Looking for some type A personality traits? Perhaps, you feel someone around you is being too bossy and mean? Or, is it that you feel irritated and feel time urgency for no reason?

Well, whether it’s you or someone else, knowing the traits of people with type A can help you deal with them… or yourself… much better!

You can help a type A from major damage to their own health or others’ motivation. Also, if you learn the traits, you can be aware of more type A folks around you… and learn to deal with them aptly.

So, if you’re ready to bag all these benefits, let’s hop in…

Type A Personality Traits

Type A personality traits possess strong characteristics… After all, they aren’t called the directors or achievers for nada!

They’re dominant and literally married to their work. They also make the best of the best leaders. However, throwing these terms here and there doesn’t do justice to define them.

Instead, plunge into this detailed list to understand their story in detail…

1. They always hurry everything

Even though there’s enough time, type A individuals always feel they’re running out of time. They hate to queue up and sigh heavily when the queue doesn’t proceed fast.

They can’t even take time to talk. And, they always try to find the quickest way to get done with minor tasks.  They even walk and eat fast or they’ll lose precious time.

Due to their impatient nature, they hardly listen to others… instead they make sure others listen and sign off. They’re not just punctual… they’re obsessed with punctuality and take pride in it.

In fact, they obsess over wrapping their work before time. However, their constant tension about not meeting deadlines might turn out to be a distraction.

2. They’ll be hostile without a reason

One of the worst traits among type A people is their free-floating hostility. As mentioned in the last pointer, they are intensely impatient and want everything done within time. However, when they can’t meet these self-created expectations, they feel frustrated.

Though the delay truly doesn’t matter and they can take their time, they lose their temper when that happens. In fact, they become upset over the smallest and most common issues like the queue in the grocery stores.

When they lose their fuse, they start behaving rudely to everyone as though it’s a life-and-death situation.

3. They’re always ready for a good challenge

Individuals with type A traits have a strong desire to win in every area of life. They’re highly competitive and are ready to give their all to overpower everyone else. They’re extremely focused on their goals, i.e., to win.

If you have type A traits, you just can’t accept them if you can’t achieve your goals. For you, it’s all or all… there’s no chance of not winning.

They love competition, challenges, and winning. Type A people are extremely judgmental about those who don’t like challenges, don’t give their all to win, or feel it’s okay to lose once in a while. They only associate with other winners.

4. They’re goal-oriented

People with A-type personality measure their worth based on their achievements. If they can’t achieve something, they feel they’re worthless and they can’t face society. In fact, they even expect the same from others if they fail.

They judge their own and others’ status based on their achievements. If they don’t achieve their goals, they become depressed and feel like they’ll never get the opportunity to make a comeback.

Moreover, both in their workplace and in their personal life, if a loved one fails, they treat them brutally. They use stinging words when others fail… to the point of crushing their hopes and spirits.

5. They always want to dominate others

A-type people are dominant both in action and words. They try to get the upper hand over the other party in literally any situation. You probably thought it’s only prominent in their personal and professional life… but they can behave similarly even to random strangers.

They always have to have their way in any situation or in a conversation with anybody. They just can’t bear the fact that someone else might one-up them. Even if someone else is actually right, they get defensive and might use underhanded means to shut off the opposite person and dominate them.

6. Their tension shows in their expression

People with type A behavior patterns are always worried. Tension is evident in their nerves. It’s so intense that the higher levels of stress become evident in their facial expression and their skin.

For instance, they always purse their lips or tighten their lips. They subconsciously clench their jaws when they’re focused on a situation. They even get dark circles because the higher levels of stress keep them up at night or perhaps they work late at night.

Other usual facial signs are constant sweating over the upper lips, on the forehead, and the neck. They also have a prominent brow furrow line.

7. It might even impact their oral health

Individuals with type A personality are also prone to oral health issues. They have a habit of grinding teeth unconsciously aka bruxism. They might do it in their sleep or even when they’re awake and not mindful because they’re focused on something else.

This can wear down teeth and teeth fillings, make them brittle and sensitive, and cause pain in the jaws. Moreover, it might even lead to shoulder and neck pain.

They also incessantly click their tongue. If the pressure of the tongue during the click is usually on the teeth, it can even shift their teeth and make them crooked.

8. They might suffer from hypertension

You might wonder how a personality type can be related to high blood pressure… but it totally can for A-types. By now you’re aware that people with this personality type are extremely prone to stress.

Stress is one of the leading factors that lead to hypertension. If you have anyone around you who deals with hypertension, you probably saw them pop pills for it regularly because the stress can shorten their lifespan.

So, being a type A, even if you don’t get stress and hypertension genetically, your personality might cause it.

9. They’re quite prone to a stressful situations on the job

Some people say “Type A folks have stressful jobs”, but it’s not that a person born with this behavior lands a demanding job.

Rather, type As are really goal-oriented, dedicated, and love time management. They work their way to the top and reach the truly demanding and tricky positions in their work life.

However, sometimes, they simply make their jobs stressful. They either get stressed out because they believe they have too much to do in too little time or they worry about wrapping their work within a said time.

10. Coronary heart diseases come for free in the package

Until now, you know that A-type personality folks suffer from stress, anger, hostility, and impatience. All of these heighten your incidence of coronary heart disease.

So, you’re more prone to getting serious blockages in the arteries. These blockages either happen due to the constriction of smaller arteries or the narrowing of the artery channels.

