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Are you a Type C Personality? Let’s find out! [Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses & everything else]

Are you a Type C Personality? Let’s find out! [Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses & everything else]

Updated on Nov 18, 2022 | Published on Nov 19, 2021

Reviewed by Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD , Certified Psychiatrist

Type C Personality - Traits, Strengths, Weaknesses & More

Key Takeaways

  • Type C personality people are intellectuals who live for research, logic, and perfection.
  • They are introverts, innovative, dominant, focused, and always seek perfection. They don’t like changes.
  • They take their professional life too seriously, which impacts their mental health, and are often found to be susceptible to cancer.
  • They are socially inhibited, and non-empathetic towards others. They consider logic over emotions.
  • They stress a lot, and always plan a backup for negative situations. They plan the future before enjoying the present.

Type C personality is one of the most intelligent personalities that you might have ever come across. They are super talented individuals with a rationalized thought process and outstanding clarity in their decisions.

Type C people make sure that they have done sufficient research before reaching a particular conclusion. They are excellent at planning their tasks and prioritizing them.

Besides being logical and detail-oriented there is also an emotional side of type C personality – these people love helping others even if it causes them discomfort.

Impressive! right?

You seem to be already in love with this wonderful personality type. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in and know everything there’s to know about Type Cs.

Let’s begin with the most obvious question.

Type C Personality Infographics

Type C Personality Meaning, Traits & Strengths
Type C Personality Meaning, Traits & Strengths
Type C Personality Weaknesses, Ideal Jobs & What to do if you are a Type C Personality
Type C Personality Weaknesses, Ideal Jobs & What to do if you are a Type C Personality

What is a Type C personality?

Type C personality prefers logic, rationality, balance, cooperation, and reason over emotional and dramatic things.

If you see a person applying logic to every single task that interests him, then probably you are meeting a C type personality. C type personalities are very logical, rational, and precise in whatever they do.

The most dominant feature of this personality is that they prefer logic over feelings. Most people misunderstand a type C personality to be emotionless but in reality, they are just super-practical individuals.

C personalities are described as logic-oriented, detail-seeking, rational, and thoughtful people. They analyze every step before actually executing the plans.

C types prefer cooperation and don’t engage themselves in frequent conflicts or debates unless it’s a requisite. Unlike others, they will open up to you only if they have immense trust and respect in you.

Their love for facts and science takes them mostly into the fields of medicine, law, and research.

To make it easier for you to understand, here is a list of some common traits that the type C personality possesses. 

Type C personality traits

What can be better than to get a detailed description of the traits of a particular personality type, if you want to learn about them!

And if you want to discover whether or not you are a type C personality, the elaborated traits are no less than a spoon-feeding guide for you. All you need to do is to compare your own habits with the given list of traits and see how many matches you find!

So the important traits of Type C Personality include:

1. You are an introvert

Type C people are generally introverted. They would rather go for a deep, meaningful, and logical conversation over a light-hearted small talk with someone. They will hardly be found communicating with a crowd.   

C types think a lot before speaking which is why you would find them being quiet and thoughtful. Everything about type-c personality is deep and intellectual.

For example, they would rather be masters of one skill than to possess superficial knowledge of multiple skills.

The introversion leads to improved focus and concentration among type C personalities while on the way to accomplishing goals and objectives in life. They don’t like being distracted or interrupted when they are working.

However, the type C personality might get off-route in cases you trigger an interesting and logically engrossing subject in front of them.

They also don’t seek external stimuli. They prefer remaining isolated whenever they feel overwhelmed. All they need is a calm place to sit and think over the situation.

2. You are extremely detail-oriented

Type C personalities like doing precise and organized tasks that require stability and control rather than performing haphazard tasks that have no particular direction or reason.

As you already know, C types love being accurate and logical and thus, cannot tolerate any irrational or haste decisions. They believe that emotions drain their ability to think logically.

