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Type A Personality Relationships

Since you want to compare other personality types against A-type personality, you must first understand how A-types act with others in their personal, social, and professional life. So, let’s dig in here…

1. Their plans are always organized

Type A individuals go all out when they make plans. They’ll make all the important reservations, and planning and will double-check to make sure everything goes perfectly.

2. They have high standards

Whether their lover, friends, kids, or coworker, they always expect them to give their best in everything and win. This burdens others a lot and they might push type A people away for it.

3. They’re quite straightforward about their needs

In any sort of relationship, people with type A personality traits often spell out their needs quite clearly. Though it’s easier to maintain relationships this way, it might make the other person a bit nervous and afraid about mistakes.

4. They’re concerned and alert parents

They always seek the best for their kids’ growth and development. They provide the best education and environment to help them flourish and win in every area of life.

5. They always cheer their loved ones for the best

They’re great at motivating their family and friends. They constantly remind them that there’s nothing that they can’t do.

6. They’re mindful of finances

They always think repeatedly before spending and invest a lot in quality over quantity. They teach others the same.

7. They judge too fast

When they act like a mediator in conflicts, they don’t listen well to both sides. Instead, they jump to conclusions based on their assumptions.

8. They can’t stand poor performance

Type As spend too much time, energy, and resources on their loved ones’ growth. However, when they can’t meet the expectations, A-types become disappointed and judgmental of them.

9. They strictly condemn unproductive actions

They dislike mindless time wastage like social media scrolling, binge-watching shows, or anything that doesn’t help in growth. They’re quite strict about these towards loved ones.

10. They’re a fan of check-ins

A-types always initiate check-ins to ensure there’s no unresolved issue in their relationships. They dislike wasting time on fixing issues, so they try to nip it in the bud.

11. They force their perspective on others

Since A-types are confident and proud of their opinion and perspective on life, they always try to overwrite their loved ones’ perceptions. This pushes them out of their comfort zone and instills resentment.

12. They only want the best relationships

Due to their competitiveness, A-types often compare their relationship to others and try to make it the best in all areas… this can result in unrealistic expectations and unhappiness.

13. They get competitive even in their relationship

A-types always have the urge to win… even while competing with a loved one. They get serious even in games and become depressed when they lose. It spoils the fun of the games and harms the relationship.

14. The relationship is never the priority

They always prioritize work over friends, family, lovers, and kids. Their close ones feel resentful and grow apart. Instead, A-types overreact when loved ones seek their time.

15. They make you feel resentful during conflicts

During conflicts, A-types don’t fight to solve issues. They fight to be the right one and make the other person give in to their demands. This makes the other person resentful and undermined and they always avoid fights.

Are you ready to compare? Let’s start here…

Type B Personality Relationships

B-type personalities are often compared as inferior to A-type. However, the alphabets have nothing to do with any sort of superiority. But B-types are quite opposite to As in many ways, so let’s find more here…

1. They’re relaxed and easygoing

B-types are warm and nurturing towards their relationships. They have all the patience, love, respect, and support. They’re good listeners and never interrupt others while speaking, unlike A-types.

2. They mess up

Due to their extreme loving nature, they can’t bear to hurt their loved ones… even with genuine facts. They can’t communicate freely due to this fear.

3. They’re emotional but not reactive

B-types easily get hurt by their loved ones’ words. But compared to type A, they never overreact to them and never communicate their feelings.

4. They can’t hide their feelings

Though B-types don’t express their feelings verbally, their feelings are clear in their expressions. The other person always knows when something is wrong, so they can quickly resolve conflicts.

5. They might get taken advantage of

Since type Bs suppress their emotions to make their relationships last, they become the best target for opportunists. They might be treated unfairly.

Are you ready to know more? Scroll away…

Type C Personality Relationships

C-types are famous for their creativity and logical character. However, you must be curious about how their rational side impacts their relationship… and whether they’re any better than As. So, let’s find it here…

1. They’re logical and not emotional

In all relationships, they’re pretty rational. They don’t get swayed by their emotions or take hasty decisions based on them which is a pro.

2. They lack empathy

As they find logic in emotional situations and avoid drama, people often perceive them as unempathetic and misunderstand them.

3. They avoid conflict and try to cooperate

During conflicts, they always avoid getting in messy situations and quietly compromise as much as possible.

4. They take a long time to trust others

They can’t place their trust in others too fast as they’re aware of the risks. The good people might resent them for this but at least it saves them from heartbreaks.

5. They don’t jump to conclusions

Before judging any situation, they try to understand both sides’ issues well. They judge them only after they have clear knowledge about everything.

6. They help others even if it hurts them

Even if they’re troubled, they try to help others wholeheartedly till the end. People always seek them because of their helpful nature.

7. They’re pretty introverted

They don’t dislike others’ company, but C-types get drained from excess socializing. They recharge themselves in solitude which leads to misunderstandings.

8. They overlook minor issues

They quietly deal with minor irritations in relationships and work on them by themselves without hurting others. And they feel it’s not worth fighting over them.

9. Stress makes them lose self-control

They usually keep their emotions in check 24/7, but when higher levels of stress might make them lose control. That’s when the fights get really dirty.

10. They don’t word out their needs

C-types are pretty aware of their needs. However, they don’t communicate as they don’t want to burden others with these. You can guess how many complications that might create.

