Are you curious about type B personality relationships? Wondering if they’re any better than As… or if you can lean on them in tough times?

Well, good job you sought that… because type Bs make amazing friends and are the friend everyone needs! Oh, and congratulations for reaching this think-piece because this is the perfect place online with the best answer to your query.

So, you’re probably wondering how much your B-type buddy, family, or lover might support you. Let’s not keep you waiting and head right!

Type B Personality Relationships

Though people assume type Bs are inferior to As and they might be in some cases… they’re way more superior when it comes to relationships. They understand that once they get to the grave, only their loved ones will remember them… not their workplace or their superiors.

They literally cherish relationships… so, let’s know exactly how they do it here…

1. They help others resolve conflict

It’s hard to deal with most conflicting situations in life. After all, once you get to a bitter point with another person or a situation, your negative emotions won’t allow you to deal with a stressful situation calmly. That’s where a person with type B personality traits can help you deal with major issues.

A type B friend, family, or lover will listen to your situation and give you ways to control your emotions and even tell you how to compromise so nobody gets the shorter side of the stick.

They’ll stop your emotions from getting the better of you. Type Bs can, thus, give great relationship advice.

2. They validate others

Who doesn’t like to be validated and appreciated? In your daily life, you might struggle to reach the peak. This might even affect your mental health.

If people don’t tell you whether you’re doing a good job or not, you’ll worry about your performance. This will impact your self-confidence and ruin everything even if you made progress.

B-types help others out in this situation with their intense encouragement. They appreciate others’ good work and boost their self-worth. When in doubt, a Type B person is all you need whether in the form of a parent, sibling, friend, lover, or even a coworker.

3. They help others relax

If you have Type A traits, do you know that cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman said that you’re quite prone to heart diseases? This is chiefly because you get pressured into doing things, maintaining deadlines, overworking yourself, and so on. You don’t know how to take a breather.

On the other hand, a B-type knows exactly how to not let the pressure catch them. They know how to relax and they remind others about its essence and importance in life.

A type B partner, friend, family, or coworker is a necessity for Type As… because they’ll remind them to slow down and take a minute whenever you overdo something.

4. They don’t mind giving space to others

If you like to spend a lot of time and space alone to rejuvenate and recharge yourself, a type B person knows exactly what you mean. Since Type B folks know that alone time helps them dive deep into their imaginations and come up with new ideas, they respect this part in everyone.

So, if you ask for space from them, they’ll be glad to give it to you. However, if you take space from them only to spend time with others, they might get a bit emotional and hurt.

They’re only open to you having “alone” time. But when you enjoy their time with other people and away from a type B, they’ll feel bad and doubt themselves.

5. Since they’re laid back, they don’t mind others taking charge

Do you like to make decisions? If so, a type B is totally down for it. They don’t think of someone as controlling or manipulative if that happens. Instead, since type Bs are quite the procrastinators, they feel more supported that way.

Type Bs usually let the other person in any relationship (social, family, or romantic) take charge because they’re always too relaxed and laid back… and they might even forget to make major decisions.

Of course, they don’t expect others to spoon-feed them. But since they also tend to forget things while being immersed deep in their creative thoughts, someone that remembers important things can help them return to reality.

Moreover, if you feel happy to decide most of the things in a relationship with a Type B, they’ll happily oblige.

6. They motivate others to have a work-life balance

Type As tend to forget that work isn’t everything in life. They devote almost 70% of their time or even more to their work. They feel extreme hostility towards anyone that asks them to tone it down.

They’re easy to get overwhelmed with their job, work extra, pull all-nighters, and even ditch every chance at socializing with loved ones.

A type B can help A-types remember the importance of a healthy work-life balance. They can remind them what’s truly important to them in life… that people are irreplaceable to their parents, partners, siblings, children, and friends. But their work will someday find someone diligent like them soon.

B-types are important in every A-type’s life.

7. They’re great listeners

When someone needs to vent out their feelings, Type Bs are one of the best people that can help them. So, if you have a lot of stuff going on in your life, a type B friend is a basic necessity.

They’ll listen to you without any judgment… without pretending to listen and scroll on their phone. They know the struggle of life and shower you with love, support, and encouraging words.

They might even tell you how to deal with your stressful life and offer you their assistance whenever you need them. You might even think they’re some god-sent fairy in your life at this point.

8. They might get in conflict with opposite personality people

If a Type B person befriends a type A person, sometimes (not always) major war might break out. A-types are highly organized, focused, and have zero tolerance towards dillydallying. So, they might get fed up with the B-type.