C types love being unique and original in their approaches rather than copying others. They can do wonders in jobs that require creativity, logic, rationality, facts, accuracy, and patience.

A C type personality is also a deep thinker. They dive into the depth of every single thing that interests them and make attempts to learn everything about it.  

3. You need direction in all the jobs

While C type personalities are creative and talented, it does not mean that they are going to perform a task that has got no prominent direction or reason.

IF you want a C-type to accomplish a particular task, make sure that the job has a solid reason behind it.

They are very particular about what you expect from them. They will prioritize their time in a manner that they are able to meet each ones’ expectations.   

C types also leave no work incomplete. They are very serious about their jobs and like being given clear guidance in order to complete the job efficiently.

4. You are extremely controlling

C type personalities exercise control because they like a well-measured and balanced approach. They keep things in order as they are extremely particular about following rules, regulations, procedures, and policies.

This is because they don’t want to like risking the outcomes.

 C type personalities collect all the relatable facts about the subject and use all the resources to ensure that the outcome is complete and valuable. These people are always open to challenges and tasks that require rigorous research.  

They make logical and thoughtful decisions but before making a final decision they cross-check all the relatable facts.

It’s very difficult to fool a C type personality because they don’t get swayed away by emotional and foolish hypes. In fact, if they set out to dig up all the ulterior selfish motives, it would call for big trouble for the person who tried fooling them.

Besides being so intelligent and wise, they also know how to live a balanced life and limit the overflow of emotions.

5. You research everything

You cannot expect a C-type personality to believe whatever you are saying unless you have strong proof to back your theory.

They believe only in proven and realistic facts. If they don’t find the fact true, they will rather take some time and conduct detailed research on the claims – this stands true for both personal and professional realms of life.

6. You can’t be easily distracted

It’s nearly impossible to distract a C type personality if they have made up their mind to complete a given task.

C types have the superpower to focus at will. They have been blessed with a greater concentration power than others which is why they perform every task with utmost accuracy. Unlike Type-Bs, they don’t like to delay the process until the edge.

In fact, this concentration and focus also help them progress in life as a professional. They can work day and night to get a task done if it requires them to do so.

7. You want everything “PERFECT!”

C-Types are obsessive perfectionists. This is not a judgment. It is an observation that C type people would either perform a task perfectly or not perform the task at all.

They strive for perfection and if they fail to achieve it, it causes stress and anxiety in them. They start feeling insecure and inferior.

8. You like to work alone

If you know a person wanting to work alone at all times, there’s a high chance he/she is a C-type personality.

C type people are so organized and disciplined that they hardly find people who can match them. Thus, they like to work with only co-C-types and not with unorganized or undisciplined people.

If they can’t have other C-types on the team, they’d rather work independently. Working alone is a great way to avoid conflicts and arguments too.

9. You try to repress your true emotions

If not persuaded enough, C type personalities hesitate a lot while expressing their true emotions, likings, and dislikings. They would rather adjust instead of asking for a favor.

This might prove to be a very comfortable option for others but for the C types, it becomes a helpless condition.

10. You want everything around you organized

C type people cannot work in a messy and cluttered environment. To keep their balance, preserve their calmness and work with patience, accuracy, and prominence, they need a very organized and efficient working environment.

If they see an unorganized or cluttered workplace, it irritates them. They perform their work religiously and are very serious about it. They neither appreciate nor follow any kind of lenience in their work schedules.

11. You are consistent with everything in life

C types never leave a task incomplete; they remain consistent with their performance and approaches. They work long hours and don’t like abrupt breaks and hindrances in their work.

12. You have a creative mind

Logic and creativity might seem to contradict but this doesn’t change the fact that C type people are very creative. They use all the available information to create new and unique things.

They are best at creating solutions to the existing problems to humankind, i.e, flawless machinery, and gadgets, etc.

13. You resist unwanted changes

C types don’t like changing things; they prefer stability and consistency over frequent changes. Unnecessary changes can truly agitate and disrupt their mental peace.

