So, you just took a personality test and got to know you have type B behavior patterns. Since you’re here, you probably can’t wait to know more about your behaviors in different situations in life.

If yes, it’s great that you want to be aware of yourself… and guess what? You have reached the perfect place to know everything about your behavior pattern.

But if it’s about someone else and you want to make sure how they react to things, that’s okay too!

So, let’s get down to it…

Type B Behavior Pattern

If someone around you has Type B behavior patterns, you better not judge them solely on what others say. A lot of people highlight their negative behaviors. So, if you listen to others, you might not do justice to them. So, it’s always wise to know for sure.

Are type Bs as incapable as the world thinks? Or, are they just different?

Let’s get to know them here…

1. They’re friendly, supportive, and have good convincing skills

Individuals with type B behavior patterns are warm and nurturing. They accept everyone around them with open arms. They quickly befriend everyone and make others get friends.

If they find someone who feels low, they try to understand them and then motivate them to keep fighting. They never judge anyone based on their story. They understand that everyone has their own battles and nobody can understand it unless they’re in their shoes.

When they see two people fight, they try to mediate the issues. When they see people feeling left out, they make them feel involved. They talk to people and help them speak their minds.

Having Type B people in your life is like a blessing. Those who meet a Type B person, usually want them as their friends… unless it’s people with type A personalities. A-types may not appreciate Type Bs as much.

Moreover, due to their friendly nature, they’re also great speakers, mediators, and influencers. They can say the exact things the other person wants and needs to listen to. This creates an instant bond with others. So, B-types can get their viewpoint across to them quicker.

2. They can stay calm in any situation

Individuals with Type B personality traits are better at managing stress levels compared to type As. They don’t act frantically and hurry in a crisis. They can calmly decide what they need in moments of crisis.

In such situations, Type A people take hurried decisions which makes them more prone to making mistakes. They become rude and misbehave when stressed.

According to cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman, these reactions predict that they might suffer from heart diseases like coronary artery diseases and high blood pressure.

Type B folks don’t let their emotions get out of control in these situations. Instead, they make sure they don’t get others agitated. They judge their situation calmly and slowly and try to figure out the results of all the possible decisions. They know that losing their mind won’t help them, so they avoid it.

They put their mind on the important stuff and don’t and avoid any unnecessary thoughts from entering their mind.

Moreover, they believe in enjoying the ride as much as they can before they succeed. Since stress won’t let them feel every moment, they have more reasons to pay no heed to it.

3. They get depressed when they’re left out

Type Bs love to stay around people. They like to communicate with others and stay connected. In this era where nobody befriends another without any motives, they’re the innocent gems.

They bond with people only to know different viewpoints. They don’t approach others because they want something from them. Rather, they like to socialize and you might even call them extroverts.

However, there’s a catch!

They can’t take it when others don’t respond to their energy. They expect others to naturally involve them in their plans because they’re so outgoing. But if someone doesn’t, they feel so hurt.

They get extremely emotional, but they try their best to not lash out. Even at this point they worry about others’ feelings and suppress themselves. But that doesn’t work because their facial expressions and body language give it away.

Everyone knows that something is off by the way they walk, talk, and even do things.

Especially if this situation happens in the workplace, everyone starts feeling low. All because they seem so resigned and down. Type Bs motivate everyone else. When they’re low, they can’t keep up the same positivity… so, it affects others’ moods.

4. They feel enthusiastic when others recognize and accept them

In this world, people praise and idolize individuals with type A personality traits the most. Most of you probably heard a “Look at how so-and-so from your grade is performing better… he/she studies all day long. Can’t you be like them?”

That so-and-so was probably an A-type kid… and you felt so bad about being yourself. Even if your elders meant no harm, it hurt you and made you feel insufficient.

This happens intensely with B-types because they’re the polar opposite of As. They’re disorganized, they don’t follow a routine, they work smart instead of working hard, they don’t stay awake till late with books and a laptop in front of them… and whatever they do is never enough.

After years of being treated this way, a person with a B-type personality might break down when they feel accepted and acknowledged. It makes them beyond happy and they understand that the kindness they shared returned to them.

This motivates them, even more, to share love and make the world a better place.

5. They low-key fear public humiliation

Take the example in the last pointer. B-types have always been made to feel they’re insufficient for others. Whether their parents, siblings, teachers, peers, coworkers, or bosses… everyone wants them to change into an A-type.

