Curious about the performance of a sigma male at work? Wondering how his unique traits enrich his professional platform? Or, are you worried if he’s a good fit for your work culture?

Well, knowing more about your new recruit or your boss has multiple benefits. And this think-piece will reveal all the important facts.

So, let’s dig in!

Sigma Male at Work

According to the social dominance hierarchy of Theodore Beale, also known as Vox Day, sigma male is one of the six personality types. However, the sigma males defy this hierarchy and believe in equality.

They’re often known for being charming and popular. And they’re equally excellent in their professional life. To know more, keep reading!

1. He’s neither the leader nor the follower

You’ll often find the sigma male in your workplace wants to work solo. He doesn’t want to be ordered around or lead an entire team. Instead, he’ll undertake a project all by himself. He doesn’t want anyone to depend on him or depend on anyone else.  

He feels that working with more people will create drama and obstruct his workflow. So, he always has his eyes on solo projects.

2. He won’t follow conventional methods

Sigma males don’t like the traditional way of working. They believe rules, regulations, and conventional working styles only pull down their spirits.

They seek reasons behind the chosen and rejected methods. If nobody can please them with a satisfying and logical answer, they break these rules.

They always want to take the discarded route to add adventure and challenge to their work. However, unless they have enough power, this is impossible to pull off.

3. You can’t motivate him with appreciation or validation

Sigma male employees don’t care about what their supervisors or coworkers say about their performance. They never work to fit in or be praised for their tasks.

Instead, they work to please themselves, not to conform to society. The lone wolves know they’re talented and won’t go out of their way to get a few compliments. So, they often work in a quirky way which attracts negative attention.

4. He likes a peaceful work ambiance

A sigma male is a man of few words. He doesn’t talk a lot with others and especially while at work he demands complete silence. He hates any distractions around him. This is also because he can focus on minute details better.

Suppose people at work can’t keep it down. He won’t react aggressively and instead plug in his earphones to focus peacefully.

5. You can’t force him to follow anything

If you order a sigma male to follow a particular plan and ignore his own ideas, he won’t accept it. Unless he agrees, he won’t follow others’ ideas blindly.

He wants to work in a unique way. For that, if he’s called rebellious or a bad guy, he doesn’t care. He’d rather stick to his originality than copy others. Instead of being an obedient worker, he wants to do something extraordinary.

6. He’ll break many hearts even at the workplace

Women find sigma males extremely charming and alluring. You might say men and women don’t go to work to find love… they’re professionals, and that’s a completely legit argument. People usually don’t seek love in the workplace.

But, a sigma male’s mysterious and aloof nature makes others curious about them. And the heart desires things that it can’t get anymore. So, often a sigma male receives confessions at work… but none of them work out because he doesn’t wanna commit!

7. He’ll be missing from all work parties

Study the personality traits of a sigma male and you’ll find they’re introverted alpha males. They’re great in every aspect but they prefer solitude more.

They like to spend time with themselves as it helps them recharge. On the other hand, socializing drains their energy. So, they often skip office parties and return home. He’ll always have some prior engagements to avoid these.

8. Or, he’ll blend in the party

Though sigma males always want to skip these work events, sometimes they don’t have a chance. But whenever this happens, a sigma male tries his best to blend in the background.

He tries his best to not attract unwanted attention from anyone. He’ll spend his time in the most inconspicuous corner by himself. He doesn’t want to do anything with the spotlight… and can go to any extent for that!

9. He can’t attract your client with flattery

Let’s say he tried to blend in but you still spotted him at the party. And now, you wanna introduce him to your precious client. This might be the worst idea for your business, so never do that!

A sigma male’s social skills aren’t the best. He can’t emotionally react or flatter others. Superficial small talk isn’t his expertise. So, the other person will feel pretty offended.

10. His intelligence is pretty useful

One of the impressive sigma male personality traits is his intelligence… he’s book-smart and street-smart. Due to his curiosity, he knows almost everything.