14. You are calm and cooperative

Type C people are extremely calm while making important decisions. They take significant time to collect all the data that will influence their decision. They are empowered by unwavering patience even in times of difficulties.

C type people don’t get heated up in debates and root for cooperation. They use the same energy and time to collect arguments, research the facts, and evaluate the information.

This helps them put forward research-backed, clean, and precise arguments and thus ensure a win.

15. You put others needs over your own

You have well understood by now that type C personalities are very sensible. They make sure that their intentions, thoughts, and decisions do not harm others.

In fact, they value others more than themselves. This particular trait completes their personality and it proves that, unlike popular belief, Type C also has emotions; they just don’t acknowledge impractical things.

16. They are passive towards others

C types are always concerned about others and try to fulfill others’ needs and expectations before their own. This makes them passive towards others and more prone to being derailed by others.

17. They are pessimistic

The rational thought process and logic sometimes lead to pessimistic thoughts. C type people imagine negative things and worst-case scenarios even in the best conditions.

In reality, they have a tendency to fixate on negative things just to prepare themselves for the worst.

No, wait. Don’t jump to a conclusion. Not yet.

You should be at least aware of Type-Cs strengths and weaknesses before you finally conclude that you are one of them.

So, first up, let us take a look at their strengths.

Type C Personality Strengths

C Type personalities have a lot of good qualities and positive traits which means that they have some brilliant strengths too. Let’s dive in to know a few in detail.

1. You are sensitive to others needs and feelings

C-type personalities are sensitive towards others. They might not show this sensitive side 24×7 but they are very empathetic towards others’ needs and feelings.

They are great at helping others to reconcile their disputes and reach an agreement or compromise. This is why people approach type C personalities for suggestions.

C types will always want you to cooperate and maintain a peaceful environment.

Sometimes they might get frustrated and behave differently, but most times they are peace-loving individuals extremely mindful about their surroundings.  

2. You like to help

While we rarely come across people who are going to invest themselves fully in helping others, C type personalities are the ones who would go to any lengths for you.

They never intend to trouble others and will always walk the extra mile to make things easier for them. Type C personalities do everything in their capacity to ensure people surrounding them get whatever they need.

If someone shares their problem with a C type personality, they will brainstorm and instantly come up with a feasible suggestion, solution, or a temporary fix for you.

3. You have a good-eye for details

A C type personality needs all the details, ALWAYS. Irrespective of how small or big the matter is, they need details!

This is a very advantageous personality trait while making important decisions; the habit of seeking small details helps them make informed decisions.

4. You’re a big-time planner!

A C type personality plans everything to the T. Since they are detail-oriented, they like to be prepared with an action plan. C type people don’t like risking the outcome of their efforts and hence do all the pre-planning necessary.  

If you are a C type, the fact that you are a big-time planner is going to keep you punctual and productive.

These plannings can include

  •  The pros and cons of the action
  • Preparing for worst outcomes
  • Considering various conditions
  • Planning future alterations
  • Back up plans

All the hard work is worth the effort because C types hardly fail at what they are doing!

5. You prioritize facts and figures

If you are a C type personality, it means you tend to prioritize figures and facts. You keep all the factual information about the task handy.

Either you won’t speak on a particular matter at all, or if you are speaking you will always choose to remain correct and precise. You do considerable research before reaching a particular conclusion.

6. You think out-of-the-box

As a C type personality, just because you have prioritized figures and facts, gather details, information, and evidence does not imply that you are a boring person.

C type people are very creative and they can find the most unique ways of using the collected information. They use their education in a very constructive and creative manner.

These were some extremely prominent strengths in a C Type personality, but they have other strengths too, including…

Other Strengths

1. They are accurate.

2. They are trustworthy.

3. C types have strong imaginative powers.

4. They are independent.

5. They remain consistent about their plans.

6. They swear by fair rules and regulations.

7. They are intelligent and smart.

8. They have analytical approaches.

9. They are deep thinkers.

10. They have immense control over desires and emotions.

You must have found the strengths of the C type personality extremely intriguing. However, no human is free of weaknesses, and C-type personalities are no alien.

