So, you wanna know about some type E personality motivators… want to know what gets their blood pumping in a good way? Curious about what makes their eyes glitter in excitement?

Oh, congratulations on finding this think-piece because it will tell you everything about how to cheer a type E buddy and even know their greatest expectations.

So, let’s know what makes them happy here…

Type E Personality Motivators

Most people assume that E-types are in love with reckless risks. But honestly, two words can never explain what a huge number of people genuinely feel happy and motivated with. 

So, instead of assuming, it’s always better to take time to know them better. After all, time and patience can help you understand people better. But if you don’t have enough time, here’s an all-inclusive list for you…

1. Risks

Most people want to lead a stable life. They don’t want to do anything that works on chances. They make sure that things will turn out for the best and don’t take insane chances.

But, E-types aren’t scared of these chances. When they get a ray of hope, they never cease to chase them. Type E people live for the thrill and excitement of life. They want to live on the edge instead of staying safe and sound in their comfort zone.

They like to take out-of-the-ordinary decisions because ordinary ones are too bland for them. It’s all or nothing when it comes to opportunities and risks. Once they find that something can give them major profits… even if the chances are bare minimum… they won’t back off!

They’ll get extremely passionate about the risks and work extra hard to achieve those goals. During these moments, these motivated people do everything in their power to reach the heights of success.

Moreover, if people reprimand them for taking huge risks, they take that as an added challenge and try to prove others wrong.

2. Acceptance of their creativity

E-types are notoriously known for their creativity. Don’t misunderstand this… they actually have a great sense of creativity… but similar to B-types it can get a bit out of hand sometimes. Their creativity might be so unique that it might be unrealistic for the particular situation.

Suppose, an E-type employee works somewhere and the company needs a quick fix to their marketing campaign because of some issues. They’ll propose great ideas… but they might be out of the company budget or might consume too much time and the organization doesn’t have that much time.

On the other hand, in dire situations when no other idea works out, people use an E-type person’s ideas to turn the tables on troubles.

People usually don’t accept their ideas (which are actually great and don’t get used because of the other party’s troubles). But when they do, that works like a great moral booster for type E individuals.

3. Speed

E-types like to work at full speed. They’re not up for lazily doing anything and taking their time to do things. Fast and furious is a way to refer to them. They expect the same from people in both their personal and professional lives.

Many people confuse them with A-types because of their love for speed. But Type As feel a sense of urgency and work faster because they’re stressed about not meeting deadlines or losing their streak of perfectionism.

However, E-types don’t live by that logic. They’re simply passionate about their work. They want to succeed in their life and for that they’re goal-oriented. They wish to succeed and perform better than anyone else.

They’re competitive and passionate about raising their living standards and working hard for it… and for that, speed is one of the most important things for them. They’re pretty suitable for workplaces with tight deadlines.

4. Progressive life

Type E people go gaga over progress in their life. They chase every possibility around them to succeed and become proud of themselves.

They want to be able to freely chase their dreams even if they seem impossible. If they get a glimmer of hope but there are quite the setbacks, they don’t mind.

They want to succeed in any possible way. Even if others oppose their choices or give them ultimatums like “It’s me or your dreams”, they’ll choose their dreams at the drop of a hat. They’re not ready to compromise when it comes to success and development in their life.

If they believe their plan will work out, they’ll execute them by all means. Even if all of their loved ones oppose their ideas, they won’t listen to them. Instead, they’ll just get more and more stubborn about it.

5. Others’ welfare

Individuals with type E personalities are compassionate and dedicated toward world welfare. They want to do something that will help their community grow. They want the world to be a better place to live. Different E-types help the world differently when it comes to this.

Some might build companies and create more jobs for others. Some might support small businesses to stand tall. Some might just help with mental support to help them live by another day. While others might help others chase their unique dreams with charity or social work.

Bottom line: They want everyone to be self-sufficient and not ever have the shorter side of the stick. They want everyone to lead happy and healthy lives without any shortage of resources. They want to help others become independent and happy.

So, they’ll always cheer on others and motivate them to improve in every step of their life. E-types will also point out important opportunities to people around them to give them a better push toward success.

6. Deep passion

E-types get attracted to anything that tickles the passion deep within. If any task, project, assignment, or chore can awaken their passions, they’re ready to go through hell and back to fulfill them.

They’ll give their utmost effort to make that happen. They try out everything in their capabilities and beyond to make their dreams come true.

For this, they can be quite passionate if they get into a suitable workplace. Moreover, their creativity supports them to fulfill their desires and overcome all troubles.

Even if they face some setbacks on their way to their goals, their mind can produce some fascinating ideas until they don’t run out of passion.

When they feel passionate, they might even get hooked on something that won’t bring them a fortune and rather attract trouble. They get that motivated once their passion clicks in.

7. Working independently without boundaries

People with type E personality traits believe in living life on their own terms. They often like to pick challenges and do things differently. Doing something in the conventional style turns them off.

However, if they’re bound to something, like family members, an organization, are one of the team members of a group, or other attachments, they may not be able to go all out to do as they desire. Someone or the other will always oppose their carefree and different approach.

Type Es also have a high chance of being abandoned by friends, family, and lovers because others can’t keep up with their whims. For this, they might want to lead a life where they aren’t responsible for a loved one.

They might be more attracted to working independently. They might not want to be in group work, although they aren’t completely against teamwork. They might also like to be self-employed to satisfy their desirable working or life-leading ways.

8. Challenging tasks

Folks with the E personality type have great fun undertaking tasks of all scales and difficulties. They don’t look down on any duty or responsibility. If something helps them succeed or progress in life or support others around them, they don’t mind the type of task it is.

Instead, they equally devote themselves and respect all kinds of tasks. They make sure that everything is done perfectly and that nobody can object to their results.

Similarly, they don’t look down on people that work in an inferior position.  They appreciate all tasks of all levels and importance equally.

Whether they themselves work in a small or big position and get paid less or more, the quality of efforts never declines. So, they treat work of all levels with equal seriousness and devotion.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

After knowing the motivators of type Es, you probably know that not all the motivators are good or bad… it totally depends on the situation at hand. So, if a type E person takes calculated risks, it’s a good idea… but impulsive risks are not.

So, don’t get forced into giving in to their sudden whims just to make them happy. Rather, follow the logical way. Go ahead and judge what’s right or wrong by yourself.

Motivate them but only with the things you deem fit. Don’t worry about fulfilling everything they demand because life doesn’t work like that. Be the wiser person and guide them throughout.

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