Do you want to know things about an alpha female that attracts mates? Are you an alpha female and want to know why you get so many confessions? Or, do you wanna know why you crush on your alpha female friend so much?

Well, whichever you might be, you’ll get your answers loud and clear here. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Things about An Alpha Female that Attracts Mates

In the socio-hierarchy, alpha females are known as the most desirable women. However, you might wonder why… after all, the other women also have desirable traits.

So, let’s figure out what’s up behind the hype!

1. Independence

The alpha woman is known to be strong, independent, and self-sufficient. If she needs something to be done, she won’t ever ask anyone else for it. Instead, she will try her best to get the job done.

Whether it’s about a task at home or work, she will see things to the end. She won’t nag others to help her solve anything. She believes in herself and won’t increase others’ burdens. She works hard until nothing else is possible.

Her mates feel that they won’t be troubled about her responsibilities over their existing tasks. They desire her even more because they feel she will understand their worries instead of adding to them.

Moreover, they get a signal that if she desires anything expensive, she won’t nag them for anything. Instead, she will work hard for it. Or, if she faces some issues, she will deal with the situation or other person by herself instead of using them as a shield.

2. Self-respect

Alpha women are extremely serious about their self-respect. They won’t stand anyone disrespecting them and will give them a befitting answer against it.

If anyone says anything unwarranted against her or the female race, she will make sure that they can never say anything similar ever again. She will brutally criticize them so that they can never say another word against her or womanhood. She might even take it up another notch by presenting them a public humiliation.

People think twice before mistreating her. And in this era, people are so bored of the damsel in distress. Everyone wants to date a strong alpha female. Especially, men love feisty women that can defend themselves and show others their place.

Instead of asking “Who of you hurt my woman?”, they love to say “That’s my girl!”

If needed, they’ll definitely support their partner. But they love to see their lover conquer the world just as she conquered them.

3. Honesty

The alpha female loves to stick to the truth despite the situation. She will be honest until her last breath and will follow her principles and beliefs forever. She doesn’t care if her choices are unpopular or if they don’t conform to the latest trends. She will stay truthful to everything in her life.

At work, she will stay true to her duties. In relationships, she will say the truth and won’t hide anything. Once she promises to love someone, she won’t give up on them ever. She will lay her honest heart to them until the end of time. On the other hand, if someone hurts her, she will let hell come loose.

Her honesty makes her desirable to all of her suitors. Dating an alpha female is a dream for most because of this.

4. Loyalty

The alpha woman won’t ever lie to her close ones including her partner. At most, she might say white lies to protect others from getting hurt.

Her loyalty knows no bounds and she will always make time for her loved ones. If her close ones face a crisis, she won’t make any excuses and run to support them ASAP.

She won’t ever ignore others for her selfish needs. Rather, she knows exactly how to balance all areas of her life.

This makes her mates understand that she might be ambitious but she also has enough time for her close ones. She won’t ever overlook her personal life only to chase one high achievement. In relationships, she won’t play around with her partner’s heart.

5. Connections

The alpha female connects with influential hotshots and with people without any power. She connects with everyone without any judgment. This way, she can take the hand of the powerful to actualize her dreams and even give the powerless the necessary support and connections to help them achieve the heights.

In events, she socializes with all kinds of people and becomes the star of the room. She brings all kinds of people closer and breaks down social barriers. The way she cherishes her relationships, everyone feels equal around her. Moreover, this naturally makes her the center of attention.

Her mates feel impressed by how she doesn’t care about social status and bonds with everyone. They know that she will accept all of their loved ones equally without any judgment.

This makes them desire her even more than ever. If they introduce her to their social circles, she won’t ever look down on anyone or feel uncomfortable about people being too high class.

Everyone wants a woman that can adjust accordingly by their side.

6. Transparency

The alpha woman never pretends to be something she isn’t. Firstly, she loves and accepts everything about herself… whether the good or bad parts. She knows that she is the best in everything… but she also doesn’t stop her from being better than before.

She is transparent to everyone around her. She might hide her weaknesses but she’s pretty frank about her intentions. Nobody needs to be wary of her hidden plans. She never approaches anyone to cheat them or take advantage of them.

Since everyone can trust her completely, her mates feel attracted to her. They know that if more people in her surroundings trust her, that’s a good sign.

They know that they can be vulnerable around her and she won’t ever air their dirty laundry outside. They aren’t scared of showing what’s on their mind because they won’t get judged.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re an alpha female, you know that most suitors have good reasons for pursuing you. They don’t want you just as an accessory to show off their status. Most of them are truly in love and it’s fine if you want to give dating a try with any of them!

But if you’re the suitor of an alpha female, notice if you like her for any of these mentioned reasons. If not, you might be superficial even without knowing and it’s time to change yourself.

And if you found your reason from the list, you have a clean heart. So, pursue her harder and try your luck!

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