So, you’re curious about sigma female traits? You’ve heard so much about it but don’t know who these women are?

Well, this think-piece is here to tell you everything you need to identify one. So, if you see an amazing sigma woman, you won’t miss them once you know the traits.

C’mon, let’s know it here…

Sigma Female Traits

A sigma female is mysterious to strangers and a loyal person to their friends and family. She’s independent, and confident, and knows how to lead a life on her own terms.

But that’s definitely the whole story, so let’s get down to it!

1. She’ll intrigue you with her mysterious aura

A woman with sigma personality traits isn’t an oversharer. She seems like a lone wolf… one that doesn’t need a pack to stand out. This trait can either keep you hooked on to her for life or turn you off because of the excess distance.

Whichever you are, only spending time around her will help you know how wary she is of her surroundings. Just like a lone wolf, she wants to protect herself from the world.

2. She intimidates others

All sigma women have an intimidating aura but never take it personally. She walks this dirty world alone, so that makes her build a personality that opposes harm. However, she doesn’t mean to intimidate everyone… not people that actually wish her the best.

She just sticks to this personality so that she can easily push away anyone that wants to hurt her. So, if you don’t do anything that sets her alarm off, she won’t come on you.

3. She’s pretty soft deep down

A sigma woman though seems rough on the outside, she’s pretty emotional and soft. She gets emotionally attached to others quickly. She has a lot of love to give, but deep inside, she’s scared and vulnerable.

She can’t let go of her feelings and can’t move on from things that hurt her. But she’d rather never show this weak side of her.

4. She’s a great friend and lover

Be it romantic relationships, family connections, or platonic ones, she’s pretty loyal to close friends, family, and loved ones. If you’re an important part of her personal life, she’ll protect you with everything she has.

If anyone comes at you, she won’t let them go without a scratch. She might not beat them up literally, but you’ll know how feisty she can get for her loved ones. She won’t turn her back on you ever for petty fights.

5. She’s independent but that doesn’t interfere with her teamwork

Sigma females love to work independently. They don’t depend on others unnecessarily and are pretty reliable.

They work hard whether at home, in academics, or work. They make sure that they don’t concern others with their own responsibility. They won’t seek help to fulfill their dreams.

However, that doesn’t mean they are put off when they must coordinate with others. If they’re put in social situations like in teams, they do teamwork but try to avoid depending on others as much as possible.

6. She has immense strength

Of course, a woman of this caliber – being independent, reliable, and giving off an intense, intimidating, and mysterious aura – has to be strong. A sigma woman is extremely strong which helps her choose for herself and stick to her values.

She can consistently put effort to reach her goals and never goes astray in life. All of this isn’t that easy because life is full of setbacks… yet she can do it because she’s that strong and dedicated!

7. She has her own pace for everything

Even in this era, women are shackled with gender-oriented responsibilities… In fact, freedom increased responsibilities instead of letting women breathe.

Nowadays, a woman is pressured to have a thriving career ASAP so that she can get married, have kids, and even plan for their future by her 30s.

But a sigma female never lets these demands overpower her. She lives her life on her own terms… Even if that disappoints others, she doesn’t care.

8. She doesn’t love socializing… but has good social skills

Socializing isn’t a favorite for a sigma woman, but when it comes to her social circles, she isn’t awkward at all.

In fact, she carries herself pretty confidently in social situations. She doesn’t have time for lame superficial chats, but when she has no other option, she’s ready to put on a show!

She’s often mistaken as a timid girl… and people later realize how fierce she is.

9. She can draw all attention

As mentioned before, a sigma female isn’t fond of socializing. She usually stays reserved and keeps it down in a place with new people. Though she stays pretty quiet and composed, she unknowingly grabs everyone’s attention with her mysterious aura.

On the other hand, when she’s around her loved ones, she takes the limelight knowingly.  She can open up to you willingly and won’t be the aloof ice queen once you become a close friend.

10. She’s born to lead

By now you’re aware of many striking traits of a sigma female like intimidating, alert, strong, independent, confident, and so on. All of these traits are the perfect combination of a leader.

Due to her meek and aloof nature, people don’t know of her leadership qualities right away.

However, everyone can sense her power and qualities and subconsciously get attracted to her. People even seek her help during dire situations because she has all the tricks and tips up her sleeve.

11. Excuses don’t work on or for her

A sigma woman never makes excuses about anything. She makes sure that she has the right answer and reaches her goals. She leads a disciplined life so she won’t need to make excuses. Once she sets her eyes on something, she spares no effort to accomplish it.

Similarly, she doesn’t let people around her make any excuses. She constantly pushes others so they don’t ever need to make excuses.

12. She’s not into judging

Unless she knows someone personally or experienced a situation similar to the other person, she won’t judge others’ actions. You’ll never catch a sigma female judging you for your actions easily.

Of course, if she experienced something pretty close to yours, she might at most advise you on something.

In difficult situations, many will blatantly make fun of you without knowing your situation. But a sigma female won’t blatantly spew nonsense about someone she hardly knows.

13. Gossip isn’t her thing

Socializing is a major part of humankind, but unfortunately, most of it is about nonsensical gossip. People talk behind each other’s backs while they act all friendly in front of each other.

However, a sigma female can’t stand gossip because it’s a complete waste of time, energy, and any other resource. It’s hardly ever fun for her because she already has a lot on her mind so this sort of negativity isn’t her cup of tea.

14. She’s pretty good with adjustments

People usually dislike any sort of change because it disrupts their flow of life. However, a sigma woman can adjust to any situation in her life pretty fast.

Of course, she’s no mage to get used to it within a blink of an eye, but she tries her best to accept any situation positively.

She tries to make the best of any situation instead of crying over spilled milk. She knows that she must take care of things single handedly and knows exactly how to do it.

