So, do you want to know about type C personality motivators? Did you find a type C person around you? Or, are you a type C person?

That’s an absolutely amazing choice! If you know about type C motivators, you can keep the type C acquaintance happy and satisfied. Whether it’s a family member, friend, or someone from your work or school, you can also help them work hard or just use these to impress them.

You probably can’t wait any longer, so let’s get started!

Type C Personality Motivators

Everyone knows that Type Cs are obsessed with methodical ways and are detail-oriented. You can try to imitate their ways and learn to be like them. You can perform the tasks they assign you methodically with details… but that’s only valid for academic and professional lives.

There are many more things that can impress or motivate a type C person. So, plunge in here…

1. They love to control

C types always go according to the book since those are proven methods for success. They don’t like it when others choose shortcuts that aren’t proven to be useful.

They like it when they can have things according to their plans… which is usually all about following the book.

When a type C boss’ subordinates stick to the rules, when a type C teacher’s students act disciplined, or when a type C person’s family members lead a healthy lifestyle as they suggest… they feel great.

Since those are proven to be effective, they feel at ease because the incidences of trouble are decreased.

Moreover, they also like it when situations are under their control and nothing crazy happens out of the blue. They feel at ease and reassured that they’re on the right path.

2. They like the good kind of challenges

So, what does a good kind of challenge mean?

Type C personality folks like to take on expected challenges. They don’t like surprise attacks.

For instance, if they’re given a challenging project or presentation or they have to convince a tough client to stay loyal and continue the partnership, they’re game.

They have all the time to study in depth their tasks, find impressive details to make their theories and suggestions sound attractive, and prepare themselves to face the big moment. This challenge is the good kind.

For a type C student, a good challenge is appearing for the exams they were aware of beforehand.

This makes them feel good about their research abilities and they feel motivated and driven to work hard the same way.

3. They’re impressed with logic and accuracy

If your boss or teacher has type C personality traits, know that the shortest way to impress them and get on their good books is accuracy, data, logic, and rationality.

Make sure while you work on your presentation, project, or assignment, don’t write things out of your own deductions. Even if you know something is proved, make sure you either add a reference to your task or create a separate personal copy with the research reference and evidence.

So, your boss or teacher will always know that you’re serious about your work. They believe that adding facts and proof of your deductions will help you strengthen your opinions.

Once a type C boss sees you work as they show you, they’ll entrust you with more projects and opportunities to grow.

4. They enjoy being acknowledged

Unlike most others, Type Cs prepare their assignments, essays, projects, and presentations with lots of evidence and facts to support their ideas, plans, and deductions. They make sure that even if their theories are challenged, they can answer accordingly and still come out victorious.

Being acknowledged helps them know that they’re following the right route and that they must continue working similarly. Without any compliment, they feel uncertain about their tasks. They might even seek their boss to know if anything was dissatisfactory so they can improve themselves.

They feel encouraged and get rough guidance in their academic and professional life with recognition.

In their personal life, they usually don’t wait for others’ recognition and help everyone else. However, they in fact feel great when everyone notices their efforts.

They might not say that they’re glad as they can’t express their feelings properly. But they feel glad they helped others and try to continue the good work.

They also like to stay consistent, so once they’re complimented, they try their best to put the bare minimum effort to upkeep previous efforts.

5. They love getting positive results

You might say, “Who doesn’t like positive results?” Well, it’s a bit different for people with type C personality traits.

They try their best to produce high-quality results, work with a huge amount of information, and immerse themselves in big data for hours and days to make their tasks perfect. And, they let their detail-oriented side run wild to achieve their goals.

They work extra hard than others with facts and evidence to support their findings. They’re always stressed yet they try to stay grounded. They’re always looking out for their team members and preparing backups for their projects.

They prepare so hard to win… that some might even tell them to not be obsessed with some things. This sort of comment drags down their spirits. But when they win, they know that they did the right thing and feel motivated to work once again.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Individuals with type C personality traits are worrywarts, to say the least. They’re extremely pessimistic.

If things don’t follow the plan, they can’t stand it and start overthinking. They lose confidence drastically… which damages their self-confidence and performance (in any area of their life) a lot. 

However, they work so hard and deserve some mental and emotional peace. You can easily grant them that by staying logical, rational, and following their rules. Appreciate them when they help you and tell them they’re doing a good job.

Your encouragement will help them a lot more than you might imagine. 

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