel more comfortable to take care of themselves. 

Type F folks, on the other hand, do everything others need but never demand or expect anything in return. If anyone tries to pay them back, they tell them to help another needy soul instead.

2. Hs don’t leave scope for regrets unlike Fs 

H-types research a lot and study the core issues before taking major decisions. They are mindful and don’t leave any space for regrets. But type Fs mostly make decisions based on their emotions. Though this approach is acceptable in their personal life, it only invites troubles elsewhere.

3. Hs have strict beliefs compared to Fs 

H-types are strict about what they believe, like, or follow in life. They don’t feel hurt or change their opinions because others don’t like it. But they share their opinions so gently that people assume that they can convince them into something else.

But Fs get emotional if others don’t agree with them. They even criticize themselves if others seem turned off by their choices and even change their likes and opinions.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Neither of them want to deceive others

People with high H factors have great morals and they can’t even think of hurting or deceiving others. They don’t even use white lies and stay true to themselves.

Similarly, Type Fs never wish to get any sort of benefit from others through deception. They’re afraid of getting payback through karma. Moreover, they are way too poor to harm others.

5. Unlike Hs, Fs can’t attack their offenders 

Type Hs can’t stand any kind of immoral action. So, if anyone tries to intentionally harm them, they don’t let it off easily. Instead, they are judgemental towards people with low values. 

On the other hand, F-types can’t even bear to hurt their offenders. Instead, they assume that they made some mistakes which led to the situation and feel guilty.

Of course, that wasn’t the entire comparison and you can find more details here!

Finally, let’s explore the final comparison…

Type H vs Type G Personality

G-types are known as the geeks or gifted ones. They are usually loved for their unreal intuition. But they make quite the ruckus due to their introversion. So, let’s compare them with Hs here…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Both prioritize their mental and emotional stability 

H-types take care of their mental and emotional health by letting go of negatives. They forgive them for making mistakes or giving up too soon. They also don’t hold grudges.

Gs also protect their peace of mind by pushing away all sorts of chaotic situations. They avoid anything that seems burdensome.

2. Hs stay calm in all situation but Gs can’t handle complications 

Type H are always calm while facing troubles and complications. They try hard until the end and hope for the best. Moreover, they don’t mind checking if they’re at fault.

But G types dislike anything complex. It’s so bad that they flee from such situations at any cost.

3. Hs can make friends easily unlike Gs 

Type Hs are forgiving, calm, and patient. So, they can make friends with anyone and in fact, people want to befriend them because they always treat everyone gently. 

But type Gs are introverted and often avoid all kinds of social situations. They even shut themselves in and have poor communication skills which minimizes their chance of making friends.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Both are trusted for different reasons

H-types are trusted for everything there can be. They have better morals than most, so you can trust them to be loyal and not give in to greed.

But G-types are trusted because of their sharp intuition. People can depend on them when it comes to making good decisions.

5. Hs offend others with judgemental attitude but it’s the introversion for Gs 

A low H factor implies a higher chance of someone turning into a criminal. However, that’s only a possibility and no more. Type Hs judge people if they have a low H factor and offend many people without knowing the truth.

Type Gs, on the other hand, avoid socializing due to introversion. They offend others unknowingly as everyone assumes that they look down on them and ignore them. 

If you can’t get enough of this personality comparison, then go ahead and check the detailed article.

However, if you want to find out whether you or someone else is a type H, let’s go for a quick chat here…

How to Identify if You’re a Type H?

Until now, there’s no official personality test to identify anyone as a type H personality. However, you can still find your answers with this short quiz. If you’re wondering whether it’s the healing type or the HEXACO model one, well you’ll get both quizzes!

So, go ahead and take the quiz with your friends and return with your answers. 

…Did you find out that you’re any of the H-types? You’re probably a bit perplexed whether it’s good news or not. So, let’s first know…

If you wish to discover your inner self, you can start by taking our personality tests.

What are the Pros of being a Type H?

If you have either of the type H personality types, you may not be as great as the A-types, but you definitely have great benefits of being one. But if you’re skeptical about it, just hit the list! 

