So, you wish to know about type E personality relationships and comparing with other types? All the people you know got the results of their personality tests… and you got an E??

Probably, you can’t wait any longer to know how your relationships differ from theirs… and guess what, you’re at the perfect place to find out this secret. Whether you wish to know who has a more successful relationship or whether all of you have happy relationships or not… this think-piece will share it all with you!

C’mon, let’s get to the crux of it here…

Type E personality relationships and comparing with other types

Before you start exploring the differences between the other types of personality, focus on your own relationships.

Comparison isn’t a healthy thing in life… no, nobody wants to criticize you… but nobody is a saint either! But comparison always brought more pain to life. So, let’s begin by focusing on your own relationships here…

1. They give equal priority to all people

When someone needs help with any sort of task, a type E person never ignores them.

Whether the task mentioned by the other person is something easy or hard… whether it can be easily done by an elementary kid or needs the support of lots of people… a type E person neither makes fun of it nor complains.

They take all tasks seriously when someone needs the bare minimum of support. They do their best to match others’ expectations with their creativity.

2. People dislike their risk-taking attitude and lack of awareness

Type E people hate leading the same old predictable life. They are always thirsty for new challenges. They take risky endeavors even if there’s an easier alternative.

Moreover, they also randomly get passionate about things without a cause or plan… which usually fizzles out with time and they give up on that project. When they get passionate about something bad, it’s extremely hard to convince them otherwise.

All these make others dislike them. Whether loved ones or their colleagues, everyone feels insecure and doesn’t want to stay around them.

An E-type’s lover might abandon them due to a lack of financial or life security. While co workers might feel insecure about projects and not take them in their team.

3. But people also love their all-empowering nature

People with Type E personality traits are crazy about progress and success in life. However, they don’t want to monopolize the loot of life. Rather, they want to help others out too.

If they have enough power, they might build a chance for their community to shine and grow. If they can’t, they share all the job opportunities with others.

For this, people in need of that support love them. A type E person is a blessing to them. However, if the other person doesn’t have similar types of goals, an E-type might seem too pushy to them.

4. They need surrounding people to guide them… which might tire out others

A type E person can shine in their world, but guidance is extremely important for them. Otherwise, they’re prone to be misguided by their random whims to follow different goals and dreams in life.

However, nobody can have anyone to support and guide them 24/7. In their workplace, a supervisor or coworker can be their guide… whereas, in their personal life, a close friend or a lover can do it.

But, those people also have their own troubles. They can’t always focus on others, so they might easily get frustrated and tired of mentoring them.

5. But they also offend them by not listening to them

Let’s say they get proper guidance in all areas of their lives. Even if they are tired and overwhelmed, they try to keep up with them and share opinions on every step of their life. However, type Es are known for their disregard for others’ opinions.

They feel provoked when others stay against their choices. Instead of being understanding of the situation or the other person’s perspective, they start protesting against them. This can be a major turn-off for their guidance figures.

6. Their fast-paced nature overwhelms others

Type Es like to work fast… be it at their workplace or home. They even lose their temper when others can’t keep up with their pace. This can overwhelm others because of the performance they expect from them.

Not everyone can be as cool with working speedily. So, their personal and professional relationships might often get strained because of their demands of being speedy.  

Now that you’re done knowing your relationships, let’s start comparing…

Comparison with type F personality relationships

Now that you know how happy or sad your relationships are, let’s compare them with the feelers. These people lead their life based on emotions.

They depend on rational thoughts less and follow their heart more. You might assume that they are probably the best at maintaining relationships because emotions are important.

But, instead of wondering how different or similar you are, it’s better to just hit the list!

1. They are both into motivating others

Type E people always help others with their professional growth. People love them for being so motivating about self-dependency. But type F individuals don’t just preach that. They also support others emotionally or even financially if they need to.

They just can’t stay steady when they see someone in a pinch. They are one of the first people that approach a person in a dire situation… whether it’s a loved one or a stranger. They try their best to support everyone around them.

2. They both need some amount of guidance from their surroundings

Type Es need guidance due to their poor sense of direction and choices in life. But Type Gs need it because they become potential targets of opportunists. They help people without thinking things through. The feelers just see someone with a sorry expression and just jump in.

In the end, a type H person might even feel used and hollow inside because people discard them like an object after using them. So, they definitely need someone to constantly remind them to be more alert about their life choices.

3. People feel more secure with an F-type than an E-type

E-types, due to their sudden whims, often make others insecure. But people feel extremely comfortable, loved, and secure. This isn’t just because F-types don’t try to live on the edge.

Rather, it’s because they are sensible, caring, and compassionate, try to heal others, never try to even unknowingly harm others, and even don’t judge others for being different.

Everyone trusts a type E person and can vent out. They know that they won’t ever listen to words like “You shouldn’t do that…”. People can just be themselves without any fear.

4. Unlike E-types, F-types depend on others’ opinions

On one hand, E-types don’t care about others’ opinions… they’d rather start a slogan to convince others about their ideas. But an F-type is just the opposite.

They get extremely hurt by others’ words and get worried. Especially when people say something bad about them, they believe that it’s because they hurt them somehow which led to this.

To avoid people from saying anything mean about them, they try too hard to go along with their whims and desires and become pushovers. They completely ignore their self-respect and choices only to make others happy.

Can’t wait to start the next? Here you go!

Comparison with type G personality relationships

Next comes the G types… where G stands for gifted, genius, or geek. It’s understandable that you can’t wait to know whether you are as much of a genius as them when it comes to your relationships. And, of course, you’d love it if that happened… but hey, you’re great in your own way!

C’mon, let’s keep an open mind and see how different you are…

1. Unlike E-types, G-types are loved for their awareness

G-types are extremely aware of their surroundings due to their strong intuition. They can read others’ moods like the back of their hand and act accordingly. E-types are disliked for taking risks and not being considerate… but G-types are respected and adored for their caring actions.

