Are you wondering about the pros and cons of being an alpha female? Did you recently find out that you’re an alpha woman? Are you interested in the benefits that come with the term “alpha”?

Well, congratulations on reaching this article. Here, you’ll know everything that makes you the best and even those that make you uncool.

So, just plunge in!

Pros of Being an Alpha Female

The alpha female personality is at the top of the socio-hierarchy. So, it comes with many fabulous advantages. However, make sure that you don’t expect anything excessive here…

1. Your early plans prevent wrong choices

Even before you’re close to your dreams, you have a clear vision of the goals. You plan way before time about the goals and the ways to reach them.

So, when it’s actually time to work on those, you don’t feel puzzled. You just gotta follow the plan you created.

2. You don’t give up on your goals easily

Being an alpha girl doesn’t promise that there are no setbacks for you. You also face many troubles in your life and fail more than once.

You might take a moment to curse yourself and your luck. But you never let that affect you in the long run. You know better than to give up.

3. You truly listen to others

Nobody knows this but you have good listening skills. You like getting attention but don’t make everything about the clout. When someone needs to be heard, you let them be.

Only insecure people want to steal others’ limelight and you’re not one. This eventually made you a good listener.

4. You say: “Risks? Bring it on!”

You have an adventurous bone in you, so you never back down from risks. Instead, you see them as rare opportunities and accept the challenge.

This only helps you grow much more than your peers.  With your good foresight, you also identify the profitable risks.

5. Nobody can change your mind

Your opinions aren’t the same as others. For instance, you don’t give toxic and unfaithful partners multiple chances.

You don’t show your vulnerabilities or open your heart easily to protect yourself. You’re also ambitious and might even be employed in masculine jobs.

People often try to talk you out of it. But you stick to your principles till the end!

6. There’s no hesitation when you state your mind

Owing to your alpha female traits, you never feel shy to express your mind. No matter how different you think from others, you can say it out loud.

You don’t feel insecure just because your opinions are uncommon. You don’t play games when you gotta say something and get straight to the point.

7. You’re a born leader

As an alpha female, you’re a natural leader. You know how to run a team with your intelligence, confidence, and foresight. You can help everyone in your team to grow.

However, you like to lead from within the team so everyone feels that you’re all equal. You can lead by example as you walk side-by-side. 

8. Confidence is your everyday accessory

You’re confident not just from within but it’s noticeable even in your body language. You don’t just know that you’re the best but also show that in how you conduct yourself.

You always maintain eye contact with others, have a good back and neck posture, and speak clearly.

9. Challenges make you perform better

Competition and challenges don’t make you anxious. Rather, it makes you feel even more excited because challenges make you put in more effort.

Since you like to boast about your skills, you try harder to show your power. You feel great about racking your brain to solve a situation.

10. You won’t compromise your independence

Many assume that dating an alpha female is burdensome and boring because they don’t play the “damsel-in-distress”. You’re physically, emotionally, and mentally independent even in your relationships.

Emotional dependence and deprivation lead to cheating. So, this only works for the best because you never cheat and can support yourself.

11. Toxic partners only get the middle finger from you

You know what you’re worth and won’t let anyone tell you otherwise. If your partner gaslights, manipulates, shows other toxic traits, or cheats on you, you leave their sorry a$$ by themselves.

You never beg them to return or change and move on. This is easy because there’s no emotional dependence in the relationship.

12. Your high EQ makes you the best

You’re bossy and demanding but you know your limits thanks to your high emotional intelligence. You know how your emotions can affect others.

So, you fine-tune things in a way that nobody feels hurt during their low phases. This makes you an even better leader than you already are.

13. You’re always eager for more knowledge

You always want to learn more and improve your skills. Whether it’s from formal education, fieldwork, online videos, studying in the library, or practical experiences in daily life… you accept it all.

You never turn down an opportunity to learn more. Rather, you feel excited as it helps you grow further.

14. You’re strong from inside and out

Of course, compared to men, the difference in physical strength is definitely high. So, this is nothing about that.

Instead, you’re physically and mentally strong compared to other women. You’re healthier and more headstrong and confident. No setback wavers your heart and nobody’s betrayal hurts you.

15. You’re everyone’s savior

You are a great advisor, so everyone seeks you when they’re in trouble. Even though you might not be in the mood to help others, you still find a solution for them.

You never let your loved ones down as you’re strong and dependent. Everyone feels cherished around you and you feel fulfilled after doing it.

16. Excellent communication skills make you a mediator

You never back off from conflicts and confrontations. But when others fight, you try to mediate their issues with clear communication. You understand each side and convey their thoughts.

Especially if the fight affects you somehow, you never shut down. You help them reach a fair compromise and only then resume your business.

17. You pull everyone’s spirits

Everyone feels confident around you because you inspire them. When people get close to you and know you, they desire to be more like you. They want to be your friends and learn from you.

The way you make them believe in themselves only makes them feel grateful for your efforts. 

18. You don’t feel insecure without your partner

Some women depend on their partners for happiness. If their partner can’t spend time with them, they throw a fit and act immaturely.

But you aren’t clingy at all. In fact, you know when to take and give space and don’t interfere with your partner’s life. You encourage them to chase their dreams while you feel secure.

19. You have a balanced life

If you are a working woman and also have kids, your personality traits allow you to balance everything.

Everyone believes that you’re a workaholic. But you have a healthy work-life balance, so nobody feels neglected. Your parents, partner, kids, friends, and job… nothing gets the shorter side of the stick.

20. Change doesn’t scare you

Most people feel uncomfortable about change because they don’t want to struggle all over. They’re afraid that they’ll lose the challenge in no time.

