Do you wanna know about the pros and cons of being an alpha male? Did you recently find out about your personality type? Does everyone only say you’re the best, but you don’t trust them?

Well, this think-piece will be completely transparent with you. Here, you’ll know exactly how perfect you’re perfect and what flaws your personality brings you.

So, let’s get started!

Pros of Being an Alpha Male

Being an alpha male, you probably heard way too many praises about yourself… to the point that you feel you’re on a pedestal. Well, there are definitely good reasons like these…

1. You’re stronger in one or more ways

If you’re an alpha male, you’re strong. Now, you may be strong physically, mentally, or in both ways. Being an alpha doesn’t always imply you’re a tall muscular genius.

Sometimes, it’s just one of the two. And whichever you are, it comes in handy to you for a lifetime!

2. You’re a born leader

You have leadership qualities if you are an alpha male. There is no way out of this one. Even if people don’t open up, you know exactly what they’re good at and their flaws.

So, you can assign responsibilities to others appropriately. You know who can deal with which kind of issue and balance the entire team.

3. You create goals way ahead of time

Unlike others, you don’t wait too long to plan your life. For instance, even before you got into high school, you knew what courses you’d apply for in college.

And when you’re in college, you plan what job you’ll get with what pay and the earliest time for your retirement. It prevents haphazard decisions later on.

4. And you know how to achieve those goals

You don’t only plan the goals, but you also think up different plans to make them work. You don’t depend on one plan alone for this.

Instead, you have multiple backup plans and are extremely motivated and persistent to reach your goals.

5. You inspire everyone

Being an alpha male, you are either already at the top or are still working on it. Whichever you are, your hard work inspires everyone around you.

Your subordinates look up to you and wish to be like you. Your loved ones respect you for putting so much effort into them.  

6. You get attention from women all the time

Being an alpha male makes you cool in almost everything. No matter what you do, you can make women fall for you instantly.

This allows you to have vast choices in casual dating, romantic relationships, friendships, and even business partners.

7. Confidence shows up in your body

You are confident and it shows in your body language. You stand up straight with your chin up. You make eye contact with whoever you talk to. You firmly shake hands and charm everyone with a million-dollar smile.

Everything about you shows others how confident you are about yourself.

8. You don’t let opinions affect you

You are also a human being and make mistakes. But people still put you on a pedestal. When you can’t stand up to their expectations, they say a lot about you behind your back.

They try to hurt your ego by attacking you. But you know better than to let them have the better of you.

9. You’re intelligent in everything

Whether it’s about the best library with books on genetic engineering or the place for a happening nightlife… you know everything.

You are interested in almost everything which leads to your vast knowledge. You can switch to your geeky and cool side as you desire.

10. Optimism is ingrained in your body

Despite what setback you face in life, you always focus on the brighter side. You don’t let negative thoughts overwhelm you. You can keep pushing yourself for longer.

Your optimism also gives strength to people that depend on you. They feel more at ease and can focus to fix any situation.

11. You can take care of your loved ones

You are extremely protective of your loved ones. You can sense any potential danger and stay alert. You might not tell a loved one to avoid meeting someone. But you keep tabs on them to be available and help them out whenever they need you.

12. You always take calculated risks

Most people don’t like to take risks because they’re scared of things not following the plan. But being the alpha male, you can take risks bravely because you calculate every step beforehand.

You only charge forward with a favorable risk-to-reward ratio. This increases your chances of winning way more.

13. You aren’t passive about life

You don’t let life flow in its own course or wait for opportunities. Instead, you work hard to grab the opportunities by yourself.

If things don’t follow the plan, you actively chase your dreams and make things work out. You don’t let life happen and experience every moment.

14. Your reliability makes you more of a leader

Whenever you take responsibility for a person or situation, you keep your word. You don’t leave anyone stranded halfway through and rather embrace all challenges to see it to the end.

Everyone can depend on you and feel supported by you, They become more open to accepting you as their leader.

15. You can improve yourself for the better

You are self-aware and know exactly what flaws you have. You aren’t ashamed of it and instead, you’re open to taking long-term measures to improve yourself.

Nobody can insult you by “exposing your weaknesses”. You clearly work on self-improvement all the time.

16. You can protect yourself from traitors

If you’re a true alpha male, you also know how to protect your back. You have always been extremely alert to the people around you.

So, once anyone betrays you, you know better than to give them a second chance. You don’t forgive easily and shield yourself from all kinds of harm.

17. You thrive under pressure

Under higher levels of stress, most men land with the wrong decisions. But the traits of an alpha male personality make you perform even better under high levels of pressure.

In fact, you feel more motivated in these circumstances and easily grow to be one of the most successful men.

18. You don’t need validation

You are confident on your own and know your worth. You don’t need others to remind you that you have wonderful traits.

Even if nobody compliments you and instead points out your flaws, you don’t mind. It doesn’t hurt you to the point that you’d second-guess yourself.

So, you never boast about yourself but only share stories when someone’s curious.

19. You know how to deal with bad mouthing

People have a lot to say about successful alpha males. Since you are always on the top and get privileges for being the best, they can’t shut their jealous mouths.

But, you know better than to take that personally. With your impeccable sense of humor, you often make them regret attacking you.

20. You know better than to be a nice guy

Alpha males understand that their main purpose in life is to be servant leaders. Being one, you can’t easily turn down others’ requests as you feel responsible for them.

But, you also know how and when to say “No” to others and not act like a pushover. The difference between being depended on and being used is crystal clear to you.

