If you wanted to know the type b vs type c personality differences, you’re at the right spot, mate! Whether you want to know how each of them reacts in their personal, social, or professional life, you’ll find everything covered here!

Especially if you’re torn between choosing a type B or type C person, you will find all the necessary info on them here. So, grab all the juicy details here…

Type B Vs Type C Personality

Type B and Type C have their respective strengths and weaknesses. This makes them suitable for some jobs while a mismatch for others.

So, if you’re stuck between choosing one of them, first figure out which one has the needed talents for your firm. C’mon, let’s find the perfect fit for your responsibilities at a quick glance…

 Type B PersonalityType C Personality
DifferencesThey’re flexible and lenient.They’re strict perfectionists.
They relish the journey.They’re busy gathering facts.
They’re optimists.They’re pessimists.
They don’t mind sudden changes.They don’t welcome sudden changes.
They might be unrealistically creative.They’re realistically creative.
They’re procrastinators.They need more time for research.
They influence others.They get influenced.
They help others correct their flaws.They correct the mistakes alone.
They love to work with a group of people.They like to work solo.
They’re friendly to everyone.They’re introverted and can’t get friendly too soon.
They might not have major health concerns.They’re prone to major health issues.
They almost always need supervision.They want supervision.
They feel hurt from being excluded from groups.They don’t care as long it’s not their inner circle.
They’re impulsive.They’re rational.
SimilaritiesThey’re prone to neglecting health.They hate being controlled forcibly.They’re patient.They bypass conflicts.

But a quick glance might not help you figure out everything. So, let’s remove all the chances of misunderstandings from a detailed view here…

1. Type Bs are lenient and flexible while type Cs are perfectionists

Type B people are cool with slight changes in their schedules or the way they work. They don’t mind keeping their current task on hold to complete a more interesting or urgent job.

They don’t follow strict schedules, routines, or plans for their tasks. They pick any task they feel like and have fun with it. They can also be a bit messy because of it.

Type Cs, on the flip side, are stuck to a particular routine. They have it in their mind that things must always follow a particular method. Their perfectionism is even evident in their tidiness.

2. Type Bs enjoy the journey. Type Cs are too focused on facts

When given a task, type Bs focus on their entire job step by step to enjoy it. They know that once the task is done and they succeed in it, they can’t look back at it because the moment will be gone.

So, they do one thing at a time and watch their dream project come alive. They don’t hurry to reach the end.

But, type Cs don’t get the opportunity to relish the details of their tasks as leisurely because they’re always busy making backup plans as they’re scared of setbacks.

3. Type Bs are optimists. Type Cs are pessimists

No matter what happens, a type B person never loses their strength. They always believe that everything happens for the ultimate good. They can stay calm, controlled, and stable in challenging situations.

Whereas type Cs feel overwhelmed by the slightest troubles. They always imagine the worst and spend their time planning backups for those situations.

They’re frequently anxious about all the negative aspects of any situation. They feel that happiness for a long time always has bad news for them.

So, they always use lots of facts and evidence in their workplace and academic tasks to get away with those situations easily.

4. Sudden changes don’t bother type Bs. But it’s unwelcomed for type Cs

Type Bs can compromise with any situation. They don’t dislike sudden changes. They always think like “oh well, nothing can be done!” They don’t brood over spilled milk or change plans. They accept it and move on.

But, type Cs can’t handle sudden unfavorable changes at all. They panic because they always follow a planned and controlled life. They find it difficult to deal with tough situations like these.

5. Type Bs might be unrealistically creative. Type Cs base creativity on realism

Both type Bs and Cs have immense creative energy but they use it differently.

A type B person’s creativity might sometimes go out of hand. They might think about unrealistic things and not even be concerned about changing their train of thought when they realize it’s impossible and a waste of time.

On the other hand, type Cs merge creativity and realism. They only dream about the possible stuff. They also gather info from real-life examples to ensure they’re not daydreaming.

6. B-types are known for procrastination. C-types just take more time

Type B people knowingly procrastinate in their tasks. When they see a deadline is far away, they take their own sweet time to pick their pace. They don’t feel any time urgency like A-types and relax.

However, sometimes, they lose track of time and forget about the pending tasks. This becomes a major problem and they’re forced to multitask in the end.

But type Cs are deep thinkers. They take a lot of time devising a perfect plan to approach any situation. They don’t waste their time doing nothing. But their research and fact-finding consume a lot of time. So, they can’t even make quick decisions.

7. Bs can influence others. Cs get influenced

Type B people are empathetic. They know the exact words someone needs to hear in a situation. They can judge circumstances and adapt a softer language to go along with the moment pretty fast.

So, others feel that a type B person can understand them from deep within. This helps them to convince others of their viewpoints easily.

Though type Cs don’t have this talent, they might give in to others easily. Since C-types dislike conflicts and feel anxious due to them, they don’t stand their ground against anything. They accept whatever others ask easily.

8. Bs help others solve mistakes. Cs let them be and solve it on their own.

While working in a work or school team, someone or the other will always make mistakes. In this situation, a B-type can easily control their emotions.

They help others calm down and motivate them to get back to work. They don’t reprimand others for making mistakes. Instead, they extend a helping hand to support them throughout.

Type Cs in this situation react differently. They take up the flopped task and redo it themselves. They don’t want to bother others with the same tasks and they also don’t believe that they can follow their strict guidelines… otherwise, they’d have got it right the first time.

9. Bs are team workers. Cs are solo workers

People with type B personality traits believe in growing with everyone else. They take everyone’s input when they need ideas.

