Wondering about the effect of type c personality in relationships? Did someone tell you they grant all the wishes of their loved ones? Or, did you hear their perfectionism makes their bonds bitter?

Well, you reached the perfect spot to know exactly how they react in their personal life! This think-piece will tell you everything you need to know about them… along with small tips on how to improve your connection with them.

But if you have a type C personality yourself and want to know how to improve your relationships, that’s awesome! And yes, you will find all the help you need to have better relationships and know exactly where you can improve yourself.

So, if that excites you, hop on to this ride…

Type C Personality in Relationships

Type C people are strict about methodical stuff… but then they can’t even bear to hurt others. They’re actually never ready to compromise and give into irrational thoughts. Yet, they have a soft corner for everybody.

These mellow souls are often misunderstood because of their misguiding traits. If that pains your heart, c’mon, let’s know them better here…

1. They help others resolve conflict

People with type c personality traits feel anxious about conflicts. On the other hand, they’re also great problem solvers. So, when their loved ones get into a fight, they jump in between them to solve the situation.

They’ll always help you to reach a middle ground with others. They feel like something bad might happen if they don’t intervene. So, they feel compelled to help out. However, deep inside, they feel extremely uncomfortable and might even have mild panic attacks.

So, try to avoid full-blown fights in front of a type C person to keep them comfortable.

2. They may have unresolved issues

Since type Cs are so passive about their feelings and repress their emotions, they hardly talk about serious issues in their personal relationships. As a result, they might misunderstand you and hold grudges for no reason.

You might not be at fault… and you might even be open to changing your ways if they express their different opinions. But, due to their anxiety-stricken personality, they don’t mention it.

This eventually leads to major issues in their relationships due to unresolved issues and resentment.

3. Their perfectionism might spoil relationships

Individuals with Type C personalities are extremely detail oriented. They might even become uncompromisable about certain things. If they want you to follow something, they want it that way.

A type C parent might become overbearing towards their child and expect them to get a perfect score. They might be too absorbed in the aftermath of their child not getting a full 100.

The child might also get anxious because of their behavior. Later on, the child might grow up to resent the parent. This is possible in any relationship in a type C’s life.

4. They might get taken advantage of

Type Cs don’t want to burden others… ever! They want to make others’ lives easier. They help them out even before they ask for it. So, think about what happens when the other person actually seeks help.

You probably guessed it, a type C person can’t refuse it when others ask them for help. They do everything in their capabilities to make things happen.

Their nature to give without expecting anything in return and their emotionally passive and repressed side make them an easy target for opportunists.

5. Loved ones might doubt their feelings

Since type Cs aren’t open about their feelings, they often don’t express their feelings… even the positive ones. Since they’re used to suppressing negative emotions, they eventually start masking all emotions.

Even if you say “I love you” to a type C lover, they might not reciprocate. They might show you love in other languages, but they might be unable to express it verbally.

Often a type C’s lover and children might doubt their feelings because of this habit. This might even lead to heartache and misunderstandings.

6. They’re reliable

Another positive trait of type Cs is that they can solve problems flawlessly. They can be anyone’s best friend. You can vent to them at any moment and they’ll soon get back to you with a good solution.

They have great foresight because they think rationally. They can imagine all the roadblocks you might face if you choose a certain path. They might even explain the solution in steps.

If the situation is bad, a type C person will always be ready to help you out during the worst moments. Their methodical and logical ideas will make sure you don’t face any more problems.  

7. They might be sometime too deep in their thoughts

C-personalities are deep thinkers and have creative minds. They’re always out to get inspo for their creative projects… be it a pet or professional one.

Suppose, you take them out on a date or even just for dinner, they might zone out at times. They might be so caught up in the moment, that they’ll ignore you.

If you’re very close to them, you might get annoyed that they don’t pay attention to you. However, you must try to understand them. They’re probably passionate about it and don’t truly mean to ignore you. Once they have their moment, resume your convo.

8. People might have trouble befriending them

Individuals with type C personality traits dislike shallow and superficial conversations. They’d rather talk about deep things with their inner circle instead. This trait is a troublesome barrier and people can’t easily befriend them.

Even if you have the purest intention and start small talk, they get turned off. However, you don’t have a choice. You can only make small talk with someone you hardly know.

If you meet a new person with type C traits, it’s pretty hard to crack through their external hard shell.  So, befriending them might become a troublesome matter.

