Are you ready for the battle of type D vs type B personality? So, will you judge between two employees, students, or loved ones?

Whoever it might be, you did a pretty good job at researching and finding this article! Because it encases all the massive and crucial points in detail you must know about these two. You can even use the differences to find out who’s type B and who’s type D… isn’t that cool?

So, don’t wait anymore and get right down to it…

Type D Vs Type B Personality

Both type D and Type B personality traits are shunned. Type Ds are reprimanded for their pessimism while type Bs for their procrastination. So, anyone might wonder who’s better and who’s worse.

Well, it’s better not to think in terms of “good” and “bad”… because no personality itself is bad. They can all overcome their flaws with enough support. So, with an open mind, get a quick glance here…

 Type DType B
DifferencesThey’re anxious and distressed.They’re laidback and easygoing.
They always work.They procrastinate.
They’re always depressed.They’re joyful.
They’re pessimistic.They’re extremely optimistic.
They’re extreme realists.They love dreaming.
They like routines.They ignore and rebel against routines.
They’re socially inhibited.They love socializing.
They don’t want public attention.They want to be in the limelight.
They’re prone to serious health issues.             They have lower chances of falling sick.
They might not be everyone’s favorite.Everyone wants a type B friend in their life.
They’re distracted to avoid people.They’re distracted by their dreams.
They don’t work on their impulses.They’re impulsive.
They want to get the work done.They like to enjoy their task.
 Clutter makes them anxious.They procrastinate cleaning.
SimilaritiesThey’re sad when they don’t get enough attention from close ones.They’re afraid of humiliation.They might both neglect their health.They motivate and support others.

But of course, as promised to explain in detail, so here you go…

1. Ds are anxious while Bs are laid-back

Individuals with type D emotions are always worried about something or the other. They’re worried about reaching their current endeavors.

They’re worried something might go wrong even when they do everything right. They feel anxious even when everything goes right in their life.

Even if people tell them to not worry, they can’t help but imagine the worst-case scenario all the time. They might receive an award for peak performance and still worry about whether they can perform consistently right on the podium.

But, B-types are pretty easygoing and don’t take life too seriously. People often assume they aren’t serious about their life but they’re just busy living their best life. They know how to enjoy the moment.

2. Ds always work but Bs procrastinate too much

When it comes to responsibilities, type Ds are the super serious kind. They always want to save face. They feel everyone else is doing better and they’re lagging. 

Moreover, they don’t want to hurt their stability whether it’s their position at work or school or their finances. So, they try to work consistently so nobody can find faults with them. They also don’t want to be judged or rejected for anything.

On the other hand, type Bs often push their task for later. When they have enough time on hand, they don’t like to hurry.

Instead, they want to take time to relax and get back to their work later. However, they might forget their responsibilities or stall them for too long.

3. Ds are extremely depressed but Bs are happy and cheerful

Type Ds always feel low as they’re full of negative emotions. It’s evident in their body language, facial expressions, and actions. They don’t feel enthusiastic about doing anything.

They do everything because they’re obliged to… whether it’s their work, school, eating food, or anything else. They don’t particularly show major interest in anything around them.

They self-isolate themselves and brood over their genuine and imagined problems.

But B-types is always enthusiastic in all areas of their life. Whether they make a new masterpiece, spend time with their loved ones, seek inspiration, or make a new dish… they do everything with vigor.

They’re excited about everything in their life and don’t let anything pull down their spirits.

4. Ds are pessimistic while Bs are optimistic

Type Ds always see the glass as half empty and type Bs see it as half-filled… that’s pretty self-explanatory, but let’s dive deeper here.

Type Ds only focus on the negatives in any situation. They see more things that make them anxious, scared, and inferior than others. They feel the world is gloomy or that they don’t deserve anything.

Even before anything goes wrong, they start fearing the possibilities and can’t even cherish the small happiness in life.

On the other hand, B-types personally believe that everything happens for a good reason. They also preach to everyone the same.

They think everyone deserves something good in life. Even when their life is torn apart, they don’t stop being hopeful.

