So, you want to know the type F personality fears & dislikes right after finding you have an F-type person around… Want to make sure that you don’t hurt them by any means? Or do you want to get on their good books?

Great job at finding this think-piece, as it has everything to avoid and pose as a good person to an F-type person. The detailed list tells you all about their fears, dislikes, and turn-offs.

C’mon, let’s get down to business!

Type F Personality Fears & Dislikes

F-type people have quite a few fears and dislikes. But they usually don’t express it even if they’re triggered. They usually suppress their negative emotions and reactions. They are only known for being unable to bear others’ troubles.

But is that all? Let’s find out here…

1. Others’ troubles

Individuals with type F personality traits have a soft corner in their hearts for everyone… whether it’s their life partner or an acquaintance. They can never stand it when someone is in trouble and always try to help others with all of their power.

They feel restless when they see someone is in trouble. So, even if it puts them on the spot, they still try to help them somehow. If they can’t help the person in need, they might seek others for help… and if they can’t support them in any way at all, they pray for them.  

They won’t discriminate against anything or anyone… even if a person hurts them, they only wish the best for them. They don’t want anyone to face bad consequences and hope everyone can be happy and healthy.

2. Others’ negative opinions

Type F people are quite sensitive, so people’s perceptions matter a lot to them. They worry a lot about others’ opinions and thoughts about them. They try their best to make others happy as evident from the last pointer.

They don’t feel entitled to good behavior and treatment from others just because they treated them in some way. But poor treatment makes them feel they’re wrong… even when they aren’t. They believe that someone treats them meanly because they hurt their emotions knowingly or unknowingly.

They feel they must take care of the situation and criticize themselves. In a way, they fear people’s negative opinions and try their best to please everyone around them. Due to this fear, they turn out to be people-pleasers which hurts their self-confidence a lot.

3. Misjudging someone based on logic alone

Type F people are known for thinking less and feeling more especially when they judge someone’s actions. A lot of people call them naïve for using their emotions during any kind of decision. However, this is actually due to a kind of fear.

Type F people believe that human beings have emotional intelligence for a reason. They must use it for the improvement of society and not work like robots that work on logical reasoning.

They believe that if they overlook emotions while judging situations, they’ll hurt many people’s sentiments unnecessarily and even pass unfavorable verdicts. So, due to the fear of judging, accusing, and punishing someone wrongfully, they insist on using more emotions and fewer practical thoughts.

They believe that everyone has a good side to them and perhaps a chance to correct themselves might be all they need.

4. Lack of peace and harmony

F-type folks are known to love emotional stability, happiness, and joy. They prioritize this over everything else in the world. So, they get the most distressed when peace, harmony, and emotional satisfaction is lost from their life. If it’s lost from someone else’s life, they become as agitated as when it happens to them.

They preach to others to prioritize these in life over everything else. If they lose peace, harmony, positivity, and other emotional aspects of their life, they get extremely stressed.

If these emotional aspects of their lives are connected to something or someone in their life, they do everything to protect that thing or person and their connection to it. They can’t handle situations where these aspects aren’t under their control… or they silently bear with it and get extremely overwhelmed.

5. Materialistic love

F-types don’t particularly hate or fear materialistic love. They won’t turn you away if you gift them something expensive… but it won’t have as much of an effect as that of a heartfelt gesture or gift.

If the expensive gift shows your thoughtfulness, that will work out. If not, it’s as though you only want to compensate for the lack of emotions and feelings in the bond.

You might not mean anything bad with your gift, but it can definitely turn them off. They want to be loved and appreciated… and your language of love might be giving gifts. But in this situation, you must add a hint of emotions and put your mind on what they truly desire to touch their heart better. Otherwise, it might not mean much to them.

6. Doing something without putting their heart into it

Type F people put their hearts into everything. They dislike the idea of undertaking tasks and doing it just because they don’t have an option, they’re bound to, they can’t go against the orders, or they might lose their source of income otherwise. They don’t feel motivated to work at all when these thoughts invade their mind.

They dislike the idea of working on anything with a negative mindset. These wonderful optimistic people like to work because they connect with their tasks. They pour out their passion and enthusiasm and undertake their responsibilities from the bottom of their heart.

They don’t like it when they or someone else works without feeling the same way… because they’re aware that when the heart isn’t involved, the results won’t be anything near to impressive.

7. Being doubted

Type F people are the most trustworthy of the lot. They never wish to harm anybody by cheating or betraying anyone. Their pure and honest heart and strong ethics keep them away from the vile thoughts of using someone else as their stepping stone.

Instead, they always ensure that the person they deal with doesn’t get the shorter end of the stick. Whether it’s something among family members or business partners, they can’t ever think of hurting anyone emotionally or physically. They’re always worried about others’ well-being.

Even after showing so much love and care, if someone still doubts them, that’s the most disappointing turn-off for them. At that point, they don’t know what they did to deserve others’ mistrust. They feel demotivated in these situations and start doubting why they even have such ethics.

8. Being deceived

Type F people are kind to even their enemies. Some people assume they’re foolish, or they don’t know how to protect themselves. Others advise them to change their ways because opportunists are always lurking around them.

However, they believe that there’s good in everyone. So, nobody will take advantage of them… and even if they do, they’ll soon return to their senses and change for the better. But of course, this is no Utopia… right?

They lose all hope, and their faith crumbles the moment someone deceives them. They question whether their beliefs are real and feel hopeless. They wonder if the things they learned and believed in so far are all lies. One of the worst fears of F-types includes being deceived as that’s a major blow to their thinking style.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you want to avoid hurting an F-type acquaintance, the thought might be enough for them… at least, they’ll convince you that. However, if you listen to them and don’t avoid these issues, they might seriously get hurt.

So, avoid triggering any of the mentioned factors and help them lead a comfortable life. Don’t blindly trust their words when it comes to their well-being, and follow things that you feel are right!

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