So, you’re here to know all the type B personality strengths and weaknesses… that’s great!

But, hey! Don’t misuse any weakness against them, even jokingly. Otherwise they will lose faith in you and push you away.

Whether you’re a type B yourself or are acquainted with one in any area of your life, knowing their strengths and weaknesses can help you big time. You can even help them out by offering them ideas to deal with their weaknesses and make the best use of their strengths.

So, let’s find out what they are…

Type B Personality Strengths

Often, type Bs are called inferior to type As… because type As are perfectionists and type Bs have a contrasting personality to A-types. However, don’t you feel it’s unfair to glorify one personality type and put down the other?

Most strengths of B-types go unnoticed… so, make sure that never happens on your lookout again…

1. They’re keen on new things

People with type B behaviors are open to new ideas, thoughts, and plans. They don’t believe that only what they think is right. They know that there are different ways to solve problems. So, they don’t force their methods on others.

Instead, they give others a chance to grow. They try to know about others’ thinking styles and brainstorm together to get to the roots of a problem.

They encourage others to come forth with their plans. They have their own creative plans but they don’t ignore others’ plans for any reason. Instead, they discuss it together to broaden everyone’s horizons.

2. They have immense creative energy

Individuals with type B personality traits are full of creativity. When compared to Type A or any other type, they can come up with the best unique ideas. They have a good eye for unusual yet striking things or solutions.

Since they’re always interested in knowing new things, they continuously gather unique information. This helps them get inspiration and create original ideas. They always rack through their brain to find something new or they research a lot about their interests.

Their passion for creativity, originality, and uniqueness makes them perfect for artistic fields. When it comes to creativity, they solely depend on themselves to find the best.

3. They can become impressive motivational speakers

Type B people are the most liked by others as they aren’t as critical of failures. Type A and Type B are polar opposites in this part of their personality. Type Bs don’t judge others for their mistakes.

Instead, they always try to make them grow. They know after a failure, a person is already feeling low. They don’t try to rub that off on them.

They make sure they learn their lessons and try to avoid repeating them. But they also don’t make them ruminate over it.

So, they don’t treat a person differently after they fail. They neither show disgust nor pity. And try to behave the same with them so they don’t get reminded of the issues.

Their optimism and enthusiasm help others grow.

4. They’re always optimistic

A person with type B behavior patterns always looks at the brighter side of the picture. They don’t let minor inconveniences and failures let them down.

They have their own way to think positively in any situation. They can stay happy despite their troubles and this makes them the best person to hang out with.

They can heal themselves and others in any situation. They have the power to rekindle the fire of hope within themselves and others. This compassion and sensitivity help them grow with everyone else.

5. They have amazing persuasive styles

Due to their optimistic nature and their creative thinking style, people with this type of personality can convince others better. Whether they want to sell something, persuade someone to accept their ideas, or mediate a fight, they can influence others pretty easily.

If the opposite person points out the negatives of a situation, type Bs can figure out more positives in that. They can easily talk others into their thinking style.

On the other hand, when two people fight, they use compassionate and sensitive language while persuading them. This helps them reach the other person’s heart sooner and reach a middle ground.

6. They’re pretty confident

When B-types plan something, they have a clear vision of their goals but they don’t define their route to the goals hastily. They use their imaginative powers and take time to think about it in detail.

It’s not like they can’t think of a shorter route that’ll take lesser time and help them finish the task quickly. Instead, they want to stand out. They know their process is lengthier and others will reach their goals far earlier. But they’re confident that they can make it through anything.

People might even reprimand them for their ways, but nothing affects their confidence.

7. They’re not all-work-no-play

When Type Bs work on anything in their personal or professional life, they don’t work only to reach results like a robot. They believe they aren’t robots and they don’t need to mechanically do things to reach the endpoint and have no fun at all.

So, type Bs don’t obsess with reaching the end and winning. Instead, they enjoy the entire process until they win. They don’t want consecutive wins where they won’t learn anything or get any form of inspiration or lesson. Instead, they work hard to watch their dreams unfurl bit by bit.

8. They’re patient

A person with a Type B personality is extremely calm and tolerant towards others. Type Bs are confident and focused on their dreams. However, they know everyone isn’t the same. And they never judge others for that. Instead, they’re keen to understand others’ points of view.

Even when someone is stubborn or isn’t ready to accept something, Type Bs don’t lash out at them. They’re known to be quite patient and keep up with the other person no matter how slow they are.

Their virtue of patience makes others feel grateful for their time. Their unnatural high patience is also because they don’t mind a change in their schedule and are always open to applying their creativity.

9. They believe in teamwork over independent growth

When a B-type person is placed in a team, they want to make progress with the entire team. They might make everyone sit around a table, brainstorm, and come up with their own ideas.

They believe in sharing their mind and thoughts with others. Even if they find the solution, they won’t try to boss others or force others to follow their ways.

They respect all kinds of creativity and ideas. They wait for the entire team to get on board and agree on one idea before they start working on it.

10. They have lower chances of some diseases

Due to the relaxed attitude and carefree approach of people with Type B personality traits, they’re great at managing stress levels. They don’t believe in taking more load and overworking themselves to the point of exhaustion.

Even if someone pressurizes or hurries them to pick the pace, they manage it by doing exactly what they want instead of listening to the opposite side. They try to keep themselves calm and collected and not bow to pressure.