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. You show compassion without judgment 

You can forgive and help others when they act rudely. You see the pain behind their words. Unlike others, you don’t mess the situation up by taking an eye for an eye. 

You also don’t blame others for their bad situation and look past their mistakes. Everyone feels motivated to be better because of your kindness. 

2. You understand the necessity of healing from within

You understand the importance of healing all of your wounds whether those are visible or not. So, you take care of yourself in every way possible. You don’t waste time over thinking about the past and actively fortify boundaries to protect your heart from the unworthy ones.

3. You can always stay happy

People assume you’re delusional or in denial in troublesome situations. But you can accept the worst situations and don’t break down easily. You stay calm and relax everyone else instead of freaking out over something you can’t fix. 

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Everyone can trust you

Due to the high H factor in your personality type, everyone knows that you are loyal and honest. They can trust you with their most precious things without being scared of you taking advantage of them or their vulnerability. They can entrust the most sensitive info to you and stay calm.

5. You have no greed

Even if you go bankrupt and urgently need money, nobody can turn your circumstances back at you and make you greedy. If you need money or any object, you’d rather work hard or even take a loan. But you won’t ever walk on the wrong paths and hurt others. 

However, being a type H also comes with its own set of flaws. So, let’s know those here…

What are the Cons of being a Type H?

Human beings are bound to have flaws. So, like any other personality type, your one also has certain issues. So, figure out what you need to correct here…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. You don’t know when help is necessary

You prefer to be self-dependent, but when you face roadblocks continuously, it’s not a wise move. Especially when others depend on you, you’ll only delay everyone by refusing help. You just can’t understand when to stop being stubborn and accept others’ goodwill.

2. You don’t blame others even they’re responsible

Even if anyone attacks you pretty openly and succeeds in their plans, you still stay calm and behave gently. You avoid complaining and blaming others at all costs. However, the other person believes it’s okay to continue this way if you don’t call them out and never learn their lessons.

3. Your refusals are too subtle

Just because you believe in treating everyone gently, you act the same even if anyone tries to violate your boundaries. However, this only makes the other person believe that it’s okay to pester you more or that you’ll eventually give in. 

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. You get angry way too easily

You can’t tolerate people who don’t have similar morals or who have low H-factors. However, judging someone based on their personality type isn’t fair. Low H levels never prove that the other person will become bad. So, you might only lose friends in vain this way.

5. You may have some issues with materialism

If you’re a high H-type, you might dislike materialism so much that you will lose motivation to work harder. Your life will come to a standstill situation and everyone will feel disappointed in you. But if you’re a low H-type, you may do anything for materialistic benefits.

Don’t judge yourself based on these pointers alone. Check out all the pros and cons of having a type H personality to understand yourself better.

But are you worried with so many cons? Then the next subhead is just for you…

What to do if you’re a Type H?

Like every other personality type, yours is not perfect either. But there’s no reason to be worried about it because you can change for the better if you set your mind to it. So, without further ado, take a look at here…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Seek help when you need it 

It’s okay if you can take care of your duties and issues alone. However, it’s a bad idea if you’re struggling and still keep mum. You won’t be weak if you take help. 

Moreover, if others depend on the successful completion of your tasks, you must be even more willing to take help or you’ll pull everyone down.

2. Understand if you’re hoping for the impossible 

You like to hope for miracles and keep pushing even when everyone else gives up. However, you must not let go of other opportunities just because you believe the original plan will work out. Don’t focus on the impossible and be ready to accept new ways.

3. Think whether someone deserves forgiveness

Not everyone is your well-wisher, so think before you forgive and accept someone. Try to understand if the other person wants to harm you. If they take your forgiveness for granted and hurt you repeatedly, cut connection with them for good.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Look at the brighter side of materialism 

Money may not buy you happiness but it can secure you. So, even if you have reached a stable position in your life, don’t stop being motivated by money. You never know when a little extra income might come in handy, so always work harder to prepare for future setbacks.

