So, you want to know about type F behavior pattern after finding an F-type acquaintance… wondering how they behave and react in their daily life? Worried that you might hurt them and not even notice their reactions? Or, do you only want to know them better?

Well, whichever it might be, be glad because this is the end of your quest.

The reason?

This think-piece will tell you everything about what you want to know.

C’mon, let’s not delay anymore and find everything out here….

Type F Behavior Pattern

F-type individuals are known for their emotional actions and reactions. And that’s exactly what most people assume about their behavior… that they’re emotional and probably get happy, distressed, or cry too easily.

They don’t know how wrong that assumption is… and they don’t even try to change that. But it’s great  that you finally want to know more about them. You can raise your voice in your circle and share awareness about F-types.

So, c’mon, let’s get down to business here…

1. They feel more than they think

People with type F behavior pattern (TFBP) depend more on their hearts than their minds. To them, their feelings matter more than logical and practical thoughts. No… don’t judge them for that because they don’t throw out logic completely from their life. They consider it but only till a certain amount.

They don’t let logic rule their life and choices. They believe that human beings have emotional intelligence for a reason… yet nobody cares to use it. People are more into using stoic and stern logic in every area of their life and forget to consider their emotions… that’s exactly what F-types dislike.

For instance, a parent and child fought and the child said something extremely mean to the parent in the heat of the moment. In this situation, some judge the child and believe they need extreme disciplinary action. They ground the child… and more often than not, they might even beat them to set them straight.

They forget that the child doesn’t even know better… and they said something after being emotional. Nobody asks the child whether they truly meant it or whether they regret saying it… or, if they said it because they got hurt as much. F-types believe they can change the world with a slight change in approach.

2. They’re sensitive to all kinds of emotions and actions

If you show a little bit of love to a Type F individual, they feel extremely touched. They’re not into materialistic gifts. Instead, a gesture of love touches their heart more.

For instance, if you’re broke and you give your type F partner drugstore or handmade candies on Valentine’s Day, they’ll cherish them more than any branded chocolate or diamonds.

If you take your type F child to the park because you couldn’t keep the promise to take them to Disneyland, they’ll be as happy as ever. Type F people get satisfied with the least bit of everything.

However, they’re equally sensitive to negative emotions. If someone expresses anger or disgust towards them, they might get so hurt that they won’t sleep. They might shake or start crying if someone talks to them at a louder volume.

They get hurt too easily by the smallest things… and this might turn out to be a weakness. For instance, they won’t be able to deal with difficult people in their life. Others might assume they’re a pushover and treat them like one.

They won’t be able to stand up for themselves if they’re falsely accused of anything. Their emotions might always take the better of them.

3. They always believe that people can change for the better

Individuals with Type F personality styles are extremely forgiving and emotional. If someone hurts them, they don’t try to take revenge. They have faith that everyone in this world is capable and can be good despite their current situation and mindset.  

Their heart says that everyone must get a chance to prove themselves. Of course, they’re not stupid to forgive abusers, murderers, or rapists… but they think people can improve themselves with time.

Their heart says that everyone is a particular way due to their life experiences. So, if they can express kindness and compassion to others, even the worst person can become someone’s role model.

So, if you commit a mistake, they won’t push you away for good. They might give you more and more chances to prove the world wrong. They feel that people go astray because of their emotional confusion… so, once they resolve the issue, they can also become better people.

They always preach to others to be kind and caring towards others and give them a chance to prove themselves. The source of this belief is the desire to be a better person in themselves. They feel everyone is the same as them and give them a chance.

4. They wish the best for everyone, LITERALLY!

A type F individual can never hope for anything bad for anyone. They have the purest hearts. Even with the way they behave and speak, you’ll know that they only want the best for everyone else.

Their heart always desires to support people in their worst times. Whether that person hurt them in the past, wishes them ill, or is a stranger, they can never imagine hurting anyone even in their wildest dreams.

Even if they’ve never met the other person and they’re on the opposite side of the globe, they still feel hurt. If they can’t reach out to others, they pray for them. The other person will stay on their mind until they get the news of the end of their troubles.

However, they might go too easy on their evildoers this way. If someone hurts them, they believe that karma will take care of them, so they don’t need to taint their heart with bitter feelings. But this way, they only give them more opportunities to hurt them.

Though their belief is noble, this might eventually bring them misery and emotional scars. So, always help a type F person understand who’s worth their trust.

5. They never deceive others but get scammed a lot

Type F people can’t even dream about hurting others. They believe that what goes around, comes around. But even if this saying wasn’t true, they’d still not hurt others… after all, they have a soft corner for everyone.

They try their best to put others at ease. They’re also famous for their morals, ethics, and honesty. These pure-hearted people don’t have the slightest bad intentions for others. Even if they struggle in life and someone less deserving fairs better, they don’t envy them at all.

Instead, they’re transparent and down-to-earth. This makes them one of the most trustworthy people of all time. Well, whether you’ll trust them or not depends on you… but they’ll never let you regret trusting them.

They understand that trust can’t be built in a day… and it can crumble down like a house of cards from one wrong step… more than that, they just don’t believe in immoral ways.

However, people don’t always treat them similarly. When others are in trouble, they jump in to support them without wasting a moment.