They faced lots of humiliation throughout the years. Yet, they always seem to be the jolliest person in the lot. They always point out the silver lining of the grey clouds.

So, how can they show others their weak side? If they seem weak, those that depend on them and get their strength from them might also stop believing their optimistic views.

That’s why B-types dislike or fear public humiliation… so much that they’re ready to do anything to prevent that.

For instance, some B-types produce better results and work harder out of fear of humiliation. The fear alone might make them hyper focused on their tasks and meet deadlines sooner.

6. They hate it when people steal their thunder

Type Bs love the limelight. They’re the social butterflies of any group and they feel good when they get attention and feel appreciated. They try to stay updated with the trends like to dress their best, catch attention the right way, and be the reason for everyone’s joy.

However, after so much hard work, they can’t stand it if someone or something else shifts their attention from them. After their long and hard effort to grab everyone’s attention, they can’t bear it when they lose it all in a second.

Some B-types might not try to grab others’ attention towards themselves but their creations.  This happens especially if the B-type feels shy. They work hard enough to make their creative project the best.

They pour out all of their heart to stay forever in others’ hearts. So, they expect others to understand their feelings and appreciate them or their creations alone.

7. They easily get distracted towards something creative… and procrastinate

B-types are extremely creative. They feel interested in creative tasks and projects. So, if they’re currently not working on anything interesting… and a creative and attractive idea pops into their mind, they’ll chase that dream.

When they start dreaming, they dream big. They might think deeper into it than they need to and forget about the existing task. They might get so immersed in it that they’ll keep the original task on hold and daydream about the creative one.

This continues and they keep thinking “I still have time, I’ll pick that up and get it finished”.

In the end, they’re either too late to snap back to reality or they miss deadlines. For the same reason, type B people need someone to keep an eye on them, help them with time management, and remind them to work on it.

8. They pick the pace… but at the last minute

B-types are hell-bent on working on things as they like. They don’t like taking stress, so they take their own time to finish each task. Even if someone asks them to do it faster, they might get irritated and slow down… or just maintain the normal pace and ignore the other person.

They want to enjoy their work and feel good about how much they can help out. They know when they take time, they can come up with cool ideas and present the best of their creative energy.

However, this again leads to major procrastination. They realize that they can’t continue things the same way or they’ll miss major opportunities. That’s when they realize their fault and begin multitasking.

Though they somehow make things work in the end, was the quality of those last-minute tasks good enough? You can’t tell for everyone’s case, but it usually backfires.

9. They know their priorities

A B-type person’s priority isn’t their work. Rather, they’re pretty flexible about everything. They can change their priorities based on their needs. They react to the urgency of situations.

So, if it’s a special day for their loved one, they’ll try their best to do everything perfectly on that day. They’ll leave work on time, push all the tasks to the next day, and make sure that they get everything to make their loved ones happy.

On days they want to have a cozy time with their partner, they might go on a date but not plan anything too fancy. They’ll keep it chill and casual so they can let loose. Their laid-back nature might activate these days. Their partner might not feel cherished if this happens for too many dates at a stretch.

If they want to relax, they’ll especially avoid extra work and even keep tasks pending because their physical and mental health is more precious to them.

On the other hand, on days when they’re focused and absorbed in their creative tasks, the scene changes drastically. They might stay shut in their room working alone, stay up the entire night to work, forget about even eating, and only go to sleep in the morning.

10. They might be unable to stand for themselves

Since B-types are extremely nurturing, they always worry that they’ll hurt someone if they don’t act a particular way. They’re people pleasers… they use their words to make others happy, even if they’re at a disadvantage.

If they get wronged, they might not feel confident to say anything. Thoughts like “What if I make them sad?” “What if it was an accident?” “I must give them another chance.” “No way they’ll mean those words” race through their mind.

Even if they get the hunch that someone is taking advantage of them, they won’t be able to confront them.

This might even happen in their professional life because their friendly nature blurs the line between them and their subordinates. So, others might try to use their kindness.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The behavior patterns mentioned here mainly talk about their general reaction. You can say that’s how an average type B person behaves in different situations.

But… who is average? Everyone is unique.

Just as two completely identical twins don’t exist… two people with identical behavioral habits don’t exist either. So, keep that in mind and don’t stereotype them.

Look out for fellow type Bs so they don’t procrastinate or get the shorter side of the stick… but don’t accuse them of being a procrastinator before they even show signs. B-type people dislike stereotyping, so don’t do that if you want to keep them happy.

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