Wondering how to recognize you are Type C personality? Do you think you can relate to Type C personality traits?

Welp, you’ve reached the right place because this think-piece has a set of questions for a type C personality test!

You probably can’t wait to find out the truth anymore, so let’s get down to it…

How To Recognize You Are Type C Personality?

You’ve all heard of type A and B personality styles… but hardly many people know about types C and D personalities.

So, here take this quiz and to identify whether or not you’re a C-type personality! 😉

1. Do you try to help everyone around you even if it might put you in a bad spot?

2. Do you believe you can perform better when you work independently?

3. Do you like to stay alone rather than stay with a bunch of people even if you get along with everyone?

4. Do you feel anxious or frustrated when you’re put in a group task?

5. Would you rather have deep conversations with 2-3 people instead of hanging out in a club?

6. Do you want to keep everything under your control?

7. Do you usually stay calm?

8. Do you believe you’re emotionally repressed?

9. Do you usually have negative emotions about almost everything?

10. Can you not stop worrying about things even when everything goes smoothly?

11. Do you take a lot of time to solve situations?

12. Do you always try to produce high-quality tasks and results?

13. Are you detail-oriented when it comes to working on tasks?

14. Does everyone consider you their problem solver?

15. Do you spend a lot of time making sure that there are no loopholes in your plans?

16. Do you immerse yourself in new topics and research new things for long hours?

17. Do you want everyone to get along with each other?

18. Do you find it difficult to express any kind of emotion?

19. Do you try to take care of your issues by yourself and not let others know about them?

20. Do you struggle to express your needs and desires to others?

21. Do you feel helpless and hopeless because you can’t express yourself?

22. Do you focus more on the dark clouds instead of the silver lining?

23. Do you work extremely hard to reach your goals?

24. Would you rather put out the bitter truth rather than ask others to stay optimistic?

25. Do you make sure you do everything accurately?

26. Do you have lots of creative energy?

27. Do you try to get creative ideas and inspo from everywhere?

28. Do you always keep your creative ideas realistic?

29. Do you always follow through with your promises or at least try to?

30. Do you dislike spontaneity?

31. Do you like to follow the book? Is it because it’s tested and proven?

32. Is your place almost always spick and span with everything organized properly?

33. Do you like to dig deeper into intense and complicated information and make your notes?

34. Do you like to study one subject at a time and in detail instead of studying lots of them superficially?

35. Do you feel uncomfortable with superficial conversations?

36. Do you try to read into a person’s mind and intentions and usually get it right?

37. Do you have good planning skills?

38. Do people call you unsocial?

39. Are you sometimes critical of others?

40. Do you dislike doing anything in a new way?

41. Do others often don’t meet your expectations?

42. Do you have bad task delegation skills?

43. Do you often stay away from family because you don’t have anything in common?

44. Do you often ask your superior about every detail of the task at hand to make it work accordingly?

45. Do you hardly get distracted by other tasks when you’re working on one?

46. Do you judge others if they have a cluttered space?

47. Do you get overwhelmed by external stimuli and change your working or studying space for that?

48. Is keeping consistent results of high importance to you?

49. Do you resist frequent and unfavorable changes?

50. Do you reprimand others if they make irrational choices or act indecisive?

From the above questions, if you mostly answered “yes”, congratulations! It’s exactly as you suspected… you have a Type C personality.

You like to spend time with people that actually get you. You actually care about people but feel uncomfortable expressing yourself. And you often give in to others’ whims because you want to avoid conflicts.

You try to make sure that you do everything perfectly and this impacts your mental health negatively. You spend lots of time on perfectionism. Similar to type A you also become prone to heart diseases. You don’t like disheveled spaces. You judge others who can’t keep up with your working style.

If you answered “yes” to less than even half of the questions, you’re not a Type C personality.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If your personality type is C, that’s great… it seems your guess was right from the beginning. However, knowing your personality type must not be your only aim.

You must try to use this knowledge to enhance your life. Find out your strengths and weaknesses, work on them, learn how you must deal with your issues, and use the pros for your benefit.

However, don’t try to be someone else… don’t idolize another personality type. Even if someone judges you for being a C type, remember that you’re one of a kind. So, compete only with yourself and not others. Watch yourself become a happier and more satisfied person.

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