On the other hand, if a B-type is an extreme procrastinator and they tend to have a disorganized lifestyle, it might tick off an A-type friend.

This becomes an issue when a type A and type B stay under the same roof as roommates, lovers, family, or siblings.

However, this varies for every type A type B combination… because people are unique.

9. They can be most comfortable with people with similar traits

Type Bs don’t have high expectations from others. They know how to enjoy life and accept others with their flaws. So, if a type B person is in the company of another type B, they’ll feel completely accepted.

Due to their similar thoughts about most areas of life, they also won’t push each other too hard. Since they don’t have high expectations, they don’t feel hurt if the other person doesn’t do something or fails in it.

Their relaxed and laid-back nature also helps them understand each other’s viewpoint and forgive them. 

10. But of course, two type Bs might also mess up major decisions

If a type B person is in a relationship, friends, or is related to another type B individual, they might mutually spoil their life. In this situation, nobody is willing to initiate conversations to resolve problems or take major decisions. Both people sit idly doing nothing but procrastinating.

This way two type B individuals’ friendship, relationship, or family bonding might feel toxic. Neither encourages the other to step out of their comfort zone and grow. Unless one or both of them learn to deal with their personality traits, this type of combination might soon fall out.

11. They’ll prioritize their connections or the experience over competition

When people with Type B behavior patterns have friendly competition with others, they don’t fight to win. Instead, they cherish the experience.

It’s not that they don’t want to win, but the memory of the entire game, everyone’s laughter, the thrill, and even the adrenaline rush are far more precious to them.

So, a day out at the arcade with a type B person might be the best thing ever.

On the other hand, if the fight is about something serious, they just let the other person win… every time. They don’t try to resolve the issues and instead back off. Since they like to enjoy a stress-free time, they avoid confronting issues. This gives in to everything the other person wants and never pushes their opinions.

Though this is alright for some time, the issues may pile up and become too much to deal with later on.

12. To get along with a Type B, you must be patient

Type Bs are creative thinkers. They take a lot of time to understand or explore new ideas. Especially if an individual with type B traits has a creative profession, they’ll be mostly immersed in their imagination.

So, if your loved one is a Type B, remember to be patient with them. They might randomly zone out to their creative thoughts and may even take a long time to snap back to reality.

For instance, they might say they’ll work for an hour. But they’ll lose track of time in their thoughts and it’ll be more than 6 hours when they notice their promise.

Since they’re passionate about creativity, they can have healthy connections only with people that appreciate them.

13. They might have communication issues

Type Bs are extremely sensitive to others. Unlike type A traits, they’re not too big on talking harshly with others. They don’t mention the problems they face with others. Even if they feel someone or something is wrong, they just don’t speak out.

Even though type Bs are outgoing and extroverted, they might face communication issues. Since they don’t express themselves well, they might get in tough situations in their personal and social relationships.

The type B person’s friends, family, and even lovers might get fed up with trying to make them express themselves. This can even lead to toxic habits like stonewalling.

14. They get emotional but don’t react too hard

B-types are extremely sensitive. They believe in harmoniously living with others. However, most people don’t value the idea of enjoying life together (in personal or social life) or thriving to win together (in professional life).

When they don’t feel involved and appreciated, a type B gets intensely emotional. However, due to their soft heart, they make sure that their reactions don’t hurt others. They might even hold a grudge and remember others’ wrongdoings till the end… but they never actively try to hurt the other one.

This can even lead to others taking advantage of their meek side.

15. Their feelings are evident on their face

From the previous point, it’s obvious that, in general, Type B people don’t try to offend others knowingly or take revenge for being hurt.

They know that it’s not worth it as it won’t make them feel better. They don’t want others to sympathize with them, so people with type B personality traits keep mum about that.

But their feelings are quite clear in their actions and behavior. Since they hold a grudge, they might act a bit distant or ignore you altogether instead of expressing anything.

If you’re dating a type B, this can help you understand if anything is wrong. You know exactly when to initiate a conversation to figure out any problem.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

As you noticed, type Bs value their relationships and bonds of the heart… they won’t ever be too busy for a loved one. However, they’re quite a sensitive lot.

So, if you know a person with a type B personality, try to make them feel appreciated and loved. That alone will keep them satisfied and close to you.

In this world, finding a precious person that cares for you is tough. So, make sure you cherish them and keep them close to your heart!

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