So, you’re here to know about omega male vs alpha male comparison and want to know how each is similar or different from the other…

One of them reins Vox Day’s hierarchy, while the other is at the bottom. To be honest, if anyone is aware of the hierarchy, they can’t NOT be interested in this comparison!

After all, there’s a huge hype about alpha men… while people usually look down on omegas. So, this think-piece is ready to quench your thirst and help you understand the reason behind the hype.

C’mon, let’s get right into it!

Omega Male vs Alpha Male

The omega male personality is often considered the complete opposite of alphas. Some say they are undesirable to women. Others believe they are full of negative traits because the alphas are the best.

But whether these assumptions are true or not, let’s know from a quick glance here!

 Omega MaleAlpha Male
SimilaritiesThey’re both confident men.They make great conversations.They’re empathetic.They’re full of honesty and sincerity.They have a great sense of humor.
DifferencesThey’re introverted.They’re extroverted.
 They want to neither follow nor lead. They want no responsibility.They’re born leaders.
 They don’t maintain their appearances.They are conscious of their fitness and appearance.
 They can’t attract partners easily.They’re often surrounded by many prospective partners.
 People assume they’re unambitious.They have clear goals.
 They conceal their achievements.They humbly exhibit their power.
 They’re naturally charismatic.They attract people with their possessions.
 They are gentle in romance.They’re seductive in relationships.
 They ignore others’ opinions.Their position depends on others.
 They’re non-competitive.They want to be at the top.

The differences are too vast and detailed. So, a single sentence may not spill the actual truth. So, let’s dive in deeper!

1. They both radiate confidence

A man with an omega personality is known to be confident despite his position in the socio-hierarchy. People might look down on him. But he knows better than to feel bad about himself.

He knows what he is and is content with his life. This is where he gains all that confidence. Whether people praise him or not, he’s aware of his capabilities.

His confidence doesn’t get affected by humiliation. Even if the world laughs at him, these men will smile and walk ahead confidently.

On the other hand, an alpha male is also confident. But it’s more based on others’ validation and acceptance. These men are constantly in the limelight and get all the attention.

Their confidence is much more radiant than an omega male. But it’s only because people can rely on them more. They don’t want to seem under confident as leaders.

2. Both are great conversation makers

Men with omega male personalities are great conversationalists because of their deep thoughts. They are interested in serious and intellectual topics.

They can talk about those for hours at a stretch. They are ready to debate interesting things at any time.

However, these men can’t stand small talk. So, even if someone breaks the ice with shallow conversations, they can’t partake in it equally. These conversations either end with awkward silences or they try to change it into something deeper.

In the end, if the other person has similar tastes, they’ll have a great time. If they don’t, it won’t end well.

On the flip side, alpha males are also good at making conversations. They are amazing at both communicating and listening.

They try to make conversations interesting for the other person. They don’t focus on their individual interests only. It makes them proficient in both deep and shallow convos.

3. Both of them are filled with empathy

Both omega and alpha men are known to be empathetic. They both can feel others’ emotions as if it’s their own.

When someone seeks them for advice or vents their heart out to them, they know exactly what they mean. They might not express that out loud but they genuinely understand.

They both try to be considerate of the other’s emotions. They avoid saying anything that might hurt them.

They can put themselves in their shoes perfectly. With that, they come up with suitable advice to deal with the situations. Their ideas are great as they consider the most life complications and emotional circumstances of the other person.

They are both emotionally intelligent which helps them deal with people appropriately. During testing times, they never overstep their bounds.

4. Both men are honest and sincere

The omega man is content with himself. So, he never tries to pretend to be someone he isn’t or hide his true self. He knows people judge him for being at the bottom of the social hierarchy. But that won’t make him conceal any truth about himself.

Suppose he’ll appear for an interview and hasn’t made any huge progress professionally. He’ll say it as it is and won’t cover up with a sob story. If he didn’t get good grades in college, he won’t give tragic excuses.