15. She’s always motivated

When a sigma female meets an unfortunate situation, she won’t brood over the setback. Instead, she’ll get back to work instantly to take care of the situation. She knows that if she feels disheartened, she’ll truly be defeated… no way will she allow that!

So, she’ll prepare in every way possible to return stronger than ever and give the best fight of her life. This helps her deal with every step of life.

16. Necessary adventure and risks attract her

A sigma female knows that, sometimes, taking chances is important. So, during those times, she always steps forward to seek ways for her progress and success.  Moreover, she’s quite fearless and can adjust to any situation easily. So, she doesn’t cower at the slightest possibility of failure.

She’s not afraid of losses or aftermaths whether in her personal or professional life. So, she can take the leap of faith and chase her dreams harder than ever.

17. She always got her back

A sigma woman won’t allow anyone to walk all over her or take advantage of her. Betray her and you’ll be in big trouble.  No, she won’t take revenge… but she’ll get justice for herself.

She’ll make you take responsibility and correct the damages you inflicted. Or, she might throw back enough bitter words to make you regret hurting her. She won’t let her offender off until they pay… even if it’s someone powerful!

Social media is full of trendy things… but a sigma female can’t care any less for those. She’d rather do things that actually bring her joy rather than gain validation by doing something trendy.

Being social-media famous isn’t her goal and online or offline popularity doesn’t matter to her.

Even if people make fun of her for not following trends, she doesn’t care and keeps her originality intact. She doesn’t let peer pressure change her.

19. She’s quite outspoken

A sigma female is also infamous for her straightforward nature. She’ll say things as it is and never soften her words to hurt less. If something’s the problem, she gets right to the point instead of going around in circles.

People value her feedback as she doesn’t misguide them with sugar-coated words. Everyone likes her as she can correct others’ faults fast by getting straight to the point.

20. She wants an equally powerful partner for herself

When it comes to romantic relationships, a sigma female has pretty high standards… She wants no less than an alpha male (or female!). She’ll either stay single until she finds her alpha.

She wants her partner to be attractive, intellectual, and socially strong. She won’t ever become the woman that does anything to please her partner and knows her worth.

21. She won’t say anything just for the heck of it

In this era, most people are all talk and no work, but that’s not the case for a sigma female. If she says she’ll do something, she’s pretty serious and keeps her side of the bargain through thick and thin.

If you make any promises or do business with a sigma female, you won’t regret it. She’s extremely trustworthy and speaks only and only the truth.

22. She’s introverted

Sigma females are pretty introverted and like to stay away from the crowd. She never worries about where she stands socially.

She doesn’t follow trends or get gossip updates just to mesh in. Instead, she keeps to herself with her small inner circle that shares sensible stuff.

People might assume sigma females as being cold and unsocial for this, but that’s not the case.

23. Self-improvement is always on her mind

Sigma females don’t believe that they’re the best, but always try to be. They continuously put the effort into their development and growth to reach their goals.

They know that they can’t always be the best in the room, so they don’t stop putting in the effort. They hang out with people that are as ambitious as them.

24. She appreciates her space

Another of the popular traits of a sigma woman is her love for her space. You might say that she’s lonely or feels isolated if you don’t know her well. However, her solitude is her choice.

It’s not because she can’t make friends. She has enough precious people around her, but she feels great being by herself. Solitude heals her mind and body… and she can spend quality time with and for herself. This even helps her find good ideas.

Sigma women know that even the best of friends don’t always have the same mindset. So, they know that it’s okay to be different, own differences, and not force others or get themselves coerced into anything.

A sigma bestie, lover, or daughter won’t let the other person’s values or beliefs affect them whatsoever. If you even say something against their values, she’ll definitely ignore that. She has strong and healthy boundaries in life.

26. She has a good sense of humor

A sigma woman is full of sparks of joy. She shares love and moments of laughter everywhere she goes. Especially, if you’re a loved one, she’ll have her guard down and try her best to show you the time of the day.

If you feel low, her crazy antiques and unique ways will bring you a smile within minutes. You’ll be attracted to her because she cares a lot and will pump your oxytocin and dopamine soon.

27. She’s an inspiration

The personality types of sigma women inspire everyone around them. Especially other women like beta females feel extremely motivated by them. The confidence and power of sigma women are contagious. They make others want to follow in their footsteps.

Their power and overflowing positivity make others want to improve themselves and stand out. Their friends and family respect them as role models and want to spend more time with them.

28. She needs time to put down her guard

As mentioned before, sigma women are extremely cautious about their surroundings. They won’t let their guard down easily. So, the only way to befriend her is to steadily show interest in her and never let her down.

If you listen to her, never interrupt her while she’s talking, and never judge her for her actions, she’ll eventually take you in as someone close. Only patience can help you bond with sigma women.

29. She longs to have an alpha female personality

A sigma woman always longs to become an alpha. She dislikes being emotional and easily gets hurt and even tries to be intimidating so opportunists don’t know her weakness.

She thinks this is only possible if she were more of an alpha… and it’d be great if she could drop the act of being intimidating and aloof and actually become that from the core. She wants the power and status of alpha women to protect herself better and also to pursue her dreams.

30. She never supports revenge

Even if a sigma woman is mistreated, she’ll not try to take revenge. She’s fierce and won’t let others take advantage of her… but, if someone successfully does that, she’ll show them their place and forget them for good. She won’t hold on to negative emotions.

This helps her grow more than others and feel satisfied with her life. She focuses on herself instead of bothering to take revenge.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Sigma females are hard to come by… they’re the very definition of strength. They can be your protector if you’re close enough… but they can also tear you off if you hurt them.

So, try to avoid getting on their bad books and accept them with open arms. Keep a healthy rapport with them and you’ll be the luckiest person in the world!

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