So, you wanna know about type F personality job roles and ideal job list… did you take a personality test? Or, are you a hiring manager and wish to know if a type F person is eligible in your firm?

No… don’t feel pressure to share anything, it’s okay if you don’t wish to introduce yourself! It’s completely understandable that career assessment is hard and nerve-wracking and you’re seriously stressed about this.

But relax, because this think-piece will let you know about all the job choices suitable for a type F person. Since this is the end of your search, take a deep breath and dive into the deeper details…

Type F Personality Job Roles

Type F people are easy to take advantage of because they think less and feel more… so, most firms assume that they’re not suitable for them.

They fear F-types will get them in trouble with their attitude and outlook toward life. But it’s high time everyone gets rid of the stereotypes. Here’s a list of work environments F-types can and cannot serve…

1. Jobs that seek others’ comfort

People with type F personality traits feel great when they help others and make them feel better. They can’t sit still when they see someone distressed or in pain. They want to help others even if they must ignore their own comfort.

They can help others see the big picture and are also great problem solvers for others. They can connect with anyone and everyone whether they know them or not. So, they’re good at any profession where they can care for others. So, jobs where they can help clients solve their problems. It can include jobs like counseling, therapy, teaching, and training.

2. Jobs that don’t require confrontation

Type F people are also known to be sensitive. They react to the slightest of things. Whether a person uses a louder voice, accusatory tone, or acts violently, a type F person will feel uncomfortable with all of them.

They feel overwhelmed by these situations and their emotions overflow. They might get embarrassed, feel hurt, or even cry. They aren’t suitable for handling jobs where they meet difficult people every day.

For instance, they’re not good in job roles of handling customer grievances or where they might deal with allegations like an attorney.

3. Jobs that don’t demand too much analysis

F-types depend more on their emotions than rational thoughts when it comes to decisions and life choices. Most people call them illogical, but it’s because their logic is a bit different. They believe that being a human is a privilege as it lets them have emotions. So, they make sure they use them in the best ways.

They aren’t good at job roles where they must depend solely on practical and logical thoughts and use no heart in it. For instance, they might not be great at any job that depends a lot on mathematics. If a job focuses more on deductions from charts and graphs, that’s also unsuitable for them.

4. Jobs they can put their emotions into

Type F people are great at investing their emotions into their tasks. They don’t just feel emotionally attached to other people. It can also be the same for their projects. Once they’re so emotionally attached, they won’t accept defeat until they make those dreams come true.

F-types can be great dreamers once they connect to their jobs. So, they can perform fabulously in any field of art like painting, dancing, singing, acting, writing, or anything that requires creativity beyond the horizons.

5. Jobs that needs discipline

Anything can melt a type F person’s heart. They don’t need fancy gestures or expensive gifts to be happy… similarly, the mildest of emotional parts of others’ lives can make them feel weak to that person.

However, they’re not always gifted with the capacity of understanding whether the other person is truly in a pinch or they’re just pretending. So, a type F person isn’t usually suitable for jobs that need them to act sternly despite the other party showing emotions.

Since they can’t be strict and indifferent to others’ emotions throughout, they’re not suitable for jobs that need them to judge the truth of a situation. Police, lawyer, and detective are some fields they mustn’t join.

So, what exactly must a type F person do for a living? Let’s help you or them choose a career here…

Type F personality ideal job list

Most people assume that F-types are only good at caring for others, so they can be babysitters or work in old-age homes. But that’s not true… the feelers also have a bright future ahead of them. They also have vast choices, so don’t disappoint them or be disappointed if you’re the F-type.

C’mon, let’s find something suitable here…

  1. Artist
  2. Chiropractor
  3. Clergy
  4. Composer
  5. Computer Programming
  6. Counselors and Career Counselors
  7. Dancer
  8. Diplomats
  9. Doctor
  10. Editor
  11. Home Health Aide
  12. Human Resources Manager
  13. Human Service Assistant
  14. Marriage and Family Therapist
  15. Mediator
  16. Motivator or Inspirational Speaker
  17. Musician
  18. Nutritionist
  19. Optometrist
  20. Pediatrician
  21. Photographer
  22. Politicians
  23. Psychologist
  24. Psychologists
  25. Public Health Educator
  26. Recruiter
  27. Religious Positions
  28. Reporter
  29. Sales Manager
  30. Set Designer
  31. Social Scientist
  32. Social Worker
  33. Systems Analysis
  34. Teacher
  35. Trainer
  36. Veterinary Technician
  37. Writer

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a type F person yourself, remember that you have many choices… but all the jobs might not be suitable for you. So, figure out your strengths and weaknesses and find which stream of studies you’re more interested in. To secure a suitable job, try to start early and follow a particular course of study for those.

For instance, if you want to be in the medical field, studying the arts will only waste your time. So, first, settle on what you’re passionate about and take wise steps.

However, if you’re a hiring manager, there’s no reason to discriminate against an F-type interviewee. Interview them with an open mind and test their skills.

Even if the job profile isn’t mentioned here but you believe in their potential, give them a shot. You never know… they might have worked on their weaknesses and are far better than an average type F person!

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