Here to figure out about type c personality physical health and mental health? Did your loved one take a personality test? Now you can’t help but feel worried about their high-stress personality?

Well, good to know that you’re beside them… otherwise, it’s hard to say if they’d even get time for a doctor’s appointment.

Since you’re there worried enough to look up their health concerns, they’re in good hands!

But if you’re type C yourself, it’s really impressive that you’re aware of your health.

So, let’s not waste much time and get into the important stuff…

Type C Personality Physical Health

When it comes to type C people, you can guess that they might get quite a few serious physical health issues because of their high perfectionism and high-stress life along with a dash of emotional suppression. However, before you start, calm down!

Even if you learn something dangerous, remember it’s always preventable. C’mon, hop on the ride…

1. Cancer

Okay, before you freak out, read! This isn’t actually a proven physical health concern for “people with type C behavior patterns”.

So, calm down and read with a clear mind…

Though no study proves a direct link between the C personality style and the risk of cancer, there’s a major uproar about it. And it has proper reasons behind it… but not enough to be published as a study.

The actual link is that some C-type traits might cause a person to develop cancer… which resulted in the assumed connection between the personality type and cancer risks.

The concerned trait is suppressing negative emotions. This negatively impacts the human immune system. So, when the immunity system falters, the human body might become prone to many serious and fatal diseases like cancer.

Another concerning trait in type Cs is their bad stress management skill. Moreover, the stress of suppressed emotions adds up to it. Excess stress leads to hormonal imbalance which is another precursor of cancer in addition to the aforementioned conditions.

If you take a closer look at a type C person’s life, their life is full of stress. In their professional life, they’re always stressed to prove themselves right, perform well, work consistently, make sure nobody makes mistakes, and even if they do, they back others with their plans.

They might even work till late to make all these miracles happen. If their team can’t produce quality work, they even take the entire load on themselves. And of course, they take all that stress while researching in depth.

All of these together cause immense hormonal imbalances due to stress and anxiety. Though no research supports this, let’s try to understand the risks of cancer and type Cs a bit more deeply…

a. Type C lifestyle

Type Cs are perfectionists and analysts. While they distance themselves from extroverted and loud people, they immerse themselves deep in their thoughts to find new creative ideas. However, they’ll also make sure that the ideas are possible and realistic… all in their mind!

All of that leads to a ton of stress… which leads to the next point.

b. Perfectionism and repressed emotions

Though stress isn’t one of the popular type C personality traits… unlike type As… it’s an obvious issue. Their excessive and deep thoughts, perfectionism habits, and emotional repression lead them to have stress and they make unhealthy choices in life.

For instance, guess how most people cope with stress?

They usually take intoxicants to let them escape from reality. They smoke and drink to ease their troubles. Most people get cancer due to unhealthy habits like drinking and smoking. Moreover, some studies have even connected the effects of depression, stress, and anxiety with cancer.

c. Pessimism

Type C people are always worried about the worst-case scenario. They can’t stay positive even when the situation is under control. They can’t help but worry about the progress of their work.

Moreover, they’re introverted and don’t feel comfortable socializing beyond their inner circle.  However, it’s not possible to spend time with special close people every day. So, they lose their chance to enjoy and entertain themselves regularly.

Lack of fun in daily life also leads to an increase in anxiety, depression, and stress. All of these again lead to stress, might result in abnormal tissue growth aka neoplasia, and cause cancer.

2. Effects of introversion

According to some experts, extroversion and agreeability help, people lead healthier life. This is because extroversion helps people to communicate effectively and openly with their medical health professionals.

Being introverted also means that a person has smaller social support. Certain studies found that people with more effective and larger social support had better coping mechanisms, followed a healthier lifestyle, and stayed updated on their health checkups. So, being introverted also impacts the physical health of type Cs.

3. Effects of being worrywarts

Type Cs are always worried about something or someone in their life. They’re worried about losing control over their emotions, hurting someone, losing control over their situations, their working environments, being criticized, committing mistakes, etc.

There’s not a moment when they’re not worried. Even a bit of clutter makes them worry that they won’t find important documents when they need them.

Experts say that this may lead to major physical and mental health concerns and reduce life longevity. It might even cause neuroticism which increases the risk of cardiovascular issues like coronary heart disease, bowel irritability, and asthma. It also causes anxiety, depression, substance abuse, panic disorders, and antisocial personality disorder.

4. Effects of people pleasing

C-types might seem distant and emotionless because of their introversion, but they’re always worried about hurting others.

They usually don’t support impractical ideas and don’t support irrationality. But other times they always look out for others. They even prioritize others’ well-being before themselves. Though C-types aren’t people pleasers, they might become so due to their worrying traits.

This can have two types of contradicting impacts on C-types. Since they want to please others and be acknowledged, they might listen to their doctors better.

On the other hand, they’re used to suppressing their emotions whenever they’re at a disadvantage. So, they might hide or ignore their health concerns out of habit.

They won’t seek an expert because they don’t want to worry others. They might even think that they might seem too self-centered if they get themselves diagnosed.

How to deal with it?

Among the above possibilities, cancer is the scariest and most fatal of them all. Though being type C doesn’t mean you’ll get cancer, it’s best to be careful beforehand.  So, if you’re still safe, work on your emotional health.

For instance…

  • Partake in interesting and entertaining activities. Spend time with your inner circle.
  • Even if a new circle talks about superficial things, allow them to bond with you. Don’t judge them too fast as they might need time to open up.
  • Do things that bring joy. Happiness can diminish abnormal hormonal levels, and make you hopeful for a happier and more fulfilled life.
  • Try to be more upfront about your emotions. Understand that different choices might lead to a disagreement… but it won’t be a full-blown fight.
  • Be regular about your health checkups.

On the other hand, if you’re diagnosed with cancer, try to follow your experts’ advice. Stay hopeful and spend time with optimistic people. Book regular sessions with your psycho-oncologist. Don’t forget that cancer isn’t unbeatable in this era. If you can, spend time with cancer survivors for motivation.

But their negative traits don’t just stop at hurting them physically. Let’s check what else they must watch out for…

Type C Personality Mental Health

A person with Type C personality might suffer from depression, helplessness, hopelessness, and aggression from their bottled-up emotions.

The chief mental health problem for type Cs is depression and hopelessness. This usually happens due to their difficulties in expressing emotions and needs and suppressed frustration and discontent. They feel undesired and denied which leads to grudges and finally depression.

People with this type of personality might feel that the situation won’t ever change. As a result, they feel hopeless, lonely, helpless, and criticize themselves.

Such negative emotions can impact their performance in different areas of their life. They might feel less driven toward their goal and even give up on the dreams they worked for so long.

How to deal with it?

If a person with a type C personality suffers from these mental health concerns regularly, they must reach out to a mental health expert as early as possible. If you know a type C person in your personal and professional life and notice similar symptoms, talk to them about it.

A therapist can help them figure out the causes of the issues and how to deal with their conditions. As type C people are logical, they’ll soon realize their situation and cooperate with their well-wishers and experts. The chances of recovery are quite high.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember, don’t freak out just because you or a type C loved one has a higher chance of getting cancer. You can always try your best or help them show the path to prevent it.

And the personality type itself doesn’t predict that something of this sort will definitely happen… so, calm down!

Help your type C acquaintances know about these possibilities, spread awareness, and help them lead healthier life to avoid troubles later on.

And before they do anything on their own to the prevention of any disease, make sure they take medical advice, diagnosis, and treatment. Don’t let them do anything without consulting an expert.

If you’re a type C person, don’t assume something bad might happen. The studies aren’t yet proven, so try to lead a happier life. It can really make a difference!

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