Right after taking a personality test, you started seeking type e personality job roles and ideal job list. That’s great… you’re dedicated to your life. This is a great sign of your future success. After all, only someone that’s ready to reach the pinnacle of their life thinks about their suitable jobs so fast.

And this think-piece will eagerly help you show the directions towards your dream job.

So, let’s end this chit-chat and get down to business here…

Type E Personality Job Roles

Type Es can’t adjust in all sorts of work environments. They can’t tolerate jobs where they must stick to a balanced and monotonous routine. They also tend to lose track of their tasks and goals, so they need guidance for it.

So, for the perfect career assessment of an E-type, first, understand the suitable job roles…

1. Jobs that demand a fast pace

People with Type E personality traits are good at time management. They’re energetic and enthusiastic about their job so they can complete their tasks faster than others. They’re extremely goal-oriented, so they make sure that they reach their goals quickly.

They even get agitated when they don’t get their work on time or when others drag down their performance speed. Being so obsessed with time, they perform well in sports or any job that requires agility and a fast pace. They can even work with tight schedules.

They are a good fit whether the job profiles demand a physically or mentally fast person.

2. Jobs that require an endless flow of creativity

Individuals with E personality type traits are blessed with great out-of-the-box talent for creativity. They’re suitable in areas where they need to produce creative ideas incessantly. In those jobs, they can pour out their unique ideas without any resistance.

If a type E person’s greatest strength is creativity, a job profile that only requires limited creativity isn’t the best choice. They’ll only want a hint of creativity and the enormous creative energy within the type E will either go to waste or their ideas of over-the-top uniqueness will get rejected.

That’s why it’s better to opt for an artistic field where they’ll always brew a new idea and the demand for unique and original plans will never fall.

They are also great problem solvers because their creative views let them observe the big picture that others can’t notice because of their lack of flexibility.

3. Jobs that motivates others

Type E people want to succeed in their life and help others succeed. They want to create new jobs and opportunities for their community. They desire to make this world a better place.

If it’s in their scope, they might build a business to create new jobs for others. If not, they might share news of scopes and opportunities with the needy. They understand that happiness comes from stability and self-sufficiency in life.

They try to convince others of the necessity of being independent and if anyone opposes their views, they oppose them fair and squarely. Further, they don’t mind fighting to build a better society that supports everyone.

4. Jobs with challenges

While choosing a career path, a type E person never pays attention to the type, scale, or difficulty of the job or tasks they’re assigned. For them, all tasks and job profiles are prestigious. They handle all tasks with equal dedication and focus on them equally.

So, E-types are also suitable for any task that requires them to handle a vast scale of tasks. For instance, if you own a new business and don’t have enough manpower, hire an E-type to undertake more than one kind of duty.

Most people don’t want to attend to duties outside of their defined responsibilities, but an E-type will gladly accept duties of all sorts and undertake them mindfully. They won’t mind undertaking inferior tasks than their job profile.

However, that doesn’t mean they’re open to being overworked or undertaking the job of more than one person. Maintain a balance in their duties to not burn them out.

5. Jobs that allowed them to get content guidance

E-types aren’t the best at decision-making. Sometimes they might be too focused on taking risks without calculating the risk-to-reward ratio.

They might be fixated on a small chance of a huge profit and overlook the higher chance of failure. They might be so obsessed with the speedy completion of tasks that they bring trouble to themselves.

A type E person needs guidance in their professional life to develop and succeed in their life. They have immense capacity but the lack of direction might turn against them.

So, they need a job where they can get extra guidance and their mentors can keep a thorough eye on their actions.  For instance, if they become a sportsman, they need a separate personal trainer. If they work in the artistic field, their professor or mentor must pay more attention to them.

6. Jobs full of adventure and risks

Type E individuals don’t like to take the usual path in their work or life. They feel bored and often want to know what might happen if they take a different step. They want excitement and adventure in their life. Just for the taste of a bit of excitement, they take major risks.

So, a calm and peaceful job profile won’t get them passionate. They’re suitable for professions that demand risky endeavors, adventures, urgency, and excitement.

Can’t wait to know the suitable job profiles for E-types? Let’s get to the main part here…

Type E Personality Ideal Job List

Based on the suitable profiles mentioned above, a type E person’s job search has vast choices.

Depending on their qualifications, they can aim for something big or small as they deem fit and feel passionate about. Since they have immense choices, it’s hard to pinpoint particular jobs. Instead, consider any choice under these sectors…

  • Arts (painting, sketching, sculpting, photography, designing, and so on)
  • Entertainment (acting, directing, story writing, script writing, etc.)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Politics
  • Sports

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Possibly, all of the suggested areas of job roles seem equally attractive to you. However, the bitter truth is that everyone isn’t made for everything. So, don’t make any impulsive choices.

Find out what you’re truly passionate about with a cause and are ready to plan out for. Figure out your strengths and weaknesses and how you deal with your weaknesses. Make sure you start working on your shortcomings from now on to understand your full potential.

And don’t forget to figure out your professional goals as early as possible. This will help you from going astray in life. Give everything your best shot and believe in yourself!

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