Type C Personality Weaknesses

Even though the C types are focused, disciplined, rational, and thoughtful individuals, there are things that come in their way of success.

The intelligent minds also have some unbending weaknesses they need to work upon.

1. You don’t speak what you want

C type personalities struggle to speak up their minds. They find it difficult to express their needs in front of others but that ultimately leads to frustration and disappointment.

It’s fine to value others’ opinions and choices but there are times where you also need to prioritize your own interests and desires.

Type C people need to come out of their people-pleasing tendency. They may find it difficult to say no to others’ requests, but that just keeps adding to their stress.

If you are a C type, understand that there’s no shame in saying ‘No’ when you are not able to manage the extra load of helping others while also managing your own.

Like other human beings, you can even speak about your feelings, emotions, and wants.

2. You struggle expressing yourself emotionally

Those who have type C personality face extreme difficulty in recognizing their own emotions. While others may judge a type C as an emotionless and rock-hearted person, they fail to understand the reality.

Type C people do have emotions and feelings but they are very private about it. They don’t make impulsive decisions based on their feelings.

To keep themselves away from emotional controls and illogical or illusionary decisions, type Cs develop a habit of suppressing their true emotions.

Suppressing one’s emotion definitely has its own negative consequences, it affects the relationships and mental health of the person.

Moreover, if you don’t express your own emotions, it becomes difficult for you to understand other people’s emotions. This is the same case with C type personality.

Further, the pile-up of emotions can result in lower immunity, high levels of cortisol, and increased stress.

3. You try to avoid conflicts

You might find conflicts worthless and a waste of time. But avoiding conflicts where it is necessary would lead to a build-up of negative emotions within yourself.

C type personalities have a tendency to avoid conflict as much as possible which is why they express the same feelings through passive aggression instead of being direct about it. 

Just because you don’t agree with a proposal does not mean that you are being rude or you are initiating a conflict.

Different people have different choices and it is not always necessary to share something in common with your surroundings.

Most importantly, it is always crucial to have healthy conflicts because they can help you reach a decision that is viewed from all perspectives. All relationships rise higher after a few healthy conflicts, and you will too.

4. You are TOO perfection-oriented

Seeking perfection is alright. It’s good that a type C personality looks for facts and logical details.

Type C people can spend hours chasing perfection but the real question is whether it is at all possible to achieve full perfection.

To attain perfection is again an impractical and illogical fancy, which type C people don’t realize. The more you try to do everything perfectly, the more you get addicted to the concept of perfection which in reality, is extremely subjective.

Everyone has a different definition of perfection and you cannot always expect yourself to meet everybody’s benchmark.

In your hunt for perfection, you might often ignore other valuable things in life. The constant state of not achieving the “100%” may also put you in a state of depression and frustration. This is going to have a negative impact on your future growth.

Hence, instead of trying too hard to achieve the super-fancy “perfection”, do what is sufficient and best, leave the rest for the next time.

5. You always think negative

Preparing yourself for the worst-case scenario is not wrong but expecting the worst outcomes all the time leads to a negative thought process.

The Pessimistic tendencies are going to affect your growth. Fixating more upon such negative imaginations will further create unnecessary anxiety and depression in you.

The tendency to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenarios beforehand is actually going to negatively influence your strength to cope up with sudden challenges.

Not all difficulties come with a prior warning. You should have the strength and presence of mind to face such challenges.

These were some of the most prominent weaknesses of type-c personalities. Now let’s take a look at other common weaknesses that they have:

Other Weaknesses

1. They worry a lot about progress.

2. They hesitate while socializing.

3. They have complex behavior.

4. They might be too specific about their approaches.

5. C type people spend a lot of time alone.

6. They see the glass half empty.

7. They research too much time to develop trust in something.

8. Not every activity is going to interest C type personalities and hence it is difficult for them to enjoy it with friends and family.