They don’t dismiss anybody’s plan and encourage everyone to express themselves without the fear of being judged. When in a team, they want to grow with everyone else. They never want to take everyone’s credit alone.

On the other hand, type C folks like to work solo. They have a strict way of working and if someone doesn’t like it, they’ll face confrontations… which makes them uncomfortable and anxious.  They also like to keep their space clutter-free. So, you can tell how comfortable a solo task is for them.

10. Bs befriend literally anybody. Cs are shut-in and introverted

Type B individuals are always on the lookout to make others feel comfortable and included.

They’re everyone’s close friends because they help others communicate in a new environment and show them they’re loved.

They also motivate others when they break down. Everyone desires to have a type B friend in their life.

Alternatively, type Cs can’t afford to step out of their comfort zone. They don’t like to communicate with strangers. Their introversion only allows them to communicate with their inner circle.

They don’t like it when others include them in their shallow convo and they feel better by staying away from them.

11. Bs are prone to lesser health issues. Cs might get serious health concerns

Type Bs take their life easy. They don’t overwork themselves and focus on enjoying their work. They have great stress management skills. Even when they’re made to face an absurd situation of excess work, they don’t falter or multitask easily. Moreover, they’re optimists.

So, type B people, unlike type As are less susceptible to coronary heart disease or high blood pressure.

But type Cs are always stressed, pessimistic, and suppress their emotions. This makes them prone to anxiety, depression, and even fatal diseases like cancer.

12. B-types need compulsory supervision. Cs ask for supervision

B-types often can’t stay in line. Their creativity might go out of hand. They might become a bit unfocused in their task. They might even waste their and others’ time by socializing during work hours.

They’re so unexpected and full of surprises that they might delay their organization’s work. So, they need to be supervised a lot. Someone must always check up on their progress and work it out for them.

On the flip side, type Cs are detail-oriented. They don’t want any mistakes in their tasks and want to submit perfect tasks so they don’t need to review their work again.

So, type Cs prefer to work under someone’s supervision to know exactly what the organization needs from them and how to approach the task.

13. Bs get hurt when others don’t include them. Cs don’t mind unless it’s their inner circle

B-types are the social butterflies. They believe in being a team whether it’s something they do or others. Just as they include others and never let others feel left out, they expect the same in return.

So, when someone forgets to include a type B person in a work project or a party, they become extremely depressed. They feel that the others dislike them or they hurt them for some reason and they’re being treated like an outcast.

Type Cs are introverted. They don’t truly like to get along with strangers. They don’t think about it when their acquaintances ignore them. However, they have a very small and tightly-knitted inner circle. If they don’t get involved in something in their inner circle, they’ll get more hurt than type Bs. 

14. B-types might give in to their impulses. C-types hate irrationality

Type Bs are self-indulgent. They work on their whims without thinking about what might happen next. They don’t care if something might go wrong… but when they want something, they let their impulses take over them.

So, if a task is due at 6 pm, they might take a nap before submitting it. They can become really reckless at times. Their one mistake can pull down the entire team or organization, but they have different priorities.

But type Cs don’t stand by such reckless and impractical choices. They don’t practice it themselves and strictly prohibit others from doing it. 

They feel anxious about ruining something due to irrationality and will never encourage such actions. They take decisions based on serious facts and never break the rules.

15. They both might neglect their health

Type B people might not be vulnerable to heart diseases, but they can wreck their health if they wanted. They’re extreme procrastinators. They always tend to push their tasks for later… to the point that it’s too late.

They might even forget to take regular health checkups. They feel they’re fine for the moment… So what can go wrong? This attitude is the very reason behind their health concerns. They might even slack off in their diet and daily exercise.

On the other hand, type Cs don’t seek help because they don’t want to disturb others with minor issues when they feel sick.

16. They both hate being controlled against their wishes

Type Bs need freedom in their work. They want to be given unlimited time and allowed to approach their work in whichever way they want. They don’t believe in being told their actions, goals, or the route they’ll choose. They want to fly free like a bird and enjoy every moment of their task.

They don’t want outsiders to intervene with their working style. They like to be their own boss and play on their own terms. They can’t play along with the strict boundaries and shackles of the workplace.

On the other hand, people with type C personality traits dislike it when they’re controlled by someone they dislike or someone whose working style doesn’t match theirs.

17. They’re both patient

Both type B and type C people have immense patience towards others. However, each of them has different reasons for their actions.

Type B people don’t get angry even when others commit mistakes. They don’t lose their mind easily… Instead, they try to understand the other person and help them out.

They motivate others and help them beat the negativity out of their mind. B-types want to help others in their life even without getting anything in return. They’re empathetic towards others. They can’t ignore a soul that’s hurt.

On the other hand, a type C person isn’t empathetic and patient because the other person needs it. Rather, they do it because they’re always anxious about hurting and getting on someone’s bad side.

18. They both avoid confrontations

Type C people find it difficult to deal with confrontations. They feel anxious about hurting the other person or having a full-blown fight.

They’re afraid of the unknown situation that might take place if they don’t stop. They feel anxious and let others lead them. This might also make them vulnerable to opportunists.

It’s pretty similar to type Bs. Other than their reason to avoid conflicts. They do it because they want to grow together with the other person by merging their viewpoints and horizons.

Both types Cs and Bs are also good mediators. Even conflict among others makes them uncomfortable.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

As per personality traits, you only get a rough idea of each of their traits. However, sometimes, the negative traits might not be as severe if they worked on them over time. Other times, the positive trait might not be as fabulous if they didn’t get the opportunity to grow in that aspect.

So, don’t blindly follow the traits. If you feel that someone has potential, don’t hesitate in giving them the chance to prove themselves. 

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