In his love life, he won’t pretend to be a mighty man to his crush. Even if that leads to a rejection, he doesn’t mind. He’s a sincere man that wants to build a life based on honesty.

Similarly, an alpha male is also honest. But it applies more when he advises others. He isn’t brutally honest, but he tries to be generous and understanding.

5. Both possess great sense of humor

The omega man knows how to have fun in life. He isn’t a boring geek that always just talks about science, the universe, life, or similar things. He plays pranks on others and even makes jokes about himself.

This dude doesn’t feel shy to make others laugh at his own expense. You can tell how down-to-earth he is.

He uses his sense of humor to cheer others up and get over serious situations. If you know an omega man, he’ll make you forget about your worries even if your anxiety kept you up the previous night.

Similarly, the alpha male has a great sense of humor… but it’s a bit different. He won’t crack a joke about himself or play pranks on others. However, he uses humor as a defense mechanism. So, if someone tries to insult him, he takes it as a joke and shows off his confidence.

6. Omega men are introverted while alpha men are extroverted

An omega male is an introvert down to his core. Socializing tires him out and he feels more comfortable being on his own. You’ll never see him at an event unless there’s a close one with him. Even if he attended one, he’ll stay low to avoid the limelight.

He won’t make friends with anyone if he can’t trust them. He won’t even have acquaintances. Instead, he believes in having a tight circle that cares for him.

He won’t even make his loved ones spend more time with him. He’ll rather play video games by himself at home instead of being with everyone else. Rather, he’s content being on his own.

But alpha males are social beings and love to be surrounded by people. They are outgoing and try to grab the spotlight by all means. They become the spirit of any party.

These men feel self-conscious and left out if they don’t get invited to an event. They have a tribal mentality and want to extend their social circle.

7. Omega men don’t want any responsibility while alphas are the leaders

An omega man’s desires for independence are so strong that he hurts his relationships. He’s not easy to settle down like a sigma male.

In his professional life, he doesn’t want to be a leader or a follower. Rather, he’s interested in working solo or as a freelancer.

In his personal life, his family, romantic, and platonic relationships often get messed up. It’s all because he doesn’t want others to advise him.  He wants to choose for himself and build his own life without interference.

But an alpha male is born to be a leader. He desires to be at the top of the hierarchy and guide others. In his personal life, he takes charge of everything while others enjoy a laid back and relaxing moment.

Professionally, he’s a strict leader and guides everyone to perfection. He believes that giving others a better life and leading them to progress is his purpose.

8. Omega men aren’t conscious about appearances unlike alpha men

Though the omega man isn’t ugly, he’s considered the least attractive of all men. However, it IS his fault because he won’t take care of his appearance at all.

He’s so busy thinking about deep and intellectual things that he pays no heed to himself. His hair is a mess, the stubble is unkempt, his clothes aren’t pressed, and only he knows when he last took a shower or washed his clothes.

He believes his physical appearance mustn’t matter so long as he is intelligent and has a golden heart. But he gets judged and faces many troubles in both his professional and romantic life.

However, the alpha male understands the essence of looking good. He takes care of his physical appearance, body language, and posture. Recruiters and lovers have a better opinion of him because he takes care of himself.

9. Omegas struggle to attract partners unlike alpha males

The omega man is an introvert and hardly ever socializes. So, he doesn’t know how to strike up a conversation with a stranger. So, if he gets a crush on someone but they aren’t in his social circle, he’ll struggle.

He doesn’t even know how to behave around women to attract them. He might even get cold feet and give up without approaching them at all.

For him, the start of a romantic relationship will often be hard. Unless the partner overlooks his limited social skills, it’s not possible. But at least he’ll only attract someone that’ll see him for him.

But an alpha male is the best flirt in the hierarchy. He knows how to grab his romantic interest’s attention and can seduce them perfectly.

He’s also powerful, successful, and authoritative which attracts partners easily. However, it’s a pity that he attracts a lot of superficial partners.