21. You don’t waste time by complicating conversations

When you spill the hard truth, you don’t beat around the bush. You are straightforward and upfront while giving feedback.

You don’t try to sugarcoat your words to make others at ease. This saves you time and you can convey exactly what needs to be done without going around in circles.

22. High EQ makes you a better leader

Due to your higher EQ, you are emotionally stable. In most situations, you don’t let your emotions interfere and think logically.

You understand how your emotions might affect others or a situation and control yourself. All of that makes you a way better leader material than others.

23. Everything about you charms others

Owing to your alpha male traits, you take care of your physical health, fitness, hygiene, and appearance pretty well.

This world judges human beings a lot based on their looks and that’s exactly how you conquer the world. Be it in your professional or personal life, everyone gets charmed by you.

24. A-class communication skills make you the center of attention

Whether at a board meeting or a leisurely chat with friends, you can keep everyone entertained with your communication skills.

When you talk, everyone has their eyes on you and listens intently. You know how to make even the most boring facts sound interesting and get all the limelight in all social groups.

25. You’re kind

No matter how dominant or demanding you may be, you have a kind heart. Being a leader, you see everyone as someone dependent on you.

So, you can’t leave them stranded and this makes you a softer and warmer person towards them. It naturally improves your bond and helps you grow closer.

But do you believe you’re not all that great? That’s a great guess, so let’s delve deeper into that…

Cons of Being an Alpha Male

Your personality traits might often make you act in a toxic manner even without your knowledge. You might feel that you only want the best for everyone. But you push away others or hurt yourself in the process. So, let’s take a look here…

1. Your relationships might not be fulfilling

Being an alpha male, you are extremely ambitious and goal-oriented. You want to protect and provide for everyone and control them to follow you.

All that can affect your relationships as you’d hardly have enough time to focus on them. Your controlling nature can also tick off others.

2. You might burn yourself out

Since you’re ambitious, you often feel guilty about taking time off for yourself. You can’t get off and laze around with nothing to do at home.

You are prone to get burnt out as you never take time off for self-care. You neglect yourself way too much and it might mentally exhaust you.

3. You can’t cooperate with another alpha

If you know another alpha male or female, you’re prone to get into major conflicts with him/her. You can’t cooperate with them because they also want to lead and you feel threatened. You don’t want to give away your position or keep a threat near you.

4. You may try to suppress an extreme beta

If you know a pure beta male/female, you take the entire opportunity to make them your follower. You snatch away the best from them and only let them have leftovers as you believe they are “inferior” to you. This can ruin your bond with a beta.

5. Multitasking can lead to errors

Since you’re ambitious, you also want to finish your tasks earlier and grab new opportunities. For that, you often multitask to complete your existing tasks earlier. This habit often leads to mistakes in your tasks.

6. You turn toxic in competitions

When you compete with others, you can’t accept failure. If anyone does better than you, you take it personally and hold a grudge against them. Instead of learning from the better you constantly focus on ways to hurt or humiliate them.

7. You’re too arrogant

In the hierarchy, you are known to be the best male when it comes to looks, intellect, or power. And most of your plans and ideas work out.

So, when anyone speaks against you, you act arrogantly instead of showing faith in your choices alone. This makes you prone to making mistakes.

8. You can’t follow rules and put yourself in trouble

When a rule stops you from achieving something through the easier route, you often violate that rule. However, you forget that there are consequences of rule-breaking. Someone else might suffer for your choices, but you don’t pay attention to that and people can’t trust you.

9. Your risks get you criticism

You often take calculated risks because they are hidden opportunities. But others don’t understand the entire risk-to-reward calculation and planned to proceed. So, they get anxious about your risks and judge your choices.

10. Your high expectations put others in a predicament

You expect a lot from others just as you do from yourself. You push them until they can no longer take it. They feel forced to agree to your demands and feel ashamed if they can’t meet your expectations. It puts them in a toxic environment and it impacts them both physically and mentally.

11. Persistence only makes you suffer more

Even after your plan doesn’t work out, you have complete faith in yourself. This is a great trait but only when it’s done in moderation.

However, you just can’t give up and suffer way too much to make one plan work out.

12. Lack of forgiveness might chase you back

You don’t forgive others once they disappoint you. However, you also break rules and disappoint others. People around you learn to be like you and they might even push you away for good like you. You might not get a chance even if things work out eventually.

13. Your dominant nature often makes people dislike you

You always command others about how things are to be done. They feel that you don’t trust their capabilities or choices. People, sometimes, feel frustrated when you dominate their every step.

Your family members, friends, and team members get tired of your demands and want to distance you from their life.

14. Since you can’t apologize, you only push people away

When you’re not wrong, there’s no need to apologize. However, you often push others’ boundaries to reach your goals and hurt them.

You face the consequences of your choices, yet you never apologize because you’ll reach your goal this way. This only pushes away others, and they lose their faith in you.

15. You don’t have good succession plans

Being an alpha male, you always led and had loyal beta male followers close to you. You know which beta men you can rely on for any task. On the other hand, you don’t have a good bond with other alphas.

But when it’s time to retire and nominate someone else to your seat, you might pick a beta male. However, betas are only loyal followers, so the succession game can be pretty hectic for you.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Like any other human being, you also have many flaws and issues. So, work on those issues and take others’ advice a bit more seriously. If you feel you know better, think again. Reconsider others’ suggestions, and you’ll thank yourself later!

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