So, you wanna know all the type E personality strengths and weaknesses, right after someone around you took the personality test?

Cool… you’re truly motivated to make the best of their life. Your vigor is truly commendable… and for that, you’ll be rewarded with all the important facts listed in this think-piece.  Whether you want to know their general character strengths and weaknesses or their strengths in the workplace or social life, you’ll know everything here.

C’mon, let’s get down to it here…

Type E Personality Strengths

Type Es have a little bit of everything but people still point out the worst in them first. But before you warp your opinions about them full of negative ideas, learn why they’re so precious and important to this world here…

1. They give equal importance to all tasks

A type E person never judges a task based on its exterior. People with this personality type understand that despite the scale or difficulty level of tasks, every responsibility is important. They give equal priority to all duties and chores and never look down on anything.

If an E-type individual is a CEO of a multinational company, they’ll take care of domestic chores as tenderly as they mind their company. They give utmost importance to everything.

Whether a type E employee is given an easy project, they won’t get overconfident about it. Instead, they’ll undertake all the steps of the task with equal dedication.

2. They’re always first in innovative suggestions

When a group of people brainstorms to find something together, a person with type E personality traits is one of the first to come up with something unique.

Type E people love to brew up new and innovative ideas that stand out from the rest.

Especially, if it’s about the launch of a new product, others might come up with the same old solutions to problems or propose ideas that already exist or are a spinoff of the existing ones. But only type Es bring the unimaginable to the plate.

3. They don’t shy away from risks

An individual with a type E personality loves to take risks. They always think out of the box and ask questions like “Why didn’t we ever try this?” And to satiate that curiosity, they take chances more often.

Most people are afraid of trying anything new because there’s no proof of security. However, E-types are courageous and know that cowering in fear or doubting the situation won’t provide them answers.

Moreover, the world is changing faster than ever, so nobody can stall a change until all of eternity. So, they’re the first ones to accept a change of ways and take serious risks before others validate them. If the risk was worth it, they get the most out of it.

4. They go to great lengths to succeed in life

E-types chase progress and success endlessly. They want to become influential people with everything they ever desired for. They’re ready to put in all the efforts they need. Once they set their eye on one goal, they’re not ready to back off.

If they face setbacks, they charge harder than ever to reach their goals. They spare no effort to make the best of everything they get in life.

They won’t let go of any opportunity. So, they have a high chance of winning in life. So, their undertaken projects are usually a huge success.

5. They know how to turn the tables on setbacks

In life, you don’t live a day without difficulties. Sometimes, it becomes extremely hard to cope with issues.

Other times, the difficulties are too demanding and regular solutions aren’t enough to deal with them.  People usually can’t deal with these situations as the tension freezes their minds.

However, E-types never give up when they face such a situation. They always play the game smartly and find a solution to deal with the problems wisely. Their creative energy helps them change their point of view and notice the little loopholes to get out of it.

6. They never let public opinion haze their mind

Often you probably didn’t do things because others said something bad about it. For instance, “don’t do that sport, it’ll spoil your beauty”. Or, “don’t study that subject, you have better options in this one”

You probably heard far worse and gave up on some of your dreams… and now you regret it.  But a type E person never gets demotivated by others’ words. They don’t pay attention to others’ mean attitudes.

When they decide they’ll do something, they don’t compromise at all. This helps them have fewer regrets in life. They live on their own terms and never have thoughts like “If only I didn’t listen to others”. They save themselves from stupid blame games.

7. They always push others to success

Type E folks aren’t selfish at the least. They don’t want to grow alone… instead, they want everyone to succeed in life along with them.

Many people compete with others and don’t share important tricks and tips to succeed in life because others might achieve more than them. This type of toxic competition is missing in type Es.

E-types don’t want to keep the good things to themselves. They’re prepared to share everything well with others and help them elevate their financial stability and living standards. They want the entire community to live better.

8. They can help expand others’ views

Among the popular personality strengths of E-types, another is their tendency to show a broader perspective to everyone else. If the people around them don’t or can’t understand that a change or decision is better for their well-being, they try to show the bigger picture to others.

Since type Es don’t get influenced by others’ negative thoughts and follow their instincts wholeheartedly, they have a good way to keep themselves motivated and change others’ opinions.

To start with, they already have a good reason in their mind to stick to their plans. They can easily influence others into believing their plans with their broad views.

9. They’re always ready to learn something new

E-types like unique, creative, and original ideas. They’re always the first to suggest original ideas… but the human mind can only do so much. Obviously, they have a knack for new ideas. They always willingly learn from their surroundings.

They may not always be seen with a book or tons of educational videos lined up in their watch list, but they always take inspiration from their surroundings. It might be through life experiences or others’ stories.

They always subconsciously absorb information and brew something original and striking ideas later when they need to.

10. They can tolerate extreme situations

Type Es are risk takers and with risk, come adverse situations. So, every time a type E person takes a risk, they know how worse things can get.

They’re aware that they can tolerate the worst-case scenario pretty well and only then do they take these risks.

They don’t mind a rollercoaster ride in life. Instead, they live for the thrill of staying alive. They’re ready to accept the absolute worst in their life when things don’t take the best shape. They don’t mind taking risks and hurrying up their responsibilities because they’re ready to face the worst.