Next up, we are going to discuss the fears and dislikes of type C personalities.

Type C Personality Fears or Dislikes

While a few things might excite and motivate type C personality, there are a few things that can irritate them badly.

To be honest, type C personalities get irritated pretty easily. Let’s take a look at the things that can turn off these individuals almost instantly.  

1. They don’t like uncontrolled emotions.

2. They don’t like impractical and irrational facts.

3. They don’t like selfish people’s company.

4. Type C people will not approve of anything out of control or order.

5. Type C people don’t like to get distracted.

Type C people are very particular about information, logic, planning, perfection, and so on. Missing out on these can disturb their mental peace and lead to other negative thoughts. A bad routine or schedule can also spoil their mood.

Apart from these, type C personalities don’t like multitasking. They believe in focusing on one thing at a time. Trying to achieve too many things at one time can hamper their performance and deprive them of their very special “perfection”.

After the list of things or traits that disturb type C personality, it’s time to see what can charge them up.

Type C Personality Motivators

C type personalities get motivated by quality, rational, and logical things in life. They love accuracy and preciseness.

These people get truly impressed if you can present them with accurate information and valuable facts. In fact, anything that can assure them logic, is definitely going to drive their interest.

Type C people love to help others in times of need. They love to hear appreciation for their work as they put a lot of effort in achieving perfection.

It’s not about seeking public recognition; it is just that type C people get motivated when their effort is supported by others.

Apart from these, meeting satisfactory outcomes also motivates type C people.

After having been through the strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and characteristics of type C personality, you must want to know about how these traits affect their Physical Health.

Type C Personality Physical Health

Physical health of type C personality is endangered to various types of illnesses including cancer. This is mainly because of stress and their nature of suppressing emotions.

You might have heard that type C personality has a higher risk of developing cancerous symptoms.

While there is no direct medical proof of the fact that type C personality has a higher risk of developing cancer, there is some characteristic evidence that explains the risk.

Type C personalities have certain characteristics that result in a higher risk of developing cancer. For example, repressed or suppressed emotions can disturb the mental as well as physical health of a person.

Accumulating unexpressed feelings disrupts the immune system that can put them at a higher risk of cancer.

Type C personalities often end up facing a lot of stress in their relationships which again originates from suppressed feelings and emotions. The stress is definitely going to have a negative impact on their life.

It causes hormonal disbalance in the body, which means the person is going to be susceptible to diseases including cancer.

For more details, I have tried to derive a direct relationship between personality C and Cancer below.

Relationship between Personality C and Cancer

Even though there is no research that can absolutely claim the risk, here are some reasons that can explain the relationship between personality C and cancer.

1. Unhealthy lifestyle

Living a stressful life can often imply that the person has developed a habit of intoxication or addiction to intoxicants. Smoking, drinking, and other toxic habits can definitely give rise to dangerous diseases such as cancer.

2. Stress

Type C personality is not a stressful type of personality, but the fact that they are deep thinkers and they suppress their feelings leads to an increased level of stress.

Due to the emotional repression, there are chances that they might adopt unhealthy lifestyles.

Nearly 80% of Cancer results from smoking and drinking habits and other unhealthy living patterns of people. Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) studies have also shown a direct relationship between stress and cancer.

3. Pessimistic lifestyle

A Pessimistic life makes you feel devoid of day-to-day enjoyment and entertainment.

Not having enough entertainment and fun in one’s life will obviously increase stress and anxiety. Such people also suffer from a particular type of neoplasia.

All these habits can have an indirect influence on the physical health of type-c personalities and they develop a higher risk of cancer.

So, if you are a Type-C, you need to adopt a healthy thinking and living pattern that can save both mental and physical health.

