You wanna know about sigma female strengths and weaknesses before you assign them some responsibility? Wanna know more about their character just so you don’t make the wrong decision?

Well, good job at being curious enough… because this think-piece will tell you all about them.

So, without further ado, let’s know more…

Sigma Female Strengths

The sigma female personality type is a symbolism of energy, power, and everything a woman wants to be. People often assume she has the same strengths as that of an alpha female. But let’s check the reality here…

1. She knows her limits

A sigma woman knows how much to share with which person. She’s extremely transparent around her loved ones. But around strangers or people she hardly knows, she knows how to share the bare minimum.

This lone wolf knows that the world is dangerous and if she doesn’t speak carefully, she’ll put herself in major trouble. She won’t overshare anything… whether about herself or others. This also makes her extremely mysterious.

2. She doesn’t hesitate to state her mind

A sigma female is pretty straightforward when it’s about stating her opinions. She never lets others intimidate her… instead, her outspoken nature intimidates others. The way she speaks leaves no room for others to hurt her or question her abilities.

Even if anyone wants to oppress her or make her second-guess her talent, they’ll feel self-conscious about themselves first. 

3. She’s also compassionate

A sigma woman has a rough exterior only on the outside to protect herself from harm. However, she’s pretty warm deep inside. She’s a loving person and the moment you get close to her, she’ll pour out all the love.

Once you become her close friend, she’ll be pretty attached to you emotionally. She’ll make sure you feel loved and cherished.

4. She’s a loyal friend and lover

If you’re a sigma woman’s family, friend, or lover, she’ll do anything to support and protect you. If anyone tries to harm you, she won’t let them off easily.

Don’t worry, she may not hurt them physically but she’ll guide you to get justice. With her by your side, your enemies don’t know what they’re dealing with.

5. She’s independent

A sigma female loves her independence… so much that she hates to depend on others. She’ll take care of her responsibilities by herself, and even if the going gets tough, she won’t burden others with her tasks.

This is all because she’s introverted, and she feels comfortable and peaceful in solo work. She can think more clearly and decide better when she works alone.

6. She has great leadership and coordinating skills

Just because she’s introverted and likes to work solo, it doesn’t imply she’s a bad team member. If the situation demands, she coordinates with others just as fine. However, she still won’t depend on others.

Moreover, she can guide others whenever they seek her. Her hidden leadership skills shine brighter in these situations. She’s extremely reliable when others need guidance.

7. She’s mentally strong

A sigma female is immensely strong as you can see she’s used to walking the path of life alone. She learned many things on her way and she has no other option than to be strong… otherwise, she’ll get hurt too often,

Her infinite strength helps her deal with all setbacks and reach her goals. She’s too strong to give up on her dreams and desires.

8. She won’t get pressured into anything

Society expects a lot from modern women including the old expectations of being a good daughter, wife, mom, and homemaker… and being independent and strong.

A sigma woman never lets these expectations get to her head and leads her life her way. She won’t be coerced into society’s definition of a successful woman. Rather, she follows her heart in these matters.

9. She has good socializing skills

Due to her introversion, a sigma woman is often thought of as being unsocial. Well, she never willingly socializes, but that doesn’t imply she acts like a country bumpkin in social situations.

Rather, she knows all the social norms and etiquette and is the most elegant lady when she needs to attend events. The way she carries herself leaves others in awe.

10. She won’t stand excuses from anyone

One of the best personality traits of a sigma woman is her genuine effort. She doesn’t believe in giving excuses or shifting the blame to someone or something else. If she’s at fault, she accepts it and works on it. Even if someone else gives excuses, she won’t listen to them and urge them to work on themselves.

11. She won’t judge others

Everyone has something in their life they are not proud of. People judge others even without knowing them. However, a sigma female doesn’t believe in judging people she hardly knows or having opinions on others’ lives.

Unless she knows you and your reasons, she won’t unfairly judge you for your actions. She gives everyone a fair chance.

12. She’d rather say it on your face than gossip behind you

If she has an opinion about you or heard or knows something nasty about you, she won’t spread gossip behind your back. In this world, everyone wears a mask and acts innocent to each other and stabs each other’s back. But a sigma female isn’t like that which makes her far more trustworthy to others.

13. She can compromise

A sigma female can adjust to any situation without a fuss. She knows that if she makes a big deal out of something, it’ll only stir more trouble and waste her time. 

Instead, she focuses on ways to balance the situation by reaching a middle ground. Of course, she won’t accept the worst situations, but somehow make a deal so she doesn’t lose a lot.

14. Nothing can lower her motivation

Sigma females are also extremely motivated, so it’s hard to break her resolve. Despite what difficulty she faces or what kind of feedback she receives, she won’t change her mind once she sets her eye on something.

She stubbornly stays dedicated to her goals which eventually helps her reach them. Unlike others, she has a fighting spirit.

15. She can protect herself

A sigma woman doesn’t act like a damsel in distress when in trouble. She doesn’t wait for others to help her out or blame others for not noticing her troubles. Instead, this enchanting goddess can tear her offender into pieces all alone.

If you hurt her, she’ll make you pay for any damage you inflict on her reputation or emotionally. But she’ll never play the same dirty tactics.

16. She’s a woman of words

You probably know the saying “All talk and no show”… well, a sigma female is nothing like that. When she promises something, she’ll keep her side of the bargain by hook or by crook. She won’t disappoint others’ expectations once she gives her word.

This is an added reason why people can trust her in any area of her life. She’ll never promise to do something she can’t just to get benefits.

