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Does the Type H Personality really exist? Let’s find out!

Does the Type H Personality really exist? Let’s find out!

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Nov 09, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Type H Personality - Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses, and More

Type H personality is just another personality like type A and type B, just that it shows some specific traits of its own. Do you want to know what the traits are? If yes, you’ve chosen the right place.

People love learning about different kinds of personalities and take personality tests hoping to uncover what type of personality they possess.

It is always better to understand one’s own nature first before stepping into the outside world and interacting with different types of personalities.

One who has learned deeply about their own personality will not have much difficulty in understanding people around them. This will result in better bonding and fewer emotional disputes. Great? Isn’t it?

However, like Type A and Type B, Type H is very less talked about or even heard about. So, let’s first find out whether or not it really exists.

H Type Personality Infographic

H Type Personality Meaning & Traits
H Type Personality Meaning & Traits

Does Type H personality exist?

Most of us are familiar with the Type A of personality but have you heard about the Type H of personality?

There have been numerous inspections and researches on whether people have different personalities or not. Though experts have long believed that personality types are mythical, nothing can be generalized. 

Personality exists along a continuum, a study on “Nature Human Behaviour” suggests that there are four personality types, collectively known as ‘The Four Tendencies’. They are – average, reserved, role-model, and self-centered.

People fall into one of the four types based on how they rank on the big five personality traits: frankness, acceptance, extraversion, neuroticism, and contentiousness.

Studying and understanding the rankings on each of the traits can be useful and predict things about people, such as their risk of mental illness, getting depression, psychotic behavior, or likelihood of divorcing.

However, scholars have discovered another type of personality which is Type H. The H has been interpreted in two ways: a set of psychologists suggests Healing and another set implies Humility and Honesty. 

What is Type H Personality?

H Type Personality or Healing personality is very less heard or talked about but possesses some really great traits like self-assessment, assertiveness, courage, etc.

Type H personality can be referred to as ‘Healing’ individuals. However, another research concluded that the H factor in a personality reflects honesty and humility characteristic traits. 

H type people really uphold their honest character. Deceiving or breaking someone’s trust is not acceptable for them. 

Type H personalities are also called healing types because they simply wish for the well-being of others as well as themselves and surround themselves with a positive environment.

They are the least aggressive, have a good sense of humor, and are brave at heart.

While there are two different illustrations of the H type of personality, let us first check the Healing type of personality stated below. 

H Type Personality Traits

Now that we know that H personality type does exist, let’s see some significant observations that have been compiled about “healing” type of personality after conducting a detailed study on various patients including the ones suffering from cancer: 

1. They are assertive and not aggressive

They can feel and express everything, but the expressions are sublime and not extreme.

These people clearly know how to set healthy boundaries between themselves and the outside world. This is why they are never aggressive in arguments and yet keep their opinions with utmost determination.

2. They don’t play victim to destiny

They do not play victim to the disease. Neither are they waiting to be saved by someone and nor do they put the blame of their ill health upon others.

Further, they don’t seek pampering all the time, unlike other patients. They just want to be treated as normal beings, expecting others to understand their feelings like every other human being.

3. They long to hear positive news

They do not accept any unpleasant medical opinion as an ultimatum and expand their medical treatment for the physical disease to the maximum.

H-types don’t lose hope and always seek more impactful treatments for their suffering.

They keep their doors open for all possible outcomes and remedies. This is actually a very constructive trait and can help the patient in a speedy recovery.

4. They do self-assessment

These people take full responsibility for their recovery and take charge of their health. They are willing to inspect the cause of the disease and all the aspects to work on.

They also try to research all kinds of treatments that ensure healing.

These patients understand that the disease is an outcome of an unhealthy lifestyle, uncontrolled levels of stress and that they can fix themselves by working on these toxic patterns. It is all about self-knowledge and self-analysis.

5. They are flexible and balanced

They accept that there is some issue with their current living style and it’s not working for their body anymore.

The disease indicates that they’ve derailed from the right path of living a healthy life and need to find the trackback to the correct path. This is one of the best factors among all.