But you can deal with any unfavorable change head-on. You embrace the change and eventually succeed in life. You know better than to waste your breath by opposing it.

21. You are the best lover

You’re wary of people’s intentions, so not everyone knows you well. But you’re a great lover and your close ones know how much you cherish them.

You can go to great lengths for your loved ones. If you have a healthy relationship with your parents, you treat them the best.

22. You never claim to be flawless

Most assume that alpha women are the best and even if they have flaws they’ll hide them. But you’re not ashamed of your shortcomings.

If anyone ever mentions your flaws, you don’t feel awkward about them and deal with them sportingly. Instead, you openly accept them so you can learn skills and overcome them.

23. You never try to control

Since you’re bossy, everyone believes you want to control them. But you believe in being independent and letting people choose what they want to do.

You never force anyone to follow your lead if they have a better plan. But if their choices hurt your plans, you know how to get them off your team.

24. Men don’t intimidate you

Alpha women are known to be more active in masculine professions. So, you ought to meet more men in your courses and career. Of course, some men even look down on you for your choices.

But you never let that get to your confidence and belief in yourself. Rather you only want a mutually respectful connection with your peers.

25. All women feel better around you

Contrary to a poor misconception, alpha females don’t feel better by putting other women down. Instead, you make your fellow comrades feel more comfortable about themselves.

Once the women around you get closer, they only want to be your best friends. You have a super fun girl gang.

26. Opinions don’t affect you

“You feel better by putting the shade on other women. You’re not a family woman. You can’t love.” People always have poor opinions about you.

But you know better than to let that affect your mood. You know what you are and proudly chase your dreams and ignore trashy people.

But does the alpha label only bring ultimate happiness in your life? Let’s know that here…

Cons of Being an Alpha Female

Nobody will tell you about it but being an alpha woman has many troubles too. So, it’s better to know those and start working on them while you still have time!

C’mon, let’s dig deeper here…

1. Your intimidating vibes only get you more enemies

Due to your intimidating aura, people often feel that you look down on them. They feel judged, mocked, and disrespected. So, they try to make your life harder instead of focusing on your life. You make enemies even without doing anything for your aura.

2. People feel self-conscious and jealous when you boast

In social settings, you can’t help but share the stories of your adventures and accomplishments. But not everyone is fortunate in your circle.

Some people struggle to stabilize their life and stay low. Your boasts feel like personal attacks to them and your relationship with them worsens.

3. You’re not ready to show vulnerabilities

According to public opinion, you’re confident, feisty, and independent. Jealous people only want to find your weaknesses and attack you.

So, unless you trust the other person, you can’t be yourself in front of them. You always fear you’ll be in trouble if you share your vulnerabilities and hide your weak side.

4. Even when you’re in trouble, you don’t seek help

Alpha women are infamous for being self-sufficient. So, you can’t possibly ask for help and show that you depend on others. For you, it’s a sign of accepting defeat and being weak.

So, you’d rather worsen the situation than get support from others. This itself invites more trouble in your life.

5. No matter how balanced your life is, your career comes first

Though you balance your personal and professional life, it’s not that simple. If you have yet to succeed professionally, you don’t add distractions like a romantic relationship.

So, unless you grow and develop professionally, you won’t get into relationships. You’ll take a long time to begin a family.

6. Your cold attitude obstructs new relationships

You built a wall around your heart so that nobody can get close to you easily. Unless it’s someone close, you don’t let your guard down. You know that there are too many hyenas out there.

However, you can’t easily build precious friendships and relationships because of this.

7. Lack of thrill bores you too fast

You always want to learn something new whether it’s in the form of formal courses or thrilling situations. But life never follows the same path forever.

On some days, life is just peaceful without many incidents. You might feel super bored of those days.

8. Everyone misunderstands you

Since you’re the alpha female, people often assume that you’re flawless. When they know that you’re not, they blame you for tricking or lying to them. Or, jealous people assume the worst about you and share bad rumors.

This is backed by a 2019-study about the changing perceptions of alpha females. It’s bound to make you feel low.

9. Your loud opinions piss people off

When you know something better or know the correct version of something, you can’t keep it down. You share it so that people know things right and be perfect like you.

But they feel more offended because you “always prove them wrong”. Your close relationships become sour because of this habit.

10. The bossy attitude only makes people around you rebellious

At work or school, you’re a strict leader. To satisfy your perfectionist nature and help everyone succeed, you guide everyone even through the smallest steps.

But they just feel disrespected and belittled for it and eventually rebel against your leadership skills. If you micromanage, chaos will take over the team.

11. Being territorial may not always work in relationships

As an alpha woman, you can’t stand the sight of any prospective rivals around your romantic partner. Your territorial nature forbids them from associating with threats. But this is a sign of distrust and can destroy your relationship for good!

12. You’re too tired of helping others

Since you’re intelligent, you have a solution to every problem. So, people often seek you to help them out with advice. However, like any other human being, you aren’t always in a good mood.

But you support others even when you don’t want to as you feel fulfilled from it. You push yourself and judge your value based on that.

13. People ask you to settle for less

You can’t stand a toxic or disloyal partner and kick them out of your life without a second thought. However, women around you don’t understand your boundaries.

They often complain about how easily you give up on your relationship(s). You hate how people around you don’t understand your standards in love.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

After knowing the pros and cons, take a deep breath and calm yourself. You probably want to fix everything right away, but don’t be haphazard.

Instead, take your time registering all the information. If required, check the cons once more, so you don’t misunderstand anything.

Only then begin working on yourself with a fresh mind. Don’t pressure yourself into anything, and everything will be sorted!

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