5. Ds are extreme realists but Bs like to dream

Type Ds are always grounded and don’t have unrealistic thoughts. In fact, their pessimism also interrupts their realism.

For instance, if they appear in an exam and they did so-so, they’d never dream about getting first place. Instead, they might even worry about getting last place and get depressed.

When they create a plan, they always get worried about whether the most basic plans will work. Even if they’re certified ideas and get all the OK from everyone, they still doubt it.

B-types, however, don’t suppress their imagination. Sometimes they let their mind soar so high in the sky that the thoughts become unrealistic.

So, while planning something, type Bs always need someone to keep them on track and check in on their ideas.

6. Ds are obsessed with routines Bs can’t be bothered with routines

Type Ds are routine lovers and dislike it when their routine is disrupted. They feel anxious when something doesn’t follow the plan for their day.

They usually note their tasks for the day beforehand in a journal or their notepad. They might even tick off every task they complete. This gives them a great sense of achievement and satisfaction.

But for type Bs, routine life is their worst nightmare. They want to lead a flexible life where they can take their time to decide for themselves. If they absolutely must, they won’t rebel against routines. But they also won’t mind if they have to change tracks of their work.

7. Ds avoid social interaction while Bs are social butterflies

Type Ds are nonsocial due to their fear of social interaction. They’d feel comfortable and lucky if no strangers talked to them.

The moment they’re around unknown people, they wish to return to their safe space… because every moment they feel anxious about the judgmental eyes around them.

However, type Bs love to socialize. They’re friendly and warm to everyone around. In a room full of strangers, they’ll try to befriend a lot of people and learn about the different horizons of the same view. Moreover, they dislike nonsocial people and feel they’re a spoilt sport.

8. Ds like to stay away from public attention while Bs hate it when they don’t get attention

Type Ds feel they’re inferior to everyone else. Due to a lack of self-confidence, they don’t try to grab anyone’s attention in social situations.

Instead, they even avoid eye contact so nobody notices their presence. They keep quiet so nobody asks them anything.

They’re always worried that if they answer something, people will find that weird and reject them. So, they feel more comfortable when they’re away from attention.

But B-types try their best to grab everyone’s attention. They want to be noticed and talked about. They want to be praised and get public recognition. They dislike it if anyone steals their thunder.

9. Ds are more prone to serious health concerns while Bs are not

The high-stress lifestyle of type Ds increases the risk factor of heart disease like coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, and heart attacks. Chances of other physical health issues like osteoporosis and diabetes are also high. They’re even prone to depression and anxiety.

They’re also prone to isolation and self-neglect which might worsen existing health concerns.

On the flip side, type Bs lead a pretty easygoing lifestyle which helps them maintain their health. They don’t stress excessively and know when to give themselves a break. This diminishes their chance of getting major physical or mental health concerns.

10. Ds might not be liked as much but Bs make others like them

Type D folks stay aloof and don’t go out much. They don’t spend much time even with their loved ones. During their depressive phases, they shut themselves in.

When they socialize, they don’t proactively socialize which gives away the wrong impression.

Moreover, they’re more prone to refuse to go on outings with strangers as they feel uncomfortable and even cower from introducing themselves. So, people hardly know about them or don’t think too highly about them.

However, B-types are extremely social. They like to talk to others, befriend them, help others warm up to everyone else, and support them.

So, they make a fair impression in everyone’s mind. Everyone likes to spend time with a type D person and approach them with their thoughts and worries.

11. Ds are distracted because they avoid others but Bs might get distracted only for their dreams

In a group setting or a party, type Ds don’t want to connect with new people due to their social inhibition. Out of fear of rejection and judgment they avoid others. They try to keep a low profile and attract the least bit of attention.

Wondering what they even do?

They channel their inner thoughts and spend time with themselves.

On the other hand, type Bs usually don’t get distracted. They spend most of the time socializing… but when they do, it’s only when they’re immersed in their creative thoughts. They might even lose track of time and sense of location when they start daydreaming about their ideas.

