Okay, so you’re ready to find the type b personality ideal job list… that’s a great step forward!

Whether you’re working in the HR panel of a company, work as a job counselor, or are a type B yourself, this think-piece will help you find out suitable jobs.

It’ll be all according to the prominent positive and negative Type B traits. So, if any mentioned job is cool for particular type B traits but triggers certain other negative traits, you’ll be warned about those too!

So, let’s get down to it…

Type B Personality Ideal Job List

Type B individuals are mostly creative minds and they aren’t always good with tight deadlines and avoiding stress. However, everyone isn’t the same. Due to a Type B’s upbringing, they might be fairly punctual and deal with stressful deadlines.

So, before you judge B-types, look forth to these….

1. Jobs based on their limelight-grabbing attitude

People with type b personalities love to get attention. They feel more heard, accepted, and appreciated when others pay attention to them.

So, they’re a great fit in working environments where they’ll get lots of attention and feel good about it instead of getting nervous. Here are some of them:

  • TV and Radio hosts
  • Actors
  • High-profile public speakers
  • Communicators and problem resolvers

However, don’t forget that these jobs will force them to socialize excessively. If they can’t keep up, they might be criticized for it.

Since Type Bs are habituated to taking criticisms personally, it might backfire on them. But, if they can enjoy and focus on the positives even through criticisms, these are perfect.

2. Jobs based on their outgoing nature

Type Bs are extremely extroverted and energetic. They like to communicate with people and have great influencing powers. So, any job in these sectors might also intrigue them:

  • Marketing sector
  • Advertising sector
  • Promoting sector

However, if a type B individual is extremely laid back and prioritizes relaxation, these jobs might not be the one for them as they need to be competitive and enthusiastic for success. Moreover, the easygoing attitude might even make them lose valuable existing and potential customers.

3. Jobs based on their helpful approach

Individuals with Type B personality traits are also extremely nurturing and caring towards others. They’re great at paying attention to others’ needs. They’re capable and sensitive healers.

They don’t judge others for their mistakes and help them see the positive aspect of any situation. They can manage any social situation and they’re a good team player which even makes them a great problem solver.

  • This makes them a great fit for these jobs:
  • School psychologist
  • Family Therapist
  • Clinical psychologist
  • Nurse
  • Physical therapist
  • Mediator
  • Mental health counselors
  • Marriage and family therapists

4. Jobs based on their fear of criticism

Most people assume that all type Bs are the same. But a personality type or defined personality traits can’t define all individuals in the same bracket. Different people work differently with triggers.

Sometimes, a Type B might actually not get demotivated due to criticism. They might continue working hard out of the fear of criticism even though they don’t have competitive characteristics in them.

So, along with the fear of criticism and good public speaking skills, they might be good

  • Sales executives
  • Sales officers
  • Any other position in the Sales department

5. Jobs based on their relaxed working environments

Type bs are known to work better in a relaxed manner. They want to take their time in their work life to achieve perfection. Though most corporate sectors want people to hurry and need them to maintain their deadlines, some jobs actually need a patient and relaxed attitude. It might be

Skincare professionals:  Don’t confuse them with dermatologists. They treat their client’s skin and advise them on how to maintain their skin better. They also perform treatments. They might also do a thorough and preliminary checkup and refer the client to dermatologists for serious issues.

6. Jobs based on Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

One of the common personality tests in the modern era is MBTI. According to this, Type B personality traits are divided into 4 out of their 16 personalities: ENTJ, ENTP, INTJ, and INTP. So, let’s check the different job types based on these…

ENTJ aka The Chief

  • Top executive 
  • Emergency management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Corporate strategy
  • Politics
  • Physician

ENTP aka The Orator

  • Stock trading
  • Sales
  • Reporter
  • Film production
  • Public relations
  • Legal counseling 
  • Engineering

INTJ aka The Orchestrator

  • Microbiologist
  • Project management
  • System engineering
  • Marketing strategy
  • System analysis
  • Software engineering
  • Financial analysis

INTP aka The Rationalist

  • Computer programming
  • Software development
  • Research & academia
  • Business analysis
  • Corporate strategy
  • Technical writing

7. Jobs based on their analytical skills

If a type B’s creativity is about analytical skills, they’re more suitable for

  • Network Systems Administrators
  • Computer Systems Administrators

With these jobs, they can assess the needs of their employer’s computer network, build an efficient plan to make the systems operate properly daily, and secure the data from any cyber threat.

8. Jobs based on their patience

Type Bs are extremely patient and can read through others’ characters and understand their needs.

Their relaxed and calm way of dealing with things can help them carve a way to teach them well without losing their cool and intimidating them. Being friendly encourages the children to listen and learn to “learn”.

  • College professor
  • Elementary, middle, or high school teachers
  • Judges

On the other hand, their patience can also help them listen to two opposing parties’ grievances carefully and pass a fair judgment on their situation.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you went through all kinds of jobs, you’re probably aware that the perfect job for a B-type individual mainly depends on their unique traits. You can’t always categorize everyone and judge them. Surely, certain jobs will suit most type Bs, but that’s not always the case.

If you’re a type B jobseeker or are still studying and have yet to choose your path of career or studies, try to understand your strengths and weaknesses once to make the best choice.

But, if you work in the HR panel, try to test a type B properly before you judge their eligibility for a job. Don’t lose a precious gem just because of specified traits.

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