So, you took a personality test and found you have type b personality traits? You probably can’t wait to know about your traits in detail now!

After all, knowing yourself better can help you know yourself and your mindset so much better.

However, if you find someone around you that has Type B personality traits…knowing their traits in depth can help you know them better and bond better.

So, if you’re ready, then let’s explore!

Type B Personality Traits

American cardiologists Meyer Friedman and Ray Rosenman coined the concepts of Type A and Type B personality and their traits.

They found that these two personality types are quite opposite to each other in multiple ways. So, if you know about a Type A, you can pretty much guess about a Type B and vice versa.

But don’t worry, you don’t need to guess your traits. So, c’mon, know yourself better here…

1. They’re pretty lenient and flexible

B-types are never bound by strict routines and schedules. They can become quite flexible when they need to be. So, if they’re busy and someone seeks urgent help from them, they won’t ignore them just to prioritize their own work and schedule.

They’re quite patient with everyone and help them out in their work. However, this might become troublesome at times. They might lose track of what they were initially doing as they get absorbed in the new task.

This happens more when the new task demands more creativity than the original one. However, this might lead to time management issues.

2. Nothing can push them off the edge

When folks with Type B behavior patterns face challenging situations, they don’t get stressed quickly. They’re well-known for keeping their calm in tough situations.

Most people become nervous and lose track of thoughts in tough situations. But type Bs do their best to keep their mind clear.

However, they’re realistic. They know they might fail. They don’t obsess over winning in this situation… instead, their goal is to find a suitable result.

They don’t waste their time doubting themselves and thinking about the negative possibilities. They just don’t find that meaningful and stay away from unnecessary thoughts and worries.

3. People like them for their patience

Type Bs are extremely patient and understanding. In their workplace, if someone doesn’t understand something, they know that’s normal. They don’t expect them to hone their skills so fast.

If someone in their private life expresses their disappointment in them, they don’t jump to conclusions. They let the other person speak and try to understand the depth of their emotions and the reasons behind their grievances.

People feel emotionally safe and secure around a Type B individual and feel gratitude towards them. They hardly lose patience and behave rudely.

4. They don’t mind sudden changes

To make it easier to understand, a Type B individual wanted to try out a new eatery for a long time. They finally got some time on their weekend and booked a table. They’re all set to go out and pamper themselves with lunch there… but their roommate suddenly gets sick.

A type B never gets irritated at abrupt issues. They understand that things can go wrong and they compromise. They’re open to helping out and pushing their other engagement to later. They know their priorities pretty well and don’t mind any changes.

They know that even if the plan fails this time, there can always be a next time.

5. They’re extremely creative

The mind of anyone with a Type B personality is worth exploring. Their head is always full of creative ideas. They can imagine things and make them turn into reality. They spend a lot of time making unique solutions instead of heading straight into the shortest and quickest solution possible.

Instead of being quick, they like the idea of being unique and original. They’re obsessed with creating something from scratch… even if that’s a pretty slow process, they relish it. For this reason, they’re more suitable to work in areas where they need to implement their creativity and not hurry.

6. They appreciate the excitement of competition

Like the Type As, Type Bs also like winning and achieving something great. However, they like to enjoy the entire process of reaching the solution and succeeding.

It’s not that they don’t want to succeed in life quickly. They do like that idea… but for them, it’s just not worth ignoring the entire process. Since they like to dig up new ideas in their mind, they want to see their ideas take shape in reality and feel proud about that.

You can say they treat their ideas like their babies and want to see them grow and do something great.

7. They’re the legend of procrastinators!

Most procrastinating people have type B personality traits. Since they’re laid back and like to relax, people call them lazy.

Others believe that calling them mean things will make them feel ashamed and work once more. However, this negatively impacts them. They tend to delay their tasks even more and lose track of time.

Even if others don’t say much, if a Type B person is disturbed in the middle of another task, they lose track of their time while taking care of that. And they end up procrastinating a lot.

Later on, when they realize that time’s up, they hurry themselves, fail to check the finer details, and produce subpar results.

8. They like to relax

Often, Type Bs are called lazy even if they aren’t. They like to enjoy their life and relax. They don’t find it necessary to expend all their energy on their academics or work and have zero energy for their friends and family.

They’re aware that they are replaceable in their workplace… but that’s not the case in their private life. They give equal respect to their relaxation and responsibilities.

Being a person with Type B traits doesn’t make anyone unproductive. However, the people around them judge them for prioritizing their own needs even though it’s a healthy practice.  

9. They’re goal-driven but it’s calmer

Both Type A and Type B are goal-oriented, but Type Bs aren’t as aggressive as A-types. They don’t get stressed or become rude towards others… even if the other person delayed their task in a way.

They work calmly on their own without making a big deal out of anything. They don’t overwork or go to extremes to reach their goals.

They don’t devote extra hours to reach their dreams which doesn’t make them stand out from the rest. That’s why nobody can even guess whether a Type B individual is close to their dreams or not.

10. They’re great at influencing others

Type B’s creative thinking helps them reach others’ hearts better. They can tell others exactly what they need to listen to and use others’ emotions to reach their goals.

So, they can easily persuade others into their own beliefs. They’re also quite entertaining and confident which makes people want to believe in them.