10. Omega men might seem like their goals are unclear compared to alpha males

Omega males have a deep desire to seek new and creative opportunities. They can’t stick to the same field of profession or academics for too long.

They also get bored easily and often seek new challenges. If their profession doesn’t challenge them, they often want to try something new.

So, people often assume that omega men are scattered brains or unambitious. Their drive to know more often becomes the highlight while job security and growth take the backseat.

Companies aren’t certain if they’ll stay in the long run. This also impacts their personal life because their family members feel insecure. 

But an alpha male has clear goals and invests his time in them. He works hard to reach the pinnacle of success at work and provide a quality life to their loved ones. They’re reliable and won’t leave their job due to sudden whims.

11. Omega males are humble while alpha males humbly reeks of power

The omega man might not have a steady goal in mind. But they also achieve great things. However, they are humble and choose to not brag about it.

Even if they win and become the best, they never make it public. Sometimes, they don’t even share it with their loved ones. But people often assume that he has nothing to boast about.

But he only wants to make everyone feel equal. He doesn’t want to highlight his flourishing career or life and unintentionally hurt someone.

On the other hand, alpha males are also humble… but not as much as an omega male. He may not celebrate his accomplishments on Facebook. But he won’t completely hide it either.

He might treat his friends for his raise or pamper himself and get a complete makeover. He’ll somehow show that something good happened and wait until you ask him!

12. Omega males aren’t attractive yet naturally charismatic but alpha males charm everyone with their possessions

As mentioned before, omega men suck at taking care of their appearances. They get judged and called ugly because of their lack of self-care.

However, they still get a lot of attention from the people around them. This is solely because he’s a kind, empathetic and non-judgmental man.

They are introverted and don’t want any attention on them. But they still get attention when they enter a room. This is usually because they shared a lot of positivity around them before and made a great impression.

But an alpha male’s charm is solely based on his looks and seductive characteristics. People pay attention to him because of his manly physique, outgoing personality, blooming career and fortune, and security. Without these traits, people probably won’t pay much attention to him.

13. Omega men are gentle lovers but alpha males are sensual lovers

In romantic relationships, the omega man prioritizes his lover’s comfort and peace. He isn’t all about seduction and sex and wants to make them feel good. When he meets his partner in a while, he helps them relax with sweet memories.

If he gets the space, he pampers them with a massage or a cuddle. He’ll welcome them home with a warm hug and a fleeting kiss. He will never let his carnal desires snatch the spotlight. He’ll rather try hard to create a soft and romantic ambiance.

While an alpha male’s relationship includes a lot of seduction. He won’t force his partner into non-consensual sex and even treats them right with a lot of foreplay.

He is also gentle with them but sex is more frequently on his mind. He’s not a sex-crazed beast 24/7 but this is his way of treating his partner.

14. Omega males don’t care about others’ opinions but alpha males don’t have any option

Men with omega male traits never paid any attention to others’ opinions… even if it’s their close friends. They always lived on their own terms. They care about others’ validation. His opinions matter to him much more than others’ insults. People can hardly pull his spirits down.

But an alpha man has no option because he’s the leader of the pack. His position is to protect everyone else. So, if he doesn’t abide by the rules and satisfy others, his throne might get taken away.

15. Omega men aren’t competitive unlike alpha men

The omega man is completely content with his achievements in life. He doesn’t compete to reach a better position at work or get a high-value woman. He’ll rather be himself and never get influenced by the competing men around them.  He doesn’t want to dominate in any area of his life.

But an alpha male is just the opposite. He wants to be the top dog everywhere. He wants to be the best at work and the best any woman can desire. He doesn’t feel good about himself unless everyone looks up to him.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Before you judge either of these men based on the comparison, wait. Don’t make any mistake while judging these men in reality. Human personality is flexible and depends a lot on their life experiences. So, don’t unfairly judge them and give them the opportunity to prove themselves.

The piece only describes the theoretical differences between the personalities and reality can be different. So, take time to make the right move!

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