So, you’re looking for type b personality fears and dislikes? Someone took a personality test and found they’re type B… and you want to make them feel comfortable?

Well, that’s great news! Knowing their anxieties will also help you deal with them better, keep them in a pleasant mood, and won’t cause misunderstandings.

So, find out everything you need here…

Type B Personality Fears and Dislikes

Though no two people are complete clones of each other, people have some basic similarities in their personalities. These help you understand them a lot better. And guess what? It’ll actually help you avoid hurting your fellow type B people… or help them deal with their fears.

So, let’s find out what the last thing a type B wants to face here…

1. Public humiliation

Type Bs give great importance to the connections they make in their day-to-day life and the way others perceive them. People with Type B behavior patterns want to be perceived in a positive light. They always help out others selflessly.

So, they already have a good rapport with everyone in the vicinity. They never want to be perceived negatively by these people and ruin their reputation. So, a Type B can’t deal with being humiliated publicly. Even if they’re at fault, they expect to be called out in private.

2. Not being involved

Type B people are diehard fans of teamwork. They like to include everyone whether in their personal or professional life. They believe that sharing happiness brings more luck.

However, when a loved one doesn’t involve them in an outing or get-together, they feel unwanted. They feel that everyone pretends to like them and grow negative emotions against them. They grow apart from them and never try to be friendly with them again.

If the same happens in the office, type Bs most likely get emotional and hurt. They feel others look down on them and grow hostile towards them. Their emotions even impact their tasks and responsibilities.

So, b-types try their best to seem friendly and warm. They do things so that others love and respect them.

3. Looking unattractive

Type Bs are extroverted. They’re the social butterflies of the group. To make that happen. They try to keep any group among friends, family, or coworkers excited.

They know they’ll have all the attention on them. So, they can never afford to look unattractive. They’re aware that once they show an unappealing appearance with their vibe, nobody will forget that.

Even if it happens by mistake, everyone will remind them of that for ages. So, B-types never risk looking unprepared. Moreover, if someone says they don’t look good, they might even take it personally and hold a grudge forever. So, they must also look their best to secure their connections.

4. Someone or something else grabbing the attention

B-types love to be everyone’s center of attention. Even if they are shy and introverted, they hope that their creations or their good deeds remain in others’ hearts forever.

They work hard to make themselves or their creations unforgettable. They hope that everyone will appreciate that for a long time.

If there’s a party, they try hard to entertain everyone and stay on everyone’s mind. It might be with their jokes, looks, or something else.

They don’t want anyone or anything to steal the show from them. Since they put lots of effort into the entire preparation, they expect everyone to buzz around them and not others.

5. Not being appreciated

Type A and Type B might not be the same when it comes to dealing with their work. A type B doesn’t work day in and day out to meet deadlines. However, they are also hard workers.

They work hard with their creative and imaginative powers. It takes a lot of time, energy, brainstorming, and effort. It’s normal for them to fear or dislike being unappreciated for such long-term efforts.

They expect that the world will acknowledge them for their creativity and their good deeds. However, even after doing everything, if the world doesn’t notice their patience and compassion whether towards their projects or fellow human beings, they get too emotional.

They don’t expect people to pat their back for anything, but at least desire appreciation for it.

6. Others calling them unsuccessful

People with Type B personality traits may not be successful in reality… after all, they have a much lower drive to succeed in life than compared to type As.

However, they feel extremely hurt when others call them unsuccessful whether that’s true or not. They don’t want people to judge them based on their success, finance, or career.

Most type Bs don’t define success based on professional, financial, or social status. For them, a work-life balance is more important and they’re not ready to give up on that for success. So, being called unsuccessful is the last thing they want.

7. People that don’t like to socialize

Type Bs love to socialize and include everyone in teamwork. They feel more fulfilled by helping everyone feel included and heard. However, meeting an unsocial person might be their greatest nightmare come true.

Since type Bs love to socialize, they’ll try to approach the unsocial person first. However, the unsocial person won’t like to step out of their comfort zone and become over excited about making small talk. This might make Type B feel rejected.

They won’t catch the introverted person’s attention. They might even take this negatively.

8. Not getting everyone’s acceptance

Type Bs give away a warm, sensitive, loving, and nurturing vibe. They accept everyone without any judgment. They understand that everyone isn’t equally capable and that’s alright. They try their best to make everyone feel heard, accepted, appreciated, and valued for their unique sides.

Though they don’t expect others to return similar feelings, they hope that their good deeds won’t be rejected. Type Bs fear rejection and believe it’s a common fear. For this very reason, they don’t judge others and try to understand everyone.

9. Resisting a dead end

Though A-types fight harder when they face resistance, B-types don’t hold similar feelings. They don’t feel that forcing anything will be of any good to them, others, or their situation.

However, that doesn’t mean they give up easily. Rather, they give up on ideas that don’t seem to work out no matter what they do.

They believe that everything happens for a reason. So, this dead end or major obstruction is a sign of superior powers. They’re also not open to pondering on the what-ifs. In fact, they don’t support taking a risk. Otherwise, they’ll spend every day in fear which isn’t worth it at all.

10. Facing the truth of deadlines

B-types aren’t ready to be pressured in any personal, professional, or social situation. Type Bs manage stress levels well, but sometimes they do it wrong.

They don’t care about their deadlines and procrastinate. They think they’ll have plenty of time to finish it once they’re done with the current project or tasks. However, time waits for none. So, they’re pretty bad with deadlines.

And when the deadline is near, they won’t even accept the reality. Instead, they’ll convince themselves that it’s okay to miss it and that the project or task didn’t really matter much. This is because they fear missing deadlines but just aren’t as straightforward about it.

11. Hurting others with brutal honesty

When someone fails in their tasks, type Bs never judge them. Instead, they try their best to understand the other person’s issues. However, it’s not always possible to avoid getting mad or frustrated.

But Type Bs will never show their disappointment on their face. Even if the other person is doing wrong, they won’t say it out loud. It’s because they fear that the other person might get hurt.

However, when they suppress these negative feelings, the situation takes a worse turn. B-types become passive-aggressive instead.

12. Being inadequate

Though outgoing, some B-types might also feel anxious around new people. They worry about what the other person expects from them and whether they can meet the expectations of the opposite side. They fear being perceived as inadequate in these situations.

So, they completely skip facing the overall situation. For this habit, some people mistake B-types for introverts… but most of them aren’t introverted. Instead, it’s a way to deal with their fears.

13. Multitasking

B-types take time to complete their tasks as they tend to enjoy the ride… instead of speeding towards the end result of everything. So, to make that happen, they want to be away from every possible distraction… including extra work.

They dislike multitasking as it shoots their stress levels and negatively impacts their mental health. For them, their health is far more precious than the deadlines of school and work. So, they skip them until the end.

However, this usually results in a bad ending. They either have to multitask at the last moment or live with regrets of missing deadlines.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Knowing more about personality types is truly the best thing that happened… at least for Type Bs. These people are truly sweet and lovable. This doesn’t imply that there aren’t any mean B-Types because that depends on their experiences and life until now.

But even if they’re mean, you can help them out feel a bit more comfortable, heard, and accepted.

You don’t need to avoid giving them more tasks or agree with their denial of failing deadlines… but you can at least help them seek a mental health expert if it’s a serious situation… whether it’s a friend or a co-worker.

So, cheers to a better bond between you and your fellow type B! 

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