Yup, you guessed it right… so, let’s move on to the…

Type D Personality Relationships

D-types are the most pessimistic of the lot. They’re depressed and distressed… they suffer from low self-esteem. And yes, that impacts their relationships too. So, let’s find out whether they’re similar to A-types at all…

1. They’re quite negative all the time

D-types are always depressed, anxious, and stressed in their personal and social relationships. They doubt themselves and this brings extreme dissatisfaction to their relationships.

2. They can’t trust others easily

Since they’re aware of what most people think of their pessimism, they don’t show their vulnerabilities to others.

3. They easily feel depressed when lonely

When their loved ones don’t contact them, they feel insecure and blame their pessimism for the isolated feeling.

4. They might avoid people

They’re afraid of burdening others and feel shy to seek their help. Others might feel they don’t want to be around them and this leads to social isolation.

5. They often suppress emotions out of fear

D-types always fear being rejected and judged. So, they don’t express themselves openly. They know they’re pretty negative about everything in life and can’t handle being reprimanded for that.

Until now, you read about the most popular personality types. So, let’s move on to the lesser known ones here…

Type E Personality Relationships

E-types are popular for the passionate, creative, outgoing, and living at the moment. You probably guessed that they’re quite different from A-types. But is that guess true? Let’s find that here…

1. They don’t care about others’ opinions

They pay the least attention to opposing or negative opinions, unlike Type As. So, their close ones might think they’re arrogant.

2. They always make opportunities for loved ones

They want the best for their loved ones much like A-types and try to find precious opportunities for their improvement.

3. They bring life to the group

E-types are extremely outgoing and always plan the outings themselves like As. They add thrill and excitement to gatherings.

4. Others might get annoyed due to their high energy

E-types are extremely energetic and others can’t match them. So, their loved ones might grow tired and stop spending time with them.

5. They’re quite passionate… which has its pros and cons

The passionate side of E-types help them bond with others emotionally. However, they can be equally passionate about bad habits which might push away loved ones.

Next up, let’s move to the next alphabet and their story here…

Type F Personality Relationships

F-types are known for their emotional side. If you’re wondering if they’re completely different from Type As, that’s a good guess. But let’s see how different they can be in reality and if their relationships are better than type As here…

1. They’re pure-hearted

F-types hold zero malice towards others. Everyone loves them for this. However, they might get manipulated for their pure nature.

2. They hardly expect anything in return

F-type people do favors for others but they never hope for anything in return. They’re selfless, but others might take advantage of them.

3. They’re great secret-keepers

They’re extremely faithful to their close ones. They bury others’ secrets deep within. People can also rely on them for almost anything

4. They’re in touch with emotions

People with type F are prone to emotional decisions. This might lead to mistakes later on. They’re also quite mindful of others’ emotions. So, instead of making rational choices, they choose what won’t hurt others. Similarly, they also get hurt and get emotional frequently.

5. They just can’t push away mean people

F-types are too loving and forgiving. They always assume excuses for others’ wrongdoings. They can’t step away from people that hurt them easily. Further, they might stay in toxic relationships for too long and give opportunists too many chances.

But wait… don’t lose patience! A thorough comparison will never be complete unless you check for…

Type G Personality Relationships

Type G or the gifted personality traits are creative, intelligent, and farsighted. With these traits, you might assume that their relationships must be the best of the lot. But, let’s know if you’re right or not here…

1. They depend on their intuition to judge people

Though G-types are gifted with good intentions, it’s impossible to be right every day. They might judge people wrongly and hurt loved ones like A-types.

2. They’re good at controlling their emotions

G-types never let their emotions show on the surface. They don’t easily stress and anxiety put them off. They never take it out on their loved ones.

3. They’ll prioritize their desires first

G-types are introverted and they’ll prioritize their needs over others. They might hole up in their room working on a project for days without care… much like A-types. Others might feel hurt by such dynamics.

4. They hate complicated situations

Relationships are complicated but G-types just can’t bear to invest time in these complications like that of A-types.

5. They can’t express their emotions

Just as G-types dislike complicated emotions, they don’t understand when they feel complex emotions. They can’t express themselves and loved ones often misunderstand them.

Lastly, let’s get to the least known one here…

Type H Personality Relationships

Out of all the personality types, H-type has the least to no red flags in their relationships. They’re so perfect that people question whether they truly exist or not. So, let’s see how their personality traits help their relationships here…

1. They never let negative emotions take charge

Unlike A-types, H-types never let the negatives creep into their conversations. Even if they have a heated conversation, they never act aggressively.

2. They don’t play the blame game

H-types create one of the healthiest relationships as they always take responsibility for their actions. They don’t blame others for it.

3. They’re always hopeful

H-types are extremely optimistic and believe in miracles. Though they spread positivity to the people around them, they might lose major opportunities for such a mindset.

4. They work on their toxicity

All H-types aren’t flawless. Some might have negative traits, but they don’t deny them. They admit it and work on it all alone. This makes any kind of relationship with an H-type pleasurable.

5. They’re forgiving

H-types don’t overlook others’ faults. However, when anyone that wronged them seeks forgiveness, they don’t linger on the past anymore. They deal with their emotional wounds alone and allow others another chance. This makes them prone to more heartbreak.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Whether you want to befriend someone or fall in love, comparing how different personality types work can help you seal the deal.

However, it’s hard to figure out someone’s personality unless you analyze them closely. So, make sure you observe them properly and tally with the traits of each personality.

Even if you find someone’s personality type, don’t write them off as a good or bad person right from the beginning. Human beings are unique as it depends a lot on their childhood and past.

So, it’s always better to judge people by yourself and not assume things. Things don’t always follow the ideal situation. Take your time knowing people and only then believe them.

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