They don’t take time to understand whether the other person is truly helpless or if they’re faking it. So, be it someone in their personal or professional life, people always try to take advantage of this trait.

6. They help others… so much that they feel void

As mentioned, until now, type F people’s hearts bleed when they see someone in trouble. They’re always there to help and support you. They treat everyone the same way and have almost no time or energy for themselves.

Moreover, they’re also not into seeking favors or anything in return. Even if you wish to help them or show your gratitude, they’ll convince you that your thought matters more than anything else.

Some people take that seriously and assume that it’s alright to not give an F-type their deserved respect and support. F-types end up selling themselves too short this way. They give away the wrong signals and people take them for granted more often.

Initially, they feel great about sharing the love and not seeking anything in exchange. However,  with time they feel lonely, used, and manipulated. Once they give away all their love to others and nobody returns them the same energy, they’re left feeling void.

They can’t demand anything in return from others because it feels wrong to them. Even if they demand respect or time for themselves, people won’t accept that as they’re used to getting endlessly from them. They deprive themselves of everything they deserve this way.

7. They prioritize emotional health, but have never gotten time for their own emotions

For F-types, emotional health and satisfaction are of utmost importance. They’re caring and kind towards everyone and cherish others’ emotions a lot.

They remind everyone in their vicinity that peace, harmony, and joy are the basics of happiness. They’re even more important than the instant gratification of getting a luxurious product or maintaining a rich lifestyle.

They don’t ask you to ditch financial stability for peace… but remind you that money can’t bring you all the happiness in life. So, at some point, you must stop focusing on finances and think about satisfying your emotions.

However, in their own life, they can’t prioritize their emotional health as much as they preach. Since they always put others before themselves, and can’t contain themselves or act selfishly even if they need to, this leads to major emotional dissatisfaction. 

They never demand anything in return and incessantly put their energy into others, and it burns them up emotionally. Since they’re too caring of others, they often get the shorter side of the stick.

They might even feel guilty about putting themselves first and get manipulated into thinking they’re healers or that they fulfill their emotional needs by being useful to others.

8. They’re too worried about public opinion

Others’ opinions and thoughts impact a type F person more than they must. Since they always think less and feel more, they fail to understand that people don’t need a reason to badmouth others. Rather it’s like a hobby to them.

Instead, they believe that people talk behind others’ backs only when they’re dissatisfied with someone. They believe that things can be fixed and it’s somehow the fault of the person they talk about. So, they take the blame on themselves instead of confronting the actual offenders… isn’t that crazy?

They try to make up for any unjust behavior they might have done and try to please the offender. Often, they become people pleasers just so they won’t have the same thoughts or spread rumors about them. They feel hurt by mean words and when more people talk back behind their backs, they get even more emotional.

They even let others use them like a doormat to avoid hurting them. If they feel hurt, they don’t try to express their concerns… all because they don’t want any negative opinions about themselves out there. They worry that others might be disturbed if they convey their troubles and blame them for spoiling their mood.

9. They’re not the best at decision-making in serious situations

As mentioned before, type F people depend on their emotions more than rationality or practicality. Though it’s said they might also use a bit of logic in their decision, that’s only an average for a large population.

In reality, it varies from person to person. So, an F-type woman might balance their decision with both logic and emotion… whereas an F-type man might work solely on emotion and use zero logic.

So, it’s better to assume that F-types aren’t great at serious decisions. They’re also prone to be manipulated due to their highly emotional choices.

Suppose, an F-type person faces a financial crunch. During that phase, a con artist seeks financial aid from them. They spin some story about having nobody in the world to help them and that they can’t save their loved one’s life if they don’t have the money.

The type F person won’t even check their background and donate whatever money they have on them. Even if this happens to them regularly, they won’t learn their lessons. This also threatens their family’s financial and emotional stability.

On the other hand, their decisions in the professional platform might be equally flawed. They might get taken advantage of by their coworkers or even their business partners.

10. They get attached quite fast

Type F folks are also known for getting emotionally attached to others even before knowing them. However, does everyone deserve to be so close to a type F person’s heart? They are NOT!

Most people even walk all over them thinking they’re entitled to such grand treatment. They often put themselves at a disadvantage for this. They might fall in love or assume someone is their best friend too soon… only to be used and hurt later on. Imagine the pain they feel once they lose those people.

However, they also get emotionally attached to their job and project pretty fast. This works as a great advantage to them and helps them grow in their professional field.

For instance, if they undertake a project and face many setbacks on the way, they won’t give up on the task. Instead, they’ll keep pushing harder until they reach their goals.

But, by any chance, if the task gets canceled or gets transferred to someone else, this might not sit well with them.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

After knowing all that, you might be a bit confused about whether the way a type F person’s behavior is perfect or flawed… because those are closely interconnected.

A behavior pattern might be great in one situation but it might bring out the worst outcome in the other. Even if you want to help them by pointing out their flaws, you feel confused… because you don’t know how to approach the situation.

You might wish to help them, but you don’t even know how to… you might be forced to watch them hurt themselves from the sidelines. After all, you can’t change their entire personality.

But don’t worry because there are ways to deal with type F issues. So, once you learn those, you can support your F-type buddy wholeheartedly.

Until then, keep an eye on them, and don’t let them make silly decisions!

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