So, if you’re ever stuck with your tasks or want to work on something new, consult him. He might share some insightful ideas to help you out.

11. You’ll feel his goals are weird

Most employees compete with each other or try to sabotage each other’s tasks. But, a sigma male takes his rivals as his comrades.

No, don’t assume that he isn’t motivated… he definitely is. But he doesn’t believe in doing anything backhanded to reach his goals.

Moreover, he doesn’t desire to reach the top or lead an entire team. Rather, he wants to do his part, provide something useful, and help the organization grow. His goals are often different from others.

12. He has jaw-dropping creativity

A sigma male’s ideas, thoughts, and tastes are pretty different from the rest. While all coworkers of his caliber think in a certain way, his different perceptions even make him seem weird.

Due to his habitual out-of-the-box and unusual way of thinking, he notices the not-so-obvious things. This helps him create original and creative ideas.

So, whenever you can’t deal with a stubborn issue, seek the sigma male of your organization. He’ll most likely figure something out.

13. He doesn’t belong to any group or circle

The lone wolf doesn’t have a particular group of friends in the office. You might assume that he’ll be closer to the folks in his department.

But he never wants to be identified as part of a group. During lunch breaks, he might eat alone, with people in his department, or with another department.

If you have rival teams, he might even hang out with them. But never assume he’ll betray your team because of that.

14. He’s a humble leader

He doesn’t like leading, but someday he might need to. As a leader, a sigma male employee is modest. He doesn’t misuse his authority and instead treats his team members compassionately. If anyone makes mistakes, he doesn’t mind and shows them the right way again.

He won’t ask you to follow his lead… and will rather make progress with the rest of you. When the team wins, he won’t take credit for everyone’s effort. He doesn’t believe in the socio-hierarchy and treats everyone equally. You’ll want him as a leader in the long run!

15. He tackles difficult situations calmly

Suppose a plan didn’t work as assumed. A sigma male employee won’t feel agitated by that. He’ll do everything to stay calm to avoid making mistakes or wasting time.

Instead, he tries to adapt to changes and deal with problems differently. Most people can’t handle sudden challenges, but it’s a different story for sigma men. They’re laid back even when things hit south. They’re aware that so long they have control over their mind, everything’s good.

16. He won’t compromise to lose

A sigma male compromises with tricky situations and coworkers. But he does it only when he gets some benefits out of it. If compromising doesn’t help him at all and it only benefits the other person, the deal is off.

He won’t agree to conditions that won’t work for him. So, he doesn’t let others push him around. He’s aware of the situation or people he deals with. He won’t let a co-worker or client take advantage of him.

17. He plans everything out in his mind

A sigma male is a deep thinker. Before he executes a plan, he thinks a lot about it. He starts off only when he has a crystal clear plan in his mind. Now, this can be either good or bad for an organization.

For instance, he figures out his approach to a project, the possible setbacks, and backup plans to deal with those. But simultaneously he might lose track of time while overthinking and delay the actual execution of plans.

18. He won’t focus too much on the past

A sigma male lives in the moment and always focuses on what he can do now. If he commits mistakes in his work, he won’t waste time feeling guilty.

If you’re in the wrong, your sigma male supervisor won’t reprimand you for an hour. Instead, he’ll brainstorm with you to reduce any kind of damage.

Of course, he feels annoyed with imperfections, but he has his priorities set and knows that nobody does things knowingly.

19. His confidence is intimidating

A sigma male carries himself with striking confidence. So, during a conference or meeting, if he doesn’t agree with something, he won’t sit still due to uncertainties.

He’ll look the other person in the eye and state his mind. His confidence and tone make the others nervous and they doubt themselves instead of objecting.

If he represents the department in any competition, his confidence is enough to defeat the rivals.

20. He’s self-aware and ready to learn

Nowadays, most people aren’t aware of their own flaws. They repeat the same mistakes unknowingly and increase others’ responsibilities. However, a sigma male is self-aware, i.e., he knows that he’s not perfect.