Studies and preventive measures

The discoveries have not just listed the risks of developing these diseases, but they have also come up with some preventive measures that can help prevent the risk of such diseases.

Those who have already been impacted by the disease can reduce its impact by following a certain lifestyle.

You can start by seeking an appointment with a psycho-oncology. Since cancer is a type of disease that has a lot to do with the behavioral patterns and emotional health of a person’s life, meeting psycho-oncology is absolute.

Doctors provide the patients with constant guidance. They understand the psychological changes and help the patients with a speedy recovery.

Having said that, just because you are a type C personality does not mean that you will develop such diseases. This was just to warn you from the general observations.

Other than physical health, you also need to pay attention to your emotional health. Perform activities that entertain and interest you because that is going to keep you happy. Happiness gives birth to hope and it is the key to fighting all types of diseases.

If the pent-up emotions and feelings can have such a huge impact on their physical health, no doubt type C people go through a lot of difficulties while trying to cope up with their mental health as well.

For a detailed understanding, I’ve discussed the mental health challenges of type C personality below.

Type C Personality Mental Health

The reason for mental depression in type C personalities is pent-up feelings of aggression and desires that they fail to express.

We have already seen how a type C personality develops a stressful and hectic lifestyle. Fixating on negative outcomes builds a state of hopelessness in them.

The hopelessness can severely impact their performance in various aspects of their life. Type C people face difficulty in expressing their true emotions and they instead start suppressing them.

The pent-up feelings of anger and aggression lead to depressive and frustrating thoughts. This leads to the Type-Cs feeling lonely, disappointed and unaccepted.

Needless to say, these things are definitely going to have a negative impact on the emotional and mental health of type C people. They might become hopeless and give up easily.

However, it’s completely unfair to see such a brilliant personality losing hope. Thus, it is advised to see a therapist if you’re always clouded with negative and destructive thoughts.  

Since a type C person has a good eye for logic and facts, he or she is going to readily follow the advice of their therapist and will also possess a great chance of recovery.

Next, you may take a look at the work habits of type C personality.

Type C Personality at Work

Type C people are great at maintaining a balance between their personal and professional life. They are very hardworking and sincere individuals. They seem to take calculative decisions and prove to be valuable assets for the committed organization. 

We all behave differently at workplaces as compared to our personal lives. While someone can be excellent in their work-life, they might be going through a troublesome period on the personal front.

This is because they know how to maintain a balance between work and personal life. Type C personalities are quite similar.

1. Determined professionals

Type C people are detail-oriented, well-organized, and extremely determined to their work because they like to achieve perfection.

They prepare themselves for all the upcoming challenges and also keep a backup plan ready in case of testing time. These people tend to control their emotions and keep longing for pleasurable activities.

2. Good control over emotions

They filter their emotional expressions so it becomes hard to tell what they are actually feeling. Type C people are very particular about what they display in public and what they are in their private life.

No, they are not double-faced, if that’s what you are thinking. They are just trying to maintain a healthy difference between their professional life and their personal life.

3. They analyze outcomes

One of the most dominant work habits of Type-C personality is calculating and analyzing outcomes. They keep measuring the outcome and comparing it with the desire to help brainstorm the path ahead.

4. They are resourceful

Type C people are very resourceful assets for their organizations. They are deep thinkers and so tend to analyze a situation from all corners before reaching the final conclusion.

They have the patience and capacity to break down all the facts and contribute value to the firm.

5. They are TOO good for their firm

These hardworking and talented individuals are too good to be challenged in their professional life. Type C personalities can promise excellent growth to their organization.  

Other than that, Type-Cs prefer jobs that comply with their terms, conditions, expectations, and security. This allows them to prioritize their work and establish clear boundaries between professional and personal lives.

6. Take stress at work

The only flaw that they might have in the workplace is that they take stress when they prepare themselves for the worst outcomes. This might be good for their work life, but it definitely leaves a negative impact on their health.