Once the patients have understood that there is something wrong with their lifestyles, it won’t take them much time to fix their health routine again.

6. They love laughing

These people develop a sense of humor and take interest in their life activities. This doesn’t mean they deny the dark side of their current lifestyle. Acceptance is the first key to healing.

7. They are brave

They are ready for all sorts of mental challenges in life, to grieve, to forgive people and themselves for their sins, and move on. As mentioned earlier, they don’t thrive on past incidents.

Holding on to something only increases the stress load on the mind. The patients choose to live a stress-free life rather than living a complicated life. 

These people are brave enough to heal the wounded part and grow into a more mature version of themselves. They make conscious efforts to gain balance in their day-to-day life.

That was all about the Healing type of personality, but we are still left with another research of the H type of personality. Guess what? It is the H factor.

Another Study: The H Factor of a Personality

According to another study, the H factor in a personality is referred to as Honesty and Humility

Scholars of personality psychology Lee and Ashton studied the big five personality factors in their Ph.D. in the year 1997 at the University of Western Ontario. The big five personalities basically illustrate human personality consisting of five overarching personality groups of traits.

It is during the span of their research and study about different personality types that they discovered a sixth personality type with a different set of personality traits; this was the H type personality. The dominant factors were honesty and humility.

This led to the formation of a new model in the field of personality studies.

The HEXACO model is an acronym for the names of the six personality factors, namely: Honesty or Humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness to Experience.

With that, let us see some common characteristics of the H-factor type of personality:

1. You can trust them

As you have been assuming, the people with higher levels of H are sincere and people with lower levels can never be trustworthy.

A low H personality will most probably trouble others and the society that they live in.

2. Not all Lower H type of personalities emerge as criminals

It is difficult to recognize a low H personality just by looking at their faces. You should have complete knowledge about this type of personality to be able to recognize them.

Not all low H personalities are going to come out as criminals, however, we cannot deny the fact that some low H personalities happen to emerge as criminals too.

Well, nothing here is a generalized fact, a low H personality can also turn out to be faithful to his loved ones, friends, and family members.

3. Higher level of H means higher morality

The type H personality also possesses truthfulness, faithfulness, compassion, and humility.

This type of personality is related to the moral ethics of a person. You can measure the morality of a person by measuring the level of ‘H’.

4. They are non-materialistic

The sixth factor has definitely added separate criteria for studying virtues and values in a personality. It can describe an individual’s response towards materialistic as well as non-materialistic values of life.

This can help in tracking down criminal tendencies in people.

People with a higher H level have a negligible inclination towards materialistic possessions such as money power and position. They are not greedy.

Whereas people with lower H values end up being greedy and materialistic in their choices.

Type H Personality Strengths

  • H-Type individuals express their opinions and thoughts in a very mature and calm manner. 
  • They always look at the positive side of the situation and take it light-heartedly. 
  • They know how to adapt to new surroundings and circumstances. 
  • H-Types are extremely courageous and can deal with crisis situations head-on. 
  • They take charge of difficult situations and make conscious efforts to make them better. 
  • H-Types are also very faithful and true to their words. 
  • H-types have mostly been recognized among serious patients yet they don’t play victim to destiny. 
  • They don’t lose hope even in grave conditions. 

Type H Personality Weaknesses

  • Low H type personality has a higher tendency to become a criminal. 
  • As H personality types are not greedy, they may not be motivated enough to work to the top of the ladder. 
  • Since they put their opinions subtly, some people might not take them seriously. 
  • Most H-types have messed up lifestyles and are suffering from grave life-threatening diseases. 
  • As H-type individuals are high on morality, they may sometimes be offended with trivial actions. 

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

While these studies have been conducted at a scientific level and the researchers had a very practical approach towards their research, as I said earlier, nothing can be generalized.

Even if you have a higher H personality, it cannot be guaranteed whether you would deceive someone or not.

Hence, the information had no intention to hurt the personal sentiments of the reader. It was just to provide the reader with the specific traits of type H personality.

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