So, you want to know the pros and cons of being a beta female? Perhaps, you just took some personality tests? Did people tell you beta females are an inferior type?

Well, fret not because that’s a false notion!

Darling, mark my words you’re wonderful and your personality is one of the best. And I’ll help you believe that any moment.

C’mon, let’s skip to the fun part! 

Pros of being a beta female

Honestly, I feel you give yourself much less credit than you deserve. Partly because you’re not aware of your powers… and partly because people drag your spirits down.

But enough of that already… c’mon, let’s check the reasons to feel confident!

1. You’re responsible at work

Your beta female personality traits make you a responsible woman at work. You are extremely serious about your job and never take your duties lightly. Your performance is not as impressive as sigma or alpha women’s. But you are sincere toward your tasks.

You don’t seek help to complete your tasks and can independently tackle any task. You never expect any kind of help from others. Even if you are in a group, you don’t seek help so long you can do it alone.

2. You always share insightful ideas

You always have the best advice on your mind. Whether it’s for yourself, a loved one, a co-worker, or whoever else.

It doesn’t matter if you know this person for your entire life or only a few months. You know what will help them out of the worst situation.

This is because you stay quiet and observe people and understand their needs. You know what can make others happy and how they must reach their goals.

You are so wise that people also refer to you as a guru or grandma.

3. You know leadership isn’t for you and don’t let others put you down

You are more of a “follower” rather than the “leader”. You don’t want to take the responsibility of an entire team because that’s overwhelming.

You have leadership qualities but you choose to follow the leader. You just aren’t interested in guiding others because that’s extremely exhausting.

But most people don’t understand that and read between the lines. They assume that it’s because you’re “inferior” so you didn’t have the option or chance to lead. You don’t let such people drag down your spirits.

4. You mindfully resolve others’ issues

You are an absolutely wonderful peacemaker. You can help others resolve their troubles with each other. You are emotionally intelligent and can understand others’ needs without making a big deal out of everything.

You can help others communicate things and understand each other’s perspectives. You like peace and will help them get that and avoid unnecessary drama.

Anywhere you go, you’re like the referee and stop stupid fights and follow the adult’s way. You don’t let conflicts get to you. You also play fair even if you must call out a close one on their foul play.

5. You can care for your loved ones perfectly

You are like a mother to everyone around you… whether it’s a sibling, friend, or even a partner. If your sibling is angry at their best friend, you help them deal with their emotions.

If your partner is sick, you nurse them back to health. If your best friend just broke up, you stay up all night patting her back while she whines.

Even if their parents aren’t around, people see their mom in you. It warms their heart and they cherish you till the moon and back.

6. Everyone respects you for being loyal

If your siblings break the curfew, you make sure they are home safely but never complain to your parents. If your friend shares a dark secret, it goes to the grave with you. Your family and friends can’t appreciate any less how much they can trust you.

On the other hand, in your relationships, once you find your beloved, you don’t seek attention elsewhere. Your partner feels secure and is grateful to you for loving them so much.

7. You always know about others’ troubles

You are empathic or sensitive to people’s energy around you. You can read a room even before people explain things.

Even if someone hides their troubles from you, you know when something is off. You even get a rough idea behind the reason.

Since you understand others’ emotions well, you don’t hurt others often. You care a lot about people’s feelings and this saves you from upsetting others.

You can, especially, avoid saying hurtful things and help them have a better day.

8. You’re driven to improve this world

You know that the world isn’t fair to everyone and you want to fix it. You wish to make society a better place and help out destitute people. You are pretty sensitive about the issue in your community or on a global level.

But unlike most people, you don’t just lament in your living room about it. You take solid decisions and steps to make a change for the better. You might volunteer in shelters, be associated with NGOs, or partake in charity galas.

9. Intellectually, you’re no less than an alpha

Unlike popular opinion, you are both book-smart and street-smart. Some people belittle your intelligence because of the “beta” position. I really wonder what would happen if they took personality tests!

They assume you’re dumb because “why can’t you get the first place?” They don’t even think that the ranks don’t judge intelligence alone.

In reality, you’re as good as the alpha personalities. You’re not just good at academics and work. You are equally knowledgeable about the latest fashion, the coolest concert in the town, and places to have fun and relax.

10. You can be happy with the least in relationships

Owing to your personality type, you don’t need a lot to be happy in love. You don’t want a billionaire to take care of you. You’re career-oriented and have enough to take care of your needs.

Rather, you need the bare minimum in love due to your hopeless romanticism. You don’t want fine dining at a 5-star restaurant. Rather, you’ll feel even more loved to cook together with each other’s favorites. A common flower, breakfast in bed, and handwritten notes alone can make you happy.

11. But you know your worth

You don’t demand a lot of love, but that doesn’t mean you’ll take anyone that wants you. You know your worth and won’t let anyone treat you less. You only have a basic demand in love and that’s a serious and traditional relationship.

You’re not a fan of casual hookup culture and modern dating. Even if you don’t find the one fast, you won’t enter casual relationships just because you’re lonely.

To you, your dignity comes first and you never compromise. Even if people treat you like an outcast for that, you don’t care.

12. You have high morals

You are pretty loyal to your loved ones. You might help your best friend get revenge on their two-timing man. Or, you might help your sibling hide the fact that they were out past curfew.

But that never implies that you support that. Instead, you talk sense to them after the deed is done. You make sure that they can tell apart right from wrong.

You’re in tune with your spiritual side and can’t accept anything wrong. Even if it means being the uncool one and standing out, you do that. 