12. Ds are afraid of offending others and overlook their desires Bs indulge in their desires and impulses

D-types are afraid of conflicts as it makes them anxious. They don’t want to do anything that might hurt or upset others or make them react negatively. Confrontations make them anxious, so they try to avoid any chance of disagreeing. They go along with others’ flow.

They let others choose for them instead and sacrifice their own desires. They’re busy pleasing everyone in their life other than themselves.

On the other hand, B-types believe in making themselves happy over everyone and everything else. If they have random urges to do things, they indulge themselves. They don’t think too much about the consequences and live in the moment.

13. Ds want to safely succeed in their tasks while Bs like to relish the journey

D-types, when given responsibility, feel a surge of negative emotions. They worry about whether they can give their best. They don’t want to disappoint others and focus solely on succeeding in the task.

Due to their lack of self-confidence and excess self-doubt, they’re always worried that they’ll perform the worst out of everyone else. So, they focus on success only. They don’t even take a moment to relish their success and start worrying about something else.

Type Bs, however, don’t obsess over success alone. They believe in enjoying the game throughout. Whether they brainstorm for ideas, implement them, or see them coming into life, they soak in the pride of all the steps.

They know that once the project or responsibility reaches the end, they won’t have this chance anymore. So, they make the best of things now.

14. Ds hate clutter while Bs are a bit messy

D-types feel anxious about a messy environment and can’t start working unless they clear up. They’re worried they can’t find important things on time.

But B-types procrastinate cleaning and their mind is always in their imaginative thoughts, so they don’t notice the mess they make.

15. They’re both prone to neglecting their health

People with type D personality traits don’t want to burden others. So, even when they get the symptoms of some sickness or are physically or mentally uncomfortable, they don’t express their situations to others.

They don’t want to agitate others because of them. They won’t disrupt the flow of others’ life because they believe it’s selfish of them.

They won’t even seek help themselves because if anyone notices it’ll worry them. So, they silently manage on their own.

On the other hand, type B people’s procrastination results in their sickness. They might be too lazy to follow a proper diet or exercise regularly. They might procrastinate about their appointments until it’s too late.

They might even become overconfident about their health because they’re not as prone to sickness as people with type A personality traits and lead an undisciplined and unhealthy lifestyle.

16. They both feel low when they don’t get attention from loved ones

Type Ds don’t usually ask others for attention or any kind of support. They don’t want to usually burden others but when they feel isolated, lonely, and depressed, they reach out to their loved ones. They might seek them directly or take an indirect approach depending on person to person.

But when their loved ones can’t support them, they feel disappointed. The same goes for when a loved one doesn’t keep their promise. They don’t utter a word but feel hurt.

On the other hand, B-types are social people. They love to have fun with everyone else. So, when others don’t include them in their plans (whether in a personal or professional setting), they feel dejected. They want to be loved back as much.

17. They’re both great motivators

Both type B and D people like to motivate others at their worst moments. B-types owing to their optimistic nature always try to spread happiness.

But for D-types, the reason is a bit gloomy. They want others to have a better life than theirs, so they can’t stay put when they see someone else in need of support. They want to share the love they desire from others.

18. They’re both scared of humiliation

Type D people always compare themselves with others. They suffer from low self-confidence and self-doubt. They feel everyone is better than them and fear that others will judge them for that.

They don’t want to be judged, rejected, or humiliated. For that, they try their utmost to perform well in all areas of their life until they’re sick. They also avoid talking to new people because they fear being called out for being inferior.

On the other hand, B-types are always in the limelight. They have a loud presence and everyone knows about them.

They fear being publicly humiliated as others might lose respect for them or judge their optimistic values when they face tough circumstances.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

The world is mean and judgmental towards both type B and type D people. So, if you know them and are in your personal circle, keep an eye out for them. Stand beside them when they need you. These guys put a smile on their faces and help others. So, return them the favor… especially if it’s a type D person.

On the other hand, if you know them in a formal setting and want to figure out the best between them, don’t judge them just based on the list. Give them a chance to prove themselves and understand them better.

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