Type G individuals can sense what others expect from them and act accordingly at every moment. Whether others want mental support, some space, or need someone to fix their life, a type G person knows it all… and they also do their best to help others.

2. Unlike E-types, G-types are self-reliant

As you know, E-types depend on others because they lack a proper sense of direction. They might jump on one project today and the other the next. But a type G person takes intuitive decisions in life. Their perfectionism tendencies also support them to find only what’s best for them.

Before they start anything, they precisely take note of the plan in hand. They study deep into it and depend on their own qualities to succeed in life.  Even if others give them suggestions, they like to stick to their own plan until the end of time.

3. Similar to E-types’ offensive risks, G-types are offensive introverts

As mentioned before, E-types put others off with their mindless risk-taking. They don’t even think about the pros and cons of their choices. This makes others extremely anxious and insecure.

Similar to them, G-type people make others insecure or anxious about being enough. G-types are introverts, so even when they’re invited to parties, they stand them up.

Of course, nobody assumes the worst of them instantly. But when people get treated this way repeatedly, they feel a type G person looks down on them and won’t socialize with them. They feel the worst about themselves while the G-type copes with their introversion.

4. Unlike E-types, people can depend on G-types better

People can’t rely on E-types because they’re scared of their crazy whims in life. Even if they’re ready to take full responsibility for their tasks, people can’t trust their desire to take on random challenges.

On the other hand, a type G mostly only won in their life as they depended on their intuition and precision. So, people can trust them better with critical decisions.

Type G people gain others’ trust far faster than others because of their blessed reception to details in life.

5. G-types are indifferent to the opposition, unlike E-types

People might often pass their opinion on E-types due to their random decisions and desire to take challenges. During these moments, E-types protest against others for opposing them. They react to them violently and try to convince them of their ideas and people get annoyed.

However, G-types are far from concerned about what others think about their steps, plans, or ideas. Even when others say something against them, they ignore it confidently… this might also frustrate others.

Type G individuals are used to winning everywhere their decisions are based on intuition, so their confidence hardly ever wavers in their minds.

Excited because you’re almost done with the lists? C’mon, let’s know the last bit here…

Comparison with type H personality relationships

Before you jump on this list, you must know that there are two kinds of type H relationships. One is based on research on hospital patients… this “H” stands for healing. The other is based on Lee and Ashton’s HEXACO model… this “H” defines honesty, humility, and all the good morals in a person.

So, let’s compare your relationships with both H’s here…

1. Similar to E-types, type H (healing) doesn’t let others change their mind

Even when type E people face resistance, they don’t listen to others and stubbornly follow their heart… whether their choices bring them good luck or not, they don’t mind and are ready to face all troubles. This obviously worries their well-wishers and angers their ill-wishers.

Similarly, type H (healing) people understand that everyone has different opinions and choices in life. Though they respect others, they often face people that don’t respect their boundaries. However, they don’t let others change their mind about anything.

2. Unlike E-types, type H (healing) never overwhelms others

E-types often overwhelm people around them due to their risk addiction, random decisions, and even their fast-paced nature. People often dislike staying around them for that reason.

But type H (healing) people, due to their strict boundaries, are always subtle in life. They don’t make random or crazy decisions that scare others.

Instead, they study every decision from tip to toe before making them. They also treat everyone kindly and are forgiving so nobody feels overwhelmed.

3. Unlike E-types, people don’t wish to abandon type H (healing)

As you already know, people feel insecure due to E-types. Especially if that E-type is the sole breadwinner, everyone is scared that they’ll lose everything in life due to their actions. This makes others wish to stay away from their life.

However, type H (healing) people are pretty responsible. In fact, they are compassionate, caring, and forgiving.

Even if life goes upside down, they don’t ever blame others. Instead, they don’t hold any grudges and start working on it by themselves. Everyone wants them due to their even temper.

4. H-types (healing) don’t react aggressively to others’ opinions, unlike E-types

E-types protest against people’s differing opinions. However, H (healing) types are aware that everyone is different with diverse opinions.

Moreover, if others provoke them to react somehow, they just won’t. They don’t hurt others with any sort of reaction. They don’t let others impact their temper which helps them deal with everyone in a calm tone.

5.  Compared to E-types, people trust H-types (honesty-humility) more

People can’t trust E-types with anything because of their whims. But when it’s about a type H (honesty-humility) person, everyone knows about their good morals.

They are known for being honest, loyal, and lacking in greed for materials. So, people can trust them with their eyes closed. They know a type H person won’t ever betray them. They won’t break anyone’s trust for money or beauty… and it’s evident in their actions.

Of course, that doesn’t imply that an E-type is a cheater… but their self-centered choices make them less trustworthy.

6. E-types can’t stand opinionated people while H-types (honesty-humility) can’t take low morals

For people with different opinions, type E folks have long-term hostility. On the other hand, type H (honesty-humility) folks also hate some people.

Despite their high morals, they are extremely judgmental towards those with lower morals or lower levels of the H factor in their personality. It’s all because criminals have lower H values in their personalities. They ruin multiple healthy relationships just because of this.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you just wanted to know the differences for fun, hopefully you had an amazing time reading through this article and, you don’t feel sad because your relationships aren’t a certain way.

Even if you are, there’s still enough time… so, why don’t you start implementing healthy changes in relationships right now.

But if it’s to find a compatible friend or life partner, this list can hardly help you. You can’t always form connections based on your compatibility with a particular personality type. So, let your heart reign freely and pick the loved ones as you desire.

If you land with someone incompatible, you’ll either know it early on and split… or you’ll defy all odds and make it happen… so, be confident!

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