13. You might be quite confident deep inside

Some beta females are insecure about being treated like a second choice. But most of them choose to be a background character and are pretty content with that fact.

It’s unknown who you are, but you’re probably the confident type. You don’t care about validation and know how wonderful you are by yourself.

You don’t like public appreciation and want to be congratulated privately. You’re confident that your value doesn’t depend on others’ opinions about you.

14. Your honesty never hurts others

Suppose, there’s a conflict with someone or they face a problem due to their own fault. You don’t ever try to tear them down with brutal honesty. Rather, you believe in the gentle approach even if it’s their worst mistake.

You sugarcoat your words so that others don’t feel hurt. People can feel demoralized from criticism and rejection and you won’t cause that to anyone.

You’d rather keep their spirits high so they try harder to avoid such mistakes. You try to understand others instead of assuming the worst about them.

15. You’re never impractical

Society says women are emotional beings, so they can’t make crucial decisions. You are a living example that the world knows nothing because of a deep thinker. You only ever make logical decisions and never let your emotions interfere.

Even in your relationships, you don’t hurt your loved ones because of your emotions. If you fight, you communicate based on practical thoughts. You won’t unnecessarily drag things out and focus on settling things.

If it’s with a colleague, you don’t waste time on the blame game and prioritize solving the issue.

16. You brim with creativity

You have massive creative energy and you can use it in any area of your life. For instance, if there’s a stubborn problem at work, you propose out-of-the-box and over-the-top plans to fix things. You have great artistic skills, so you’re more inclined to work in an artsy industry.

Or, if your child needs to create an art project, you can help them out with your unique plans. If you want to revamp your room or furniture, you already have ideas and don’t need professional help.

17. You’re a fashion diva

You don’t just get creative with your personal, academic, and professional projects. You can also use that in your wardrobe. You create the most trendy outfits and it boosts your confidence like nothing else.

You don’t just hoard cute outfits and jewelry but know exactly how to dress for every occasion. Your overall looks make a statement wherever you go. You make the perfect impression on others whether you’re on a date or appearing for an interview.

18. You never hurry before decisions

Before you make important decisions, you calm your mind. You block out all the hurries and panics because you know it won’t help. Instead, you prepare to take all the time to make it work out.

You don’t let others’ rush get to your head. You want to decide the best for yourself and the concerned people, and you focus on that alone. You think deeply and long about the matter to avoid any mistakes. 

19. You’re a helpful soul and everyone loves you

Everyone loves and appreciates you for your compassionate nature. They try to pay you back for your kindness or pray to the Almighty for your best.

This is because you never hesitate to help others. If you see a stranger in trouble, you’ll reach out despite your introversion. You don’t mind striking a convo to inquire if they need help.

If it’s a loved one, you do everything possible for them even before they ask you. You’re the kind person everyone feels grateful for but hardly gets a chance to pay back.

Hey, do you remember that I never called you flawless? Yeah, nobody is! So, stop overthinking and keep scrolling…

Cons of being a beta female

Before you freak out, take a deep breath. Everyone has flaws and your personality is no different. Don’t worry, you can work on the issues later. So, first, know the problems!

1. You’re always the background character or the second choice

You don’t like to get any attention. You choose to just merge in with the crowd because of your introversion. That’s your choice!

However, you have many cool talents even if you don’t boast about them. You’re as intelligent and pretty as alpha female personalities. However, you always come second to her everywhere. It’s all because you don’t try to steal the show.

You get ignored like you don’t even exist. Of course, that hurts but you don’t express that.

2. Your love life is pretty slow

Due to your introverted nature, you avoid crowded parties with unknown people. Even if you join in, you try to get as little attention as possible. People don’t even know you’re there which diminishes your chance of finding love.

Moreover, you like the traditional approach to love. So, even if you have a crush, you want them to make the first move. Your romantic life doesn’t begin just because you’re too shy and feminine to approach them. Probably, they didn’t even notice you yet.

3. You might suffer from poor self-esteem

There’s always this silent comparison between the alpha and beta female personality types. People don’t understand that you’re both cool and incessantly give more credit to the alpha gal.

In romantic relationships, men notice her only if the alpha woman around her turns them down. She is never a priority and always the second choice!

Sometimes, people don’t even notice your hard work because you never boast. You obviously hate it when nobody tries to understand you. This may take a major toll on your self-confidence.

4. Your impulsive shopping is a huge hurdle

One of the best ways to boost your confidence is shopping. You do it with your own money. Don’t need others’ validation or permission to do it. Since you like to feel pretty, getting new clothes, accessories, and jewelry uplifts your mood instantly.

However, you can get pretty impulsive and lose track once you start shopping. You might exhaust your savings or max out the credit card. Or, you might buy so much that you don’t have enough space. Your housemates might also be tired of all the cardboard packages.

5. You can easily get hurt

You’re sensitive and can’t handle criticism, rejection, or even a louder tone. Your tears may overflow instantly or you might become so concerned that you can’t focus on the moment.

It might keep you awake for nights. Since you don’t want to hurt others, you’ll overthink why or how you might have hurt them.

You might blame yourself repeatedly for days instead of working on yourself. This is a huge problem in your academic and professional life because people get a lot of criticism there!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Everyone has positive and negative traits… and no personality type is ever perfect. So, don’t pay attention to people’s judgmental opinions.

Embrace confidence and show the world what you’re made of. But remember, it doesn’t matter if they don’t treat you well. Pamper yourself as you like and glow from within.

If you’re concerned about your cons, steadily work on them. Meanwhile, cherish your pros and don’t neglect them.

Lastly, push all negativity out of your life and celebrate yourself!

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