Are you anxious about type b personality physical health?  Wondering if type Bs are as vulnerable to diseases as type As? 

Whether you’re a type B yourself or are worried about your fellow type B loved one, you reached the perfect place to find everything about health concerns related to type Bs.

So, let’s not waste any time and find out if there’s anything worrisome…

Type B Personality Physical Health

Type A and Type B people have pretty contrasting personalities. So, if you’re a type A or know about the health issues in type A people, you can guess about type Bs’ health concerns. 

But it’s okay if you don’t! If you rushed over right after taking your personality test, we’re more than happy to help you. So, take your time to understand type B health and make the best decisions accordingly…

The positive connection between Type Bs and heart disease

According to studies by cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman, it was found that people with type A behavior patterns and personality traits are prone to coronary artery disease and high blood pressure due to their high stress levels.

This is chiefly due to their hostile reactions to difficult situations instead of their competitiveness.

On the other hand, unlike type A individuals, individuals with type B personality traits are easygoing, laidback, relaxed, and patient. In a nutshell, Type Bs can manage stress pretty well.

Compared with type A personality traits, you’ll find type Bs aren’t as intensely structured or organized. Moreover, they’re mostly immersed in creative imagination which they’re quite passionate about. This makes them less prone to stress and health problems.

B-types try to lead a relaxing life. They don’t overwork themselves or feel an urgency about time management. As per medical sciences, all of these fortify their immune system.

So, with impressive stress management, type Bs are protected from most risk factors that type As faces.

The negative connection of the heart and lungs health to Type B

However, no studies until now could prove the connection between personalities and heart diseases. Instead, heart diseases are more evident in people that react negatively to urgent situations. So, it’s more about how type A and type B people react instead of the personality itself. So, it never guarantees that type Bs won’t ever have heard diseases.

As per the 2012 publication in the American Journal of Public Health, the earlier conducted studies were funded by Tobacco companies. That’s why they focused on heart diseases and not respiratory diseases.

They claimed that A-types are more prone to smoking, drinking, and addiction due to their high stress levels. 

Due to this, people generally assume that B-types are less likely to be addicted to anything due to their better stress-management skills.

However, creativity, imagination, and art don’t always come to you with simple thinking. Sometimes, substance usage opens the door to a different dimension of unique creative thoughts. So, it’s hard to say that a type B won’t get addicted at all.

The negative possibilities due to their relaxed nature

On the other hand, a type B person might become too laid back and relaxed about their health. In that case, their physical health might drastically decline despite the deductions until now.

Type B individuals are safe from heart diseases only as per theory and they’re not completely safe from them. If they forget that, become too carefree about their life, and skip exercise, healthy meals, and sleep routines, they might worsen their situation.

Moreover, they’re infamous procrastinators. So, they might skip their routine checkup until the symptoms worsen and they can’t handle it anymore. They might not even notice the symptoms because they’re busy creating new masterpieces.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Type Bs aren’t as prone to stress-related diseases as type As. But they often overlook their health either because of the confidence that they won’t get serious health issues or due to their procrastination.

So, if you’re a type B individual, make sure you avoid making such mistakes… you might have a low incidence of major diseases. But your personality type doesn’t protect you from the issues. 

Take medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis as needed whenever something feels off.

If you know a Type B person, keep an eye on them and give them a heads-up about the different possibilities. Be the person they always needed by their side!

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