Other qualities of type C personality in the work field are that they are genuine, honest, hardworking, clever, smart, creative, logical, rational, organized, disciplined, and detail-oriented.

After all this, one thing is for certain that type C people are brilliant in their professional life. If you want to know about the ideal roles suitable for type C personality, it’s coming right below!

Type C Personality Ideal Roles

There are particular roles that can be best performed by a certain personality. Here are the best-suited roles for Type C people.

1. Fair judgment

As we already know Type C people are best at digging facts and evidence; they are great at making fair and just decisions.

2. Executors

Type C people don’t just plan the best, they also execute their plans perfectly ensuring desired outcomes. They follow rational and scientific strategies to execute their plans instead of daydreaming.

3. Leaders

Type C personalities can prove to be excellent leaders because of their creative problem-solving methods and brilliant decision-making qualities.

The fact that they are flawless with research work also contributes to them being successful leaders.

4. Innovators

C types are miraculous innovators; they think out-of-the-box and brainstorm creative solutions to solve problems. Most times, these solutions also seem to work.

Now that we already know about the ideal rules suitable for type C personality, let us find out what professions are best suited for this particular personality type.

Type C Personality Ideal Job list

The list below contains all the major types of jobs that are best suitable for type C personalities. However, it does not claim that a type C person is going to be suitable for all of the jobs enclosed here.

The list has been compiled based on the general observations of their traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

1. Research scientist

2. Game designer

3. Data analyst

4. Pilot

5. Programmer

6. Artist

7. Actuary

8. Musician

9. Forecaster

10. Troubleshooter

11. Critic

12. Investigator

13. Professor

14. Technical support

15. Financial Analyst

16. Architect

17. Mechanical Engineer

18. Software Engineer

19. Auditor

20. Inventor

21. Chemical Engineer

22. Administrator

23. Director of Engineering

All these jobs require a significant amount of research, logical thought process, calculative approach, innovation, and precision. This is exactly why Type-Cs will serve these job roles like no other.

For more information, you can look into type C personality tests and other names for type C personality.

Type C Personality Tests and their other names

The list will help you with the other names of personality tests and type C personalities.

Personality Tests & ApproachesType C Personality Name
HippocratesMelancholic (bodily humor: black bile)
DISCC; indirect/controlling
Biblical characterMoses
Cartoon/comic charactersLinus (from Peanuts) / Eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh)

If you’ve found a Type-C in your inner circle, I’m sure the next topic will prove to be extremely useful for you.

Communicating with a C Personality

It is a great idea to be prepared with the right strategies to communicate with the type-c personality before actually indulging in a conversation. This will help you in striking engaging conversations with a type C person.

1. Keep your tone formal

The first thing here is that you must have a formal language or accent of speaking, more like a business accent.

2. Appreciate their intellect and be a good learner

You must make an effort to appreciate the expertise and intellectuality of type C people while talking to them.

They will come up with several new ideas and information during the conversation and they might be in a mood to educate you on some of those topics. You need to be a good listener if you wish to communicate effectively with a Type-C.

3. Start the conversation on a familiar topic

C type personalities cannot talk about foreign things; topics on which they don’t have sufficient knowledge. So, make sure you choose your topic of conversation wisely.

4. Speak with clarity

Never make the mistake of putting across your points in a twisted manner with a Type C. Make sure that you speak with clarity and precision and remain quiet if you aren’t sure about certain things.

Pleasing type C people is a challenging task and if you showcase an illogical approach, you are only going to make the situation worse.

But some tricks can help you meet the best side of the type C personality. Keep reading to uncover them.

How to get the best out of Type C Personality

If you have discovered that you are working with Type C, following a few things from the below list can help you derive the best out of them.

Type C people are very success-oriented, outcome-driven, and hard-working. Learning about their positive and negative habits will help you analyze your performance from up close.

However, below are some methods that can be tried if you wish to see an outstanding performance by type C.