17. She doesn’t mind improving herself

A sigma female knows that she isn’t perfect… no human being is. But she’s also ready to make amends for her flaws.

If you criticize her, she’ll take it with a sporting spirit and work on it. She treasures valuable feedback because that helps her improve herself. She won’t get defensive if anyone points out her shortcomings.

18. She’s fun to be with

If you’re close to a sigma female, i.e., if she trusts you, she will make you feel extremely comfortable even on your gloomiest day. She shows her fun side only to trustworthy people. Moreover, she’s extremely protective of her near ones.

So, she can go to great lengths to cheer you up. She might act goofy and out of character just to make you comfortable.

19. She has strong boundaries

Sigma women have strict boundaries which help them deal with the world a bit better than others. So, if you insult or scold a sigma female about her being a certain way but it’s actually not wrong according to her, she won’t pay attention to you.

She’ll not change her ways unless she knows it’s wrong herself. She won’t let others force her into doing something just to please them.

20. She inspires others

A sigma female knows a lot about the world owing to her experiences. Everyone loves how intellectual she is and wants to be just like her.

She’s an inspiration to lots of ladies that don’t have the innate traits of an alpha woman but desire to be like her. Since a sigma woman is similar to an alpha… people often wish to be as powerful and striking as her.

21. She takes calculated risks

A sigma female doesn’t fear taking necessary risks that will help her go up the ladder. She will take any adventurous steps that others fear taking. This opens many opportunities for her and helps her achieve more than others around her.

But of course, no human being isn’t too perfect. So, let’s know about the dark side here…

Sigma Female Weaknesses

While a sigma female has many strengths, people usually focus more on her weaknesses. So, you might be wondering how much of that is the truth… or if it’s mostly myths?  C’mon, let’s find more here…

1. She might be disliked for her straightforwardness

Owing to a sigma female’s direct way of speaking, her mysterious nature, or even her intimidating character, many people misunderstand and dislike her.

She has good qualities and is a great friend, but her aloof and strict nature also earns her quite a lot of enemies. However, she still doesn’t care because she’s used to being alone.

2. She’s too stubborn for her own good

When a sigma female puts her mind on something, she’s extremely motivated about that. She doesn’t easily give up even when she repeatedly faces setbacks. She also doesn’t seek help easily.

While that’s a great trait, it can push her toward bad consequences. She might act stubbornly on a futile project and lose too many resources on making things work.

3. Her surroundings might cause her depression

A sigma female is compassionate and kind. Being a lone wolf, she also has good intuition about her surroundings… After all, she fought and protected herself all her life.

She knows how wretched this world can be… she’s aware that almost nobody approaches her just to be her friend. She’s bound to be depressed because people want to take advantage of her.

4. She might become reckless

Sigma females are also known for taking calculated risks and going on adventures. However, a good risk-to-reward ratio doesn’t always imply that the risks can be completely avoided or that nothing can go wrong. Frequent risk-taking, obviously, makes a person more prone to trouble.

5. Her solitude might push away loved ones

Sigma women are extremely introverted, i.e., they enjoy spending time alone and feel more rejuvenated that way.

Of course, they aren’t completely against socializing when it comes to their loved ones, but they dislike it when others invade their space.

So, their close ones might often feel uncomfortable and avoid them because they feel disrespected.

6. She might have trouble in her romantic relationships

A sigma woman won’t settle for just any man… she wants the best, something like an alpha male. However, alpha males prefer submissive women which are just not how a sigma woman is. She might need a long time to find a loving and respectful relationship.

Her introverted nature might also cut down her chances of meeting good suitors.

7. She misses opportunities for her introversion

Due to a sigma female’s introversion, she doesn’t attend social events unless she absolutely can’t avoid them.

So, she also can’t make the necessary connections in her social life. This isn’t just about not finding a good suitor. She’ll also miss her chance to find opportunities to grow in her professional life.

8. It might be too late when she realizes someone’s true nature

A sigma woman is also non-judgmental about others unless she has been in the exact situation before or she knows the other person’s story completely.

However, this might only make her more vulnerable to dangerous people and situations. Though she’s pretty alert like a beast, she might misevaluate a dangerous situation and get in trouble.

A sigma female has no interest in social media trends and follows her heart. Though that’s noble, she might be left out on important facts… no matter how small and insignificant they might be.

Even when she talks with her loved ones, she might feel lost because she doesn’t keep up with trends.

10. She gets emotionally attached too soon and can’t let go

Sigma women are known to get emotionally attached way too soon to their loved ones. Once a sigma woman lowers her guard, it doesn’t take her too long to form an attachment with the other person. But, it’s still too early to know whether the other person is worth the trust.

She doesn’t show her feelings but it’s too deep to ignore. If they break her trust, she’ll definitely part from them, but it hurts her a lot.

11. She can’t make friends easily

A woman with a sigma personality type always has her guard up because she’s unaware of who might try to hurt her and she also can’t afford to get emotionally attached too soon.

This also stops her from making friends easily and even if there are worthy people around her, she roams about alone for too long.

12. She feels she’s not enough

A sigma woman, even after having lots of strengths and being liked by a lot of people, feels that she’s not enough.

She constantly wants to be as strong as an alpha woman because she’s thirsty for more power and wants to stop being emotionally attached so easily. 

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

A sigma female has both strengths and weaknesses like any other man or woman of any other personality type! So, neither be too alarmed nor judge her for that.

She can totally work on the weaknesses that matter to you and keep the chances of troubles in check. So, give her enough opportunities and she won’t let you down!

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