5. Be more tolerant

Remember that a low H factor doesn’t prove anyone is a criminal. So, try to be more tolerant and understanding. Even if you doubt the other person, be wary. But don’t make them feel ashamed without a reason. Otherwise, you will create a reason for them to take the wrong path.

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However, are you not the type H person but it’s someone else you know? Then you gotta first know about…

How to deal with a Type H Personality?

If you meet a type H (healing) person regularly, you might get tired of how they want to do everything alone. Or, if you know the HEXACO H-type, you might hate how they judge others.

Both can annoy you in different ways, so here are a few ways to deal with them properly…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Support them during struggles

Type Hs doesn’t seek help and even gets a bit offended when others help them. However, that can often delay their tasks unnecessarily. They want to do everything alone as they don’t want to be treated feebly. But it’s better to help them especially when their actions affect others.

2. Respect their boundaries

They are strict about their boundaries and won’t negotiate with anyone about it. So, don’t push their buttons. They may not be aggressive about their boundaries, but that doesn’t imply you can change their mind. If you still persist, you will be avoided for good.

3. Don’t let them shower kindness to the wrong lot

They are forgiving to everyone and never doubt the other person’s motives. However, if you notice someone that plans to harm them after getting a second chance, tell them to be wary. Or, ask your type H acquaintance to avoid forgiving them or to put up their walls around them.

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Help them understand that white lies aren’t bad

H-types can’t lie so they don’t even use white lies. For this, their honesty often becomes brutal and sting others with their words. They might even misunderstand you if you use white lies.

So, give them examples and share that white lies aren’t bad and have a good reason behind them. Let them realize that if you ever use white lies, it won’t be to hurt you.

5. Reward their good deeds

Type Hs aren’t interested in materialistic rewards, so it can be hard to motivate them. They won’t even try a little to get rewarded once they are satisfied in life. 

But try to awaken their desire to attain more by rewarding their small positive actions. Rekindle the desire to achieve more and try their best. 

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However, if you have issues conveying your thoughts to type H folks, the next one is for you…

How to Communicate with Type H Personality?

The healing H-types are pretty strict with boundaries but too lenient when it comes to forgiving others. On the other hand, the HEXACO H-types are quite judgmental of low Hs. There are different issues and you need to communicate to help them out. So, read on to know how…

For Type H (healing) Personality

1. Don’t play the blame game

Type Hs eagerly rectify their faults and try to fix themselves. So, there’s no point wasting time throwing a fit over their mistakes. Instead, follow effective communication to work things out faster. Otherwise, they’ll only lose respect for you for throwing tantrums and perceive you as immature. 

2. Avoid any sort of provocation

No matter what others say, individuals with type H personality don’t get provoked into a fight. They understand that people are unique, so they are entitled to different opinions. 

You can’t manipulate H-types into doing anything with such a tone, so don’t even waste your breath!

3. Apologize when you mean it

Type H people are compassionate, so they always eagerly forgive you and look forward to a better future together. But human beings can’t forget poor behavior easily and they’ll expect you to prove you’re ready to change for the better. 

So, unless you can do that, they won’t trust you as much and even push you away eventually. They may not give you another chance if you offend them again. 

For Type H (honesty-humility) Personality

4. Let them know you trust them

Type H people don’t feel proud of their greater morals. Though they’re humble, who doesn’t feel good when they get recognized for their good traits?

So, tell them that you trust them with your eyes closed. Appreciate their good parts and boost their confidence.

5. Don’t lie to them

Despite what situation might arise, never test an H-type’s limits with lies. They can’t stand dishonest people, so they won’t be able to trust you at all if they catch you lying once. 

So, always follow through your promises and be transparent to them. If you can’t do something, just come clean!Now, are you wondering whether these are all the tips? Of course, not! So, grab all the fabulous tips to communicate with type Hs!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

While these studies have been conducted at a scientific level and the researchers had a very practical approach towards their research, as mentioned earlier, nothing can be generalized.

Even if you have a higher H personality, it cannot be guaranteed whether you would deceive someone or not.

Hence, the information had no intention to hurt the personal sentiments of the reader. It was just to provide the reader with the specific traits of type H personality.

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