The sense of humor of B-types convinces most people that they won’t hurt others and that their plans, ideas, and thoughts will help them out. So, they can be a great spokesperson or social media influencers.

11. They hate being forced

Type Bs love to work in their own flow. They have a plan set in their mind regarding the route and flow of their work. They wish to work independently without any hurry or pressure.

They dislike the idea of being pressured as that snatches away their will to do everything. In fact, they work better when nobody hurries them or compels them to do anything.

When nobody forces them, they try to do their job at their own pace and complete everything. But the forceful part gets on their nerves. This wrecks their mood and might even spoil their drive to complete the job.

Instead, they might give in if someone requests them respectfully.

12. They dislike the idea of criticism

People with Type B personality traits don’t believe in criticism. They know that criticism only negatively impacts people. They don’t like to be on the receiving end of criticism… nor do they like to criticize others.

They’re aware of their own skills and expect others to recognize them. Even if anyone mentions their shortcomings, they hope that the other person will also appreciate their efforts.

Moreover, if someone else makes mistakes, they don’t lash out at others. Instead, they try to seek solutions together with others. They’re keen on merging their own creativity with others.

13. They can be anyone’s bestie

A person with a Type B behavior pattern (TBBP) can be anyone’s favorite friend. They’re great motivators. Even after failing, they remind people that they can still dream and chase their dreams.

Compared to type A personalities, B-types don’t make brokenhearted people feel worse about themselves. They encourage others to stay optimistic just like themselves. They remind them to not give up and keep trying till the end.

Most people want to be friends with Type Bs over Type A individuals. It’s all because of the positivity and love they share.

14. They’re fond of teamwork

When in a team, type Bs love to discuss and share their ideas with the entire team. They want to grow with others. They’re never in a hurry to reach the endpoint before others. They aren’t competitive with their own team.

They never look down on others even if they have the result up their sleeve and nobody else thought of it. Instead, they keep the discussions on and try to find a suitable idea with the group.

They’re confident, but don’t think that they’re always right and things must happen according to their wishes. Instead, they seek ideas from everyone else to make sure everyone feels involved.

15. They might miss the deadlines

Since B-types are relaxed, laid-back, and might even procrastinate, they’re prone to missing tight deadlines. They just don’t like the idea of rushing the process and chasing a time limit instead of chasing perfection.

They believe that to reach perfection, adequate time and dedication are important. So, they’re not suitable for jobs with deadlines and strict targets. Even if they get into such jobs, people might assume that they aren’t serious about their responsibilities.

However, it’s actually because they have different views and opinions about jobs… and deadlines aren’t an important factor in their definition of perfectionism.

16. They might become too friendly with their subordinates

People with Type B traits are extremely understanding and open to others whether in their personal or professional life. So, this can be a little tricky if they ever work in a leadership position.

Due to their innate nature, Type Bs are always open to hearing out their subordinates’ issues, unlike Type A individuals. They don’t draw a strict line between themselves and people below their rank.

If anyone finds problems in their work and asks them to change their work responsibilities or asks for sudden leaves, type Bs are more likely to entertain these requests.

However, sometimes people might just use their goodwill for their selfish needs and disrupt the workplace.

17. They might get emotional

Type Bs don’t lose themselves to their emotions and lash out at others. But they’re not stoic or uncompassionate. If they see the needy, they can’t ignore them. They have a heart of gold.

They have a sensitive heart… and you might even call them the caretaker of the group. They always look out for everyone. They often get worried about others’ needs and make sure that everyone is comfortable.

18. They’re good at managing stress

Unlike Type As, Bs have better stress management skills. So, they’re not prone to coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. However, that doesn’t mean that they’re immune to heart diseases. Instead, the chances of getting these issues are lower than others or mainly Type As.

For this reason, often A-types are suggested to adopt B-type traits to diminish their chances of getting cardiovascular diseases.

19. They don’t like multitasking

Type Bs are known to deal with one task at once. They don’t like taking more responsibility and disrupting their peace of mind.

For them, mental health and peace are more precious than achieving more and standing out from the crowd. They aren’t ready to compromise their happiness just for the sake of quicker success.

Even if someone forces them into it, they’re not ready to get pressured into it. By any chance someone forces more work on them, they don’t worry about the deadlines… which helps them keep their stress levels low.

20. Their relaxed attitude might impact their health

The carefree approach of Type Bs in their workplace saves them from many health issues. However, if they’re equally carefree and laid back about their health, that might bring complications.

If they procrastinate in exercising, are too relaxed about having a healthy diet, or don’t even pay attention to their body’s basic necessities, they’re prone to major physical health risks.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Like any other personality, there are positive and negative traits in Type B. Type Bs might have great stress management skills yet perform poorly in time management. 

However, these are all probable traits based on long studies. Not every type B is bound to be the same. With their will and persistence, type Bs can also change themselves. So, never judge them unfairly without letting them prove themselves.

Human beings will always be unique… all because they have different childhood and experiences. So, have an open mind and know that anyone can be anything if they’re capable, set their mind on it, and have good opportunities. 

Instead of judging a fellow type B, help them out if you see any flaws. Judge them only when you know for sure!

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