Okay, you’re here to know about type E behavior pattern… then is it because you or someone around you showed type E traits?

So, if you’re wondering how a type E person behaves in different situations and want to prepare yourself to deal with them accordingly, that’s great! Because this think-piece covers everything you want to know about their behaviors.

That’s why don’t waste any more of your time and plunge into it…

Type E Behavior Pattern

People with Type E behavior pattern are popular for their risky and stubborn nature. So, often people assume that they always act stubbornly about taking risks. However, there’s a lot more about how they behave and react to different situations.

So, if you want to prepare yourself mentally, first know about how they behave from this list…

1. They play around with fire

Individuals with type E behavior pattern (TEBP) often like to take risks. They don’t feel satisfied with a life where they can only take the ordinary path. They always feel curious about the other ways… they wonder what might happen if they didn’t take the shortest distance.

They believe that through risks and adventures, they can achieve something new and more… Perhaps, nobody tried it and feared the other ways unreasonably.

They also like to be challenged in every step of their life and get bored from a peaceful lifestyle. So, they always want to live on the edge and take chances as much as possible.

They don’t like the idea of following the crowd and living a life without any surprise factor to it. You can even say they might lose their patience and mind from such a life. Without a hint of adventure, they might lose their zeal to fight and live.

2. They love risks!

They love taking risks and trying something away from normal and safe. However, they hardly remember to judge the pros and cons of their risks. When they see huge loot at the end of the way, they go for it. They don’t check the chances of failure and setbacks.

When others notice that their choices have many loopholes and issues, they naturally oppose them. They try to talk some sense into them.

However, this only works in the opposite way. They get more riled up to prove that they’re not wrong and that their ideas can help them succeed.

They can’t stand it when others try to reason out. They become indifferent to others’ troubles whenever their risky attitude is challenged. Even if someone respectfully talks about it… the slightest opposition riles up their defensive character.

3. They can get quite passionate

E-types can get extremely passionate and chase their dreams just out of a deep desire to explore a task and make dreams come true. When they’re interested in something, they leave no stone unturned to reach their goals.

Whether they must work overtime, research more than they’re used to, or take up their off time for it… they’re always ready to run the extra mile.

They’ll put more effort into it as long as they’re passionate about their undertaken tasks. They won’t lose their motivation when they feel deeply interested in something.

They’re ready to step out of their comfort zone and try out ways and ideas until they reach their goals. Moreover, if you plan something and it also catches their eye, they’ll support you to pursue it till the end. They understand how refreshing it feels to chase passions, so they help others too.

4. But their passion might not always bring good news

Type E individuals get passionate too fast for their own good. They might not even judge the good and bad consequences of their decisions. They chase bad passions as strongly as they go for good ones. You can’t snap them back to reality easily when they chase the bad ones.

Instead, they feel that something good will still come out of it and others just can’t get it. Or, they might be too naïve to understand that they’re on the wrong path… or, even if they know they’re on the wrong path, they just can’t let go of those.

Another bad news about their passions is that they get passionate without a good cause or plan in mind. So, when they face troubles on the way, they quickly give up. People often call them fickle-minded for this. However, this can turn out good if they give up on the bad habits they chase.

5. They’re full of creativity

The creative energy of E-types is incomparable. They can think what most can’t think. This is possible only because their mind absorbs ideas from everything they witness around them. You won’t see them taking notes of cool ideas but their mind subconsciously registers the ideas around.

When it comes to proposing creative ideas, most people come up with a spinoff or advanced plan of an existing idea. Well, E-types do the same but it’s hard to figure out the core of their inspiration. They mix and match many ideas and create something of high quality.

They’re also the prime problem solvers for stubborn issues. When nobody’s ideas work, they become everyone’s last resort. Their unique ideas can nip the problems at the roots. Moreover, their different perspectives help them with their creative ideas.

6. But creative ideas might not always be welcomed

Though an E-type person is loaded with creativity, it’s not always accepted warmly. Apparently, their ideas are too unique and out-of-the-box for some areas.

So, they can’t apply it just anywhere.  For instance, everyone doesn’t land their dream job… some people aren’t even aware of the kind of job that suits them.

Suppose, an E-type person is employed in an organization where only the bare minimal creativity is required whereas their greatest strength is their creativity.

In this situation, they’ll feel unappreciated. Nobody will be able to accept their ideas because it’s too over-the-top for their requirements.

The ideas might be repeatedly rejected and the E-type might eventually lose motivation to continue working. For this reason, E-types must identify their strengths and weaknesses early on and choose a job sector ASAP.

7. They are quite energetic and fast

Type Es are also known for their ultra-fast and energetic performance. Some might be quick physically and are great in sports and anything else that needs physical labor and agility… while others might be mentally fast and they’re good at desk work and juggling deadlines.

However, most people assume they have a type A behavior pattern (TABP) because they easily get agitated when others can’t keep up with their speed.

They fail to understand that TABP people feel a sense of urgency and fear of missing deadlines. They work fast because they’re stressed.

On the other hand, people with TEBP are more into fast working because they’re goal-oriented. They wish to succeed in life faster than others. They want to be acknowledged for their efforts and are passionate about it. Their fast pace is part of their drive for growth.

8. But their love for speed might get them in trouble

If a type E individual makes a living through sports and is obsessed with speed, this might seem natural initially. But this obsession might become an issue if they overlook their health to succeed and gain fame.

