Do you want to know about the things alpha females never tolerate? Are you curious to know about what is non-negotiable for her?  Do you know an alpha female and want to avoid violating her boundaries?

Oh boy, that’s a great way to make your relationship with her smoother. Whether you’re here closest to one or just an acquaintance, knowing these will help you in the long run.

So, let’s get started! ṣ

Things Alpha Females Never Tolerate

Alpha females are pretty particular about their life, and they don’t tolerate a number of things in their life. Some of them are things they won’t stand from others, while others are things they won’t allow themselves to do.

Now, if that sounds confusing, let’s get to the fun part!

1. Being told about what to do

The alpha woman has a steady mind and immense knowledge. She knows how to react or speak in any situation. Due to her outgoing nature, she has seen a lot of this world and is aware of how to behave in different places.

After being exposed to the depths of the world and its different sides, she won’t tolerate anyone dictating her behavior, words, feelings, or thoughts.  You can never control an alpha woman unless she agrees with your beliefs.

Well, initially, she’ll give you chances to stop dictating to her. She’ll respectfully ask you to stop, be patient, and be understanding of your views.

However, she won’t let you change her thoughts… or, to be fair, she won’t let you disrespect her. If you even try, she will confront you into a dirty fight.

If she falls in love with someone or hates others a lot, she won’t tolerate her feelings being called invalid or wrong. She won’t stop thinking or feeling a particular way. Or, if she doesn’t love or hate someone, she won’t be forced to feel emotion just because others said so.

If she is loud and expressive, she won’t shut herself up just because someone feels women should keep quiet.

She dances to the beat of her own drums and won’t be ordered around.

2. Any kind of disrespect

Alpha women have extreme confidence in themselves. They already know what they are, their abilities, their definition, and even their weaknesses. They know how to use their strengths for the better and are eager to compensate for their shortcomings.

So, they don’t tolerate disrespectful actions or behaviors from others. It doesn’t matter if the other person got emotional or if they couldn’t keep their calm, they don’t accept any sort of mistreatment under any circumstance.

Often people assume that it’s okay to tolerate a relationship. But there’s no excuse if you deal with an alpha female. Even if you are her lover, parent, or sibling, you don’t have any special leeway to disrespect her as you desire.

Rather, like any other human being, she expects her loved ones to understand and respect her more. If someone close doesn’t understand the situation, she feels disappointed in them. She hopes that at least they’ll understand better than strangers.

She doesn’t mind if you have negative opinions about her or gossip behind her back. She knows that people hardly like her or they say a lot of bad things out of spite.

However, she demands absolute respect from her face. She knows what she is worth and how much hard work she puts into her work and personal life.

She won’t stand for any sort of opposition from people that can’t even compete with her or be on par with her. Unless they face the same circumstances as her, she believes they have no right to complain.

3. Waiting for others to make moves

The alpha female is a strong woman and has the perfect ability to lead an entire pack. She knows how to protect her team, be their voice, cater to their needs, and even guide everyone to perfectionism.

If the alpha woman around you isn’t already a leader of some group, she has already soaked all the necessary traits. She is competent enough to lead a team and works hard every day so she can be reliable.

So, she has always taken the first step without feeling any kind of embarrassment or nervousness. It’s the same in her love life. She likes to take the first move whether it’s flirting, proposing, or heightening sexual sensations.

She never felt shy to show off her true feelings in romance. Unlike other women, she doesn’t believe in waiting for her partner to make the first move. When she feels ready, she heads right in with all of her heart.

Even if others advise her to wait and watch her crush’s actions, she doesn’t take up that offer.

The same goes when it’s something serious about the relationship like joint investments, savings, relationship milestones, or other future-oriented decisions. She doesn’t wait for her partner to mention it first or make major decisions.

She knows that she is strong enough to take on all responsibilities of her relationship. She considers her partner’s choices while deciding, but she won’t blindly entrust them to choose. Rather, she trusts herself more because of her better intelligence and awareness.

4. Negative thoughts or self-talk

Society assumes that the alpha female claims to be perfect and hides her flaws. They always try to find her weaknesses to “put her in her place”.

However, that’s completely false as she never claimed to be the best in anything. Rather, she is completely aware of her imperfections. If anyone has any ideas, she is ready to work on them and overcome the issues.

She knows that she will make mistakes and fail repeatedly. She doesn’t put herself down for that. Instead, she learns from her mistakes. If anyone discourages her after failing, she doesn’t take it to heart.

The entire world is ready to tear her apart and take advantage of her. So, she doesn’t feel low when people randomly challenge her capabilities.

No matter what happens, she won’t let others’ negativity affect her life even the least. She won’t indulge in negative self-talk even if she fails big time. If others mock her, she’ll throw daggers right back at them instead.

Meanwhile, even if nobody supports her, she will stand by herself and take time to comfort her wounded spirits. Like any other human being, she too feels demotivated and curses her luck in the wake of failure. But she never takes it out on herself.

Everyone says that she never sees her own fault after failure. But that’s completely false. She knows where she went wrong… but she can’t afford to reprimand herself even more and crush her spirits.