He finds out where he goes wrong and tries to avoid the same mistakes. He’s eager to learn and grow patiently. However, don’t expect him to catch up instantly. He’s a human being too and he needs time to improve himself.

21. He can deal with difficult customers and resolve conflicts

Sigma men are popular for their high emotional intelligence and good listening skills. So, when a client complains to them, they don’t lose patience. Instead, they try to understand their needs and calm them down appropriately.

Suppose there’s a conflict in the office. They can read a room like the back of their hands without any explanation. Furthermore, they help others in conflict resolution.

22. Success is his follower

A sigma male has all the positive traits of alpha and even more. He’s confident, self-reliant, self-aware, intelligent, intuitive, motivated, realistic, listens well, and avoids drama. He’s blessed with endless strengths which help him grow professionally.

Even though he’s so close to perfection, he’s still humble. He always strives to improve himself. All these help him progress and succeed in life.

23. If there’s a chance, he’ll chase it

Often employees won’t take risks because they’re afraid of losing it all. Once they reach a stable stage in their life, they won’t take any chances at all. However, a sigma male loves a good challenge. So, whenever he notices a risky opportunity with good rewards, he hops right in.

However, if others don’t agree with the plan, his risks make the rest anxious. You might even need someone to supervise him so he doesn’t take chances.

24. He’s self-motivated

People usually lose motivation the moment their plan fails. However, a sigma male is a realist and knows that even the best plans can fail. Failure never shocks him because he keeps himself motivated and calm. He charges toward his goals and never gives up.

However, it’s a problem if he doesn’t know the limits. He can’t forever chase the same goals if things don’t work out. He must give up at some point and chase new opportunities.

25. He’ll think twice before judging

In the current world, a toxic work environment and office politics are pretty common. Coworkers often slander each other’s reputations to kill boredom or get rid of competitors. Once the rumors spread in the office, everyone starts judging them and they even lose their job.

However, a sigma male won’t ever judge others without knowing their stories. They don’t believe in gossip and rumors. So, if you have a sigma male superior, he’ll save you from unfair judgment.

26. You can’t befriend him easily

A sigma male employee is cautious and always has his guard up. He walked alone his entire life and knows that enemies are always around him.

Usually, he doesn’t make friends on the professional platform because everyone is competitive. He can’t trust anyone with his back.

But if he’s open to office friends, it won’t be easy to be in his circle. Moreover, he only has a small circle to avoid drama. So, he’ll never get his work sabotaged just because he was too trustful.

27. He doesn’t mind constructive criticism

If you constructively criticize a sigma male subordinate, he won’t feel low. Instead, he’ll gladly accept the review. Unlike others, it doesn’t kill his spirits but encourages him to do better.

28. Coworkers often assume he’s an outcast

Suppose a sigma male’s coworkers aren’t aware of his personality type. They’ll feel he’s lonely and try to befriend him. But a sigma male doesn’t easily let anyone in and this might turn him off. He’ll often face such situations in the workplace unless he clearly states his boundaries.

29. He’ll even do group task solo

A sigma male knows how to group activities all by himself. Suppose there’s pending fieldwork, market research, client meeting, or any other task that needs another person.

This introverted man won’t seek anyone to accompany him. He’s pretty confident about his skills and undertakes the task by himself. He enjoys his solo time, and it’s equally valid for work.

30. Everyone feels inspired by him

Sigma male personality types are amazing. These employees show everyone how to succeed in life without rubbing it off on others’ faces. They teach self-awareness, confidence, independence, dedication, and so on. Others learn a lot from them and look up to them.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Whether you have a sigma male employee, boss, co-worker, or business partner, keep these traits in mind and avoid their dislikes. Otherwise, he’ll become even more wary about you and avoid you.

But, if you successfully avoid agitating him, you’ll easily get closer to him. Once you do that, you can deal with him pretty easily!

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