But no person is completely flawless… and the same goes for type E personalities. So, let’s know more about it here…

Type E Personality Weaknesses

E-types are called fickle-minded and don’t even think twice before taking risks. So, you can guess there are quite a few issues with people of this personality type.

Yes, the negative gossips aren’t lies. There is a lot of truth to them, so be aware of them to prepare yourself to deal with them better…

1. Their high pace might bring troubles

A person with a type E personality loves speed. They want to do everything swiftly but it’s not because they’re pressured by others or they feel worried about being unable to meet deadlines.

Rather, it’s because they’re enthusiastic about their responsibilities and want to work as much as possible. Though they like to work at high speed, this may lead to mistakes in tasks.

Even if there aren’t any huge errors, it might leave some loopholes which may create troubles later. This will obviously get them in trouble… whether it’s in their personal or professional life.

2. Their risk-taking nature might harm them

E-types also have an enormous love for taking risks and living life on the edge. They want to be challenged every moment of their life, so they take risky decisions. They don’t like to lead a life without excitement. However, one wrong decision might bring them long-term misery.

It’s great that they want to challenge themselves and explore something or the other incessantly. But, everything must have a limit and they must avoid serious damage.

However, they don’t even consider the pros and cons of their decisions, which increases the chances of something going wrong.

3. Their passion might lead them to ruins

When an E-type feels passionate about something, they don’t think too deeply about it. Rather, they dive into it right away without much thought. They don’t even wonder how to reach their goals or which route to take to make things happen. Instead, they just go with the flow.

The issue here is that without a plan, they’ll soon get bored because nothing will work out. Eventually, they’ll lose interest and the original passion will fade away. And just as they randomly started working out of passion, they stop everything as quickly as they lose that passion.

4. They need guidance, ALWAYS

Type E folks can succeed in life and blossom like flowers if they’re given the necessary guidance. It can help them succeed faster as it’ll prevent them from taking wrong turns.

For instance, their speedy nature can ruin their tasks or their passionate whims can land them in trouble as they might lose track. A mentor can help them avoid these blunders and make the best out of every situation.

However, it’s not possible to have a mentor or guidance in all areas of life. A supervisor at work can’t always focus on them alone. A teacher has many more students to take care of. A loved one might become too spent to mentor them 24/7.

5. They might be too passionate about bad habits as well

An E-type person can’t differentiate between rights and wrongs that well. So, when they catch a bad habit, they become extremely passionate about it as well. They might also feel passionate about a goal that is ultimately harmful to them.

They become too stubborn when they feel passionate about something. So, if they decide on something detrimental, they won’t listen to others’ warnings.

They won’t accept any rational thoughts and push too hard toward their plans. Even if you prove that they’re on the wrong path, they won’t accept it at all.

6. People might feel too overwhelmed by them

Type E people have different ways of doing things. They work with high speed, they become passionate on a whim and lose passion as quickly and don’t even listen to well-wishers’ warnings.

This is quite the issue for others as it’ll always make others anxious about their next step. People with a type E friend, colleague, or family member might have moments when they wish they just weren’t acquainted with the type E person.

Often people push away E-types even though they care because it takes a mental toll on them.

7. Others might not have the same definition of progress

A type E person wants to grow with everyone else in their community and the world. They wish to create a better world for each person. However, not only is an idealistic world a far-fetched dream, but it’s also a question of whether the other person wants to do the same.

An E-type might come off as too pushy if the other person doesn’t have the same plan and definition of progress.

Moreover, E-types can become passionate about the wrong things as they don’t check the pros and cons of their goals. So, others might even repel the idea and refuse to follow their lead. This might bring about quite a controversy in others.

8. Their creativity may not always be necessary

Creativity is a great talent but what if a type E individual is given a simple responsibility that needs to be done straightforwardly? If they apply any creative idea to something as simple as laundry work or cleaning dishes, they run a chance of blunders.

Even though type Es are known for their creativity, this talent may not be always welcomed in all areas of their life. So, if they don’t find a proper outlet for the suppressed creative energy, they might get themselves and others into trouble.

9. Their loved ones might feel insecure

Since type E person always works on whims and doesn’t weigh out the positives and negatives of their actions and decisions beforehand, they put themselves in major danger.

If a type E person behaves this way and has a life partner, the partner might soon leave them… because nobody wants to spend their days feeling anxious about financial or life stability and security.

On the other hand, if an E-type already has a spouse and children, they might pass every day with insecurities about financial stability. If things go out of hand, the spouse might feel forced to appeal for divorce and child custody.

10. They may lose out on most projects

In their workplace, a type E person might not land projects until and unless they need extreme creative skills. Their supervisors might not trust them to make proper decisions. Even if they show great interest in projects, they might not get them because of their fickle-minded nature.

They might soon lose interest in it and try to pass the project to someone else. This will only result in a waste of time, effort, energy, and resources.

Though a type E person has a great possibility of succeeding in life with guidance, all workplaces might not be able to provide that.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

E-types have things they’re proud of… and things they need to work on. They’re not unblemished and they need help in many areas of their life.

So, before you judge them or push them away for being fickle or shortsighted, figure out if you can help them in some way. Especially, if this person is a friend, family, or lover, step up to help them.

Even if they’re your employee and their weaknesses impact your workplace, think before you take grave decisions. Ponder on their strengths and figure out their value.

Think hard and you might be surprised by their value.

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