Though recent medically reviewed studies didn’t yet prove it, there’s always a chance. This can lead to serious and fatal situations. So, it’s better to pick up stress management techniques.

11. They tend to have the least social interaction

People with type A personality traits are almost married to their job. They focus all day on their work because they desire nothing but perfection and victory. This leaves them almost zero time for themselves and their family.

Their loved ones feel frustrated that they’re not a priority. Due to type A folks’ indifferent attitude towards their loved ones, they’re extremely prone to relationship troubles.

Moreover, their workplace relationships are also strained because of their irritable nature. Especially if they have a competitor in their professional life, they just can’t handle it and blow their fuse.

12. They can’t handle a mess

A dirty space irritates the hell out of a person with type A personality. This can be because they know they won’t find important things in one go.

Finding the things will consume unnecessary extra time. And that’s accompanied by more time to reorganize everything.

They want what they need immediately and aren’t ready to sacrifice their time over pointless actions. So, they always try to keep their space organized whether at work or at the office.

They also hate it when others touch their belongings and don’t put them back in their rightful position.

13. They’re great at multitasking

Since A type people hate the idea of wasting time and always fear losing precious time for more productivity, they try to multitask as much as possible. They take up more responsibilities at once or even juggle multiple jobs.

For instance, at home, if they let a dish bake in the oven for 5 minutes, they can’t and won’t sit idle during those few minutes. They’ll instead get done with laundry or scrub the sink.

They won’t take a break even if they have time. They might quote “I can’t rest until I’m done with everything.” The hurrying never ends… and even if they’re forced to be patient, they won’t rest up.

14. They’re too stubborn at times

Once type A people set their eyes on something or someone, they won’t back down easily. They’re confident and can’t accept failure, so they charge straight toward what they desire without thinking through it.

Suppose it’s a love interest, their impatience doesn’t let them do their homework. They ask them out and sometimes they don’t even know whether the other person is taken.

If they get rejected, they feel terrible and can’t accept the situation. They get defensive and treat the other person rudely due to their irritability.

The same happens when they approach situations. They’re too confident that they’ll win and won’t listen even if others warn them. In the end, they suffer and judge themselves for the entire situation to the point that they can’t recover from it.

15. Their school performance is fabulous

Researchers experimented on college students with type A vs type personality traits. Studies found that type A’s performed brilliantly in their academics in comparison.

This is mainly because type A people are hard workers. Their stress leads them to manage time better. Their competitive nature and thrive to be on the top is another plus for their achievement.

They cope better with mountains of homework and assignments well. It’s also partly because they don’t want to be one of the failures because they judge people based on their achievements.

Type A’s are also motivated when they work alone. Since most college assignments are not group tasks, it also helps them work better in peace and solitude.

16. They can actually work under pressure

If you’re a working adult, you probably faced this question “Can you work under pressure?” Type A personality people are those that most interviewers look for.

Since they always deal with high-stress levels, they learn to work through any situation. They can confidently make the right choices within a short time.

It’s ingrained deep in type A’s personality that they must choose correctly in any situation. Their brain works even better during crises.

It’s primarily because they know they can’t waste more time dealing with more troubles. They can look into the short and long-term effects of any situation because of this.

17. Their lifespan is longer

By now you already know that type A’s are extremely thorough with their work which is the secret behind their success in almost every area of their life. Researchers found a relationship between thoroughness and lifespan.

The researchers pointed out that it’s probably due to type A’s disciplined and health-conscious lifestyle. Since type A’s hate lagging and missing deadlines, they also take good care of themselves.

They don’t want to get sick or suffer from a hangover and break their commitment to work or studies. So, they don’t indulge in excess of anything. Their balanced lifestyle leads to a longer lifespan.

18. They run a risk for anxiety and depression

Another medically reviewed research on college students found out that having type A personality traits make you more prone to mental health issues.

Since type As are perfectionists, always have high expectations of themselves and undermine their own confidence when they fail in anything, they always push themselves beyond the limit.

They also struggle to meet their own expectations and grow anxious about how society views them. If you’re a type A too, acknowledge even your smallest victories and try everything possible to reduce stress.

For instance, invest time in journaling, self-care, and relaxation methods, and keep a strong support group around you.

19. They hate group tasks

Since people with type A traits love to win, they can handle major projects independently. However, they hate working in groups as they like to outshine others instead of shining together.

Moreover, if someone fails to perform their duties, they can’t handle such situations well. They easily get angered and have a low tolerance for blunders and delays.

They hate it when the entire team gets dragged down due to one incapable person. Further, they even hate it if someone else bosses them around as they like to make their independent decisions.

When things go wrong, they try to show how to overcome the troubles… but they sound demeaning and bossy when they try to teach others.

20. They’re born leaders

Type A people are perfectly fitted in leadership roles. They have harsh judgment skills and can find the rarest gems from the lot which reduces blunders in the workplace.

Though they don’t like to be a team member, they’re awesome in administrative roles. They understand others’ strengths and weaknesses and teach the team members the exact things they need for growth, better performance, and higher productivity.

However, they’re quite tough and easily get angered. So, team members can’t bond with them and stay at a distance.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

There are many pros and cons of having type A personality traits. But the greatest issue is the overwhelming stress. 

So, if you’re a type A, make sure you deal with your stress with the needed steps. You might come off mean sometimes, so work on your patience and try to understand the people around you.

On the other hand, if you know a type A, but associate with one regularly, it’s understandable how hard it can be. But hang in there, communicate your side of any situation clearly, and don’t be scared of their judgmental attitude.

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