1. Provide detailed instructions for work

You must know that type C people get motivated to do work that has authentication and proven facts. They will not prefer working on a project that lacks sufficient evidence.

This means you need to provide these people with clear information if you want to derive the best from their excellent decision-making skills.

Giving them clear instructions about work is another way of motivating them. However, remember that Type-c people are sensitive to criticism in their workplace.

Since they always put their boost foot forward, they don’t like being criticized upfront. Criticism demoralizes type C candidates.

2. Ensure their comfort

Give them the freedom to make their own decisions. Have faith in type C personality’s decisions because their outcomes will make it all worth it.

Don’t forget to appreciate their efforts because type C people put their heart and soul into their work.

Do thorough research before engaging in any sort of debate with Type C people.  At least, by now you already know type C would be double prepared with the answers.

That was a lot of information on type C personality.

But do you still feel confused on whether or not you belong to the type C category? Don’t worry, Here is a quick exercise that can help you determine your personality type.

How to recognize you are Type C Personality?

If you want to determine your own personality type and recognize whether or not you are a type C personality, you are at the right place!

Understanding one’s own personality type can be a little tricky. Identifying and grouping all your characteristics can leave you baffled.

To understand whether or not you belong to a certain type of personality, you need to learn about different personality styles. To your surprise, you can also be a mixture of two different personality types too.

So, take out a pen and paper and write the answers to all the questions written below. IF you answer most in “Yes” then you are one of the Type-Cs!

1. Do I work really hard to achieve my goals?

2. Do I face difficulty in expressing my desires and feelings?

3. Do I often feel frustrated or helpless? Why?

4. Do I have a tendency to control my environment?

5. Do I spend a lot of time hunting for perfection?

6. Do I get along with people usually, but prefer to spend my time alone?

7. Do I tend to accumulate aggressive feelings?

8. Do I research and think a lot about logic and facts?

9. Do I like to work alone?

10. Do I try my best to help others, even if it hinders my work, mental health, or physical health?

Since you already know about all the traits of type C personality, answering these questions can definitely help you with your final answer.

You may go through other types of personality details as well to learn whether or not you are a mix of another type of personality.


What can you do if you are a Type C Personality?

If you are a type C personality, firstly, I’m really proud of you… you’re such an amazing person! The fact that you are logical and calculating means that you live a very balanced life.

The run to achieve perfection can be a great boon to improve your own personality.

However, there are areas where you need to focus if you want to improve your personality further.

1. Start expressing what you feel

There are training centers that help you learn how to express your feelings, desires, and other types of emotions.

You must have the confidence to communicate your necessities, wants, and desires. You should be able to say a NO if someone requests you for help and you are preoccupied with some other business.

Speaking your mind is going to solve half of your difficulties in life.

2. Value yourself

It is understood that you value facts, logical calculations, and rational thought processes. But have you ever thought about why you value those things?

If these things give you some personal benefit and enjoyment in life, well and good. But if you are doing this just for the sake of living a perfect life, you’re headed in the wrong direction.

You should learn to value your own expectations from life. Start living your days to the fullest and enjoy every moment. In the end, it will be just you and your memories… and want to go to the grave with bad memories?

3. Visit a therapist if you’re depressed

If you are feeling stressed out and suppressed feelings are taking a toll on you, it is time that you seek a mental therapist. Nobody is trying to call you a fool.

The think-piece has very well established the fact that type C personality is one of the most intelligent types of personality.

You are being advised to seek therapy because that will help you grow your personality further by using several techniques like meditation or Yoga.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

All the various characteristics, traits, and habits of this personality have proven that type C people are competent professionals and wonderful human beings.

They prove to be a helping hand for all their loved ones and a valuable asset for their organization. They maintain an impeccable balance in their personal as well as professional life by avoiding overflow of emotions.

These intelligent people have a beautiful heart to help those in need. Yes, there are a few things about which Type-C people fall behind, but the fact that this perfect personality has some flaws makes them all the more perfect!

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