This helps them avoid coronary heart diseases, and high blood pressure, and take care of their mental health.

But as usual, if there are strengths, weaknesses will also exist. So, let’s find them out here…

Type B Personality Weaknesses

People say B-types are flawed… well honestly, there are flaws and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, that just makes type Bs much more human and grounded. But what’s the point in living a flawed life? Especially, if you’re a type B, you know you dislike being called anything negative!

So, find out your weaknesses and work on them…

1. They might get too relaxed

Type Bs never succumb to job stress and take things slowly at their own pace. They’re confident about their way of managing their tasks. And they also want to take their time to enjoy the process of reaching the endpoint.

However, they might get in trouble later on due to this attitude. They might lose track of time while they dream of the different possibilities and plunge into different ideas.

They might unknowingly procrastinate a lot. Because once they immerse themselves in their world of creativity, it’s hard to snap them out of it and remind them that time’s running up.

2. They’re prone to multitasking in the eleventh hour

Since they frequently lose track of time and procrastinate, it’s obvious that their tasks pile up a lot.  They notice the piled pending tasks only when the time is nearly up. So, type Bs are more prone to taking up all the tasks at the last minute.

Moreover, since type Bs aren’t used to multitasking and can’t accept the idea from the bottom of their mind, these tasks might have plenty of mistakes. This might be due to carelessness or because they didn’t have enough time to check them again.

So, even if they somehow manage the deadline, their supervisor might get troubled with the task quality.

3. Their thoughts sometimes become unrealistic

Type Bs expect a lot from their creative side. They let their imaginations soar high until and unless they find something perfect. However, it’s not always possible to have enough time to think so deeply. Most tasks in everyday life can’t wait for so long.

Moreover, when they find their dream idea, it becomes a bit too unrealistic and impossible to reach.

At this point, they must think once again to find a more realistic idea… but that means they lost their precious time for the last planning. Sometimes, B-types’ dreamy thoughts become problematic.

4. If alone, they might bring trouble

If a B-type person is left alone and unsupervised, their creativity might become the root of distraction.  Suppose, they’re given a task and nobody checks in on them, they’ll get immersed in something more interesting and not finish their previously started task.

They have a very short attention span because they’re always on the lookout for something more interesting and that challenges their imaginations. So, in group settings, a type B person might need the most attention. Otherwise, they may bring down the pace of the entire team.

5. They get bored too quickly

Type Bs are known to have high expectations of anything that’s supposed to be “interesting”. Their thirst for creativity, imagination, and uniqueness can’t be satisfied easily.

So, even if a type B person takes weeks to find one idea, they might not stick to it till the end. The moment they find something more interesting, they might get absorbed in it. 

This might cause them major confusion and delay the work process. They might leave the previous plan unattended and work on the new one. This makes their working style a bit haphazard.

6. They’re self-indulgent

Type Bs know themselves and their desires and passions better than others. They’re aware of the unquenched thirst for creativity. So, when their heart desires something, they indulge themselves in it. They don’t hesitate even for a second and let their mind flow freely.

They might have lots of tasks piled up, but they can’t resist the temptation of taking things slow and letting themselves enjoy the moment. Though it sounds great, it brings major time management issues.

7. They can’t be strict leaders

B-types people-oriented, i.e., they like to stay connected with everyone whether in personal or professional life. So, they’re prone to blur the differences between themselves as a leader and their subordinates.

Though this creates an amicable boss-employee relationship, it impacts the authority of a type B leader. Their subordinates might think that since their boss is so lenient, they can take it easy and they won’t mind.

Moreover, if confronted, they might easily influence a Type B supervisor with emotional excuses. So, others might take advantage of Type B leaders and resulting in a great fall in productivity.

8. They feel dejected if they’re not included

Type Bs love to stay connected with everyone around them. They feel accepted, respected, and cherished when others return the favor by including them similarly.

However, if a Type B’s friends don’t include them in an outing or any plans, they feel immensely pained. They feel they’re unwanted, left out, and grow hostile feelings towards others.

This becomes worse in professional settings. Their grudges might impact their duties and interaction in their professional platform. It might even stop them from reaching their goals.

9. They might act impulsively

As type Bs get deeply hurt when they feel left out, they hold grudges for quite a long time. They always look out for others’ happiness and satisfaction. They make sure that everyone else feels heard and appreciated.

However, when they don’t get similar energy, they lose their rationality. They might not even want to treat others like they did before. If they want to hurt them by being petty, they might even give into those impulses.

They try their best to not get agitated or hurt. But being ignored and left out takes the better of them.

10. They might become too casual about their health

Since type Bs aren’t prone to heart diseases as much as type As, they assume that they’re immune to them. Moreover, if they’re carefree and laid back about their health, they might harm themselves big time.

They might even become too relaxed about the basic requirements for a healthy life like exercise, a balanced diet, and a good routine. All of these might not immediately hurt them, but they might impact their health in the long run.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Strengths and weaknesses are the two sides of the same coin. Yet, some people don’t seem to understand that.

So, if you’re around someone with type B personality traits, help them highlight their strengths and dim their weaknesses. If you’re a type B yourself, help yourself.

Don’t let others point at your flaws… and even if they do, remind yourself how awesome you are with your strengths. Be proud of who you are and try to be a better person.

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