Instead, she reminds herself how powerful she is and is kind to herself. She will always be optimistic and compassionate towards her after major failures to stand back once again.

5. Making a relationship the prime focus

People often believe that alpha females can’t spare any time for romantic relationships. Even if they are in love, they won’t care much for romance or emotional moments.

Well, that’s a bit too exaggerated. In reality, she cares a lot about her relationship. She loves her partner as much as any other woman of a different personality type. Being an alpha doesn’t change how intensely she loves her partner.

However, she won’t ever make her partner do everything. She has a life and identity of her own. She won’t be able to make her partner the sole focus of her life. This isn’t because she isn’t romantic. Rather, she has an identity beyond her relationship.

She doesn’t want to be known as some hunk’s girlfriend or wife. She doesn’t want to be respected because her partner is in a respectable position. This is because those titles aren’t hers without the relationship. And she doesn’t want people to say that she latches on to her partner’s hard work.

Independence matters a lot to her and she desires to be equally as strong as her partner. She wants her partner to be equally proud to be known as her partner.

She doesn’t mean to take advantage of her connection to make her name. If she does, she desires to help her partner gain equally from the relationship with her.

So, to make that happen, she focuses a lot on her career. While making a name for herself, she obviously can’t always make the relationship everything.

She won’t let her career take the backseat just to make her partner feel special with her undivided attention. She’d rather grow and become a power couple.

6. Letting life flow on its course without efforts

The alpha woman can never be passive about her life. She won’t let life happen to her and wants to be mentally and emotionally present when everything happens. She desires to experience every last thing that happens in her life.

Especially, she doesn’t want to watch everything take its course naturally but makes things happen. Whether it’s her personal, professional, or social life… she wants to be a major character in her story.

For instance, she’ll put outstanding efforts into her career to reach the top. She won’t just do what she’s told and will eagerly learn new skills to achieve more. She will never passively follow others’ commands and take charge.

At home, she won’t only do the chores that she’s told. If her parents tell her that she doesn’t need to contribute much, she won’t accept that. She’ll do everything necessary to give them a lavish life.

In friendship, she’ll do enough to cherish her friends. If her friend recently broke up or failed to get a promotion, she’ll take more time for them. Even if her friend tells her that they’re fine, she knows what will make them feel better.

During meetings and debates, she speaks her mind. If anyone defies her, she doesn’t get intimidated and protests against them. If her plan doesn’t work out, she doesn’t accept defeat. She thinks harder, creates new better plans and acts on the plans.

She makes every moment of her life count and never gets tired of living every moment.

7. Being told that she’s unworthy

You already know that in the socio-hierarchy, the alpha female is the best among all women. Nobody else compares to her abilities and she knows her worth.

Suppose she suggests a plan in a meeting but her rival points out flaws in it. She won’t feel nervous about having a faulty idea, rather she already knows the drawbacks. She suggested it because there was no better plan available.

So, she will stand confidently and face them. She’ll ask if they have any better solution to cater to the needs or any way to overcome the issues. Her confident stance often intimidates her competitors and they back off instantly.

She faces similar situations repeatedly in all areas of her life. So, she is used to such situations, and eventually, her reactions to them come out as extremely strong and bold. Even she knows that her reactions become a bit excessive at times.

So, she is not easy to love and people might often state something like “you’re unlovable”. However, she knows better than to believe such words. She knows that it’s much easier to hate her… but she doesn’t believe that nobody will love her.

She knows that when the right time comes, she’ll meet the right people who will accept her as she is. Even if everyone around her tells her that she won’t get any love, she won’t stand this kind of insolence.

Even if it takes a long time to find her true love, she never tries to change herself. She knows that if she doubts herself, the entire world will try to overwhelm her. And the queen won’t let that happen!

8. Allowing her stubborn feelings to overpower her kindness

She is stubborn when it’s to her goals, choices, and beliefs. At work, she is pretty straightforward and intimidating especially if it’s about fulfilling her desires.

As a leader, she works along with the team so nobody makes major mistakes. She even keeps a close eye on everyone’s tasks so no mistake takes a huge shape. Her team members call her bossy and controlling because of her ambitious nature.

However, she knows that everyone else around her is a human being. Despite being a perfectionist, she never treats people like a slave.

Of course, when it’s something serious, she makes sure that they give their best. But if anyone isn’t in their best shape physically or mentally, she won’t push them. She knows her and others’ limits owing to her high EQ.

She’s aware of her and others’ emotions and how her emotional expressions might impact others. So, she’ll never do anything that might hurt them. Her kind heart will never allow her to treat others like slaves.

She is never transparent about your emotions but she’s an extremely loving and passionate woman. Her good heart always prevails over her stubborn and aggressive side.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Now that you know the things she won’t allow in her life, make sure you don’t overstep her boundaries.

Don’t demand her to change anything and accept her the way she is. If you even try to change her, she will only push you farther away. So, take your time to get accustomed to her needs and you’ll become great friends!

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