9. They might demotivate others

C-type folks are extreme pessimists. They think the worst about any situation at hand. They get worried and panic easily. It’s unusual to not see them freaking out over every single mishap. They can’t believe they can live a smooth life or that bad luck chases them.

If you hang around with a C-type individual regularly, you might feel fine initially. But if their negativity is extreme, you might feel suffocated and negative about your life too. You might also want to get away from them due to their pessimism.

During these situations, you might even lash out at them for being that way. Try to think calmly instead and help them get over this habit.

10. They might never be ready to expand their horizon

People with C-type personalities are stubborn because they trust their capabilities the most and aren’t open to new ways of doing things. So, if a type C person cooks lasagna a particular way and they planned to cook it for lunch.

However, you found a new recipe or way to make it. You ask them to let you try your hand at it once. They’ll probably refuse you from trying the new recipe. They’ll insist on preparing the food the same way as usual.

They don’t have faith in new techniques at all and their reaction might hurt you and build resentment between you guys.

11. They might get too absorbed in solitary activities

Type Cs prefer to work independently and they’re introverted. If you’re not that close to them, they won’t try to include you in their life or activities. They might feel uncomfortable asking whether you’d like it or assume that you won’t like it because you never asked.

You might feel left out around a type C person because they won’t ask you to join them and spend a lot of time on their own. They might specifically choose solitary activities to stay in their comfort zone.

If you ever meet such situations, don’t take it to heart and approach them instead. If you reach out, they’ll gladly accept you in their bubble. Be patient and try to understand them.

12. They might get mad if they feel disturbed

C-types are extremely sensitive to external stimuli. They get disturbed easily. They don’t like it noisy when they’re focusing on something important or risky.

Suppose, a type C person works from home. They need a calm and silent space. They don’t want anyone to disturb them during their working hours.

If anyone becomes too loud, they don’t even ask them to stop. They simply exit the room and work somewhere else. This might hurt others if they did it unknowingly.

On the other hand, if they can’t change their room, maybe they’re working on their computer and the noisy person is also in there, they get super annoyed. It can hurt their work a lot and they might lose their temper… however, they’re more likely to hold a grudge.

13. They protect their loved ones from the stress

Individuals with C personalities have controlled and stable emotions. Even when the world is crumbling down, they won’t let their loved ones know about it.

For instance, a type C person is the only earning member of a family and they face a financial situation. The type C member won’t let the others know about it.

They don’t want others to feel scared or get caught up in the situation. They try to deal with it all alone and protect others. They’re ready to do everything for their beloved.

But, even if they’re over this phase, they might not tell others because of their issue of emotional repression. Nobody ever knows that something as bad has ever happened… nobody gets the chance to appreciate the type Cs.

14. They may stay back in a toxic relationship

Most folks with type C personalities don’t want to hurt others. Even if they must put themselves at a disadvantage, they don’t mind the sacrifice. They’re ready to swallow in all the dirty and dark feelings and stay back. They don’t express themselves because they don’t want to hurt others.

They might get into a toxic relationship in any area of their life… not just their romantic life. Even after being hurt over and over, they might not realize when it’s time to give up and live for themselves.

So, if you have a type C person around you, make sure they don’t get stuck in an on-and-off toxic or abusive relationship.

15. They may cling to you too much

If the type C person around you is your lover, parent, child, best friend, or anyone else and they’re especially close to you, they might depend on you excessively.

You might be their only person to socialize with because of their introverted nature. They might be solely dependent on you to fulfill their socializing needs.

Though this might sound romantic in the case of lovers, it might be the recipe for a breakup. As much as lovers need to stick together, they also need to take time away from each other.

If you always feel sorry to leave them behind and bail out on your opportunities to socialize, you might resent them and eventually fall out.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Now, you probably know how often a type C person might negatively impact not only their relationships but also their day-to-day life.

So, if your loved one took a personality test and found they’re a C-type, keep an eye out for these clumsy ones. These sweethearts need some coaching about how to treat their relationships.

They need to know exactly when to relax and when to maintain boundaries. And if you’re a close friend, this is only possible for you.

But if you’re a C-type yourself, understand your weaknesses and work on them. If you can’t do it alone, it’s okay to seek help… nobody will judge you or feel burdened. So, just believe in yourself!

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