On the other hand, if they’re employed in a field that includes working with intricate details, they might make mistakes.

They might also make mistakes in their tasks if they’re not used to the fast pace and only have the endpoint in mind.  If their performance falls, it’ll have the opposite effect on their reputation.

If a type E student is a lot into high speed and turns in assignments faster and is not that keen on creativity, they might not perform well in subjects that need patience. Their assignments might be too direct and hurried and lack any form of originality or unique touch.

9. They’re ready to do everything to succeed in life

A type E person isn’t ready to settle for anything less than the best. They might not be as obsessed with their academics and profession as A-types, but they are no less. They want to keep progressing.

They understand that for improved living standards, they need to improve their performance and achieve more in the important areas of their life. They don’t wish to reach a stable spot and stay satisfied with it.

They want to push for as much as possible to make sure that they can fulfill all of their and their loved one’s desires. They’re not ready to stop anytime soon.

If anyone opposes them, they won’t compromise their life choices for others. As long as they believe in their plans, they won’t get talked out of it and will try harder to prove that they were right all along.

10. They also want others to progress

People with TEBP want to do something great for this world. They want to improve the world for everyone. Whether it’s a movement to save the environment or one to support and raise the living standards of other people.

If they get a fine way to earn money and become independent, they’ll spread the word to help others,

A type E person with enough funds might invest in new projects for the safety and sustenance of the environment and create new opportunities for people in the form of jobs. If they belong to an underprivileged community, they might create a business to promote the specialty of their community.

They want to improve the world and they might try to save the environment, animals, birds, and plants, or support human beings. If they don’t have much power or resources to make a huge change, they might only support others with all the experience they gathered over the years and motivate others to do better.

11. They might lose track without guidance

E-types are awesome and can reach the pinnacle of their life only if they’re under surveillance.

If someone doesn’t mentor them, their willfulness and thirst for risk might cause a ruckus in their life. They might take the worst chances because they usually can’t make out the differences between good and bad choices.

This leads them to dead ends, wasted ventures, failures, losses, and all negative consequences. Eventually, they get stressed and doubt their capabilities. This might negatively impact their mental health and their confidence, performance, and zeal to be and have the best will all go downhill from that point.

With proper guidance whether in their professional or personal life, they can make the best of their resources. It will help them stay motivated and passionate about future possibilities.

Even if a type E person doesn’t have a mentor figure in life yet, it’s not too late. They can get help at any point in time and turn back around.

12. They might grow dependent on guidance

Though guidance helps them out, E-types have one trouble dealing with it. They might grow dependent on their mentor figure. However, it’s not always possible to depend on someone for their needs.

After all, one can only have guidance for a definite period and time. Students can get it from their teachers, parents, and friends. While working adults can get it from their supervisors and even their loved ones.

However, these mentors can only give limited guidance. They can’t stick to them 24/7. Even if it’s a family member or lover, they also can’t stick around constantly… Sometimes, they might also need time for themselves.

So, turning dependent can be a huge problem in an E type’s life. Someday, they’ll fall through a steep slope if they have nobody to depend on. When type E gets guidance, instead of leaning on them for help, they must learn to help themselves.

13. Others might be unable to cope with them

An E-type is fast and even gets furious when others can’t cope with them. They’re energetic whether it’s when they hold a conversation, have a friendly competition, or during their work. It’s like they found a fountain of energy and they never get exhausted.

It’s not always possible to keep up with them in personal, social, or professional life. People might push away an E-type because they get exhausted and can’t keep up. It’s more or less a chore for people who don’t hold similar opinions or enthusiasm toward life. So, eventually, a type E might be left alone if they don’t find the right people.

Moreover, guiding them can be a big deal, so others might get tired and push them away. Nobody wants to be someone’s nanny forever, it’s fine only in the initial phase.

14. They hardly get demoralized

One of the best behavior patterns of E-types is their response to criticism. When they get condemned for anything, they don’t take it to heart. They know that people are jealous of them or just don’t know how to keep an open mind.

Instead of feeling down, they get fired up to stick to their choices, work harder, and prove others wrong. They’re extremely confident in their beliefs and never let others’ opinions bitter their moods.

They know their worth which helps them stick to their goals and show their worth to others. They don’t let others walk over them or their pride.

15. They respect all levels and scales of tasks

Another great behavior of E-types is the way they treat different scales of tasks. They don’t look down on small tasks.

They don’t pay less attention to them than the bigger ones. They’re equally devoted and respectful to all scales of tasks. Whether they’re given a tough or easy job, they try to make it perfect in every possible way.

The same applies when they meet people of different hierarchies. Whether a type E student meets the school’s janitor or the Dean, they greet both of them with equal respect and passion. On the other hand, a type E manager talks to the clerks as kindly as they do with their coworkers.

They don’t judge their work or others by their work. They believe in equality among human beings or their work and designation.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Now you know that Type Es aren’t just about being stubborn regarding risks… There are many good sides to E-types. They feel a sense of responsibility towards their community. They are also energetic and creative.

Like any individual, they behave positively in some situations and react negatively to others. So, if you have a type E person around you, it’s high time to learn to deal with them and know in detail about them.

But if you’re a type E person, learn about the pros and cons and deal with the cons of your personality. Only then can you impress yourself and feel satisfied with your life.

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