Looking for some type D personality motivators? Wondering how to help out these desolate and distressed souls? Anxious whether you can ever show them a broader perspective?

Oh boy, good job at seeking help… and congratulations, for reaching the perfect place! This think-piece will reveal all the things that make them feel a little more hopeful.

So, let’s help them point out the positives of life here…

Type D Personality Motivators

Often, a type D’s negativity can even impact others’ moods. They can make you feel pessimistic until you feel like giving up on them. However, if this person is a loved one or someone you see regularly, that’s not an option.

And it’s obvious that you didn’t come so far searching for a way to motivate them… just to give up. So, let’s get down to the good part…

1. Stability and security boosts their mood

People with type D personality traits intensely fear instability and insecurity. In their mind, they always highlight the negative situations and possibilities. They always worry about the worst and feel anxious.

Right after they complete a task or accept a new challenge, they feel awfully uneasy about being unable to reach their goal. So, if something or someone’s words can make them feel stable and secure, it can be an instant mood changer.

They watch the world through a lens full of negativity. In this situation, even the slightest hint of stability makes them feel good about themselves, their choices, their life, and everything else. In their dark and gloomy life, stability can make them believe that they can also make good choices.

2. Good benefits are another driving factor

Type D people experience stressful situations in their professional life. Even if you ask them to calm down, console them that everything will be fine, or be a bit realistic and say that they’ll get used to it… they never do. They often want to give up on their job… but that never means they do half-baked jobs.

They always give their best even if they feel the absolute worst. They don’t want to hurt others or burden them due to their mood and incompetence, so they try to make everything work out as it is.

But after experiencing high levels of stress, when they get benefits like good pay, raise in wage, rewards, recognition, and appreciation, they feel more driven to work harder. It eventually diminishes their thoughts about quitting or taking off.

3. Low or no risk also makes them feel safe

For the umpteenth time, people with type D personality styles feel negative about almost everything… even without threats and negative possibilities. They’re overthinkers who can never think about the brighter side.

If they’re like this when everything is fine, think about how they feel when there’s a guaranteed chance of trouble. They probably can’t even sleep peacefully.

So, a task in their personal or professional life that has the least or no risk at all calms down their negative emotions. They can work on these more confidently as they can put their pessimism to rest. These kinds of activities energize and motivate them beyond imagination.

4. Routine life calms their anxiety

Type Ds also like to live their life in routines. For instance, they want to start and end working at a particular time, have their meals, and go to sleep at a fixed time.

In their work environment, type Ds usually plan beforehand about the tasks they’ll undertake on a particular day. They even have it all planned out in a particular order in their mind. They feel great about themselves if they can stick to this order.

They feel that they can do things as they want and life isn’t as bad. Rather, they feel confident about having their life under control. If they can follow a routine daily, they feel calmer. It makes them feel that the world or their fate doesn’t want to mess up with their life.

5. A peaceful morning boosts their confidence

Individuals with type D personality types believe they’ll have a good day if it starts well. Their crankiness and gloomy mood get triggered if their morning doesn’t go the way they want it to. They feel anxious as they believe that something bad in the morning is a predictor of a bad day or bad luck.

On the other hand, if they can have a peaceful morning with no oversleeping, no burnt toast, no aches from a bad sleeping position, no missing their commute, no traffic… all of these pump up their motivation. They feel somewhat optimistic that since the start was great, they’ll have a better day.

6. Calm work environment helps them work better

A calm work environment doesn’t just work like a type D person’s motivator, but it also helps them focus and work efficiently. If they’re allowed to work in their cubicle without any external disturbance, they can peacefully complete all of their tasks.

They can’t handle high levels of stress from their job in the form of tight schedules and urgent deadlines. Jobs where they need to multitask and take more responsibilities forcibly… or jobs where they deal with uncooperative bosses and coworkers drag down their will to work.

But if they’re allowed to work at their pace and not pressured or stressed by anything, they can produce outstanding performance. The absence of external negative factors makes a huge difference in their mentality.

7. Having friends by their side during the worst hour

Type Ds easily feel lonely and deserted. During these hours, they need emotional support from their loved ones. If nobody is available around them, their negative feelings intensify. They feel that nobody loves or wants them. It triggers their overthinking and makes them feel their lowest and hurt.

They often dwell on negative thoughts about their worth to their close ones. So, if even one of their loved ones can stay by their side during their low mood, it makes a huge difference. They feel loved and cherished when close ones respond to them when they reach out.

This works as a huge moral support and helps them stay strong and avoid hasty decisions like leaving or missing a job or dropping out of school.

8. They like to do teamwork and group projects with known people

Type Ds are introverted and they don’t like to work with a group of people they have no idea about. They dislike the idea of introducing themselves from scratch.

This is mainly because they don’t have a good opinion of themselves and struggle to introduce themselves to others. They worry if others will judge or insult them and even worse… spread rumors about them. Their negativity and social inhibitions activate during these moments.

However, if they’re put in a team where they know all or most people, they feel motivated to work hard. In a team where they know everyone, they don’t feel anxious about introducing themselves and smoothly get along with each other. They can focus on more important factors in this situation.

9. A perfectly organized space motivates them

People with type D personalities also feel calm and energized when the space around them is organized. If they know which object is available where it can soothe their anxieties a great deal.

Without a perfectly organized space, type D feels stressed that they might not find something important in the middle of their tasks and it’ll distract them from their responsibilities. So, they start organizing things from scratch. This delays them from working on the actual task.

So, a space that’s already organized helps them not get distracted in this way and focus better on more important areas of life.

10. Social work boosts their mood

D-types are also kind and compassionate souls. They want to help people in need. They can’t bear to refuse or turn away from someone that genuinely needs help. So, they get immense joy from doing social work.

In their free time, they might often volunteer in pet shelters, and soup kitchens, donate their old things, or buy a meal for a homeless person.

Social work makes them feel like they did something in this world and they aren’t as insignificant or invisible to the world. They usually keep a low profile and others hardly notice them. In teamwork, they’re almost inconspicuous to others even if they put in lots of effort.

However, when they make one soul happy with their act of kindness, they find the true meaning and purpose in their life.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

People with D-type personalities obsess over negative and gloomy thoughts. It’s hard to make them think the glass is half full. They hurt their self-confidence and even all areas of their life. They might even lose their friends and their family members might push them away.

However, they only need consistent support… and you can help them find the life they deserve. If things seem serious, help them seek a mental health expert. Stand by their side even if everyone leaves and be their true friend.

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